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Konstantin Chernenko - the most "dim" and mysterious leader of the USSR

Konstantin Chernenko - the most "dim" and mysterious leader of the USSR

Usually, when it comes to the penultimate General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU, Konstantin Ustinovich Chernenko, they instantly recall his bodily infirmities, a rather gray and non-heroic life path for the leader of the party and country. Along the way, surprise is expressed at how he generally ended up at the top of the system of power in the USSR, and even more so, headed it? However, one has only to dig a little deeper, and it becomes clear - with this leader, everything is far from being as simple as it might seem at first glance.

Puppet younger than Biden

Many researchers (inclined to hasty conclusions and building their own versions on guesses of dubious quality) try to assert that after the death of Yuri Andropov, Chernenko was elected to the post of General Secretary as "the oldest and decrepit". A kind of "puppet" behind which the rest of the "Kremlin elders" were going to "turn things around". This is, excuse me, not a version, but lightweight nonsense.

First of all, let's recall the age of at least some of the members of the Politburo (at the time of their fateful decision). Konstantin Chernenko - 73 years old, Dmitry Ustinov - 76 years old, Nikolai Tikhonov - 79 years old, Andrey Gromyko - 75 years old. Yes, Konstantin Ustinovich is younger than all the others listed!

Besides, how much has Joe Biden got there today? 78, right? And no one writes it down to the "ruins". Okay, Biden is there. Ronald Reagan, also elected President of the United States in 1981, was already 3 years younger than Chernenko. And he died, by the way, at 93. So it’s not about age - for sure. What then?

Brezhnev's stationery rat

Supporters of the opinion that Konstantin Ustinovich was only a “figurehead” continue to insist that he was “grayish”. "None." Intellect, to put it mildly, did not shine.

And in general, it was almost an "empty space". A kind of, you know, “office rat. He rose, they say, to the very top solely thanks to the patronage of Brezhnev, with whom he was lucky to become friends at party work in Moldova.

Such statements, again, do not correspond to the truth in the slightest degree. And they are based primarily on the godlessly distorted facts from his biography.

Revised biography of a special officer

Yes, Chernenko did not participate in the battles of the Great Patriotic War. Some people write: he served in the Red Army. The point is that not in the army, but in the border troops belonging to a completely different department - the NKVD!

Subsequently, after a long and not too easy career, finding himself in the apparatus of the Central Committee of the CPSU, Chernenko headed the General Department there. At first glance - the most common routine office, busy shifting papers. And again - by!

At one time, under Comrade Stalin, this very department was called quite differently - Special.

According to really serious historians, this name hid one of the most powerful secret special services of Joseph Vissarionovich - party intelligence and counterintelligence, to which, in addition to himself, only a few confidants of the Leader had access. The fact that such “wolves” as Mekhlis and Poskrebyshev were in charge of the department at different times, speaks volumes.

So, memories have been preserved, the author of which claims:

“Back in 1982, Chernenko openly told his subordinates that, despite the name change, all of them were“ specials ”- with the corresponding“ essence of tasks and specifics of work methods ”.

Intelligence professional with wiretapping

This, forgive me, is not the way of thinking and vocabulary of a “clerical rat”, but of a professional of the special services.

By the way, in Chernenko's office there was the apparatus complex of the Kremlin "wiretapping", which worked in relation to the highest officials of the party and state. And that was not the KGB equipment. Namely, that its a special department!

So Konstantin Ustinovich knew everything about everyone. Perhaps even a little more than the most informed committee members.

Daddy of the Kremlin's pneumatic tube

And one more detail - at one time Chernenko received a state prize for the arrangement of pneumatic mail between the Kremlin and Staraya Square for almost instant delivery of the most important documents.

Some people joke about this:

"Grandpa didn't want to wait for the couriers to run!"

Well, yes, that's right ...

Non-professionals do not understand. But in this way the head of the Special Department cut off from the most secret information a lot of people who technically had the opportunity to get access to what they were not supposed to know.

Generally speaking, Chernenko put a lot of effort into improving the technical side of the document management system in the Central Committee. In particular, ensuring its security and confidentiality.

Moreover, by the end of Brezhnev's reign, he was able to "close on himself", almost all information flows directed to the General Secretary. And after the death of Leonid Ilyich, he was supposed to take his place ...

Intriguer Andropov poisoned?

The coming to power of Yuri Andropov, who already at that stage began the advancement of Gorbachev and other future perestroika, was not an accident. This was the result of a whole chain of intrigues, elaborate and brilliantly carried out by the former head of the KGB.

That there is only one extremely strange poisoning of Konstantin Chernenko in 1983. The consequences of which, in fact, turned a still quite strong man into a semi-disabled.

This is generally a topic for a completely separate conversation. I will only say for now that история this one was utterly mysterious and ambiguous. It creates a lot of doubt. And, in particular, it suggests:

“Didn't they try to“ get Chernenko out of the way ”with a guarantee?”

The last fight with the godfather of Gorbachev

Andropov, who was leaving for eternity, longed to see Gorbachev as the bearer of the supreme power as soon as possible.

However, for all their alleged "weakness", Chernenko and those who supported him managed to give one more, final battle and thereby delay the tragedy of the USSR. So the future killer of the Soviet Union, Gorbachev, remained only the second person in the country for another year.

What was used in this case? It is quite possible that the most serious incriminating evidence accumulated in due time on those who were to vote for the General Secretary's candidacy. Alas, the delay was too short.

Year and 25 days

Be that as it may, I respect Chernenko.

At least the fact that he was a sincere supporter of cleansing the name and merits of Stalin from dirt. Unfortunately, he did not manage to do this either.

The reign of Konstantin Ustinovich lasted 1 year and 25 days.

Then there was an abyss ...
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  1. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 26 November 2020 05: 22
    Today the board of Chernenko is of no interest, like the board of a nomenklatura worker without his own “I”. Much more interesting and entertaining is Andropov's duplicity and his role in promoting the HMS to power. What and who prompted this figure to directly opposite actions: on the one hand, the discipline of production, on the other, connivance at the collapse of the economic order ...
    Much more important is a detailed coverage of the events of 1989-1992. Where did they take it out and how they protected what it is impossible to call the president of Russia without embarrassment. How an ambitious person was able to bypass all state security structures, if at the beginning of her "publicity" she was "thrown under the bridge with a bag on her head" ... wassat
    1. Lech from Android.
      Lech from Android. 26 November 2020 05: 28
      How an ambitious person was able to bypass all state security structures,

      Together with Gorbachev, they worked on the principle of a good and a bad policeman ... I must say it turned out to be a successful combination. what
      Whether there was a gray eminence behind them is difficult to say ... nothing is known about him.
    2. Far B
      Far B 26 November 2020 05: 30
      To be honest, Andropov's role in pushing Bullseye into power is rather controversial - he entered the Politburo under Brezhnev, so he made his career quite cheerfully. But in the fact that it was Raisovich who became the first person of the USSR, a huge "merit" belongs to Gromyko, which personally causes extreme bewilderment to me: on the one hand, the reinforced concrete Soviet "Mister NO", and on the other, did not notice which snake he was supporting. .. True, closer to death he, I remember, generally became an ardent opponent of Humpbacked, but it was too late
      1. Lech from Android.
        Lech from Android. 26 November 2020 05: 48
        Labeled had his own curator ... to go from the assistant to the combiner to the general secretaries of the USSR in a short time is impossible without patronage from above.
        Maybe Raisa had an influential relative and this explains the influence of this lady on Gorbachev ... this is just a version. smile
    3. The leader of the Redskins
      The leader of the Redskins 26 November 2020 08: 13
      This is not the first time I notice that the age of the leaders is indicated in articles and comments as a diagnosis. They say 75 years - uuu, how ancient, 82. - uuu, quite already.
      But this is often not the case. Why bury people in advance? The Queen of England is an example. It is necessary to take into account individual qualities, energy, health.
      Here I had a cousin from Zagorsk. He died at 87, but! Until the last days, he led an active lifestyle, walked a lot, at the dacha he could drive the young by his personal example!
      1. Astra wild2
        Astra wild2 26 November 2020 11: 06
        The leader, regarding the British queen, I will clarify, she is a DECORATIVE prefix, but I agree
      2. vladcub
        vladcub 26 November 2020 13: 01
        My mother is a participant of the Second World War, she is as active as her health allows. Intelligence is on the spot, sometimes too gullible to TV messages, but who does not have this. Back in the spring
        Planting garlic. Probably, the guarantee of her activity is that from 3-4 years old she helped with the housework, when she got older, she worked on a straw walker. This is still that byaka. It's about the same as walking on a tightrope: you stumbled and you are disabled
        1. The leader of the Redskins
          The leader of the Redskins 26 November 2020 13: 15
          Health and longevity to your mother. Bow to the ground, as a participant in that war.
          1. vladcub
            vladcub 26 November 2020 14: 16
            Leader, I wonder who "liked": 2 minuses at once
            1. The leader of the Redskins
              The leader of the Redskins 26 November 2020 14: 42
              Never mind. I have several "personal" minusers who, no matter how pretentious it sounds, have no shame, no conscience, no mind.
              1. vladcub
                vladcub 26 November 2020 16: 04
                Not everyone has a "personal" minus signer
  2. Deniska999
    Deniska999 26 November 2020 06: 01
    The article is as dull as the personality itself, nothing sensible either about the biography of Chernenko, or about his short reign.
    1. Lech from Android.
      Lech from Android. 26 November 2020 06: 04
      The article is as dull as the personality itself, nothing sensible either about the biography of Chernenko, or about his short reign.
      You want to know too much about the head of the Special Department. smile
      To dig deeper into the affairs of his department ... but there are so many interesting names that will come out ... it's easier to shoot you. smile
      1. Deniska999
        Deniska999 26 November 2020 06: 09
        Just don’t be silly. More can be written about the year of Chernenko, since there are materials. The author wrote a sad and nostalgic essay that has nothing to do with history.
        1. Lech from Android.
          Lech from Android. 26 November 2020 06: 32
          More can be written about the year of Chernenko, since there are materials.

          What is laid out in the public domain is for ordinary people ... I am more interested in the secret part of his work ... there is the most interesting.
          1. vladcub
            vladcub 26 November 2020 14: 19
            How did K. Wu make a "pneumatic mail"?
        2. Revolver
          Revolver 26 November 2020 07: 46
          Quote: Deniska999
          More can be written about the year of Chernenko

          The only good thing I remember about this year is the Zenith championship. Well, again, youth, and the sun was shining brighter, and the grass was greener.
    2. Deck
      Deck 26 November 2020 06: 15
      And in general, it was almost an "empty space". A kind, you know, "office rat"

      Why then. Now it is a "clerical rat" from a special department of the NKVD. Creator, professional creator, large-scale personality with grandiose projects and pneumatic mail
    3. Hagen
      Hagen 26 November 2020 09: 10
      Quote: Deniska999
      The article is as dull as the person itself, nothing sensible about the biography of Chernenko

      Of course, you can want to swallow something chewed. This cannot be prohibited. But to demand fundamental knowledge from a small article, frankly, is not very smart. The article was supposed, I think, to spark interest in a person consigned to oblivion. She did it. I think it is necessary to look for details in other, more extensive sources.
  3. Cartalon
    Cartalon 26 November 2020 06: 20
    Then Andropov was poisoned, now Chernenko turns out to be not directly the Politburo, but the Borgia family.
    1. Fat
      Fat 27 November 2020 02: 32
      Quote: Cartalon
      Then Andropov was poisoned, now Chernenko turns out to be not directly the Politburo, but the Borgia family.

      Borgia, compared to the Politburo, is just an example of nobility, humanism and decency, they presented the Christian world with two pontiffs (Are there any people among Catholics more sinless than the Pope?) And as for rumors, their opponents invented ...
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 26 November 2020 06: 32
    Actually, the article reflects well-known facts ... If I am not mistaken, it was under Chernenko that the Food Program was adopted
    1. Revolver
      Revolver 26 November 2020 07: 49
      Quote: parusnik
      If I'm not mistaken

      You are mistaken
      Quote: parusnik
      under Chernenko, the Food Program was adopted

      Even under the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Dear Comrade Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev.
    2. AUL
      AUL 27 November 2020 07: 55
      Quote: parusnik
      If I am not mistaken, it was under Chernenko that the Food Program was adopted

      Actually, even with dear Leonid Ilyich!
      Oh, Nagan was ahead! hi
    3. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 27 November 2020 09: 21
      You are wrong. Under Brezhnev. And the development was led by Gorbachev.
  5. Van 16
    Van 16 26 November 2020 06: 41
    I remember Chernenko precisely that "nothing". I remember he promoted land reclamation.
  6. Iskazi
    Iskazi 26 November 2020 06: 43
    On the one hand, of course, it is banal ..., dull, but nevertheless, the author makes a serious attempt to study the Kremlin layouts of that time ... Naturally, Power is a serpentarium, the relations and positions of its inhabitants are very interesting and instructive. Moreover, the real power is always secret. And public figures like Gorbachev ... are quite fictitious, but K. U. Chernenko is very difficult, like Andropov, and somehow quickly they took their place at the Kremlin Wall. The author certainly asks the right questions, but there will be no answer to them, and the aplomb of some commentators is simply ridiculous.
  7. Daniil Konovalenko
    Daniil Konovalenko 26 November 2020 10: 11
    The author should not be engaged in conspiracy theories, collecting compromising evidence, pneumatic mail, etc., but tell about what: it was under Chernenko, who was a teacher by training, that the secondary school reform was started. Education became 11 years old. The school was divided into primary (grades 1-4), middle (grades 5-9) and secondary general education (grades 10-11). In the field of international relations, during the time of Chernenko, relations with the People's Republic of China began to thaw. KU Chernenko was not a fan of modern music. Therefore, under him, the struggle with amateur pop groups intensified, mainly with those who performed rock music. The report "Topical Issues of the Party's Ideological and Mass-Political Work," read out by Chernenko, spoke about the inadmissibility of such phenomena on the Soviet stage, since the lyrics of the songs had "dubious value" and caused "ideological harm." K.U. Chernenko managed to restore the party and return the party card to 94-year-old Molotov. By the way, Molotov survived him, dying at the age of 96. At the same time, Chernenko did not spare the director of the Eliseevsky store, Yuri Sokolov, who was shot, and the ex-husband of Galina Brezhneva, Yuri Churbanov, who was put on trial for corruption. But, at the same time, it was Chernenko (not Gorbachev) who first began to utter words such as "perestroika" and "acceleration" from the high rostrum.
    1. Eug
      Eug 26 November 2020 14: 12
      The question is - did he understand by the terms "perestroika" and "acceleration" what this resulted in under Gorbachev, or something else?
    2. iva12936
      iva12936 28 November 2020 12: 08
      The school was divided into primary (grades 1-4), middle (grades 5-9) and secondary general education (grades 10-11)
      from where 11 grades, finished 1985 grades in 10, not about what 11 and did not hear for a long time
  8. Trilobite Master
    Trilobite Master 26 November 2020 11: 05
    There is nothing to discuss. Tales based on nothing.
    Only today is the world bestseller "The KPSS Internal Security Service" against the KGB of the USSR offered to your attention ... You will find out ... You won’t know a damn shit. In addition to painful fantasies, no one knows whose, conjectures and exaggerations in the article there is nothing, unfortunately.
    If earlier the author copied and pasted information from more or less worthy sources, now, it seems, he decided to turn to conspiracy experts and switch to the genre of cryptohistory ...
    Okay, free - will ...
    1. Daniil Konovalenko
      Daniil Konovalenko 26 November 2020 11: 08
      decided to turn to expert conspiracy theorists and switch to the crypto history genre ...
      Preparation before Friday obscurantism ... laughing
    2. vladcub
      vladcub 26 November 2020 13: 38
      Misha, what else to expect from Kharluzhny and Samsonov.?
      I propose to "go" to Valery, there is something to read and talk about
  9. Sergey Oreshin
    Sergey Oreshin 26 November 2020 11: 05
    In the series ZhZL, a biography of Chernenko was published in 2009. The author is his former assistant V.V. Profit
    1. Deniska999
      Deniska999 26 November 2020 13: 22
      I read it, not too research, of course, more like a panegyric, but at least one can get an idea of ​​what Chernenko was doing before coming to power and at the head of state.
      1. Sergey Oreshin
        Sergey Oreshin 26 November 2020 14: 29
        Well, the author is not a historian, but an assistant to Chernenko, so he tried to expose his former boss in the best possible way.
        But, perhaps, to date, this is his most complete biography.
        1. Deniska999
          Deniska999 26 November 2020 15: 14
          Unfortunately, so far. Suddenly there will be some zealous historian who will not be too lazy to compose a more scientific work with the involvement of archives. Still, not the brightest and most interesting character in comparison with predecessors and successors.
  10. Glory1974
    Glory1974 26 November 2020 11: 19
    the archives of the Great Patriotic War are closed for 100 years, and may extend the terms. Likewise with the last years of the life of the USSR. We will never know the truth.
    But now we can conclude that the country was torn apart on purpose. They dragged "their" people into power, removed the unwanted by all means. Preparations for the incitement of interethnic conflicts were carried out purposefully, several years before their start, and maybe even more.
    This is possible only if there was a large group in power in the USSR that stood for a thaw in relations with the West with the surrender of part of the country's interests as payment for new opportunities for themselves.
    In the late 80s and early 90s, we saw many of these people. Gorbachev is clearly a dummy figure, on whom he dumped all the bumps, and he had to advertise pizza (they simply lowered it, as in the zone), although later they gave a handout.
    The interests of the country and the people are clearly ignored. The referendum for the preservation of the USSR was leaked, an artificial shortage of goods was organized. The traitors signed the Belovezhskaya Agreements.
    Although now it turns out that Bush offered Ukraine not to secede from the USSR !!!! This suggests that in the United States, at least 2 groups were promoting their interests.
    1. Sergey Oreshin
      Sergey Oreshin 26 November 2020 14: 32
      Well, why be surprised? The ruling bureaucracy dreamed of transferring state property into its own private and hereditary. To do this, it was necessary to discard Marxism-Leninism and reformat the USSR.
      What the ruling class did
  11. iouris
    iouris 26 November 2020 12: 07
    And Gorby is the brightest. Until now, "ignites".
  12. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 26 November 2020 12: 18
    At first, no one took Stalin seriously either. "Some secretary out there sorting out wild affairs in the Central Committee, at Ilyich's" errand ". But it turned out quite differently :)
    1. vladcub
      vladcub 26 November 2020 13: 31
      This is very cool: Chernenko is the new Stalin
    2. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 27 November 2020 09: 25
      But even before becoming General Secretary, he was already a member of the Politburo and headed the most important People's Commissariats: the People's Commissariat and at one time the Rabkrin.
      1. Bersaglieri
        Bersaglieri 27 November 2020 14: 40
        so I'm not writing about the secretary general, but about the secretary.
  13. Yurahip
    Yurahip 26 November 2020 12: 50
    The Penzi Palace of Pioneers bore the proud name of K.U. Chernenko.
    It is believed that the expression KU! in Kin-za-dze Danelia
    took on behalf of the patronymic Chernenko.
  14. vladcub
    vladcub 26 November 2020 13: 04
    Quote: Deniska999
    The article is as dull as the personality itself, nothing sensible either about the biography of Chernenko, or about his short reign.

    What else can you expect from Kharluzhny? Everything is simple for him: Androv is byaka, and K. has "gold"
  15. Eug
    Eug 26 November 2020 14: 05
    I am sure that Andropov's path to power will never become clear. To remove such figures as Shchelokov, Tsvigun, Grishin, Romanov, Chernenko is, you know ... and even earlier, Kulakov and Masherov. I do not believe that one person can organize this, and even in that system ...
  16. vladcub
    vladcub 26 November 2020 14: 10
    Previously, Samsonov rolled a barrel at Andropov, and now Kharluzhny is helping.
    My opinion: only Yu V. could save the Union!
    Andropov's misfortune was that he came to power late, the process of destruction was already in full swing. If Andropov had headed the country in 1964, he would have retained the guarantee, possibly in 1977-1978.
    Substation on the next street there is a peasant who likes to "rip his shirt": such and such destroyed the great state and so on. The main villain is Andropov: he was kicked out of the district, he was "covered" by his son-in-law. He bought flowers and early vegetables in suburban villages and tried them in the north. That peasant understand why Andropov is bad for him, and why Samsonov and Kharluzhny?
  17. andrew42
    andrew42 26 November 2020 14: 56
    The fact that Andropov was methodically stripping the ruling elite of ideological communists is something that only the most stubborn blind man cannot see today. And he cleaned it up by speculating on the "fight against abuse." A classic technocrat with no conscience, and with a very muddy inner credo in terms of ideology (not external, but internal - in matters). Even such a nuance as "playing with vodka" and that makes Andropov similar to Gorbachev (although in different directions, but on the topic of vodka, both "radio operators" lit up in handwriting). And Chernenko is one of the last bearers of communist ideology without a false background. Unfortunately, as a "person in history" he came to power too late, too late for himself in the first place. If he had come in 1982, it is still unknown how things would have turned out, maybe the state of the working people would have been preserved.
  18. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 26 November 2020 15: 23
    Chernenko was the reincarnation of Felix Dzerzhinsky. bully
    His name was "Iron Kostya" behind his eyes, and "Point blank shot" in his eyes.
    (First the emphasis fell, and then Chernenko).
    If he had lived at least 50 more years, and the USSR would have turned into a world
    a super-empire on 1/2 of the land.
    But he was hounded 6 times: Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Andropov and the chef of the Kremlin canteen
    (3 times, pickle).
    Therefore, he lived a long and inglorious life.
    ("The true biography of Chernenko", publishing house "Flat Earth")
  19. Sergey Averchenkov
    Sergey Averchenkov 26 November 2020 23: 50
    Chernenko somehow slipped through ... He came and left ... No one really noticed him.
  20. Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 27 November 2020 00: 44
    everything was correctly written by the respected Alexander Kharaluzhny
  21. Armen Sologyan
    Armen Sologyan 11 February 2021 10: 30
    It is a pity, of course, that Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov was in poor health. All the same, as it turned out later in the 21st century, the employees of the KGB of the USSR are the best leaders of the Russian State. Thank God that we now have Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and God grant Him Creative Longevity as President of the Russian Federation. With such a President you can live peacefully, work and sleep! And, if we have such as Sergei Kuzhugetovich Shoigu, as well as the Heads of the FSB of Russia and the SVR of Russia, then there is no need to worry at all.