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Mr Serdyukov - who is he?


How do you assess the activities of A. E. Serdyukov as Minister of Defense?

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Satisfactory - 22 (1.27%)
Negatively - 1655 (95.83%)
Everything is early - 17 (0.98%)
The current defense minister is certainly ambiguous, one might even say that during his leadership A. A. Serdyukov became an odious figure for his department and the country as a whole. For what merits, he suddenly from an absolutely civilian turned into the main military specialist of the whole country, remains a mystery to many.

Having appeared on a post of the head of the main military department he began with that he decided to change the uniform of the servicemen, budgetary 100 million rubles were allocated. which have been successfully spent and dressing has been postponed. And this was only the beginning, further layoffs and resignations began, during his tenure as Minister, Mr. Serdyukov changed the top military personnel to 70 percent. Shaking shots, leaving the loyal ones, removing and removing the critically minded new minister, he decided to undertake the reform of the Russian army. To begin with, footcloths and boots were abolished as permanent elements of military uniforms!

All the rest of the reform, again, the beginning comes down to disbanding reductions and reductions, only one more new element was added, this is the optimization of all the cash flows aimed at the development of the reform in one hand, it is clear whose.

According to the minister himself, the reform is aimed at optimizing the armed forces, and cuts are necessary to reduce the expenditure of budgetary funds, let it be less personnel, but it will be better trained, armed and staffed.

I would like to ask the question: “How will the staff be better trained?” If experienced personnel soldiers are really capable of teaching something, they resign, military schools and units are reduced and disbanded and, in general, the general staff and headquarters of the main districts create an atmosphere of fear reduced and servile to those who can cut, fire, etc.

Serdyukov’s tumultuous revolutionary reform activity is sharply negatively evaluated by many military experts. First of all, it is reforms that aim at commercializing the army rather than enhancing its defense capability and professionalism that are being criticized, and the military are also not satisfied with an amateurish and purely managerial approach to solving issues relating to the country's security.

And the disrespectful attitude of the minister who allows himself publicly, from the podium to mate the leaders of his department does not withstand any criticism at all. Some military radicals against the reforms carried out by Serdyukov openly declare that these reforms will lead to the complete loss of the combat capability of the Russian army.

But most likely, the minister doesn’t care much; he is more concerned with expanding and improving his ministerial apartments; ten billion rubles were allocated for the renovation of the ministry’s building, despite the fact that our reformer advocates budget cuts.

It remains only to hope that what the head of the military department can create for himself comfort and comfort at his workplace will still study military issues and increase his competence in this matter. Otherwise, the future military failures, which only due to some miracle did not happen in Ossetia, the Russian army cannot be avoided.


Serdyukov Anatoly Eduardovich 5-th Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation. 8 was born on January 1962 in the village of Kholmsky, Abinsky District, Krasnodar Territory.

Graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Soviet Trade (1984 year),
He graduated from the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University (2001 year).
Candidate of Economic Sciences. (2000 year)
Thesis on the topic "The concept and system organization of the formation of consumer-oriented business structures"
Doctor of Economics (2006 year)
Thesis on the topic: "Formation and implementation of the tax policy of modern Russia"
Courses of the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (2007 year)

Short biography:

In 1984 — 1985 he served in military service, later graduated from officer courses and was dismissed as a reserve officer.

From 1985 to 1991, he worked as Deputy Head of Section, and later Head of Section of Shop No. 3 of Lenmebeltorg (Leningrad). [1] In 1991-1993, he served as Deputy Director for Commercial Work of Lenmebeltorg.

From 1993, he worked at Mebel-Market JSC St. Petersburg - Deputy (1993), Marketing Director (1993 — 1995), General Director (1995 — 2000)

Service in MNF

From 2000 to 2001, he was the deputy head of the Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia No. 1 in St. Petersburg (specialized in working with the largest taxpayers in St. Petersburg). In May, 2001 was appointed Deputy Head of the Directorate of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection of Russia for St. Petersburg, and in November 2001 of the year - Head of the Directorate of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties of Russia for St. Petersburg.

Since February, 2004 of the year - Head of the Moscow Department of Taxation of Russia in Moscow

2 March 2004, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Taxation of the Russian Federation. Through 2 week, 16 March, 2004, became and. about. Minister of the Russian Federation for Taxes and Duties.

By order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 27 July 2004, the number 999 was appointed the head of the Federal Tax Service of Russia.

In 2006, Anatoly Serdyukov earned 1,25 million rubles.

Defense Minister

From February 15 2007 - Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation.

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  1. Esthete
    Esthete 16 October 2010 09: 48
    What naf ... "officer courses", do you have any idea what you write about? All of this was later thought of to make it look like "it" served ... Check the facts before publishing.
  2. Smirnov Vadim
    16 October 2010 09: 50
    Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
  3. serg49-49
    serg49-49 18 October 2010 05: 05
    It seems to me that he is a Jewish Jew and his daughter is married to a rabbi in Israel. Here you have a bargainer. He, like Vova, is tied to the Jews for life, and as for the armies, they need a police officer to water us at home.
  4. Natalia
    Natalia 19 October 2010 20: 50
    it is strange that all wise men have one forehead wrinkle. smart ones have more, read. His creations resemble the obvious wrecking and betrayal of his country, so wave the scythe over the heads of the army. change their clothes from Yudashkin for such amounts (I live in a military town, I haven’t seen a new uniform), so treat former officers. who served honestly to their homeland for 25-30 years. The conclusion suggests itself - fulfilling someone's assignment, black ... I do not think that the Army will tolerate this! One was to bury the reformer, the second did not go to the troops - he got scared ... God, where is decent Russia?
  5. 1
    1 19 October 2010 23: 15
    It seems leaked country zanedorogo ....
  6. Esthete
    Esthete 20 October 2010 11: 28
    Quote: Natalia
    (I live in a military town, something I have not seen a new form),

    In this "mold" I took part in the parade on Red Square, I will say the following ... The uniform looks, but terribly inconvenient and poorly sewn. Dropped trousers, a shirt with pidarovytochki, a very low cut of the lapels on the jacket, and when you hang medals and aiguillette, you had to pin everyone from the inside with pins. The army was thrown onto the uniform ...

    Quote: VadimIS
    Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    and there they lied ...
  7. Alexander
    Alexander 25 October 2010 09: 16
    Is it possible that the example of the Minister of War Sukhomlinov a century ago taught nothing so Stolypin, dying, asked Nicholas II: "Sovereign, remove this man, he will ruin everything." We love to step on a rake.
  8. Vladimir
    Vladimir 28 October 2010 17: 18
    As an officer, or in the future reserve officer, I propose to consider the topic: "Report of Mr. Serdyukov to the US Secretary of Defense, and if it is correct, then to the United States. This topic somehow passed by and quietly, but the fact that this person is information that is in all armies all over America? So who works for whom?
  9. Eugene
    Eugene 8 November 2010 12: 01
    Our army was and remains strong .... but its strength in quantity wink Although the Chinese think I will say the opposite
  10. Alexander
    Alexander 20 November 2010 04: 11
    I know cutting and sewing courses about officers I haven’t heard. They’re not fooling our brother, I don’t understand why the president promised to return from vacation ...

    and now he returned, sat down in his chair and let the mothers of colonels of the Heroes of RUSSIA swear disgrace to such ministers in RESIGNATION - back to the furniture store to sell sofas!

    what's the point of poisoning the soul, nothing will change after all, Zubkov’s son-in-law who appointed him as Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
  11. lieutenant
    lieutenant 3 December 2010 19: 09
    Respect for the furniture maker for replenishing private security companies with normal people, after working for a year already, I have been working in private security companies for a year. PS. Laughter through tears, sorry for those who still stayed there ....
  12. Sergiy
    Sergiy 18 December 2010 22: 22
    you can pour slop over this muzzle beast as you like, but the army has remained the same - .. kaloedy. her "we will figure it out", and he chewed snot .. well .. and who is he after that? LANDING - YOU HOPE OUR LAST.VMFU END!
  13. Bururuz
    Bururuz 26 June 2011 11: 58
    I had another option to shoot
  14. Old prdun
    Old prdun 8 February 2012 02: 12
    Yepereseste ... Chill the yogi on the sofa ...
  15. O_RUS
    O_RUS 6 July 2013 17: 03
    Serdyukov in this section of the site? For what ?