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Coming 2021. Congratulations and Wish?


Let's praise the outgoing year! And let us do it from the bottom of our hearts, brothers and sisters in the Review, for he showed a lot and taught a lot! And glory to all the forces that 2020 is finally all!

I will not go too far into the details of what is happening in our country, because there is nothing much to praise. The main thing is that we have understood a lot.

We realized that our government and deputy corps are real on another planet. And you shouldn't expect something supernatural or logical from them. As well as normal care for citizens.

We have learned new things for ourselves. For example, wearing one mask for a month. Not because it protects from something, but because it must be worn. Having bought it in advance, of course. We realized that a mask that cost 3 rubles at its peak could cost 120. And that's nothing, it's a market.

In general, we lived a year in spite of. Despite the actual participation of the state properly in our life, despite the fact that the state purposefully deprived us of jobs and business, as it is - in spite of.

But I would not like to say about the state at this moment. There was something this year that we will remember, and these memories will definitely not be the worst.

For us, that is, for the team of "Review", this year was very difficult. The financial crisis got it so bad, the emergency team did not have time to patch the holes. It was really very difficult. Advertisers were lost, advertising was rapidly becoming cheaper, or rather, there was a time when it cost nothing at all. Some authors decided that the ship was sinking and it was time to flee. It was hard.

And in such a difficult situation, perhaps, the main thing was your support, dear readers. It is not just about the sums that you donated to maintain your favorite publication in the midst of the crisis, the words of approval and support that we read were no less important here.

This is the moment I would call the most significant for all of us in the outgoing year. We held out. And not in spite of, but thanks. Thanks to support, thanks to perseverance, thanks to the understanding that the materials of "Military Review" are expected and appreciated.

And we held out. Moreover, a huge amount of work has been done to optimize the work of all our sites, new authors have appeared who, we hope, will be able to win the love and respect of the readership.

Many now say: God forbid that a year such as 2020 never happens again. However, we do not think so. This year, first of all, showed us, the Voennoye Obozreniye team, how important and significant our work is for our readers.

This means that everything is going the way it should have gone. We are together, which means we are strength! And we will survive all the trials that will be in store for us. The main thing is to have the support and respect of the readers.

In the past year, we celebrated 10 years of our work. Yes, the date passed unnoticed, the crisis and all that. But 10 years of our work only say that there is at least the same or three times that much ahead.

That is why, with the coming New Year for everyone, we will raise our glasses / glasses / cups and other containers so that next year the time spent reading and discussing on the Military Review will bring extremely positive emotions.

And yes, comrade generals and admirals, comrade officers, warrant officers and warrant officers, sergeants and foremen, privates and sailors ... Do not be lazy, to the bottom!

Happy new year 2021 to everyone and all health, optimism, new discoveries and impressions!
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  1. Victor_B
    Victor_B 31 December 2020 04: 34
    Coming 2021. Congratulations and Wish?

    Congratulations and wish !!!
    Happy New Year!
    (And drank immediately!)
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 31 December 2020 06: 12
      Dear VO team, as well as all our dear and beloved site members (both plus and minus yes ) Happy New Year 2021! drinks
      I wish you all in the new year good health, happiness in your personal life, every success in the service, at work and in creativity, as well as joy in children, joy from family and friends and all other benefits! good

      Eh, it's a pity that it looks like a congratulatory overload of communication has already begun on the Internet, because my pictures are no longer working!
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana 31 December 2020 06: 57
        Now, finally, I have a congratulatory picture for all of you!

        1. Tatyana
          Tatyana 31 December 2020 22: 05
          We have only 2 hours left before the New Year in St. Petersburg Moscow time!
          At home, everything is ready for the holiday! It remains only to take a nap for an hour before the celebration, or take a walk outside in the fresh air before the feast.
          On the street, New Year's firecrackers are constantly thundering and purchased fireworks are lit in the sky, and New Year's garlands are hung in many windows, burning and shimmering with different lights.

          Happy New year 2021, friends! drinks
          Great mood to you all on this first 2021 festive New Year's Eve and the best impressions from it! good

          NEW YEAR COMES IN EVERY HOUSE ❆ New Year's songs.
        2. Private89
          Private89 1 January 2021 06: 29
          Comrades, Happy New Year 2021! I wish you all the courage it will come in handy! To reach for knowledge - because with a rifle without books there are no victories, and one mustache comrade said that without theory we are dead. In general, before us - the people, there is a huge task to take possession of our state, as soon as we do this, life will go smoothly. So let's drink to the common man, so that the Man sounds proudly again!
      2. major071
        major071 31 December 2020 08: 32
        Potatoes are cut into the salad
        Champagne in a bucket is waiting
        It remains to wait a little
        And it will come - New Year!
        Under the clink of wine glasses and glasses
        To the chimes and fireworks
        I wish there were no wars
        Adversity, troubles, let them go away!
        Health to all of you and good luck
        Family, kids and granddaughters
        And so that it would not be otherwise
        Luck for you for a hundred centuries!
        fellow drinks
        Seeing off the passing year
        I, together with all "VO" people
        Finally, I wish everyone:
        Goodness and peace! Happy New Year!
        drinks wink
        1. URAL72
          URAL72 31 December 2020 10: 11
          Do not pour salt on my wound ... Mugs will be with non-alcoholic champagne ... Service !!!
          Happy New Year to all!
        2. Mordvin 3
          Mordvin 3 31 December 2020 11: 22
          Quote: major071
          Champagne in a bucket is waiting

          What an aristocrat you are ... wink
          1. JackTheRipper
            JackTheRipper 31 December 2020 16: 14
            Happy New Year!
            1. Alena Frolovna
              Alena Frolovna 31 December 2020 21: 20
              A little more and 2020 will go down in history.
              It was different for all of us.

              No one knows in advance
              Whom and with whom fate will reduce:
              Who will be friend, who will be enemy
              And who is familiar, just like that ...
              Who makes happy, who betrays
              Who will take away, who will give everything back.
              Who will regret deeds and words,
              And who will share bread and shelter ...

              All a Happy New Year 2021!

              I would like to wish that in the future all of us will remain, and someone will have real friends, so that there will be fewer ill-wishers, traitors, so that there will be more merciful and merciful and that everyone always has those with whom you can share bread and shelter ...

              * The poems are not mine, I do not know the author

          2. Ilya-spb
            Ilya-spb 31 December 2020 21: 03
            Happy New Year!
    2. Thrifty
      Thrifty 31 December 2020 11: 28
      All commentators from me on the plus + good , because they don't give more than one plus sign even today !! what HAPPY NEW YEAR! !! drinks good
    3. ancient
      ancient 31 December 2020 12: 53
      Quote: Victor_B
      Coming 2021. Congratulations and Wish?

      I wish you all success and achievements.
      Let the New Year be the best for everyone.
      Discoveries, wise correct decisions.
      Do not retreat, always go forward.

      With colleagues of mutual understanding,
      Prosperity in the house and cozy days.
      Pay no attention to trifles.
      Let the people around you become kind to you.
      Respectfully all, drinks
      1. yuratanja1950
        yuratanja1950 31 December 2020 17: 35
        Quote: ancient
        Coming 2021. Congratulations and Wish?

        I beg your pardon ... I don't like all sorts of Christmas and Happy ... Wouldn't it be better like that?
        PS Plus I put it to you, so do not consider it an attack ... Happy New Year EVERYONE again !!!
        1. yuratanja1950
          yuratanja1950 31 December 2020 17: 36
          Quote: yuratanja1950
          Wouldn't it be better like that?

          For some reason, the picture was not inserted ...
      2. Akuzenka
        Akuzenka 31 December 2020 20: 20
        Yes, congratulations in Russian, not too much! It is necessary in English. Let you have English NG!
  2. Nazar
    Nazar 31 December 2020 04: 41
    Holiday greetings! And may every next year be better than the past! To the dregs! drinks
    1. Blacksmith 55
      Blacksmith 55 31 December 2020 08: 22
      Thanks to the editors for the congratulations.
      I would like to wish the readers and VO health, success, and new interesting materials in the New Year.
      May it be better than 2020.
      And so that the head does not hurt on the morning of January 1.)))))
      1. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa 31 December 2020 12: 17
        Quote: Blacksmith 55
        Thanks to the editors for the congratulations.

        Dear editors-moderators!
        Low bow and many thanks for your colossal work
        to promote site ideas, exclusive materials on "VO"
        in our difficult time of crisis.
        You are like a steadfast tin soldier in a candle flame!
        Thank you for this steadfastness, courage, firmness of editorial policy ...
        In the New Year, I wish the VO team and all of us
        PEACE, HEALTH, prosperity, success and GOOD LUCK!
        OCEAN OF HAPPINESS, love of family and friends,
        FRIENDSHIP and DEVOTION of comrades in the common system,
        RESISTANCE in the fight against adversity, but let the troubles pass through the "forest", without even looking in our direction!
        Sincerely, Boa. drinks
        1. Akuzenka
          Akuzenka 31 December 2020 20: 21
          Yes, for violations of their own rules, moderators, low bows! That you were also thanked!
  3. Van 16
    Van 16 31 December 2020 04: 51
    New Year is asking for the house, knocking on every door, with magic and kindness, flickering of trembling candles. Let the troubles burn down in the flame of that candle, your misfortunes, let the winter carry them away!
    Happy New Year everyone! Happiness, health and good luck!
    1. DymOk_v_dYmke
      DymOk_v_dYmke 31 December 2020 05: 26
      Quote: Van 16
      Happy New Year everyone! Happiness, health and good luck!

      With gratitude I join the team of authors and interlocutors!
      So be it! good drinks
  4. Lech from Android.
    Lech from Android. 31 December 2020 04: 52
    I join Roman's congratulations ... I wish him and the whole team of my beloved Military Review in the New Year of every success and long life. smile
    The Year of the Pig, which has planted a pig on many of our citizens, is finally becoming a thing of the past, ahead of the Year of the Bull ... I wish all forum users in the next year health, prosperity, good luck and good mood. hi
    1. Pilot
      Pilot 31 December 2020 08: 28
      Hmm, all that remains is to take the Bull by the horns and show him the twenty-first ... year. wink Well, this is in the fall, but for now - Happy New Years! drinks
  5. Crowe
    Crowe 31 December 2020 05: 14

    One wise old man said:
    - If you want to be happy for one minute - smoke!
    - If you want to be happy one day - get drunk!
    - If you want to be happy for one week - get sick!
    - If you want to be happy for one month - get married!
    - If you want to be happy for one year, get a mistress.
    - If you want to be happy all your life - be healthy, dear!
    So let's drink to the happiness of all those present - to health!
    1. volodimer
      volodimer 31 December 2020 13: 54
      good Health is good, but on the "Titanic" everyone seemed to be healthy ...
      So: Good luck everyone, friends !!! drinks But also: Don't get sick! also.
  6. Thrifty
    Thrifty 31 December 2020 05: 24
    Thank you for your kind words! Site to BE! !! This is also microRussia, with all its problems, sorrows and joys! Therefore, God forbid we continue to argue, comment and swear on the forum! Let's drink to Russia, let's drink to each other, let's drink to TOPVAR! !! drinks drinks HAPPY HOLIDAY! !! Happy coming for a whole year lol NEW YEAR 2021! Hurray for me, hurray for all of you, hurray for the site! !!!! good drinks drinks good
  7. Far B
    Far B 31 December 2020 05: 47
    The editorial board of the VO and all members of the forum, regardless of political views (or lack thereof) - with the coming! drinks I hope that in the new year it will be just as interesting with you! Well, and that 2021 itself will be much better than the outgoing one, yes.
  8. serg.shishkov2015
    serg.shishkov2015 31 December 2020 05: 47
    Having paid for everything in full, we disperse a little! And our long road is already visible behind our backs! leap year took its toll ,,,, minus classmate, minus dear aunt ,,,, everything else does not matter to me ,,,
  9. Mihail55
    Mihail55 31 December 2020 05: 59
    Thank you, Roman! God forbid, and further great voyage to your favorite forum! Happy New Year everyone! See you in 2021 !!!
  10. Gennady Fomkin
    Gennady Fomkin 31 December 2020 06: 15
    Holiday greetings!!!
  11. north 2
    north 2 31 December 2020 06: 28
    There's a lot of pain in the world today
    And there seems to be no gap
    But I want of my own free will
    Give you one simple piece of advice.
    Get feelings out of the archive
    Dust off soul and eyes
    And learn to live beautifully
    The earth was created for you ...
    Don't make barricades out of words
    Don't be afraid of the truth from friends
    They will always be glad to you
    And don't give your life to a museum.
    Celebrate your senses!
    March on destiny!
    Tune your soul to art
    And don't put an end to yourself ...
    Remove the cobweb from your thoughts.
    Wash them off from heavy thoughts.
    And how to create a picture of love
    Your bright mind will tell you.
    Discover your talent from the depths,
    Find the main treasure in life.
    Create eternal like a cedar
    Beloved, kind Garden of Eden!

    Happy New Year, everyone!
  12. bubalik
    bubalik 31 December 2020 06: 43
    Camarades, with the coming NG drinks!
  13. Egoza
    Egoza 31 December 2020 06: 49
    Everyone! Everyone! Everyone! Holiday greetings! May the New Year bring health! Good luck and fun! Happiness and joy! New victories and fulfillment of all desires!
  14. ximkim
    ximkim 31 December 2020 06: 49
    I hope that next year such a crisis will no longer hit and it will not happen at all. And so that the members of the forum and the "VO" team will be fine in the new year. Holiday greetings ! drinks
  15. Phil77
    Phil77 31 December 2020 07: 36
    Everyone, everyone, everyone! Happy New Year!
    Good luck, kindness, health, happiness !!!
    May the coming year be GOOD for all of us!
  16. rocket757
    rocket757 31 December 2020 07: 36
    Amicably comrades in step .... we are entering the New Year!
    Everyone, everyone, HEALTH, success, new achievements in the new year!
    We wish everyone happiness, everyone ... so be it drinks soldier
  17. samarin1969
    samarin1969 31 December 2020 08: 30
    The World of the Military Review is a wonderful people. May our unique community live and not lose fighters! All - health, optimism and strength in the coming year!
  18. aszzz888
    aszzz888 31 December 2020 08: 41
    Without retreating from traditions - I wish ALL health, goodness and happiness in the upcoming 2021! soldier drinks Peaceful sky and good friends !!! drinks
  19. Labrador
    Labrador 31 December 2020 08: 47
    Thank you for your congratulations!
    To everyone who has been battered by the year, I wish a long-awaited respite and may the New Year be better!
    To everyone who had a good year, I wish the New Year to be no worse!
    I wish everyone: prosperity, happiness and intelligence!
  20. Catfish
    Catfish 31 December 2020 08: 49
    Dear fellow soldiers, from the bottom of my heart I wish you all a Happy New Year!
    Health to all, good luck and happiness!
    Separate congratulations and sincere gratitude to the whole VO team for standing out in this difficult year! soldier drinks
    1. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 31 December 2020 11: 27
      Quote: Sea Cat
      for having withstood this difficult year!

      Well, damn it, and here I could not do without eroticism. laughing
      1. Catfish
        Catfish 31 December 2020 12: 02
        Are you fundamentally against the Snow Maidens? This is suggestive ... wink

        Happy New Year, Vladimir! All the best. smile drinks
        1. Mordvin 3
          Mordvin 3 31 December 2020 12: 17
          Quote: Sea Cat
          Are you fundamentally against the Snow Maidens?

          The Snow Maiden must support the drunken grandfather. I remembered this from my childhood.

          And so I'm for the Snow Maiden. Young and beautiful, fuck us old rams, they don't even pay much attention.

          Happy New Year! drinks
          1. volodimer
            volodimer 31 December 2020 13: 57

            How can you be against it? Just a Snow Maiden in red ... well, not quite a Snow Maiden repeat
          2. Nyrobsky
            Nyrobsky 31 December 2020 17: 43
            Quote: Mordvin 3
            The Snow Maiden must support the drunken grandfather. I remembered this from my childhood.

            That's right! The Snow Maiden should be like a loving wife, who, while her husband is shooting back, fills his empty magazines with cartridges and gives him a ribbon with grenades! Happy New Year!!!
            1. Mordvin 3
              Mordvin 3 31 December 2020 17: 50
              Quote: Nyrobsky
              he fills the empty magazines with cartridges and gives him a tape with grenades! Happy New Year!!!

              And you too.
              1. Nyrobsky
                Nyrobsky 31 December 2020 17: 52
                laughing For Oleshek, Vladimir, special thanks !!! good
                1. Mordvin 3
                  Mordvin 3 31 December 2020 17: 59
                  Quote: Nyrobsky
                  For Oleshek, Vladimir, special thanks !!!

                  Yes, not at all. I like it, in contrast to the Basque-beelines.
          3. Krasnoyarsk
            Krasnoyarsk 1 January 2021 14: 31
            Quote: Mordvin 3

            And so I'm for the Snow Maiden. Young and beautiful, fuck us old rams, they don't even pay much attention.

            It is not in our tradition to "paint" the Snow Maiden in a bathing suit and Santa Claus drunk. Let's not break our traditions. For traditions are our roots. The roots will break and we will dry out.
            I subscribe to all wishes. And on my own I would add - I wish Russia to withstand and go its own way, without looking back to the west and east.
  21. parusnik
    parusnik 31 December 2020 08: 53
    Coming 2021. Congratulations and Wish?
  22. cniza
    cniza 31 December 2020 08: 56
    Difficult, difficult, painful, but ours was and this is our life ... Happy New Year everyone! All happiness, peace and love! and so that everyone has enough strength, patience and opportunities to overcome all problems and adversities in the future.
  23. populist
    populist 31 December 2020 08: 59
    Thanks for the compliments. I liked it very much.
    Precise, bright, and poignant - as in most articles.
    I don't actually consume
    but this time for Military Review - a must. drinks
    Happy New Year everyone! fellow Let it be better! good
  24. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 31 December 2020 09: 04
    Thanks to the site "VO" and Roman personally for this, coming from the heart, New Year's greetings!
    2020 hasn't been easy. At the festive table, we will definitely remember everything, both good and bad, - everything that will remain in the outgoing year.
    Sages say: the past is forgotten, the future is closed, the present is granted. Therefore, his name is real!
    Let the present leave no one sad memories and bring only joy, luck, kindness, health, prosperity.
  25. Trevis
    Trevis 31 December 2020 10: 11
    Happy new kids! drinks
  26. Old Horseradish
    Old Horseradish 31 December 2020 10: 32
    Happy New Year everyone! Health, happiness and wellbeing. And on this New Year's Eve, let's help a little girl who is seriously ill. Whoever can, at least 100 rubles, at least 1000, at least more. I have already listed as much as I could. Our country will not exist without children, and everyone knows firsthand about the situation with our medicine.
    The Pukhov family lives in Ivanovo. 6-year-old Darina has a repeated severe cancer. The first time the girl got sick at 2 years old, she was diagnosed with nephroblastoma - kidney cancer. Then she and her mother ended up in a federal clinic. There the tumor was removed along with the kidney. After a long remission, the cancer again made itself felt. In the fall, Darina started to get sick. Constant high fever, sore throat, fatigue. By November, the girl was diagnosed with leukemia.
    Now, according to the compulsory medical insurance in the clinic of St. Petersburg, Darina will be examined and prescribed treatment. If you are lucky with the donor, they will later undergo bone marrow transplantation. Then rehabilitation and high expenses will begin. Therefore, everyone can become a kind Santa for the Pukhov family.
    The Sberbank card is linked to the phone number 8 915 842 81 32
    1. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 31 December 2020 14: 16
      Quote: Old Fuck
      Therefore, everyone can become a kind Santa for the Pukhov family.

      Bastard! Personally, I live in worse conditions than them. And then ... Can they stop painting their claws?
  27. Ilya098
    Ilya098 31 December 2020 10: 50
    With the coming of all!
  28. faterdom
    faterdom 31 December 2020 11: 13
    Happy New Year, Roman and editorial staff!
    We are with you!
    We are worried about tourism, small and medium-sized businesses, hookah and gloomy ones, but we resolutely cannot lose ourselves "Voennoye Obozreniye" - our open, interesting platform where we meet interesting, caring people, become clever and shine with erudition, sometimes fight on sticks - in short, part of our life is here, and we appreciate and cherish this!
    Health to everyone, well, money in addition to it!
  29. The comment was deleted.
  30. xomaNN
    xomaNN 31 December 2020 11: 19

    We are all looking forward to the end of a difficult viral 2020. And rather to celebrate the New Year of the Ox!
    Everyone, everyone, all colleagues on the site, especially sailors, marimans, who have a sea in their souls and memories - from NG-2021! ! New hopes for good things!
  31. lis-ik
    lis-ik 31 December 2020 11: 32
    I sincerely congratulate the VO team, as well as all visitors and participants of the site, Happy New Year! I wish you health and happiness in your family and personal life. The main thing is health, and the rest will follow.
  32. newcomer
    newcomer 31 December 2020 11: 32
    Happy New Year, colleagues.
  33. tank64rus
    tank64rus 31 December 2020 11: 55
  34. paul3390
    paul3390 31 December 2020 12: 12
    Happy New Year, comrades !!!!
  35. sedoj
    sedoj 31 December 2020 12: 37
    All members of the forum with the upcoming!
  36. Vitaly gusin
    Vitaly gusin 31 December 2020 12: 40
    Happy New Year, everyone!
    And despite the fact that we are all different and sometimes we think differently and see the world in different ways, but we must not forget that we are ALL PEOPLE and must respect the opinions of others. I really hope that someday we will learn this, as we taught the native Israelis to celebrate the New Year.

    This year we are celebrating with the family (quarantine).
  37. albert
    albert 31 December 2020 12: 42
  38. XXXIII
    XXXIII 31 December 2020 12: 56
    Happy New Year VO and readers! fellow drinks
  39. podymych
    podymych 31 December 2020 13: 16
    Happy New Year!

  40. Lord of the Sith
    Lord of the Sith 31 December 2020 13: 44
    I congratulate you on the upcoming new year 2021, hurray comrades! drinks
  41. Sling cutter
    Sling cutter 31 December 2020 14: 08
    In the new year, I wish you all health and good!
  42. Alien From
    Alien From 31 December 2020 14: 20
    Holiday greetings!!! All health and goodness !!!!! hi
  43. TatarinSSSR
    TatarinSSSR 31 December 2020 14: 47
    And thank you for your work, patience! Happy New Year! Let everythnig will be alright!
  44. Malyuta
    Malyuta 31 December 2020 14: 48
    All with Coming! I wish you good health and good luck!
    1. Arlen
      Arlen 31 December 2020 15: 32
      Happy New Year!
  45. Qwertyarion
    Qwertyarion 31 December 2020 15: 08
    Happy New Year, everyone!!!
  46. ljoha_d
    ljoha_d 31 December 2020 16: 12
    Happy everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!
  47. d ^ Amir
    d ^ Amir 31 December 2020 16: 16
    1. Malyuta
      Malyuta 31 December 2020 16: 31
      Quote: d ^ Amir

      That's it! drinks And we still have to endure almost 7 hours crying
  48. Fulcrumxnumx
    Fulcrumxnumx 31 December 2020 17: 24
    All the widest audience and the staff of the "Military Review" with the upcoming New Year 2021 !!! I wish you strong health, the implementation of the most daring ideas, etc .... !!!
  49. Old26
    Old26 31 December 2020 17: 35
    Happy New Year, friends! Let the new one be better than the outgoing one, may all your dreams come true. And as for wishes, Muslim Magamayev sang better than at one time:
    "I wish you everything that you wish for yourself"
    6,5 hours left until the New Year. Here's just one drawback. Outside the window PLUS 3 and not a gram of snow

    Once again everyone with COMING!
    1. Avior
      Avior 31 December 2020 19: 29
      Only janitors and those who have their own housing can appreciate the plus of this smile
  50. Avior
    Avior 31 December 2020 17: 41
    Happy New Year to the VO team and website readers!
    Health to all of you and your loved ones, good luck in all your endeavors!
    May there always be peace and prosperity in your homes, may they always sound like funny children's laughter, and not the roar of explosions.
    And although we have a military site, I would like to wish everyone - better let the armored train stand on the side track!
    Happy New Year!