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Ghost Tank: Rise of the Legendary KV-1

In December 1942, Soviet troops made a crossing near the village of Verkhniy Mamon. The KV-1 was among the vehicles closing the column. By mistake of the mechanic or by coincidence, the tank slipped off the frozen logs and went to the bottom. The attacking soldiers simply did not have time to get it.

The KV-1 reminded of itself in the summer of 1946. At the site of that crossing, a barge with grain almost drowned. It turned out that she had damaged the body on the barrel of a forgotten car. To keep the ships safe, the tank was blown up. However, 70 years later, they decided to find the legend and bring it back to life. The Don water area was examined by the specialists of the rescue agency Igor Matyuk and Mikhail Degtyarev. The electronics indicated a large amount of metal under water - this was the KV-1.

The preparatory work began with the installation of anchors. According to preliminary calculations, they must withstand a pulling force of at least 300 tons. Then special equipment arrived at the scene, as well as pulley blocks with the help of which the specialists planned to climb. On the shore, everything was almost ready, but no one was sure that the blown up car lying among the piles of the destroyed bridge would easily leave the Don.

The task of Mikhail Degtyarev was the high-quality fastening of the cable to tank... If the metal does not stand up, the preparatory work will have to start anew. However, we managed to find a good toe point during the first dive. The next step was to secure the boat to work with. She was fixed just upstream with a homemade anchor.

The third irreplaceable participant in the ascent is Alexei Vasiliev, nicknamed "Ensign". He is responsible for rigging on land and oversees the operation of a stand-alone winch, one of the key mechanisms specially designed for lifting heavy equipment. Just before the start of the ascent, it turned out that there was a huge tree in front of the KV-1. To cope with the task, the team decided to pull the tank all the way, simultaneously washing away the sand and bottom sediments that were collecting in front of the moving vehicle. The tactic worked - the KV-1 managed to jump over the obstacle.

Dozens of residents of the village gathered to watch the tank being pulled out of the river. The Red Army combat vehicle that appeared on the shore was a huge pile of metal, damaged by explosion, rust and time. It does not have a turret, a right track and an entire starboard side. Despite this, it represents a tremendous historical value and after restoration will replenish the unique collection of armored vehicles of the museum in Kubinka.

To capture the rise of the tank from preparatory work to the last dash, the film crew of the We Remember Everything initiative spent several weeks on the banks of the Don. All the details in the film from the creators of the famous game World of Tanks.


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  1. Al_lexx
    Al_lexx 1 June 2021 05: 45
    I am reading this All and once again I come to the conclusion that the resource.
    There is nothing to do here. Quite often, couch generals who drive an informative blizzard.
    But it was so great ...

    .. unless the historical section lives on, thanks to local popularity.
  2. Revolver
    Revolver 1 June 2021 06: 10
    What's the bullshit in the pictures? If the 76mm ZiS-5 cannon, then it should obviously be shorter in appearance, and the hauler should protrude from the turret under the barrel. And if 85mm D-5, then it was not installed on a KV with such a tower design. Or, as in some places "demilitarization" is carried out, instead of a cannon, a suitable piece of a water pipe was welded in?
    1. Dmitry Makarov
      Dmitry Makarov 1 June 2021 14: 20
      If the KV-1 had such a gun, it would have been produced until the end of the war and would have shot the nemchura without any problems. And a picture from a computer game, apparently for beauty, was pushed here, history is falsified.
      1. Split
        Split 2 June 2021 19: 16
        ZISa (emnip, I can be wrong) was good at the beginning of the war, but he could not fight all sorts of vertual sotochki and scriptures, and they could not do them. And with 4 without problems ... But as a result of the Patriotic ISs, the latter did what Hitler dreamed of ... they simply pushed through all their defenses. Against the IS-2, even a small number of Tiers 2 could not do anything because of the minority, and the Panthers, although they had a good weapon, in fact, too ... what could 88, versus 125 ... laughing
  3. mvg
    mvg 1 June 2021 07: 10
    Again, "legendary", who pours such terms? The tank, instead of fighting, jumped off the bridge, became a hindrance in the fairway, and is still a war hero. Maybe he didn't even see the German.
    And why lift? Such efforts have been made.
    1. Alex_1973
      Alex_1973 1 June 2021 21: 55
      mvg (Maxim)
      Again, "legendary", who pours such terms?
      What's the problem? Why are you confused by the term LEGENDARY ?! Do the names of Kolobanov and Konovalov mean anything to you? Or are "Tiger" and "Panther" legendary for you personally, or maybe "Sherman"? What and who is the legend for you then?

      P.S. But in fact I agree with the author of the first post, the resource was blown away and rotten, articles about WoT are printed over and over again. What, there is nothing more to write about, how about a rotten game? But once real professionals gathered here, including real tankers, who saw tanks live, and not in a computer game, and in a really shitty game.
      1. mvg
        mvg 2 June 2021 22: 38
        Sherman came out in circulation comparable to the T-34 of all upgrades. Moreover, by the beginning of the Second World War, the United States had no normal tanks from the word "Absolutely". Wittmann served on the Royal Tiger (including), who has hundreds of tanks, armored personnel carriers and anti-tank guns in combat. He can be considered a Legend.
        It is hard to believe what the KV-1 (1C / 85/2) achieved based on one legend that it held the road for 1 hours until the "eight-eight" drove up. But documentary photos, where the abandoned KV-2, KV-2 along the roads, are plenty. Starting with a Finnish company. Where they killed XNUMX motorized rifle divisions in a couple of months.
        PS: In terms of its performance characteristics, the heavy KV-1 was inferior to the average T-IVH in almost everything, in armament, control system, crew convenience, with comparable armor. And without any problems, it made its way with a 75 mm long-barreled tank gun T-4/5 or 50/75 mm PTO at all distances of the battle. Not to mention 88/107 mm
        It cannot be said that the Finns or Germans were afraid of him, like our Tigers or Panthers.
    2. Andy
      Andy 2 June 2021 16: 22
      Quote: mvg
      Again, "legendary", who pours such terms?

      is this term booked by the lucky owners of the pityy cumpole?
      1. mvg
        mvg 2 June 2021 22: 53
        booked by the lucky owners of

        At least the Iron Pan did not fail the beginning of the war, as the "legendary" KV-1 did, did not lie in irrigation ditches, along roads, did not end up as trophies to the enemies, in good condition. And, by the way, no one calls the Pan legendary, but she saved thousands of lives .. at the same time, unlike Pantsir, she does not ram rockets with her body, but simply knocks them down, and in an unimaginable quantity.
        Just like the Phantoms, nobody calls the F-15/16 Legends. And here, whatever weighs, the Legend ... T-54, which has not won a single war - Lehenda, MiG-21 - in general God, Armor - "has no analogue in the world", and so on. The S-300 should not be allowed to go on free bread at all, everyone will be shot down and trampled .. all wars were played, because there was no air defense / missile defense, and it does not bother that in a combat situation the S-200/300/400 did not distinguish themselves in any way ... just dying.
  4. dgonni
    dgonni 2 June 2021 10: 51
    Something has become frequent wargaming on the VO website.
    Looks like the company is doing very badly.
  5. Split
    Split 2 June 2021 19: 10
    They raised for our grandmothers, which at least somehow pleases