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Isn't it time for politicians to remember the UN Security Council, Yalta-45 and the Cuban missile crisis


Not the last victim

Even Vladimir Ilyich (and not only in the April theses) taught us to read the enemy press first, because what “ours” writes, we already know in general terms. “Our” press, alas, is not so much now as we would like, and it brings some in such a way that “enemies” are just right to hide in their holes.

The XNUMXst century is an era of not only hybrid, but also information wars, in comparison with which the battles of the newspapermen, which once stimulated the British premieres, Bismarck or Count Witte, are no more than child's play. It is only a pity that information wars often turn into quite real battles with very real victims.

Here, for example, is one of these heroes, and today, rather, one of the victims of information wars. The namesake of all the legendary Russian Vladimirov is Zelensky. Obviously more was expected of him than he could not only do, but even say. And he, probably, would very much like to become a collector of Russian lands - albeit on the other, so to speak, "primordial" side. That is, from Kiev.

Photo: Ukrainian Presidential Press Service

It’s not just that some “scientists” from the same Kiev suddenly started talking about the fact that the Muscovites had stolen from them not “MOV”, but the great and mighty Russian language. But it doesn't work. As it did not work exactly three years ago, and Poroshenko, who started a fuss with the notorious law on the reintegration of Donbass.

In fact, you can even feel sorry for this talented actor and showman in the chair of the Ukrainian president. It seems that it is necessary to cling to the power and fulfill the pre-election obligations. And his predecessor, just after the failure in the Donbass, took off from the presidency no worse than a champagne cork.

Russia in Donbass

And let no one be deceived by fakes about Russian technology and verbal cover not by any means about fakes about Ukrainian technology on behalf of ex-President Kravchuk. And regular “truthful” reports that thousands of Russians are ready to go “to fight for Donbass”.

Among these "thousands", almost the majority are professionals who, it seems, do not know how to do anything other than to fight. And there are still many who are looking for either heroic deeds, or adventures in one place, but someone can’t wait to escape to the war from everyday and other problems.


For ordinary people, in any case, it is better that there is no war, especially since just a few months ago the leaders of the DPR and LPR were already accused of being ready to surrender. However, most likely there will not be a big war. And if something happens, then an attempt at provocation.

Provocations against Russia, which may not come to war again, unless asked too much. But, unfortunately, it is unlikely that there will be something like an "Anschluss", comparisons with which from the Western media for some reason are heard less and less.

An analogue, as you know, has already happened - in the Crimea. But Luhansk and Donetsk, although they voted for Russia, is not the case at all. Many overseas, of course, would very much like to send some Poles with the Balts and even Romanians to the war with the Russians (not necessarily "small and victorious").

But if they do, it will not be long, and almost certainly - immediately into the boilers. It has been checked many times already. And now big Europe has no time for Russia with its illiberal values ​​and craving for "expansion" in all forms, up to the compulsion to peace "in the Syrian way." Europe is now you know where.

Europe on the needle

An outright failure of the vaccination game, which so far has brought nothing but the third wave and the "cancellation" of the second Catholic Easter, simply requires some real action. If these actions again spill over into words, this only annoys the audience.

The undeclared war against the Russian "Sputnik" is a little less annoying, as the results from almost universal acupuncture are not very convincing. In Russia, by the way, too. But somehow it is necessary to save the economy, and China cannot do without Russia.

You can, of course, continue to pile on the ships that are completing the construction of Nord Stream 2, but it would be better to remember how this project infuriates Russians from the provinces, where it seems easier to drag a house to a pipe than a pipe to houses. May Gazprom's top managers forgive us for such a hint to the “enemies”.

Today it is not easy to understand how much participation in information wars reduces the level of negotiability of politicians. Businessmen in this regard only seem to be more adequate, the example of old Trump convinces just the opposite.

The February visit of Josep Borrell to Moscow, where a return hit to Brussels from the Russian Foreign Ministry was received, not only drove the topic of Navalny to the margins, but also left the EU alone with his problems. However, we understand very well: there will not be such a thing that we will “turn off the gas” and it cannot be.

Source: Russian Foreign Ministry

As they say, draw conclusions when the question of prices starts to arise, since in terms of pragmatism, Russia can also give some people a head start. And in the Minsk agreements - let them understand, not a party, but an observer. Which, however, was not used to abandoning "his" people.

And Biden on the Persian carpet

Long before the pandemic, the authors were lucky to be at an extended briefing at the Rossiya Segodnya news agency, timed to coincide with the next anniversary of the famous meeting of the Big Three in Tehran in 1943. The outcome of the Great Patriotic War, and after it the entire Second World War, was not yet predetermined, but great leaders had already begun to figure out what the post-war world would be like.

Then, perhaps for the first time in recent years, from the mouth of Alexei Martynov, director of the International Institute of the Newest States, and now also a popular host of a talk show on TV, it sounded: "The world urgently needs a new Tehran-43".

It is clear that Tehran-43 was a prelude to Yalta-45 and to subsequent summits and to the creation of the UN. But even now the attention of the world media is riveted to the capital of ancient Persia. After all, it is from there that comes perhaps the most powerful, moreover, not disguised as an ideology or religion, a message for some kind of reformatting.

Washington's reaction to this message is clearly nervous. After Republican Donald Trump, supposedly a pragmatist, acting on the principle of "profitable - not profitable", missed almost all the benefits in the region, Democrats have no choice.

The return of the Americans to Tehran is almost inevitable, otherwise, in addition to the Russians, who have good appetites, but limited opportunities, the Chinese will settle there seriously and for a long time, if not forever. That is why Biden walks half asleep on the Persian carpet, as if in a prison cell.

From Washington, where "sleeping Joe" seems to reign but does not rule, then they expose Iran to a multi-page list of preconditions for lifting sanctions and returning to the nuclear deal, then give the go-ahead for lifting some of the restrictions. For example, for the sake of supporting Iraq.

But thirty years ago, under the Republican President George W. Bush, Iraq was completely ruined by the Americans themselves, along with other NATO members who joined them.

Well, the last jerks of the president and the State Department are covered with tough but liberal rhetoric, clearly addressed at once to Israel and the Saudi princes, along with all their Arab satellites.
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  1. SaLaR
    SaLaR April 9 2021 11: 10
    As Einstein said ... it's time to look for clubs ... am
    1. NDR-791
      NDR-791 April 9 2021 11: 16
      "The world urgently needs a new Tehran-43."
      The world may need it, but why do we need it? The time for the peaceful division of spheres of influence is over. They spit on us and take whatever they want. Why should we persuade them? The only difference will be that we will have to take not what we want, but what we can. But do not ask, do not ask in any way!
    2. Civil
      Civil April 9 2021 12: 57
      Isn't it time for politicians to remember the UN Security Council, Yalta-45 and the Cuban missile crisis

      Funny laughing then there was the USSR - a high-tech power of workers and peasants ... and not like now "Let us finish building SP-2 to sell you gas, otherwise we will fill up Ukraine" ... a third-rate powerhouse ... like the country's current elite. laughing
  2. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek April 9 2021 11: 13
    To collect Yalta ... there must be a couple - three equal opponents. While on stage alone, the United States. Why and with whom (at the moment) should they share something and with someone? They can solve everything either financially or by restrictions or by military means.
    1. dorz
      dorz April 9 2021 12: 20
      Isn't it time for politicians to remember Yalta-45 ...

      Yalta 2021: who is stronger is right. sad
  3. seacap
    seacap April 9 2021 11: 41
    It seems to me that it will be more relevant for the whole world to remember Nuremberg 46 for the overseas "democrat" and his accomplice. Interestingly, there is statistics, how many times during the short history of their existence the Washington fighters for "democracy" killed people and destroyed countries as such, killing their leaders, how many times did they violate the Geneva Convention, committing crimes against humanity, etc.?
  4. iouris
    iouris April 9 2021 12: 03
    It's time to forget about Yalta and the UN. Diplomacy is long dead. This is history.
    It's like an old joke: "There is no culture, but there is a ministry of culture."
  5. knn54
    knn54 April 9 2021 12: 30
    And the Munich Agreement, especially for the Czechs.
  6. Cowbra
    Cowbra April 9 2021 12: 38
    And there is another point of view. New Tehran with Yalta is possible only if the parties wish to negotiate, which is not in sight.
    And yet - globalization has definitely collapsed.
    But proceeding from TWO input - the new Tehran is not needed nafig. And the world is heading towards the creation of clusters, where it is time for Russia to create its own, and not "negotiate" on Tehran with those who are not looking for an agreement. There is already an Asia-Pacific cluster headed by China. The United States will not be able to get out of the American cluster, and even then, in Latin America, its positions are no longer just weak, but insignificant. The European is in the process of being redesigned, the Middle East and African are just being formed. This is where it is necessary to form - otherwise they themselves will be included in the cluster, and as not a partner, but a market
    1. Matroskin
      Matroskin April 10 2021 01: 45
      I'm embarrassed to ask ... on what basis to create a cluster? As a major supplier of oil and gas or wheat, or a leader in church building? What are we in comparison with Brazil, now, except for the possession of nuclear weapons? Our science, as the main engine of progress in the DUPA, industry too. Unfortunately, no material grounds can be seen (where are our goods then?). An appendage and to be expected, with these convulsive tentacles of unfinished gas pipelines.
      1. Cowbra
        Cowbra April 10 2021 02: 56
        And nada ... at all - nada
  7. FIR FIR
    FIR FIR April 9 2021 14: 09
    one of these heroes, and today, rather, one of the victims of information wars ... Zelensky. Obviously more was expected of him than he could not only do, but even say. And he, probably, would very much like to become a collector of Russian lands - albeit on the other, so to speak, "primordial" side. That is, from Kiev.

    What kind of collector? K-l-o-u-n-o-m was, and he remained. To collect something, you need to study the instructions, as my father taught me.
  8. A. Privalov
    A. Privalov April 9 2021 15: 10
    Isn't it time for politicians to remember the UN Security Council, Yalta-45 and the Cuban missile crisis

    Yalta-45 must not be forgotten, just what to divide again? Redistribution of borders again? Did someone underpaid reparations? Who and to whom is going to make a claim?

    And the Cuban missile crisis to you? Are there little worries? Surplus funds have appeared and there is nowhere to go?
    Both Yalta and the Caribbean are affairs of bygone days. There is nothing to climb there. There is no one there anymore.

    As for the UN Security Council, remember to your health, it meets regularly, just not looking at night, because the problem is that you always know what you are going there with, but what good you will come out with is another big question ...
    1. iouris
      iouris April 9 2021 17: 06
      Quote: A. Privalov
      Yalta-45 must not be forgotten, just what to divide again?

      Or the USA or Russia.
  9. Jaromir
    Jaromir April 9 2021 17: 34
    Isn't it time for politicians to remember the UN Security Council, Yalta-45 and the Cuban missile crisis

    Who should remember? Americans? So the UN is subordinate to the United States. And what does the Yalta-45 have to do with it? Who should share what now?
  10. Kronos
    Kronos April 9 2021 21: 07
    Yalta 45 is a meeting of the winners in the war, without victory and meeting there will be none.
  11. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter April 10 2021 19: 14
    "Isn't it time for politicians to remember the UN Security Council, Yalta-45 and the Cuban missile crisis."
    It is, of course, the right time.
    However, no one will remember. Here, mark my word. Well, that's nobody.
    And there is no need to rely on some kind wishes. There are none. And I suppose it won't.
    From here otviz- turn your line.
    Otherwise, you are a weakling and a loser. They will wipe your feet on you, all and sundry. Such are the things. Capitalism however ...