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In China, on accusations of threatening Taiwan's independence: You cannot threaten what does not exist


Zhu Fenglian, an official representative of the Office of Taiwan Affairs of the State Council of the PRC, commented on the situation with relations between the PRC and Taipei. Beijing believes that Taipei is making a big mistake trying to isolate itself from the PRC by "military ties with the United States."

Zhu Fenglian reaffirmed the resolute attitude of the PRC in promoting the policy of a united China. Based on this policy, Beijing proposes reunification to Taipei, which the Taiwanese authorities are actively opposed to. The PRC believes that this position is dictated by external pressure, primarily from the United States.

Zhu Fenglian:

Taiwan's policy of sovereignty has no future, as Taipei is trying to build this policy on military cooperation with the United States.

The official representative of the profile office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China actually made it clear that Taiwan does not have sovereignty today. Management is conducted in such a format when Washington is behind the back.

Zhu Fenglian cited the example of the Taiwanese-American military-technical cooperation within the framework of a contract for the supply of 66 modernized versions of F-16 fighters to the Taiwan Air Force. The total amount of the contract is about $ 8 billion. This amount also includes pilot training costs. Several Taiwanese pilots have already left for training in the United States, where they fly. These flights caused irritation on the part of the PRC authorities.

Zhu Fenglian:

China must be united. The separatists in Taiwan are broadcasting the directives they receive from abroad. It is unacceptable to seek so-called independence by forceful methods, which are being promoted by Washington.

In turn, Taipei accused the PRC of the fact that combat aircraft "threatened the sovereignty of Taiwan", crossing the so-called middle (middle) line over the Taiwan Strait the other day. In Beijing, they retorted that "you cannot threaten something that does not exist." In other words, Beijing does not recognize Taiwan's independence, and is not going to recognize it.

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  1. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 26 May 2021 09: 41
    In Beijing, they retorted that "you cannot threaten something that does not exist." In other words, Beijing does not recognize Taiwan's independence, and is not going to recognize it.

    Whatever the statements may sound, but Taiwan is a Chinese province and a Chinese territory.
    1. Shurik70
      Shurik70 26 May 2021 09: 45
      As long as Taiwan is independent, the United States will support it.
      Divide and conquer is the main principle of US policy. Where you can arrange a coup or a civil war - they will definitely help
      1. Anachoret
        Anachoret 26 May 2021 10: 05
        Taiwan is independent conditionally through recognition from the United States and its vassals (and there are many of them))))
        The idea of ​​a heap of local conflicts, in which the main opponents of the United States (China and Russia) will be loaded, has become the main area of ​​activity) moreover, even Europe is ready to burn again for the sake of preserving a unipolar world) but the states themselves are not the same and there is a high probability that chaos may well become uncontrollable even on the territory of the PCA themselves)
      2. Egoza
        Egoza 26 May 2021 10: 17
        Quote: Shurik70
        As long as Taiwan is independent, the United States will support it.

        Ukraine is also independent, like Taiwan! Aha! As much as three times more independent (by territory)
        1. tihonmarine
          tihonmarine 26 May 2021 10: 25
          Quote: Egoza
          Ukraine is also independent, like Taiwan! Aha! As much as three times more independent (by territory)

          This is what Ukraine and Taiwan think, but the United States does not.
        2. NIKN
          NIKN 26 May 2021 10: 35
          The question of freedom (independence) is interesting in itself. When they say the phrase "I am free," I always clarify, "... you are free or on ... just no one needs you." The same Taiwan will not be needed by the states as further then?
          1. tihonmarine
            tihonmarine 26 May 2021 11: 11
            Quote: NIKNN
            The same Taiwan will not be needed by the states as further then?

            "Take your overcoat and go home" (to China).
      3. Oleg Aviator
        Oleg Aviator 26 May 2021 13: 24
        Not addicted? From what? Or from whom?) All instructions are from amerikosov.
    2. Real Pilot
      Real Pilot 26 May 2021 10: 51
      Taiwan does not have sovereignty today

      There are territories that cannot be completely independent.
      And this is not limited to even the economy ...

      I will cite Ukraine as an example: they were left with an economy comparable to France. An army with nuclear weapons, one of the three strongest in Europe. Industry is the envy of many, with aviation, space and ships - with all the possibilities of their production.
      Be proud and independent, develop and prosper ...

      But no, they ran for a new "owner" to look for and sell. There was not enough wisdom and competence in Ukraine for creation - everything was ruined and plundered. Even an "agrarian superpower", alas, is failing. The land will now be sold for a penny to international agricultural holdings, and GMO seeds will be taken from Monsanto, they are already being purchased. Sadly, this is not what we all wanted - both in Russia and in Ukraine.

      Somehow it turned out in a farm-like manner, it lacked the competencies of state administration, and the priorities were incorrectly defined. After all, what the USSR was doing was not required of its republic - and that part of foreign policy was simply considered "superfluous."

      And Taiwan is somewhat similar. Taiwanese are Chinese, their language dialect is identical to Beijing, only they have not switched to simplified hieroglyphs, they use classical ones. There are more similarities than differences. And the geographic location is very clear ...
      And most importantly, Taiwan is either with China or with America. There are no more options! But he himself is not capable of becoming an independent player. Even in spite of all his excellent microelectronics (which, by the way, was given to them by the USA).
    3. Incvizitor
      Incvizitor 26 May 2021 11: 27
      Temporarily occupied Chinese province.
    4. Alex Freman
      Alex Freman 27 May 2021 10: 51
      But what about the people of Taiwan and the will of the people? Like for Crimea, this argument is suitable but not for Taiwan? That is, double standards are there?
  2. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 26 May 2021 09: 43
    China is still affectionate, wandered in democracy, it's time to return under the control of the CCP. And I am sure that China will succeed. Lizka has been squeezed out of Hong Kong, the financial pearl in the crown of His Majesty !!!
    1. Sands Careers General
      Sands Careers General 26 May 2021 10: 52
      They did not squeeze Hong Kong, but returned it under a contract. 99 years have passed, I had to return.
    2. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 26 May 2021 18: 37
      Taiwan has never been under the CCP, and the majority of its population is anti-communist.
      1. tralflot1832
        tralflot1832 26 May 2021 18: 42
        And then, every year, 14-15 Taiwanese go to Chinese universities and get a touch of love for China. And this trend continues for more than one year. Just ask how many Taiwanese are resting in China. Your optimism will diminish.
  3. prior
    prior 26 May 2021 09: 43
    China's excellent response to Taiwan's sovereignty applies fully to Ukraine.
    Russia is constantly accused of violating Ukraine's sovereignty. And in vain.
    How can you threaten something that does not exist! yes
    1. seti
      seti 26 May 2021 09: 46
      This is the time to speak at the negotiation platforms. There is no such country and we no longer recognize it.
  4. seti
    seti 26 May 2021 09: 45
    On the one hand, it is bad that ours, even if not an ally, has an unresolved territorial problem. On the other hand, this is not a bad thing. In that sense, until it is resolved, China has something to do.
    But Zhu Fenglian is absolutely wrong about one thing: whole generations have passed and they do not consider themselves to be the mainland Chinese. All ties have been cut for a long time .. The same is happening in the country 4-4. And this is a very serious problem. But if in the country 4-4 there is a complete degradation and general destruction of the economy and all social institutions, then Taiwan, with the support of the United States, is completely self-sufficient.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 26 May 2021 09: 53
    Taiwan's policy of sovereignty has no future, as Taipei is trying to build this policy on military cooperation with the United States.
    The Chinese are 100% right. All who trusted in the United States, tried to please them, eventually lost their sovereignty and took a "worthy" place of the eternal vassal.
  6. aszzz888
    aszzz888 26 May 2021 09: 53
    In other words, Beijing does not recognize Taiwan's independence, and is not going to recognize it.
    And rightly so!
  7. mojohed2012
    mojohed2012 26 May 2021 09: 56
    The United States will support Formosa in words. They even walk around in the fleet and fly from penguin carriers (F-35), but in open battle against the Chinese Navy and Air Force, against the marines who will land on Formosa, the USA will not dare to enter. They don't need it. The backside of their soldiers and sailors is dearer than some kind of Formosa and its non-Chinese inhabitants, duped by Western propaganda against communism and the Chinese path. There is no other alternative - China will continue to invade Taiwan deeper and more impudently, and when the brink of insolence reaches decisiveness, Formosa will return to its home harbor. And it is not the mattresses who decide for this. In one Formosa will not survive in any way.
    APASUS 26 May 2021 10: 01
    For the United States, the independence of China is just empty words. But only China doubted the independence of the American territories, then there would be a howl for the whole world.
  9. Herman 4223
    Herman 4223 26 May 2021 10: 02
    Taiwan's independence will end sooner or later. In twenty thirty years, China will build a strong fleet, and simply isolate this island from the outside world.
  10. decimalegio
    decimalegio 26 May 2021 10: 14
    Let's clarify that Taiwan has not belonged to China since 1895, it is not such a rebellious province as Chechnya. China believes that conquering Taiwan by peaceful or forceful means is critical to completing the so-called renaissance of the Chinese nation by 2049, the year that marks the XNUMXth anniversary of the founding of the PRC. Controlling Formosa will allow Beijing to heal the historical wounds inflicted by invasions by foreign powers, starting with Japan. First of all, this would allow China free access to the Pacific Ocean, which is now under the supervision of American bases in South Korea, Japan and the Philippines. But most of the population of Taiwan is against this project. In addition, Beijing cannot rule out that one day Taipei will officially declare its de facto independence. Thus, it would ultimately violate the “one China” principle, which falsely regulates cross-strait relations. These factors are pushing the PRC not to abandon military intervention in order to achieve its goal. Hence the intensification of exercises and maneuvers by the People's Liberation Army (EPL) around Formosa and the small Taiwanese islands, which are periodically followed by US operations. Let's clarify the concept, I don't know how long the Taiwanese want to resist, but the traditional difficulty of amphibious assault, EPL's little real combat experience and Washington's support for Taipei's military expansion complicate Beijing's plans. Despite the logistical constraints of the Taiwanese military, a large-scale PLL invasion is very difficult and the outcome is not clear. Moreover, it would damage the image of the PRC in any case. The failure of the operation will undermine the credibility of Beijing domestically. If they win, the latter will lose their soft power abroad and face political, military and economic countermeasures from the United States and other Western powers. In short, from the point of view of the Chinese government, peaceful unification across the strait remains the most convenient solution, although opposition from the Taiwanese population makes it extremely difficult to achieve this in the medium term. Given the background of Hong Kong.
  11. Kosh
    Kosh 26 May 2021 10: 31
    In general, Taiwan itself does not recognize its independence there, since according to all its own laws, it is a "Free Territory of the Republic of China", unlike the rest of China controlled by the People's Republic of China. At the same time, both sides formally extend their sovereignty to the entire territory of China.
    In Taiwan, even the 1947 Constitution adopted by the government of the Republic of China, led by the Kuomintang party, is still in force before defeat in the civil war, even when it controlled most of China. In order to somehow correspond to the realities, the so-called additional articles were introduced into this basic law, but the text as a whole did not change and its boundaries there are still formally determined within the boundaries that were in 1947, there in the text The constitution even retains provisions on the number of deputies, etc. from Mongolia and Tibet.
    In turn, for the People's Republic of China, Taiwan, both from the very beginning, was and remains an integral part of the country, which is temporarily under the control of the counter-revolutionary forces that have not been killed.
  12. Aleksandr97
    Aleksandr97 26 May 2021 10: 31
    China knows how to "play long", haste will lead to high costs. The United States has created and will continue to create zones of instability in order to remain the only safe haven for world capital. And in this concept, the next waves of umbrella-color revolutions according to Sharpe's training manual will continue! Or, of course, in the harshest version, Baydan will be framed by the Clinton-Obama team and deployed nuclear weapons in Taiwan, which will aggravate the situation to the limit exceeding the Cuban missile crisis.
  13. decimalegio
    decimalegio 26 May 2021 19: 08
    In fact, Taipei is accelerating the process of shaping Taiwan's identity in order to separate it from the historical heritage that unites it with the People's Republic of China. Forming a national identity is a long and difficult task for any community, but Taipei is in a hurry. He wants to thwart the unification process that Beijing is seeking.
    Formosa does not want to give up its de facto independence. According to a survey by the Taiwanese Thinktank, 60% of its residents call themselves "Taiwanese", 34% - "Taiwanese and Chinese", 2,9% consider themselves "Chinese". However, when respondents were asked to choose only one definition to identify themselves, the split between the island and the PRC was more pronounced. In fact, 85% said they consider themselves "Taiwanese".
    A military tool is needed but not enough; Taipei needs a cohesive population around a state that opposes the voluntary transfer of the island to Beijing and which, at worst, resists invasion.
    Taipei aims to reduce the influence of Chinese culture. The PRC notes that the first Chinese settlements in this place belong to the period of the Three Kingdoms (220-265). The Taiwanese version of this story belittles the fact that the Qing was forced to cede the island to the Japanese and emphasizes the positive impact of the Japanese presence on local infrastructure. First of all, he points out that in 1945 Taiwan returned to the sovereignty of the ROC with the surrender of the Land of the Rising Sun, and therefore it was never controlled by the PRC. Which is true. There are four main Taiwanese ethnic groups: the Austronesian aborigines, the first inhabitants of the territory; Hoklo (or Holo) is from Fujian, and the Hakka migrated from Guangdong, who landed during the Ming and Qing dynasties; mainland Chinese arriving since 1945. However, the difference between the four groups disappeared over time due to the mixing of families. Taiwan emphasizes this in order to distinguish Taiwanese from Chinese Han Chinese. In 2002, Taipei stopped publishing the "complete map of the Republic of China", including territories controlled prior to the founding of the People's Republic of China, and liberated the "Taiwan Region." This included a similar island Penghu, Jinmen, Matsu, Dongsha (Pratas) and two atolls in Spratly. In 2018, the government developed a plan according to which by 2030 the population will become bilingual, that is, fluent in English. These measures are intended to make Taiwan less sinocentric.
    Meanwhile, Beijing has stepped up military operations in the Formosa Strait and hastened the process of annexing Hong Kong. But this reinforces the desire not to return to China. In 2020, Taipei has changed passports. On the cover, the wording "Republic of China" has been significantly shortened and the title Taiwan has been enlarged. Finally, the debate about the possibility of changing the anthem resumed. Finally, I don't understand why you want Taiwan to come back with China. Crimea democratically wanted to return with Russia, why doesn't Taiwan decide democratically not to return with China ??
  14. decimalegio
    decimalegio 26 May 2021 19: 25
    A final consideration for those who are lauded by the idea that China is becoming the only world power. We have seen the damage from America's unilateralism, do we want to detect the damage from China's unilateralism ??? Isn't the balance of power better? Let's avoid Taiwan becoming Chinese