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28 MAY - Border Guard Day


May 28 - Day of the border guard. This holiday of green caps and berets entered the calendar in 1994 on the basis of the presidential decree "On the Establishment of the Day of the Border Guard", which confirmed the decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR of 1958 establishing May 28 as the date of the holiday for all border guards of the Soviet Union.

The date of the holiday was not chosen by chance, it was on this day in 1918 that the Council of People's Commissars issued a Decree establishing the Border Guard of the RSFSR.

Despite the fact that the holiday appeared in the second half of the 20th century, border guards appeared a long time ago. All история the state is associated with the protection of borders and the soldiers who guarded the borders have always existed. The first written mention of Russian border guards dates back to 1360, when Metropolitan Alexy gave his blessing to the guards and villagers to monitor the detachments of the Horde.

The first border "outposts" appeared during the reign of Vasily III, who approved this concept in 1512. And in 1571, the first border charter appeared - a document called the Boyarsky verdict on the stanitsa and guard service. With the growth of foreign trade in 1754, border customs offices were created. Border protection was carried out by dragoon regiments, scattered across the outposts, and by customs civilian patrolmen. In the 18th century, the border customs guard appeared, in the 19th century - the border customs guard, and only in 1893 the border guards were withdrawn from customs to the Separate Border Guard Corps.

After the revolution, in 1918, the young Soviet republic organized its own Border Guard of the RSFSR. The creation of border detachments was personally supervised by the chairman of the Cheka, Felix Dzerzhinsky, and from 1918 to 1921, border guards were part of the Cheka, and later in the OGPU. In the 30s, the Border Troops entered the NKVD, then the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs. It was only in the late 50s that they became part of the KGB, remaining part of this special service until the collapse of the Soviet Union, after which they became part of the FSB.

28 MAY - Border Guard Day

During the Great Patriotic War, the border guards were the first to take the blow of the fascist hordes that attacked the USSR. The courage and heroism of the Soviet border guards are unparalleled. The feat of the border guards who fought the Nazis in the first days of the war, often in complete encirclement, without communications and reinforcements, was duly appreciated. 11 border guards were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, five of them were posthumous, 826 border guards were awarded orders and medals of the USSR. The names of 16 border guards were assigned to the outposts where they served on the day of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

Currently, border guards are also at the forefront, protecting the Russian borders from uninvited guests. Considering that the Russian border is the longest in the world, one and a half times the length of the equator, border guards serve on the borders with 18 states, ensuring the safety of the multinational people of Russia.

Voennoye Obozreniye congratulates all active border guards and veterans of the Border Troops on their professional holiday!
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  1. Retvizan 8
    Retvizan 8 28 May 2021 04: 43
    Congratulations to the border guards guys!
    Peaceful sky overhead!
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 28 May 2021 04: 52
      Happy Holidays! drinks
      1. Vladimir Mashkov
        Vladimir Mashkov 28 May 2021 10: 42
        All with a national holiday! All border guards (both in reserve and active) - especially: this is their legal holiday! I wish them good health and every success!

        Father always, all his life, celebrated this holiday. He was a border guard, served on the western and southern, and twice on the eastern border (from where he retired due to seniority), participated in two wars. Yesterday was his birthday. 106 years old.
        1. SERGE ANT
          SERGE ANT 28 May 2021 11: 43
          Congratulations to the border guards!
          1. SERGE ANT
            SERGE ANT 28 May 2021 11: 44
            You served a long time, gray hair at the temples,
            But with your soul you are there in the border troops.
            And you will always remember your native outpost,
            After all, there is never a former border guard!
            1. Tatyana
              Tatyana 28 May 2021 11: 52
              Happy holiday to all involved!
              Happy Border Guard Day!
              I wish you health, success, luck and happiness in your personal life! love

              Happy Border Guard Day! Greetings from those places where there are no brides .. A song about border guards!
              1. atk44849
                atk44849 28 May 2021 12: 11
                Thank you, Tatiana and all the best to you.
          2. The comment was deleted.
    2. Andrei Nikolaevich
      Andrei Nikolaevich 28 May 2021 07: 31
      How many did not go abroad, I always saw our border guards - smart, tactful and strong guys. Apparently, selection still exists. Well done! Happy holiday to all border guards!
    3. Maz
      Maz 28 May 2021 10: 08
      All those involved, including me - with the Holiday of Green Caps!
      1. Terrible_L.
        Terrible_L. 28 May 2021 10: 55
        I join in the congratulations! Happy holiday, comrades border guards! soldier
    4. Maz
      Maz 28 May 2021 14: 01
      It's nice to know that there are so many bros-border guards on the site !!!! KSAPO, Red Banner Bakhardensky frontier detachment, First commandant's office, high-mountain outpost PZ N10- "Chaek", Soviet-Iranian,
      scary master of electrical appliances, bonvoy number - seven laughing Happy Holidays Guys !!!!
    5. RealPilot
      RealPilot 28 May 2021 17: 44
      Happy Holidays! Border is locked tight. And for this, many thanks to our fighters. good

      Border guards are always the first to meet the enemy, and combat work never ends for them. Especially on the southern borders of our Motherland.
      How many militants did they not let in ... Intercepted armed drug couriers ... Stopped illegal migrants ...

      Successful service and strong friendship! soldier
      1. out of habit
        out of habit 28 May 2021 21: 24
        Still, someone stopped legal migrants.
  2. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 28 May 2021 04: 44
    Hurray! Congratulations to people in green caps! Kolyan, I congratulate you personally!
    1. igordok
      igordok 28 May 2021 05: 42
      All involved with the holiday!

      Monument to the "Guards of the Border" in Pskov. Opened in 2019.

      The unfolded monument.
  3. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket 28 May 2021 05: 15
    Happy holiday, guys ...
    [/ Center]

  4. andrewkor
    andrewkor 28 May 2021 05: 28
    The prehistory of the holiday of border guards is well covered in the article!
    In this regard, the question arises, why not take data from some chronicle or a royal decree for the date? For example, some branches of the Russian Armed Forces (air defense, aviation, submariners ...) easily raised the royal decrees and celebrate their professional holidays on those dates! And with the main army holiday on February 23, not everything is so simple. As if until 1918 there was no one to defend the Fatherland.
    I myself served an urgent service in SA and this holiday is holy for me, although I live in Uzbekistan.
    1. Skipper
      Skipper 28 May 2021 05: 34
      Three heroes are the first border guards.
    2. Serg65
      Serg65 28 May 2021 06: 49
      Quote: andrewkor
      I myself served an urgent service in SA and this holiday is holy for me, although I live in Uzbekistan.

      what Well, what for you the rest of the troubles?
    3. Essex62
      Essex62 28 May 2021 10: 47
      What for? To cover up the memory of the USSR? This will happen, over time, with the departure of all carriers of this memory. Don't touch the Soviet dates. And so everything around is completely bourgeois.
      Pograntsov Happy Holidays!
  5. sgr291158
    sgr291158 28 May 2021 05: 39
    Happy border guards. All blessings and health to you.
  6. Bacha
    Bacha 28 May 2021 05: 55
    Thank you very much for your congratulations! I join in the congratulations myself! Congratulations, brothers, border guards.
  7. nikvic46
    nikvic46 28 May 2021 06: 14
    Thank you very much IN! This is the first article of the morning about border guards. There are very few articles of this kind. Happy Holidays to all those who served at the border! I also congratulate those guys who are now serving on the borders of the Motherland! I wish you excellent health. Immunity from all diseases and seduction. There are so many of them at all times. Batumi Border Guard Detachment (former).
  8. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 28 May 2021 06: 32
    I join in the congratulations. Happy holiday friends!
  9. tuts
    tuts 28 May 2021 06: 34
    I join in the congratulations
  10. LiSiCyn
    LiSiCyn 28 May 2021 06: 42
    Happy Holidays, Green caps !!! drinks
  11. Ros 56
    Ros 56 28 May 2021 06: 43
    All in green caps with a holiday. Health, all the best and of course Mrs. Good Luck.
  12. Serg65
    Serg65 28 May 2021 06: 47
    Happy holiday, Green caps! drinks soldier
  13. Lynx2000
    Lynx2000 28 May 2021 06: 51
    "The border is always under control,
    And the enemy will definitely not get through here.
    To all border guards today
    A special honor from us! "

    Congratulations to the border guards! From screws. drinks
    1. atk44849
      atk44849 28 May 2021 07: 09
      Thank you ! you will always come to the rescue! I do not know who came up with the screws, I respect all types of troops!
      1. mojohed2012
        mojohed2012 28 May 2021 07: 18
        Happy Holidays. The border guards are the first to face a future attack on Russia. And it will be a harbinger of a world war, or Fashington's pranks through the hands of proxies of Georgians, Armenians, Bandera - it doesn't matter. But they will be the first to meet for sure.
      2. Lynx2000
        Lynx2000 28 May 2021 08: 05
        Quote: atk44849
        I don't know who came up with the screws

        As my uncle told me that they don't wear garrison caps in PV, from above the garrison cap resembles the head of a screw with a straight slot.
        And he served in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the KGB of the USSR in Kamchatka. I say that the naval caps were also worn by the maritime border guards, too, he says - this is different ...
      3. Ascold1901
        Ascold1901 28 May 2021 08: 50
        We, at one time, explained the appearance of the nickname "screws" because of the cap. They say it has a slot for a screwdriver.))))
        1. Marconi41
          Marconi41 28 May 2021 11: 41
          Quote: Ascold1901
          We, at one time, explained the appearance of the nickname "screws" because of the cap. They say it has a slot for a screwdriver.))))

          The name "screws" did not come from the cap. The border guards say that the PV is the shield of the homeland, and the CA is the screws in this shield. Something like this!
          1. CommanderDIVA
            CommanderDIVA 28 May 2021 12: 24
            Everything is correct, but it was Khrushchev who said
      4. Altona
        Altona 28 May 2021 09: 19
        Quote: atk44849
        I do not know who came up with the screws, I respect all types of troops!

        There is such an old bike, how good friends say hello, let's say:
        - Hello, nail! (Nail - because the border guard's cap from above looks like a nail head)
        - Hello screw! (The pilot on top resembles the head of a screw with a slot for a screwdriver)
        If he treats everything with a healthy dose of humor, then there is nothing offensive here. I congratulate the border guards on the next holiday as a former air force officer. Because the border is a vertical plane perpendicular to the ground and going along a conventional line, that is, going upward endlessly.
        1. Ascold1901
          Ascold1901 28 May 2021 11: 44
          Wow, I'm hearing about the "nail" for the first time.))) Honestly.))) The soldiers of the SA called us "frogs".))))
          1. Altona
            Altona 28 May 2021 12: 42
            Quote: Ascold1901
            Wow, I'm hearing about the "nail" for the first time.))) Honestly.)))

            Well, I'm talking about this as about folk art, especially since this is a retelling from the words of a former border guard, not even mine. laughing
            PS I wore a garrison cap and a Panama hat myself.
  14. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 28 May 2021 07: 04
    Happy holiday to all Karatsup!
    And thanks to VO for the reminder - there is a friend who served in a green cap, but the date of his holiday, to my shame, I keep forgetting. And so - I will call, congratulations.
    1. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 28 May 2021 09: 33
      Quote: Leader of the Redskins
      Happy holiday to all Karatsup!

      Well, since this is the case, then Dzhulbarsov too, because they deserve it. yes soldier
  15. Xnumx vis
    Xnumx vis 28 May 2021 07: 57
    Border guards are a special military service .. I always treated these guys with special respect. Happy Holidays, Border Guards!
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 28 May 2021 08: 08
      Quote: 30 vis
      Happy Holidays, Border Guards!

      Happy holiday, dear ones! Health and Good Luck. And eternal memory to those who "just went into an outfit and have not yet returned." Even now, next to you, they are invisibly guarding the border.
  16. Phil77
    Phil77 28 May 2021 08: 24
    Comrades border guards, Happy Holidays!

    Happiness, good luck, all the best!
    Dmitry * Richard *, you, my friend, personally! soldier
  17. prior
    prior 28 May 2021 08: 48
    Happy holiday to all who guarded the border on land, on water and in the air! soldier
    I especially congratulate those who served in KZPO. love
    As I remember now: "Checkpoint" Ilyichevsk "of the Border Troops of the State Security Committee of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, telephone operator on duty .... I'm listening to you!"
  18. Ascold1901
    Ascold1901 28 May 2021 08: 52
    Thank you very much for the Congratulations !!!)))) I also congratulate all the years on our Holiday !!!!
    I have never put so many pluses as today,)))))
  19. Alexanast
    Alexanast 28 May 2021 08: 56
    Thank you all for your congratulations ... All health, happiness ... Well, a song for a good mood !!!
  20. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 28 May 2021 08: 58
    Here you go!!! Another reason to drink has appeared! I wasn’t going to, I thought, but held on! And here is a provocation!

    So ... congratulations and celebrate!
  21. Poetry
    Poetry 28 May 2021 09: 01
    Let's raise a glass for our border guards!
    We drink to the border guard and his shepherd dog.
    We drink to those who are in the heat or cold,
    Protected us from all kinds of threats.

    We drink for them, behind the guards of our borders,
    Those who were not afraid of bullets or knives.
    They will overtake, grab with a strong hand.
    We drink to them, who guard our peace.

    We are behind them, as in the bosom of Christ.
    Borders locked. The lock is one hundred percent.
    As a child, I sleep well at night.
    I know for sure: do not leak svolo. cham.

    The clouds in Heaven are like white lambs.
    Below, wherever you look - green caps.
    Green caps come from all over.
    Today is a holiday for our border guards!

    Happy Holidays, comrades border guards.
  22. faterdom
    faterdom 28 May 2021 09: 14
    Serious service. And they select the best there.
    And always in a serious matter! show themselves at their best, fight to the death, as in 41st. And like the 12th outpost of the Moscow POGO.
    Happy Holidays to all those involved and their families!
  23. Alex013
    Alex013 28 May 2021 09: 48
    Happy Holidays!
  24. Nider
    Nider 28 May 2021 10: 08
    Congratulations to everyone involved!
  25. Elena Akinfieva
    Elena Akinfieva 28 May 2021 10: 15
    Sorry urgent canceled, only by contract. And so all the greens, happy holidays !!!!!
  26. YOU
    YOU 28 May 2021 10: 18
    Happy Holidays to all Green Caps !!!! AND THANKS A LOT !!!! fellow
  27. Andrey VOV
    Andrey VOV 28 May 2021 11: 09
    Guys! Happy holiday to you!
  28. Lord of the Sith
    Lord of the Sith 28 May 2021 11: 15
    Happy Holidays!
  29. CommanderDIVA
    CommanderDIVA 28 May 2021 12: 22
    Clean PCB and peaceful skies overhead
  30. Devyatomayets
    Devyatomayets 28 May 2021 15: 44
    28 MAY - Border Guard Day

    This is when a schoolboy from Germany on a private plane, in front of the whole world, landed on Vasilievsky Spusk, with an atomic bomb previously drawn on the plane, which he could, if necessary, put directly on the Kremlin?

  31. morpogr
    morpogr 28 May 2021 15: 47
    All those involved HAPPY, HAPPY BORDER GUARD. 11 OBPSKK KDPO Jalinda Marine units of the Border Guards!
  32. Looking for
    Looking for 28 May 2021 17: 24
    Honor and respect for the glorious Soviet and Russian border guards.
    1. Cook
      Cook 28 May 2021 18: 00
      “And again we carry the border service,
      and again we answer the order "Yes",
      far - far from here is our home,
      and yet it starts here "(c)

      All involved with the holiday!
  33. A009
    A009 28 May 2021 20: 01
    Happy colleagues)
  34. Evgeny Fedorov
    Evgeny Fedorov 28 May 2021 20: 52
    My father-in-law is a border guard! Health and good glory!
  35. Pamir
    Pamir 28 May 2021 20: 56
    How not to turn around, and Kupalnya and FOUNTAINS are launched - they, the military PF, the military Border Guards, are opening, the BORDER GUARDS !!!
    Happy Day Border guards, All water fountains open, Thanks to the PV, they will determine whether it will be summer or not, only THEY, green-yellow, military personnel of the PV will determine!
    Happy Day, PV service !!! I would not wish to anyone, in case of violation of the border crossing rules, in case they hope, the PV fighters will find in the crowd, they are unsurpassed psychologists, PV fighters DO NOT shoot, they calculate, block without talking.
    Calculate, GUYS Border Troops, calculate the unreliable !!! Icy, refreshing, drinking water YOU, Borders !!! Opening fountains WITH RAINBOW belongs to YOU ​​!!!
    1. Pamir
      Pamir 28 May 2021 21: 05
      A rainbow in the sky, these are the BORDERS, troops of the PV, and living without a RAINBOW is unlikely !!!
  36. bubalik
    bubalik 28 May 2021 22: 32
    All border guards with a holiday!

    Low bow and eternal memory to the grandfather who died in 1941 in the 92nd Przemysl.
  37. Radikal
    Radikal 29 May 2021 00: 34
    Happy holiday to all those who remember that country, and that - the State Border!