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The US starts a "cold war" against China


For several days now, in conversations with colleagues, I have to listen to an annoying joke about the fact that

"Americans are an ungrateful people and, despite the fact that we (Russia) have been fighting them for many years, we have chosen China as our main enemy."

It is clear that the legs of this joke are growing from a recent, on December 4, article by the head of American intelligence, John Ratcliffe, which was published in The Wall Street Journal.

To be honest, there are enough such materials in the American media today. The heads of various military departments, law enforcement agencies, military scientific institutions and other structures funded by the budget are thus trying to force the US government and parliament to increase the budget specifically for their organization or department. In general, the matter is quite common and even routine. Probably, there is not a single budgetary organization that would be completely satisfied with the amount of funds that the state allocates to it for the next financial year.

Of interest in this article is one important, but rather controversial statement by Ratcliffe, in which he called China the biggest threat to democracy in the world over the past 75 years. According to this statement, it turns out that after World War II, the United States fought the wrong enemy for many years? The confrontation between the USA and the USSR in this case was won by the PRC. And the leading world power during the Cold War was China, which “knocked their heads against” the former allies in the anti-Hitler coalition.

What John Ratcliffe told about on the pages of the magazine

Let's take a look at what the head of US intelligence writes about. Moreover, it is interesting not only in itself (the facts themselves), but also from the point of view of the American approach in determining the degree of danger of another state for the United States. I think this will be a revelation for some of our readers, although for political and military analysts this is already an axiom that has been known for a long time.

"If I could convey to the American people just one thought, using my exceptional position, it would be that the People's Republic of China today represents the most dangerous threat to America, the most dangerous threat to democracy and freedom around the world since World War II." ...

John Rastcliffe calls the main criterion for the danger of an adversary not ideological or political reasons, but economic ones. It is the economy that he brings to the first place in determining the degree of danger.

“China is determined to achieve economic, military and technological global dominance. The Celestial Empire implements the tactics of economic espionage: China steals technology from American companies, reproduces them at home, and then drives American players out of the market. "

An American intelligence officer calls an example of this approach

"The Chinese company Sinovel, which stole wind turbine technology from the American firm American Superconductor, whose shares fell sharply as a result."

This approach is typical for Americans. We should not forget about the task set before the director of the US National Intelligence Republican John Rastcliffe. He is a fairly experienced politician who has been in power since 2004 (mayor of Heath, Texas). He was twice elected to the US House of Representatives and perfectly represents the entire internal kitchen of the country's parliament, those who make decisions.

At the same time, the head of intelligence does not slip into specific examples, but speaks of a global threat to the United States. This is also significant enough. A senior executive cannot stoop to fight with any one company. Its level is a fight against the entire state at once.

“The US government estimates that the theft of intellectual property from China costs the US $ 500 billion annually.

At the same time, the PRC also steals important defense information, stimulating the plans of the head of China, Xi Jinping, to turn the Celestial Empire into the leading military power in the world.

The main idea, intended for those who sit in parliament and run big business, has been thrown in. There are only two theses that need to be illustrated. This is the "inhuman regime of the PRC" and the need not only to maintain, but also to increase the US National Intelligence. To substantiate such statements, there is always a magic phrase - "according to the American intelligence services." This is enough for "information to become reliable."

"China has been experimenting with soldiers in its army, trying to get biologically modified fighters."

“Chinese intelligence agencies use their access to firms like Huawei to improve their efficiency. The PRC's desire to dominate the 5G space underlies the desire to even more actively steal intellectual property and invade the personal space of users around the world. China is already launching massive cyber companies against the US. "

Further, I think, the line of thought of the head of intelligence is clear. It is necessary to strengthen, increase, concentrate, take measures to protect ... Simply put, it is necessary to add money to intelligence officers to successfully work against such a strong enemy as Beijing. By the way, in his article, Rastcliffe also claims the laurels of a world-class politician.

"Chinese leaders seek to subordinate individual freedoms to the will of the Communist Party."

“This is the challenge of our generation. The Americans have always shown their best side at the decisive moment, from the victory over fascism to the destruction of the Iron Curtain. "

China's reaction to Rastcliffe's article

In Beijing, as in Moscow, they have long since learned to read American documents in American. And they understand what is said "between the lines" in this article. It finally dawned on the Americans that the PRC today is superior to the United States in its defense capabilities in the land theater of operations. Yes, in the event of a military conflict, the Americans and their allies are quite capable of landing troops in any area of ​​the coast, but when moving inland, they are doomed to defeat.

Moreover, decades of playing

"Dumb Asians who are only capable of doing mechanical assembly work"

led to a completely predictable outcome. Chinese companies today are on a par with American ones in many areas. That is, the United States is losing the main trump card of its influence on other countries - control over information. The same Huawei at the moment in many respects is the world's leading company in the field of electronic technologies.

The statement by the spokesman for the PRC Foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying, makes it clear that Beijing is aware of all of the above and understands the goals and objectives that the Americans will be solving in the next four years.

“Ratcliffe only continues to repeat lies and rumors in order to defame and discredit China and to unnecessarily exaggerate the Chinese threat. I think this is just another portion of the vinaigrette of false statements that the US government has been preparing recently. "

I was particularly struck by the directness of the Chinese Foreign Ministry in responding to US threats. It is clear that diplomats have their own specific language, their own slang, which for most ordinary people looks like quite a friendly conversation, despite the fact that in fact this is a real warning about a possible "fight".

“We hope that American politicians will respect the facts, stop creating and replicating fake news, stop fabricating and spreading political viruses and lies, and stop hurting US-China relations. Otherwise, they will only further damage the credibility of the United States. "

Is the USA starting a "cold war" against the PRC?

Today we have to admit that China is the only country that can actually withstand the power of the United States. This does not negate the danger for the Americans of the growing Russia, but China has nevertheless become the main enemy. If you look at the political movements of the United States lately, you get the impression that Washington really decided to start a "cold war".

I would not talk about this as a political trend for the coming years. I am much closer to the version of the "kitchen scandal" when Trump, offended by his loss, "pours salt into Biden's pot of soup." On the other hand, the Americans have already taken many steps that indicate precisely the beginning of the war. These are sanctions against Chinese politicians and leading Chinese companies, as well as the active creation of an anti-Chinese coalition in the region.

It is also alarming that American politicians are starting to talk more and more often about some kind of ideological confrontation between the United States and China. About the very "biorobots" and personal freedom, which were mentioned by the head of American intelligence. When people start talking about "human rights", about "democratic values", about the usurpation of power by any party or individual, one comes to the understanding that the dilemma is driven into a corner and there is no way out of it.

Brief conclusion

Understanding the essence of the events that are taking place in the world today makes it possible not only to predict the short-term future, but also to create this future in the near future. The confrontation between the United States and China was predictable. China's economic and military strength is undeniable today. In some areas, the PRC is stronger than the United States, in others it is weaker. But there is no other such country on the planet.

It would be ideal for the United States to bring these two countries together to govern the entire planet. It would be impossible to resist such an alliance. However, the habit of world domination and a unipolar world does not give American politicians the opportunity to even think about improving relations with the PRC. America needs an external enemy to fight against, without noticing internal problems.

Russia today has a unique chance to improve its relations with China. We have no ideological stoppers. There is no reason for any confrontation. But we have a common enemy that prevents us from developing. It is on this basis that our relations should be built.

If we manage to create a truly working alliance of Russia and China, then we will be able to resist the alliance of the United States and NATO as a whole.

And the fact that (due to changes in US foreign policy towards confrontation with the PRC) NATO's policy has also changed, we already see after the last summit of the alliance countries.
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  1. Oleg83
    Oleg83 10 December 2020 15: 13
    So let them squabble among themselves. That the Americans, that the Chinese are the same ghouls
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 10 December 2020 15: 22
      If we manage to create a truly working union of Russia and China
      China has no allies and never will. And for them we are only a raw material appendage and a source of military development. Everything !
      1. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky 10 December 2020 20: 51
        Quote: Uncle Lee
        If we manage to create a truly working union of Russia and China
        China has no allies and never will. And for them we are only a raw material appendage and a source of military development. Everything !

        These are not strategic, but situational, to advance their strategy at a certain stage, why not. Our "friendship" (PRC and RF) is developing according to the current situation, since both countries are included by mattresses in the register of the main threats to the United States and the most likely opponents of the next decade. Considering that 80% of China's cargo transportation (including the receipt of energy resources) is carried out by sea, mattresses can try to arrange the problems of the PRC at sea, but they will not be able to arrange problems on land if the goods go through the territory of Russia, in addition, Russia can provide guaranteed supply of energy carriers in the required quantity. It must be admitted that no one has done as much to strengthen ties between the PRC and the Russian Federation as mattresses have done yes By the way, they are already beginning to guess about this and sometimes spark with "reasonable" thoughts in the sense that if a full-fledged alliance of the PRC and the Russian Federation develops, then the "hegemon" will be inevitable. After the recent voyage, G. Kissinger said that the United States should build its policy so that - "The relations between Beijing and Washington, as well as the relations between Moscow and Washington, are better than the relations between Beijing and Moscow," thereby clearly making it clear that they will seek to create a rift between Beijing and Moscow.
        1. Machito
          Machito 11 December 2020 14: 39
          China is undoubtedly the main competitor of the United States for dominance in the world, but today only two countries can produce the entire range of modern weapons: the United States and Russia. We are like two Twix sticks: black and white. Will China be able to catch up with us in weapons development? Perhaps, but Chinese weapons are growing legs from the Russian weapons school, China is only part of our Twix wand. The Cold War has not ended since the collapse of the USSR, is it just that another participant, China, is gradually added to it, and three players are already participating in the arms race? Is an alliance between Russia and China possible? Quite, the United States is literally pushing China into the arms of Russia.
    2. Max Lebedev
      Max Lebedev 10 December 2020 15: 40
      The main thing here is not to relax. And then they are already beginning to lull the vigilance.
  2. mat-vey
    mat-vey 10 December 2020 15: 16
    "The main criterion for the danger of an adversary, John Rastcliffe, calls not ideological or political reasons, but economic ones." - well, they themselves helped China rise to the level of an economic leader with their exorbitant greed for profit.
  3. Lech from Android.
    Lech from Android. 10 December 2020 15: 18
    One and a half billion Chinese organized on the Internet will sweep away the enemy with one mass alone. But the Chinese are wise guys ... sitting on the banks of the river, they patiently wait for the US corpse to float past them along the river of history without any effort on their part. I think they will succeed ... for 2 thousand years of the existence of China, who just did not swim in their river downstream. smile
    1. Paul
      Paul 10 December 2020 16: 41
      The trouble is that China itself has cut circles along that river more than once. It looks more like a children's karting track, where the elders noted with surprise for themselves that the boys whom they pinched about 5 years ago became a head taller and the only difference is that they have not yet overgrown with muscle. And then the elder brother of one of the grown-up boys (Russia) began to get out of the binge and began to remember his landing past.
    2. Eroma
      Eroma 12 December 2020 16: 06
      None of them sailed past them, the conquerors became a new Chinese dynasty of rulers! China was conquered by the Mongols and the Yuan dynasty appeared, then it was conquered by the Manjurs and the Qin dynasty appeared. The USSR gave a unique chance to China to become itself, the USA gave China strength, on its head laughing what China is capable of as an independent state while the world does not know
  4. Daniil Konovalenko
    Daniil Konovalenko 10 December 2020 15: 25
    If we manage to create a truly working alliance of Russia and China, then we will be able to resist the alliance of the United States and NATO as a whole.
    We will not create such a union. China does not need this. And besides, has Russia created many working unions? Who specifically influenced something and were reckoned with?
    1. mat-vey
      mat-vey 10 December 2020 15: 27
      Quote: Daniil Konovalenko
      China doesn't need it

      With such a Russia - for sure.
      1. Daniil Konovalenko
        Daniil Konovalenko 10 December 2020 16: 07
        Russia, for China, it’s to play and toss. The United States, hoping to crush the PRC, as it was with Japan at one time, was raised from the beginning, then lowered ... They will not be able to do this with the PRC ... They will not fight, there are sooooo many Chinese ... smile And I don’t want to bomb our production facilities in China. If something collapses in China, it collapses in the United States too, they are too tied up.
        1. mat-vey
          mat-vey 10 December 2020 16: 15
          Japan (like Europe) is still a US occupation zone.
          Quote: Daniil Konovalenko
          And I don’t want to bomb our factories in China.

          Why bomb? This is how I realized that China is able to rise so much economically that the world will just turn over like an iceberg and China will be on the "top of the world." And it is too late to bomb.
        2. Kuz
          Kuz 12 December 2020 12: 51
          Quote: Daniil Konovalenko
          their production in China

          There are already Chinese production. China threw the hegemon
  5. paul3390
    paul3390 10 December 2020 15: 27
    The bourgeois, in principle, cannot share the planet with someone, because capitalism constantly needs new markets, and there are a finite number of them. So - only war. All with all, until socialism finally triumphs ...
    1. 2 Level Advisor
      2 Level Advisor 11 December 2020 08: 11
      the bonfire of socialism, for it to win, it must catch fire from somewhere .. where is this light in the modern world?
  6. Sergey39
    Sergey39 10 December 2020 15: 33
    Well, this is all great! The more enemies they find, the better. The field of activity is huge - the whole earth. Well, they won't calculate the strength - the navel will be untied. And here we are. With state socialism. hi
    1. IS-80_RVGK2
      IS-80_RVGK2 10 December 2020 21: 33
      Quote: Sergey39
      With state socialism.

      Which will come from where and how?
  7. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 10 December 2020 15: 36
    But habit to world domination and to a unipolar world, does not give American politicians the opportunity to even think about improving relations in the PRC.
    What are you speaking about? Where did it come from, and 30 years have not passed, already a habit ... recourse
    Russia today has a unique chance to improve its relations with China.
    So they are not lame now.
  8. Doccor18
    Doccor18 10 December 2020 15: 59
    ... that the People's Republic of China today represents the most dangerous threat to America, the most dangerous threat to democracy and freedom around the world since the Second World War. "

    What does he carry fool

    If we manage to create a truly working alliance of Russia and China, then we will be able to resist the alliance of the United States and NATO as a whole.

    To create an equal "working alliance" with China, you need to be approximately equal to it in opportunities or surpass it ... But even this does not guarantee anything. The PRC has only one true ally - the PRC.
  9. HAM
    HAM 10 December 2020 16: 04
    One thing is indisputable - the United States cannot exist without enemies ... only at this expense and live ...
    1. evgen1221
      evgen1221 10 December 2020 21: 31
      In order to maintain itself, the entire system of democracy, according to the American principle, needs a constant enemy, even if artificially inflated. There will be no enemies, and everywhere there will be an Amerdemocrat, they with rubber ducks will begin to fight to the death, or they will die.
  10. solzh
    solzh 10 December 2020 16: 31
    If we manage to create a truly working alliance of Russia and China, then we will be able to resist the alliance of the United States and NATO as a whole.

    Does China need an alliance with us? China does not care about the confrontation between Russia and NATO. During the Soviet era, we had allies in Asia, the same Vietnam and India were friends, and in Latin America, the same Nicaragua and Cuba. It is with them that we need to develop and build relationships, and not cherish dreams of alliance with China.
  11. Knell wardenheart
    Knell wardenheart 10 December 2020 18: 57
    For the Americans, the "growing Russia" (Where? Where? What?) Does not pose any threat - our actions, our authorities, our progress and even our regression - everything is deeply studied and predictable, because in the case of our country there is no "progress" stagnation of gradually deteriorating stability. The fact that we are shaking there with something and developing something is all a storm in a teapot, because our activities outside are so ineffective (and for a long time already) that one after another we are losing former CIS satellites, to say nothing more close-ups and tasks. Yes, the same Europe has once again extended the sanctions - for 6 years we have not been able to "drive a wedge" in this direction or achieve cancellation. Forget about the RF - we are not a competitor, these are all wet fantasies.
    As for China - ha! We woke up) Suddenly they discovered that Asia has been riveting competitive electronics for a long time and stealing technologies)) But it could not be! And what will they do to the PRC? Once again, they will snap a whip for all the royal cavalry and all the royal army in the West - which they have already eaten all the baldness with their jerking legs across Iran / Russia / Libya / Syria and other things. And now the PRC - no, this number will not work here. It was necessary to start with this, postponing a trifle for later.
    I can't imagine how the United States will now solve this problem.
  12. evgen1221
    evgen1221 10 December 2020 21: 27
    Nothing is new. Before there was an alliance, today the Chinese have the same method of confronting and inflating their Americans. They are going along the same path as against us once. China at least now has an example in the person of us - how and what to do, as well as what not to do. And they carefully analyzed the lesson of the union for sure.
  13. times
    times 10 December 2020 22: 17
    Maybe now the Yankees will stop throwing cocoa at us? No, not likely ...
  14. bad
    bad 11 December 2020 06: 54
    The US starts a "cold war" against China

    This is just to start a war negative