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Such a vulnerable American democracy: Anyone can intervene


For some time now, it has become clear to the world that American democracy is the most vulnerable institution on planet Earth. It turned out that anyone can intervene in it, and on the basis of the intervention, choose or not elect a president - so that the American people for as long as 4 years (at least) find themselves "one-on-one" with selected foreign "bots, hackers" and other destructive elements human.

Now American democracy is trying to "protect" itself from yet another "blow" - a blow from Chinese communism.

Almost any educational and cultural exchange programs are urgently blocked in the United States, since the US authorities see these programs as a terrible threat to the democratic world and to themselves in the first place.

The US director of national intelligence, Ratcliffe, said China is America's greatest threat. It turns out that the Chinese threat is "so terrible" for the United States that the same Ratcliffe called it the most dangerous in 75 years, having already forgotten that 35 years ago in the United States similar things were stated about the "Soviet threat."

In the author's program “However,” on Channel One, Mikhail Leontyev examines the issue of the “vulnerability” of American democracy, which, apparently, now needs to be kept exclusively in hothouse conditions.

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  1. janin
    janin 7 December 2020 09: 38
    freedom in the American way. You can change your gender and sexual orientation. You can marry furniture and a penguin. But you have no right to even express your thoughts if they contradict dogma.
    Not so long ago, the favorite quote of liberals around the world was a phrase attributed in various variations to Voltaire: "I deeply dislike your opinion, but I will give my life for your right to express it." Now, people who call themselves liberals are increasingly making statements, the essence of which can be conveyed by the phrase: "Yes, I'll bite your throat for your words." Most surprising of all, such an aggressive imposition of the "only correct" political line is still called liberalism.
    1. Rostov Papa
      Rostov Papa 7 December 2020 09: 43
      This is different, you need to understand)))
      1. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee 7 December 2020 09: 53
        From a blow in the face, on the air, this kid was completely blown away fellow
        1. Egoza
          Egoza 7 December 2020 09: 56
          Quote: Uncle Lee
          From a blow in the face, live,

          Why only one? Here in each program you need a "face on the table", you can at the beginning, but you can at the end. Until he grows wiser.
    2. Avior
      Avior 7 December 2020 10: 08
      The phrase belongs to Evelyn Hall, the author of the biography of Voltaire, she used it in her book in the early 20th century.
      But in fact, the principle of freedom of speech has never been interpreted as the ability to say anything without restrictions. There have always been limitations.
    3. WIKI
      WIKI 7 December 2020 11: 16
      Quote: janin
      freedom in the American way. You can change your gender

      Freedom in Russian. "In the International Classifier of Diseases of the 10th revision, which is still adhered to in Russia, the diagnosis F64.0" transsexualism "belongs to the section of mental diseases and conditions. After the doctor diagnoses F64.0" transsexualism ", the patient receives a certificate of indications for hormone therapy and surgical interventions and referral to a medical board. It will be required to change documents. "
      Quote: janin
      But you have no right to even express your thoughts if they contradict dogma.

      For clarity, could you give examples from judicial practice?
  2. Airdefense
    Airdefense 7 December 2020 09: 38
    What a vulnerable democracy, Biden will be the 46th president of the United States, just think, there have already been 45 presidents in the United States, which is not bad for a vulnerable democracy.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 7 December 2020 09: 59
      Quote: Airdefense
      Just think about it, there have already been 45 presidents in the United States, which is not bad for a vulnerable democracy.

      Well, who they themselves democratically eliminated is one thing, but when "all sorts of hackers" intervene - that's another.
      1. Airdefense
        Airdefense 7 December 2020 11: 38
        Double standards, for the USA this is the "norm"
    2. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy 7 December 2020 10: 22
      Quote: Airdefense
      very good for a vulnerable democracy.

      You mean rotten? 300 years of statehood, 300 years of shame. In my memory: Cuba, Vietnam, Grenada, Afghan, Iraq. Don't give a damn about such a democracy! If this democracy dies, the air on planet Earth will be cleaner.
      1963 Ecuador CIA-backed ouster of President Jose Maria Valesco Ibarra.
      1964 Panama Canal zone clashes between US military and local residents
      1964 Brazil CIA-backed military coup to overthrow the government of Joao Goulart, General Castello Branco takes over
      1965-1975 Vietnam Military invasion of 500 contingents. Full-scale war that lasted 000 years
      1965 Indonesia CIA-backed military coup that overthrows President Sukarno and puts General Suharto in power
      1965 Congo CIA-sponsored military coup that overthrows President Joseph Kasavubu and puts Joseph Mobutu in power
      1965 Dominican Republic 23 troops land
      1965-1973 Laos Eight Years Bombardment
      1966 Ghana CIA-organized conspiracy against President Kwame Nkrumah.
      1966-1967 Guatemala Counterinsurgency Operations
      1969-1975 Cambodia CIA-organized coup against Prince Sihanouk, bringing Lon Nol to power. Intense bombing along with the bombing of Vietnam.
      1970 Oman Counterinsurgency operations, including coordination with Iranian naval invasion
      1971-1972 Laos Invasion by American and South Vietnamese forces
      1973 Chile CIA-organized putsch against President Allende. General Pinochet came to power.
      1975 Cambodia Marine Corps landing, fighting with government forces.
      1976-1992 Angola Military and CIA operations
      1980 Iran Special units landed in the Iranian desert. A helicopter malfunction led to the termination of the raid.
      1981 Libya Navy aircraft shot down two Libyan aircraft over the Mediterranean
      1981-1992 El Salvador The CIA and Special Forces launched a lengthy counterinsurgency campaign.
      1981-1990 Nicaragua The CIA launched Operation Contra. The Air Force dropped mines in the harbor.
      1982-1984 Lebanon Landing of Marines, supported by naval fire
      1983 Grenada Military invasion of Grenada
      1983-1989 Honduras Military aid to Nicaragua
      1984 Iran Two Iranian aircraft shot down over the Persian Gulf
      1986 Libya Air Force planes bombed Tripoli and Benghazi, including the residence of Muammar Qadaffi. (Muamar al Qadaffi).
      1986 Bolivia Special Forces participated in counterinsurgency operation
      1987-1988 Iran Naval blockade of Iran. An airliner was shot down.
      1989 Libya A naval plane shot down a Libyan plane over the Gulf of Sidra
      1989 Philippines CIA and special forces participate in counterinsurgency operations.
      1989-1990 Panama Navy, Air Force and 27 troops to overthrow President Noriega.
      1990 Liberia Troop deployment
      1990-1991 Iraq Naval blockade, aerial bombardment, invasion of Kuwait
      1991-2003 Iraq Airspace control, periodic bombing
      1991 Haiti CIA-organized conspiracy against President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.
      1992-1994 Somalia Special Forces Invasion
      1992-1994 Yugoslavia Main role in NATO blockade of Serbia and Montenegro
      1993-1995 Bosnia Military intervention by ground forces and air forces
      1994-1996 Haiti Troops ousted the junta and returned President Aristide to office.
      1995 Croatia Serbian airfields attacked.
      1996-1997 Zaire (Congo) Marines invaded the eastern regions
      1997 Liberia Troops deployed
      1998 Sudan Air Attack Destroyed Major Medicines Factory
      1998 Afghanistan Attack Targets
      1998 Iraq Four days of intense bombing and missile attacks
      1999 Yugoslavia NATO air attacks
      2001 Macedonia NATO forces invaded and disarmed Albanian militants
      2001 Afghanistan Air attacks and ground incursions topple the Taliban and establish a new regime
      2003 Iraq Military invasion overthrew Saddam Hussein's regime and established a new regime
      2003-present Iraq 150 occupying forces engaged in long-term counterinsurgency
      2004 Haiti Marine Corps Landing. CIA-organized takeover of power from President Aristide.
      And how do they manage to live so beautifully? fool Snot of affection towards the United States is inappropriate. And the blood is melting on their hands and their supporters! angry
      1. Egoza
        Egoza 7 December 2020 10: 43
        Quote: Mavrikiy
        300 years of statehood, 300 years of shame

        Where did 300 years come from? "The United States of America was formed in 1776 with the unification of thirteen British colonies that declared their independence. The War of Independence lasted until 1783 and ended in victory for the colonists."
        So everything that you have listed these .... uh, "shustriki" managed to shit in 244 years
        1. Mavrikiy
          Mavrikiy 7 December 2020 13: 47
          Where did 300 years come from?
          "A meter above, a meter below" (anecdote)
          So everything that you have listed these .... uh, "shustriki" managed to shit in 244 years
          also a joke? What I have listed is over 40 years of their existence. hi And they shit more ... request
      2. Airdefense
        Airdefense 7 December 2020 11: 37
        I don't even see any reason to argue with the fact that the United States behaves like an empire with a very aggressive foreign policy, but this does not negate their internal stability, since their civil war in the United States there has never been anything like that. In Russia, during this time, the collapse of the empire, two civil wars, the struggle between Beria and Khrushev, the confusion of Khrushchev, the collapse of the USSR
  3. tatra
    tatra 7 December 2020 09: 45
    Ha, the enemies of the communists have training manuals according to the same template. Likewise, the Russian enemies of the communists squeal that Stalin "intervened" in the elections in Germany in 1933 and "brought Hitler to power."
  4. Ros 56
    Ros 56 7 December 2020 09: 46
    Yeah. And I thought that thieves and dumbbells in various government agencies are a threat to any country.
  5. aleks neym_2
    aleks neym_2 7 December 2020 09: 52
    The main enemies of the mattress crap: first Russia, now China, and on the horizon there is a terrible and terrible country Limpopo !!!
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 7 December 2020 10: 03
      Quote: aleks neym_2
      terrible and terrible land of Limpopo !!!

      And Belarus! The sixth or seventh fleet is poisoning Psaki there .... Or maybe both!
      "If Belarus invades Ukraine, the US Sixth Fleet will be immediately deployed to the shores of Belarus."
      1. aleks neym_2
        aleks neym_2 7 December 2020 10: 23
        Well, you shouldn't laugh: you forgot about the Dnieper-Bug canal! And the Poles knock out money and earthmoving equipment from the mattress mats to widen and deepen the canal. So, aircraft carriers will soon be already near Kherson, bypassing the Bosphorus.
        1. Golddigger 96
          Golddigger 96 7 December 2020 17: 05
          The main thing is that the lighthouse does not appear on the way, otherwise you have to 15 degrees to the left or maybe go to the right.
  6. Baloo
    Baloo 7 December 2020 10: 16
    as in an old joke: Man, I'm afraid of you, you will rape me. How? I'm on the street, going my own way, and you're on the fifth floor? And now I'll go down ...
  7. pv1005
    pv1005 7 December 2020 10: 51
    If they have such a weak democracy that everyone interferes in it, then this option is not suitable for Russia. Well, we don't like it when they interfere in our affairs.