Difficult issues of vaccination: the "Agitprop" program by Konstantin Semin

Difficult issues of vaccination: the "Agitprop" program by Konstantin Semin

In Russia, one of the most pressing issues for discussion among experts and the general public is the issue of vaccination. The country is actually divided into those who are ready to be vaccinated, and those who are usually called "vaccine (vaccine) dissidents." The second group of people operates with all sorts of arguments up to the point that vaccination "destroys human immunity and leads to irreversible and extremely negative consequences."

In this regard, the question arises: will this be the way to carry out mass compulsory vaccination in Russia, or will citizens be left with the right to choose without discrimination those who still did not get vaccinated for various reasons.

Recently, representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation went to a demonstration against forced vaccination. On the Internet, there were supporters of the "conspiracy theory" who declare that this is "not vaccination at all, but direct chipping of the population."

The issue of vaccination was also raised during a direct line with President Vladimir Putin. The head of state pointed out that the state is acting on the basis of the 1998 law on the vaccination campaign. On the basis of this law, vaccination can be compulsory for certain categories of citizens according to the so-called vaccination calendar. Vaccinations outside this "calendar" are optional. However, the same law also contains a clause that the authorities in the regions can make independent decisions if the situation with the epidemic becomes threatening. At the same time, Vladimir Putin, answering a question about a possible lockdown, pointed out that it is mass vaccination that avoids the complete closure of the country and settlements. To date, about 23 million people have received both components of the vaccine in the country.

On the complex issues of vaccination in the "Agitprop" program by Konstantin Semin:

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    1. nnm
      30 2021 June
      He was vaccinated back in December (not to save himself first, but to show by personal example). In January, all workers went through. Not a single one then fell ill and no one had any sharp negative reactions in the body.
      And with regard to covid-refuseniks, I will say this: okay, you yourself will get sick (which I don’t even wish for them), but normal, good people will die because of you. The same old people.
      As if the Middle Ages are in the yard ...

      But the question is not in the introduction of mandatory, compulsory vaccination, but in the fact that the government itself lost confidence and abandoned educational work - not Kashpirovsky, so Globa, not Globa, so Malakhov with urinotherapy on the main channel. And then we wonder why we have only 12% vaccinated ...
      1. 0
        30 2021 June
        I propose to revaccate, it's time! And then another, and another!
        In general, of course, I feel sorry for the good people, if only the bad ones died!
        Or will they die from their weakened immunity, chronic illnesses that have emerged, qualified assistance not provided in time and simply, the desire to earn extra money on the diagnosis of Covid?
        Judge not lest ye be judged. Others will figure it out on their own
        1. nnm
          30 2021 June
          I will answer you this way:
          1. 0
            July 5 2021
            BAAAAYAYAN! (
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. +1
        July 21 2021
        We have the opposite situation. A person was vaccinated in April of this year, now he has confirmed COVID ... The second had the first injection of the vaccine, he has been at home with a temperature for two weeks ... it is doubtful that the vaccine was at least somehow effective against new strains of the virus, because it was developed before their appearance ...
    2. +1
      30 2021 June
      Interestingly, and if it was a plague, they would also discuss - "It is necessary-not necessary"? It seems that this infection will not give way to the plague soon!
      1. -2
        30 2021 June
        Quote: Vladimir61
        Interestingly, and if it was a plague, they would also discuss - "It is necessary-not necessary"? It seems that this infection will not give way to the plague soon!

        It is unlikely, although the first plague, judging by the study, did not harm humanity, but which returned 40 years later, it banged, so banged.
    3. +7
      30 2021 June
      How does the law comply with the Constitution of the Russian Federation 323-FZ "On the basics of health of citizens in the Russian Federation", 157-FZ "On immunization of infectious diseases"?
      Alas, the vaccine does not guarantee protection against covid, given its mutation, many people are hospitalized after vaccinations. The Ministry of Health is launching a program according to which citizens will be forced to get vaccinated every six months.
      And lastly, it seems that by their decrees the authorities in the regions, including in Moscow, consider themselves to be true masters.
      So it is not far from separatism (in all seriousness).
      1. 0
        30 2021 June
        Quote: knn54
        many people after vaccinations go to hospitals

        After vaccinations or because of vaccinations? These things are completely different.
        1. +2
          July 1 2021
          This does not change the essence of the matter. They get sick and the vaccine does not save.
    4. +5
      30 2021 June
      Something Semin disappointed ... He considers the question one-sided: is there a virus or not! Divides people into "anti-vaccine" and "normal" who have already understood all the virtue! Everything else remains off-screen ... And what about the rest? Who benefits from and for what? I do not believe, but not in a virus, but in the disinterestedness of capitalists in taking care of our health! I see that the health care system has problems and it is for it that the virus is a problem! I see that most of the deaths are the consequences of the "fight" with the virus, not its consequences! I do not understand the fear of the vaccinated before the unvaccinated: you were vaccinated, so what are you afraid of? And most importantly, I know that the trafficking in drugs, weapons and people was not even close to the turnover of the pharmacological mafia! It is beneficial to treat people and make money, but not to make them healthy! And business on the "pandemic" is visible around! With all this, I am deprived of the right to decide whether I want to accept your "help" or not! I am against coercion and limitation of the rights of the unvaccinated, and not against vaccinations!
      1. +1
        July 3 2021
        Quote: puskarinkis
        Something Semin disappointed.

        He was just paid.
        This is a regular advertisement
    5. +2
      30 2021 June
      This discrepancy in our society is not encouraging. And the point is not at all about vaccinations. It's about trust in doctors, in officials. The last time I visited my doctor was a year ago. And even if I had not, nothing would have changed. I felt my pulse, read the tests for blood, and said - "Goodbye." At work it was a different matter. Every year we were checked in all parameters, for example, officials allowed pensioners to work at a construction site. By whom? It's another matter of being a foreman or a security guard, because the work is very hard there, and what kind of distillation it is. He can try to get such a job for bloggers. We have tens of thousands of them. First of all, vaccinations should be given to those people who have the most contacts with others. And we are pensioners, we don't stick our nose out of the house.
    6. -1
      30 2021 June
      Look at the UK, there are more infections than we have, and there are 14 hours of deaths a day. Here is an example of the effectiveness of grafting.
    7. +1
      July 1 2021
      By letter of the Ministry of Health of Russia dated 29.06.2021/19/XNUMX, temporary guidelines were sent for use: "The procedure for vaccinating the adult population against COVID-XNUMX."

      The procedure for revaccination and vaccination of those who have recovered
      According to the document, revaccination or vaccination of those who have been ill depends on the achievement of herd immunity (at least 60% of the adult population) and is subdivided into:
      • emergency vaccination (until herd immunity is achieved)
      • routine vaccination (after achieving herd immunity)

      Emergency vaccination
      Emergency vaccination will be carried out in 6 months
      • after a previous illness (including in previously vaccinated individuals)
      • after a previous primary vaccination.

      Routine vaccination
      After reaching herd immunity, vaccination will be carried out in 12 months
      • after an illness.
      • after a previous vaccination.
      At the same time, the right of a citizen, at his request, to be vaccinated or re-vaccinated 6 months after the illness or vaccination (re-vaccination) against the new coronavirus infection COVID-19, remains.
    8. +1
      July 1 2021
      Vaccination is not a 100% guarantee. Therefore, although I was vaccinated, I keep in stock a number of medications, thanks to which I suffered mild covid at the end of November 2020, despite my age and serious sores from the risk group. I used serious sources to select them. For example such:
      Or the relatively harmless shared ones:
      1. +2
        July 1 2021
        Quote: riwas
        I used serious sources to select them.
        Thank you for the information, "Galavit" impressed me, we also need to hedge against the fall-winter.
        1. +2
          July 1 2021
          If you are interested in Galavit, here is a video:
          I also drank Sophora Japanese with coronavirus, it relieves inflammation well, is antiviral, improves blood circulation and regenerates tissues. But the pressure relieves and pregnant women can not. A friend had otitis media, so quickly and well it helped.
    9. -1
      July 1 2021
      On a serious question to vaccination, only one is that no one will check you for contraindications. That is, to be injected or not is your personal decision at random, and what can come out there later, you, as an expert, cannot say. But now we have almost 40 million vaccinated and if there was a serious percentage of adverse reactions, then the entire Internet would be on the ears. And this is not. There are piece of negative reviews that do not make the difference. Nevertheless, there is a risk for each individual.
    10. +4
      July 1 2021
      Vaccination is the trust of the authorities, first of all !! Panfilova always has 70% trust, but in life you see how. 11-12% is the ceiling of trust in Putin and the authorities! Because the cynicism of the authorities is all around the lodges, and Putin leads this cynicism and lodges! The straight line only confirmed this. And now about vaccination. At my work, a man was ill with covid in September-October. What is difficult, I was lying under a ventilator. In May I came to the clinic to get the vaccine. The doctor directed him to donate blood for antibodies, and he has these bodies "above the roof". He told me to come back in the fall. Why don't the authorities force the population to donate blood for antibodies before forcing people to be vaccinated? After all, the doctor sent for a blood test! Because doctors are responsible for their actions and decisions, and the authorities are not responsible for anything! Mediocrity rule, and mediocrity do not solve problems, they create them !!!
      1. +4
        July 1 2021
        If the vaccine protects against the virus, then the vaccinated should not be afraid of the unvaccinated, and if after vaccination the danger of infection remains, how?
        and then professor virologist Igor Gundarov answers questions
        - So what is the mortality rate from ARVI?
        - “The statistics are as follows - in previous years in Russia, every year died from pneumonia, among which the coronavirus is about 1%, about 25 thousand people.” That is, the death rate from pneumonia caused by ARVI is more than two thousand people a month. of these, only 1% is pneumonia caused by coronavirus, according to Gundarov it turns out that not every day a patient died from coronavirus
        - Let's go back to where we started. Is vaccination dangerous?
        - "The danger is untested vaccination. Moreover, studies show that even seemingly proven vaccines that have been used for many years are dangerous. I was sent a material about the negative effects of vaccination abroad. Data from 45 studies are given. Material Fundamental. Here are just a few examples. The risk of contracting non-influenza infections after a flu shot increases almost 4 times compared to people who are not vaccinated. What does this mean? That vaccination is a powerful blow to the entire immune system. "
    11. 0
      July 2 2021
      As if the Middle Ages are in the yard ...

      Much closer than you think.

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