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Another shooting in the USA: a former policeman turned out to be the culprit


There was another shooting in the United States. As a result, three people died on the streets of Austin, Texas.

It is reported by the CBS Austin television channel.

According to Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon, two Hispanic women and a black man were killed. Law enforcers have already identified the shooter. The perpetrator was a 41-year-old African American former police officer Stephen Nicholas Broderick. According to preliminary data, the shooter was familiar with his victims, but how exactly he is connected with them has not yet been established.

It has not been possible to detain him yet, the suspect is on the wanted list. And although law enforcement officers do not believe that Broderick will start hunting for random people, they recommend that the local population stay in their homes or leave the area. When meeting with a suspect, the police recommend not to contact him, but to call the emergency services. For information that would help in the search and arrest of the criminal, law enforcement officers offer a reward of one thousand dollars.

The investigation of the incident and the search for Broderick continue.

Shortly before that, in a school building in Tennessee, a teenager opened fire. In the shootout, he was killed.


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  1. Victor_B
    Victor_B April 19 2021 09: 23
    It sounds interesting: "former black ..."
    (This is in the feed so the title begins)
    Former black police officer shoots in Texas
    1. zadorin1974
      zadorin1974 April 19 2021 09: 42
      Good. So he may have sprinkled with chalk))))) This is Texas, there and so the white population's lid on the bowler hat bounces.
    2. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine April 19 2021 09: 46
      Quote: Victor_B
      It sounds interesting: "former black ..."

      This is for sure, is it really repainted?
      1. The black
        The black April 19 2021 10: 17
        God forbid to shoot him during arrest ... he's an African American ... And then again the Americans will have to pay millions of compensation to his relatives and lick his heels to neighbors with black skin winked
      2. Sergey M. Karasev
        Sergey M. Karasev April 20 2021 15: 40
        By the 90s, Michael Jackson could safely be called a former black - by this time, after a handful of plastic and cosmetic surgeries, he looked like anyone, just not a black man.
    3. loki565
      loki565 April 19 2021 10: 20
      It sounds interesting: "former black ..."
      (This is in the feed so the title begins)

      Immediately reminded of one movie)))
  2. Konstantin Gogolev
    Konstantin Gogolev April 19 2021 09: 28
    Every day they cut out each other there. And in Chicago today, a 7-year-old girl was shot and her father was wounded. For the sake of objectivity, it should be noted that every day people die in fires in our country. This is also a sad fact.
    1. Popandos
      Popandos April 19 2021 09: 34
      Do not compare, in fires most often they die due to their own negligence, you must admit that this is somewhat different than when a random shooter kills you simply because you were in the wrong place and at the wrong time.
      1. Konstantin Gogolev
        Konstantin Gogolev April 19 2021 09: 52
        But why do we die more often than other countries through our own negligence? Something means wrong. They go to bed with working gas comforts. Why?
        I don’t throw it over the fan at all. It's just that these population losses through negligence (road accidents, fires, drunken household goods) - lead to a decrease in the population. And to the essential.
    2. Sergey M. Karasev
      Sergey M. Karasev April 20 2021 15: 41
      For the sake of objectivity, it should be noted that every day people die in fires in our country. This is also a sad fact.

      And they do not die? Or there are no fires?
      1. Konstantin Gogolev
        Konstantin Gogolev April 20 2021 22: 12
        Quote: Sergey Mikhailovich Karasev
        And they do not die? Or there are no fires?

        They burn of course. I do not specifically track, but every day in the news I read that they have been shot and also every day we have fires. The fact that they have parallel to me, and even more so, let them continue to enjoy their civil society.
  3. yehat2
    yehat2 April 19 2021 09: 34
    and what do you want? in the United States on hand, according to various estimates, from 30 to 80 million trunks
    in fact, there is still very little shooting.
    If earlier wealthy people, mainly from the middle class, who had something to lose, owned weapons, now the situation has changed - a large number of people who do not have a stable or normal income, do not have a normal education and most likely have a long list and large debts own a weapon. Hence the increase in the number of incidents.
    1. Machete
      Machete April 19 2021 10: 05
      Yesterday on TV they said that the United States only legally has about 400 million barrels.
      Add illegal from legal owners, gangs and all kinds of mafias from different countries.
      1. yehat2
        yehat2 April 19 2021 14: 34
        the question is not how many barrels in general, but how many private traders control.
        and of course there are much less of them. (after all, there are a bunch of security structures, shooting clubs, collectors, police, national guards, etc.) But all the same, even if every 2nd adult has a barrel -
        that's a lot.
  4. prior
    prior April 19 2021 09: 45
    The United States lives from gunfight to gunfight. Democracy is like that.
    Hopefully there will be no breaks between gunfights soon.
    Well, perhaps, to reload the weapon.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  5. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 April 19 2021 09: 49
    Why did they ban automatic weapons? To shoot in bursts you have to buy a "cunning" stock in a legal store. The Russian mind cannot understand America. And somehow I don’t worry at all, according to them this is democracy, the standard for the whole world. And the translation is correct, everything one thousand dollars, the current cost of a person's life in the United States? Whether he is a criminal or an informant, the latter risks not only the $ 1000 that he has not yet received.
  6. V1er
    V1er April 19 2021 10: 00
    Here it is, true democracy and freedom in the American way.
    1. V1er
      V1er April 19 2021 10: 20
      What are the cons, I don't understand? Do you at least write something.
      1. Incvizitor
        Incvizitor April 19 2021 12: 02
        Shit, democracy is one of the pillars of faith in Western spits, and you kick them with a sickle ...
  7. Glory1974
    Glory1974 April 19 2021 10: 12
    With all the factors of legal weapons, it turns out that there are 2 times more murders in Russia than in the United States.
    In Russia there are 8,7 murders per 100 population, in the United States there are 000 murders.
    It turns out that we kill more, therefore, the fact that the weapon is legalized or not has nothing to do with it.
    1. vitvit123
      vitvit123 April 19 2021 10: 28
      And who are the factories? If I may..
      1. Glory1974
        Glory1974 April 19 2021 10: 39
        Who is counting? Statistics. Online data
        Judging by the minuses exposed to me, someone thinks that ""
    2. The comment was deleted.
      1. Glory1974
        Glory1974 April 19 2021 11: 31
        Yes, I agree with you. There are a lot of nuances. For example, I read that in the United States, blacks killed in their crime are not counted in statistics at all; apparently, they are blamed on dangerous animals.
        But you can get some idea of ​​the level of crime. And if you look at our sentences for self-defense, in general, the hair stands on end. In short, he who defends himself against an attack is guilty.
        1. Baron pardus
          Baron pardus April 19 2021 20: 21
          If you slammed someone during SELF-DEFENSE, (for example, he climbed into your house, and you caught him there and killed him), this is NOT considered murder. Since - self-defense, and rightly so - do not climb into other people's houses. This is considered "death from other causes". Or "justifiable homicide" - justified murder. Under "homicide" murder is precisely "criminal murder" or "murder by negligence" (accidentally ran over someone by a car).
          1. Glory1974
            Glory1974 April 20 2021 09: 29
            If you slammed someone during SELF-DEFENSE, (for example, he climbed into your house, and you caught him there and killed him), this is NOT considered murder.

            I wonder how many such cases per year. On the one hand, these are criminals, of course, on the other, people killed. Without this figure, how to calculate?
            Although I don't think there are many such cases, but again, Floyd died during arrest, he was probably also not included in the statistics, like the rest of the criminals killed during arrest.
            1. Baron pardus
              Baron pardus April 20 2021 19: 34
              With Floyd it is more difficult, there was a political order for "an oppressed, innocently murdered by racists representative of a proud but oppressed original national minority." American law CLEARLY defines the scope of the use of firearms (or even other weapons). Each state, county or even city has its own laws, but they are clearly marked. As a rule, you can use a firearm ONLY on your territory (this is in ALL states). In many states it is POSSIBLE to use a weapon when you see a threat to the life of OTHER people. That is, if you see how ANOTHER person is being threatened with weapons, then in most states you HAVE the RIGHT to use "deadly force" to protect another person. But there are very clear and serious restrictions, for example: it is impossible to KILL someone who is already lying down because "does not represent an immediate danger." By the way, in order to circumvent this law, self-defense weapons classes are immediately taught to unload at least half a clip into a bandit. "And I didn't know whether I hit or not, I continued to shoot until he stopped moving, and only then came closer." Or there, having shot someone, simulate a tantrum for 10-15 minutes so that they bleed and then call the police, but they immediately warn you that you need to simulate a hysteria so that the cops believe ... Last year, EMNIP, there was a case, in one In the region, there was an outbreak of house robberies, someone broke into the house, took out what they could, and broke everything else, and even killed pets. One grandfather made an ambush at home. A couple of teenagers broke into the house through the garage - a guy and a girl. He recorded everything on video. First, he shot them, and he aimed and hit them in the stomachs, so that they would suffer for a longer time, then he kicked them for a long time, trampled them and mocked them, and then finished them off. He, of course, was imprisoned (fortunately, he posted the video on the Internet), but he was not imprisoned because he KILLED them, but because he KILLED them. Had he killed them right away, he would have had nothing, and so the video shows that both the guy and the girl are wounded, bleeding, they ask to call the police, and he mocks them. In general, I believe that the grandfather was in vain, he did everything right, and these scoundrels, if they survived, from home thefts, vandalism and drugs and the murder of cats, dogs, parrots and fish, would go over to serious crimes, But the law is the law, and the grandfather still set himself up, like the last fool.

              And these are not "killed people", these are bandits and criminals who threatened the life and property of law-abiding citizens and got what they deserved. By the way, they are included in statistics under the column "justifiable homicide". That is, these creatures do not fall into the statistics of KILLS. Do not climb into other people's houses, do not steal cars with the threat of weapons and you will live.
              1. Glory1974
                Glory1974 April 21 2021 09: 58
                Thanks for the detailed comment. hi
                And these are not "killed people", these are bandits and criminals who threatened the life and property of law-abiding citizens and got what they deserved.

                the attitude towards the bandits is a separate conversation.
                The point is that statistics in different countries account for murders in different ways. From your commentary, I concluded that it is not correct to directly compare the murders in Russia and the United States.
                The question is how to come to the same denominator? That is, find out how many people (or non-people) are hurt by the effects of firearms, and only then classify them into shooting at bandits, mass shootings, etc.
                The goal is to find out how the presence of a firearm depends on the number of deaths from it.
                1. Baron pardus
                  Baron pardus April 21 2021 17: 53
                  It is difficult to take into account. Since statistics are politicized. For example, opponents of weapons consider everyone to be "killed by firearms", and bandits killed by cops, and cops killed by bandits, and bandits killed by bandits, and bandits killed in self-defense, and suicides who used a firearm, and people who died as a result of careless handling of weapons.
                  Supporters of the firearms record only victims of crimes in those killed by the firearms. Because under the criminal article "murder" - murder, only they fall. A suicide, if there is no firearm, will find another way to self-drink. Because if you do not be an idiot - accidentally shooting yourself or accidentally banging someone is also extremely difficult. Bandits killed by the police are also not considered "Don't resist and you won't be killed." So you need to first decide ... WHO we consider the victim. The drunken idiot who killed himself? The bandyuga who opened fire on the cops and they banged him? Drunk to a green snake or a chela, chipped before the arrival, who decides to play Russian roulette with the help of Glock? Only then can one consider how dangerous or not dangerous the weapon is. As a rule, in countries where free access to weapons is less crime. I once lived in a shitty area. So, the bandits, even stupid teenagers, often clearly knew when it IS WORTH to take risks and climb into the hut (they knew that the brow had something to profit from), and when they said "yes, it's not worth the risk." By the way, statistics. There are 700000 doctors in the United States, and 120000 people die every year because of their mistakes. That's 0.171 annual deaths per doctor. In the US, there are more than 80 MILLION legal owners of weapons (and we are talking only about LEGAL). about 1500 people of ALL ages die each year from careless handling of weapons. This is 0.0000188 deaths for each owner of the weapon, that is, the chance that you are accidentally ditched by your doctor is 9000 more than the chance that you will become a victim of negligent handling of the weapon. The weapon itself DOES NOT FIR. About how many people die in car accidents, I just keep silent, the firearms are far from being the leader in the number of people who accidentally died from it. But the fact that gun owners are not forced to take safety courses is idiocy. NRA offers these courses FREE OF CHARGE, but people still do not go screaming "I am a free man and do not owe anything to anyone", however, with the same cry they go to shops in pajamas with traces of urine and shit ... Freedom and civil rights (palm face )
    3. Xscorpion
      Xscorpion April 22 2021 10: 03
      Quote: glory1974
      With all the factors of legal weapons, it turns out that there are 2 times more murders in Russia than in the United States.
      In Russia there are 8,7 murders per 100 population, in the United States there are 000 murders.
      It turns out that we kill more, therefore, the fact that the weapon is legalized or not has nothing to do with it.

      In the United States, boldly increase it tenfold, and even then it will not be enough. Otherwise, this statistic is considered in different countries. In the United States, until a court has proven that this is a murder, it will simply be death for unknown reasons, even if there are dozens of gunshot wounds on the body. victims, it will not be murder until a court establishes it. In the United States, self-defense, the execution of official duties, and so on. their legislation and their Criminal Code, which are seriously different from each other, in some states there is no such thing as murder at all. In some states, murder will be interpreted as Murder, that is, murder, since there was intent and there was a victim, and in the neighboring state, according to their laws, for example, did not find an instrument of crime, and they will decide that this is a simple Manslauger, which can be translated as murder by negligence, since the suspect had nothing to kill him with. will not be considered murder, at least until the barrel is found. Roughly speaking in the USA, to determine a murder, you need a body, you need a suspect, you need an instrument of crime, you need a medical opinion that the victim died from this weapon and you need a court that will combine all this into a crime .And in Russia, any violent death is already considered a murder even at the level of the investigation, including if someone was shot by a policeman or a security guard, this is also considered an ordinary murder and is included in the statistics. When dozens of barmaleevs are killed in the Caucasus, this is also a murder. If someone from the Russians died abroad, then a criminal case under the article murder is immediately opened and this is also included in the statistics, although formally it was outside the country. And in general, almost any violent death in the Russian Federation is a murder.
  8. Kibl
    Kibl April 19 2021 10: 27
    Well, what can I say, the United States has found a solution to the demographic problem for itself.
    to other countries. Let them do what they want.
    1. Baron pardus
      Baron pardus April 20 2021 19: 54
      Negroes and Mexots multiply and illegally cross borders faster than they shoot and cut each other (Mexots and Latinos are generally very fond of knives). Why shouldn't they multiply? Here is such a welfer queen, she has not worked a day in her life, she reads a word after 3, she has 5-6 children, each from a different man, she is a "poor unfortunate oppressed single mother", and from ME and other hard workers on her and her "children "rip off the money. And the "kids" will naturally grow up the same - they see no reason to be different. The freebie is complete ... "children" flowers of life ".. The thief is growing ..." - Naked "Two torn down towers"

      By the way, most of the murders in the United States are ethnic gangs killing each other. There are 9 corpses in Chicago last weekend. They are mentioned in passing in the news. And these are not the "evil white neo-Nazis" about whom the liberal press howls (but which NOBODY has seen) who have banged them. Black and Mexota bandits slaughter each other for drug trafficking places, this is not a story or a sensation, you cannot make a rating on this, so this is of no interest to ANYONE. But when a black man gets wet by a policeman, especially a WHITE one, you can raise a howl, increase the sales of your rag, or increase the viewership of your issue of shitty news, which is MONEY.
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 19 2021 10: 51
    I was always interested in the question, which will end first, patrons or residents of the United States?
    1. Incvizitor
      Incvizitor April 19 2021 12: 04
      You can throw cartridges at them, for this and for nothing it is not a pity.
  10. bogart047
    bogart047 April 19 2021 12: 02
    health of the victims. Feel like Vietnamese or Yugoslavs
  11. Kaw
    Kaw April 19 2021 15: 58
    According to statistics, in countries where free possession of weapons is allowed, mortality from all causes of a criminal nature is lower than in the rest.
    1. Baron pardus
      Baron pardus April 19 2021 20: 29
      The problem is not in the weapon, but in the psychological balance of its owners. Check it out. Buy, for example, a double-barreled gun, it, by itself, will not crash anyone, and she has no plans to "kill everyone alone." It is not weapons that kill, but people. Firearms have been banned in England. COLD weapon crime and homicide has grown, emnip, 5 times. In the USSR, there was the strictest control over weapons, well, what about? Soaked each other with knives, cleavers and crowbars, drunk for a sweet soul. We have two drinking companions in 1985 in our house, they soaked the third, and then they slashed each other with knives. Drunk, none of the three had any problems with the law before. So, firearms were banned in England. Well, yes, the number of deaths from firearms began to decrease, and from a knife in the belly - more. Robberies and rapes increased 8 times, and the attackers are almost always "oppressed and distinctive national minorities suffering from racism and the consequences of colonialism" from Africa and the Middle East. What an owl about a stump, what a kick about an owl. Problems in the emotional and mental health of society (or lack thereof). In the USA in the 60-80s, there were more OWNERS of weapons (now there are fewer owners, but each of them simply has more barrels, although over the past year the situation has changed a lot and 30M NEW weapon owners appeared, who were so happy about the movement of ANtif and BLM that they quickly armed themselves )., and there were fewer shots. It was just that society was MUCH healthier. And now the society is full of mishigen - as my grandmother Fira used to say.
  12. Baron pardus
    Baron pardus April 19 2021 20: 11
    There are a LOT of problems in our society. One of the biggest is emotional illness. Chief among them is the feeling of loneliness. When Alice Cooper's grandfather sang "We are all clones, but we are all alone," it was a joke in which part of the joke and the rest is true. Society is paradoxical. Neighbors, as a rule, do not even know each other's names. There is no close friendship, because today you have become attached to a person, and tomorrow either you or he left for another city where there is more promising work. Trusting a wife / husband, boyfriend, girlfriends is also dumb, since no one owes anything to anyone and at the first quarrel "everything you said can and will be used against you" because - everyone is "a free, unique creative person" and "nothing personal , only business ". 90% of the time, the average American is single. Even in the family. "Everyone has their own problems, your problems are not needed by ANYONE, keep them to yourself." "Always take care of the most important person - yourself." This is the motto of our "society". Naturally, from such a life, the roof is going for many, moreover, an explosive cocktail of this approach, with colossal competition (there are not enough houses in good suburbs and good jobs for everyone, someone has to push carts in Walmart) leads to the fact that a person simply does not sees nothing of value in other people. These are either competitors for everything, or dolls that are not of any value to him personally. That is why in the United States more than half of people go to psychologists. What for? And just to have someone to talk to. You pay yourself 30-50 bucks. And the person listens to you, nods understandingly, and often gives good advice on life. That is, it does what friends and relatives did to you in the USSR.

    In the Army, the people are being hammered into their brains that it is impossible to live like this, and in the Armed Forces the situation is better. By and large, even if you have problems in civilian life, it is much easier to talk to another veteran than to a civilian idiot fool who sincerely believes that working in a bank is hard work (Bradley never changed tracks on M2, so he thinks that he works hard) ... Therefore, many in the army remain for a long time, and then they are friends, for the most part, with former colleagues - the mentality is different.

    So, in civilian life, most people have the wildest loneliness, isolation from society (there is no society as such, since it is hammered into your brain that you are the most important thing, you are a unique creative bright personality deserving admiration simply for your existence and you don’t owe ANYTHING .). This is hammered into the brain, but in reality you are not needed by ANYONE. From the word in general. Your beloved / loved ones, as soon as it considers it PROFITABLE, leaves you. And not because she wishes YOU harm, she cares "about the most important person - herself", "nothing personal." You will be kicked out of your job for any reason and for no reason, and your employees will willingly pick you up, because when reducing staff "in the name of optimization" ... "nothing personal, but you are better than me."

    Loneliness, isolation from society, competition, all this puts pressure on the brain. And these are all the changes of the last 20-30 years. When you talk to "old-timers" you are told that this was not the case in the 70s-80s. And this is confirmed by statistics - the population had MORE weapons (there were more armed citizens) and there were LESS post-fireballs. Why? Yes, because there was a SOCIETY, even in old American films you can see how the people communicated, but now this is not. Even when I came to the United States, children were playing on the streets, both in Chicago and in the suburbs, and now almost not. Especially in the suburbs. Technology has further exacerbated loneliness and isolation from society.

    Here the people have a roof and rides. Angry at the world for being alone. For failures, since it is possible that your problems are the result of the fact that everyone around you cared first of all about themselves "nothing personal, but you are better than me." 1/6 of the US population is officially firmly on antidepressants (and this is not Corvallol with Validol), but how many are discharged from under the counter? And how many "calm down" with grass and mushrooms? Lots of people are sitting on CBD hemp extract. And it is sold without a prescription, and cannot be counted. And how many thumps? No, they do not row the streets, as they will tie, but they get drunk in the swine grunt of the house.

    This is a disease of society. And it's not about weapons. I repeat, in the 70s-80s, a larger number of the population had weapons, but there were no such post-fireballs. Society has changed, emotionally and mentally hurt. That's the problem. By the way, Reagan and the Republicans are not the last to blame for this, who "for the sake of economy" closed state (almost free) centers of psychological and psychiatric help.

    Then, in small towns, students brought rifles to schools, since there were shooting galleries in schools. And to come to school on the old pick-up, where the double-barreled gun that "Uncle Mike" gave you on your 17th birthday was hanging in the cockpit was quite the norm. Then, even in Chicago and New York, there were no draconian laws against weapons, and either a pistol or a shotgun were in almost every home "fear of weapons is a symptom of personality problems with sexuality." What we are now seeing, especially among young people, up to 20% of whom cannot determine their gender or their species. Don't laugh, there are A LOT of furry furry societies in colleges and schools right now. Many of them simply did not grow out of childhood, and it is just a joke for them to go to classes with a fluffy tail and ears, but a sufficient number of them "feel themselves trans specie", that is, trans species "I am a hippo in a human body", https: // www / ten-quotes-from-the-paper-written-by-a-doctoral-student-who-identifies-as-a-hippopotamus is NOT a joke or trolling. I am not a boy, and not a girl, I am a hippo, writes a student going to his doctoral degree. My cousin has a daughter who, in complete seriousness, considers herself a fox who, by mistake, was reborn into a human. Moreover, going to psychologists is not approved by the SCHOOL, because "who are you to decide who he is for a person and to deprive him of personal freedom of personality" is exactly what the liberal professors say (you start to think that many dictators were even right about something when talking about the liberal professors and "intelligentsia", and the hand really begins to look for Walther, or Parabellum).

    By the way, the number of suicides ESPECIALLY among adolescents and young people is off scale. It is from loneliness and from cognitive dissonance when they told you at school what a unique and valuable person you are that everyone MUST appreciate and respect, but in reality you are a competitor that nobody needs nafig.

    So, as a rule, a person is brought to the point of collapse, they get this breakdown, and then anyone is blamed for everything: weapons, films, games, anyone except society itself. Why are movies not to blame? And watch American movies from the 70s-80s. Dramas about the mafia, films about the war, Westerns dofig, and there, of course, dofig of firing, but then there were no such post-fireworks, despite the abundance of military and police movies. It's just that society is seriously hurt, on the head. Loneliness, selfishness, fragmentation, by the way, the encouragement and support of antisocial elements and the destruction of the mainstays of society: traditions, morals, norms of behavior and concepts, only make the situation worse. Many people feel that they are not part of society but "behind enemy lines."
    1. Sergey M. Karasev
      Sergey M. Karasev April 20 2021 16: 07
      Yes, you practically wrote a full-fledged interesting article! hi good
      1. Baron pardus
        Baron pardus April 20 2021 19: 18
        Thank you. It's just that the situation is such that 2-3 lines cannot be described. And, unfortunately, I live in all this orgy of madness, tolerance, liberalism, multiculturalism and political correctness. And I catch myself on some very unhappy little thoughts. Looking at WHAT is happening in MY country, WHO pushes it all, and WHO PAYS for it all (do you think the thugs from Antifa just went out against the cops at the risk of getting sickly people, and at the same time a criminal record in a personal matter?). You just think like that at “spontaneous” “protest” actions, the “protestors” have the same T-shirts, with the same inscriptions, and professionally made posters / banners. They probably did it all "spontaneously" in a couple of hours. Do you think "peaceful protestors" pay ransoms of thousands to the police from their own pockets? In the United States, being a criminal and a bully is not profitable. Why. Let's say they caught you smashing shop windows. You were arrested (perhaps they also gave you a zvizdyuly), and here you are before the judge, and he tells you that your case is not of increased importance and the court in half a year, you need to pay the REMEDY (money is a guarantee that you will come to court), money not? Sit in the slammer until the trial. (You will receive the ransom back AFTER the trial, but you need to take out the CASH and put it NOW, and not every American has 5-10 cash items).
        So I look at the situation and the thoughts are completely sad - either we are sliding into complete anarchy, schism and civil war, or there is a dystopia (from the series Running Man or V means Vendetta, "1984",), or cheerful guys marching through the streets under "Erica ".
    2. Jager
      Jager April 20 2021 20: 14
      I really liked the film "Gran Torino" with Clint Eastwood on this topic.
  13. Sergey M. Karasev
    Sergey M. Karasev April 20 2021 16: 13
    BLM with antifa in mourning: such an excuse for another whistle was fucked up by this
    41-year-old African American Stephen Nicholas Broderick.

  14. Kaw
    Kaw April 20 2021 20: 38
    Well, why should people shave off their weapons if the police are shooting who will have this weapon anyway? Here, too, Major Evsyukov staged a massacre in a supermarket from service weapons, and there would have been a man with a pistol among the visitors, there might have been fewer victims.
    The wave of shootings that is now taking place in the United States is the Werther effect, news about the crimes of mentally ill people provoke other psychopaths to the same crimes. If journalists did not raise a fuss about every such incident, there would be fewer tragedies. IMHO
    1. Baron pardus
      Baron pardus April 21 2021 18: 19
      The Werther effect is a serous factor. "You can't be famous for good deeds." And the police and psychologists constantly talk about it, but the media ignore them "Freedom of speech", and it raises the viewing / purchase ratings - money, and there is a political background. So the recommendations of the police and psychologists are on the side ...

      But other factors cannot be denied: loneliness, isolation, anger, competition, bullying. By the way, almost all shots in schools are the result of a deliberate and long-term persecution of a teenager by other "children - the flowers of life", with the absolute connivance of teachers (they can also be understood, if you intervene, it's worse for yourself). For example, as a teenager, one bastard who, being 3 years older than me, constantly insulted me and my mother because my father (he is her husband) was Jewish, and he beat me more than once or twice, and even not five, I very successfully pierced this bastard with a ski pole after he beat me again. Another scumbag, very successfully hit the kneecap with the reinforcement, as my grandfather showed. Hopefully he's still limping. Well, if the teenager has access to the trunks, then the settlement of accounts is much easier. To our great regret, the fact that over and over again the persecuted teenager returns to school and arranges a race in "Doom", does not teach anyone. Here, in schools, it often happens ... even in whites, even in "prosperous" ones, that the movie "Scarecrow" is an idyll. Well, social and economic problems should not be forgotten. They can be fired for nothing. You may not find a job for a year or two or three or five. And you lose a car, a house, you are abandoned by a "faithful" (nothing personal, it's just easier for her alone, and you can rent an apartment cheaper and pay one car instead of two), well, some people have their roof blown off and they go to settle accounts with the cause of their problems - those who is blamed for losing their job. Capitalism, you can swim, you cannot sink.