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American documentary filmmaking about the war in Iraq is reminiscent of the Deutsche Wochenschau newsreels from WWII


Propaganda is characteristic of all wars and armed conflicts, including wars and conflicts of our time. However, there are striking examples of the propaganda machine that are especially striking. These are, for example, films made in the United States and Britain with a claim to military documentary.

Often these American "documentaries" are reminiscent of Hitler's films from the fronts of World War II, known as the newsreels Die Deutsche Wochenschau. When, accompanied by bravura music and marches, they told about "endless victories and how the German army went to liberate countries and peoples."

In the American chronicle of the war in Iraq, everything is very similar. The authors of the video, which is presented below (it is presented on his channel by the famous war correspondent Alexander Sladkov), tell the viewers that the American coalition "went to Iraq to free its people." The same film states that NATO troops entered Iraq "with full respect for the local population." And, of course, such propaganda films will not exactly tell the viewer how many civilians Iraq has lost during the "respectful" NATO aggression and how many losses Iraq has suffered from the time of the invasion to the present day.

One of the quotes from the video:

The US Marines clashed with the main enemy forces. The skirmishes were short and deadly for the Iraqis, who were foolish to resist

Photos used:
Facebook / US Army
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  1. SaLaR
    SaLaR 2 November 2020 14: 07
    Drach Nah Osten ............)))))) and the same result))
  2. Terenin
    Terenin 2 November 2020 14: 14
    Here is the answer right there
    Propaganda is characteristic of all wars and armed conflicts ...
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  3. Asad
    Asad 2 November 2020 14: 30
    And what presentation of the material does the author offer? We were very afraid of the partisans and, just in case, destroyed the entire civilian population? Probably it was so in Iraq, but who will confess?
  4. Mytholog
    Mytholog 2 November 2020 18: 46
    Can you release Die Amerikanisch Wochenschau about Afghanistan in 2020? ))
    1. Petrik66
      Petrik66 19 November 2020 13: 30
      Our valiant fighters, led by corporal Smith, disguised themselves so well that not only the enemies of the Taliban, but also their own command, led by Colonel Skunk, could find them only in the tent, three hours later. Our soldiers did not give the Taliban a chance to inflict damage and saved the US budget a lot of money. The Taliban prepared for battle for a long time, during the campaign they took down five pairs of sandals from the tires of the Soviet armored personnel carrier, ate ten cakes, using up their daily ration, and their commander Abdul Kabyr tore his trousers.