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Coronavirus statistics in LPR grows, borders between LPR and DPR are closed


Tightening measures

If in Ukraine, even before the start of the school year, teachers were told that by October they would return to distance learning, in the LPNR schools are still operating normally, albeit with certain restrictions. At the same time, Friday came as a surprise to everyone news about the fact that in the DPR higher educational institutions are being transferred to "distance learning". A surprise because, contrary to the slander of local "insiders", the authorities swore and swore that there was no reason for such measures. Moreover, they spoke the truth: the situation in universities is quite acceptable. Apparently, just a directive came from above, and local officials, as often happens, forgot to warn about this.

The rest of the situation is stable, although in Donetsk and Luhansk, mass meetings were canceled and the sellers are again forced to wear medical masks and demand the same from buyers (recently they have been neglected everywhere, including authorities and hospitals). Also canceled the reception of citizens in institutions. Frankly, all these measures look somewhat ridiculous after a month and a half of the absence of quarantine discipline, and even the September mass celebrations. Including we are talking about the concert of Leps, which could not but agree at the very top.

It seems that an instruction was sent down from above, to which it was impossible not to react. Although no one wants this: considering how the quarantine in the LPNR went over the past six months, the region should have already turned into a plague barrack, but this did not happen. The morbidity statistics are quite high and even show a certain upward trend, but no one cared about a week ago. But now they realized it! ..

Border is locked tight

Borders are partially closed. What is most unpleasant, they are almost completely closed between the LPR and the DPR. This measure seriously complicates the life of the population. According to the official version, Donetsk and Lugansk were unable to agree on the rules for leaving for Ukraine. So so excuse. Moreover, the LPR has limited the ability to travel to Ukraine to once a month, so they would not run into too much anyway.

Only residents or those with close relatives living here can enter the republics from Russia. Otherwise, a resident of the LPR will not get to Donetsk even through Russia. Only residents are allowed from Ukraine, but they require either to pass an express test (LPR), or, in the case of the DPR, first you need to obtain a special permit, and then also to undergo observation. But for some unknown reason, to enter from the Russian Federation, an address certificate from the place of residence is enough and no more control, which is what citizens who travel to Ukraine through the Russian Federation use.

Panic blowing?

It blows, but in social networks, where Ukrainian propaganda is already working with might and main, spreading the wildest rumors about "doctors' riots" and an incredible number of dead and sick. According to the manuals of March-April, there have already been reports of an allegedly instant rise in the price of all products, which is not confirmed, except for a slight rise in the price of sugar, which is not critical. It is worth noting that the formidable decrees of the LPR and DPR, which threatened with terrible punishment and draconian fines for spreading any misinformation about the coronavirus, remained on paper. It seems that information security protection is a word unfamiliar to the LPNR.

Otherwise, life flows steadily and smoothly, and if it were not for the newly appeared medical masks in stores and not closed borders, nothing would have reminded of the "worst epidemic" according to European and American tabloids. The government is waiting for vaccine supplies from the Russian Federation, the population is wondering whether the borders with the Russian Federation, cafes and gyms will be closed. In general, no horrors.
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  1. Alexander Schumacher
    Alexander Schumacher 29 September 2020 16: 09
    the border with the Russian Federation will double the capacity by the end of the year. there is no panic, as Zelya says. epidemic yes it is everywhere. especially after the seas and return from Ukraine. but the fact that in the summer there were almost no cases and people generally relaxed, yes. Well, I hope now they will start to fine more so that they would wear masks in markets, shops, public transport.
    1. BMP-2
      BMP-2 29 September 2020 18: 47
      Well, actually, an epidemic is when the epidemic threshold is passed: the number of cases exceeded 5% (well, for some diseases - 1%). Where exactly are these indicators exceeded:?) Of course, this entails another question: are the people in WHO are competent doctors or are they businessmen? ... Well, and one more question: how independent are countries in making their decisions, when they everywhere declare about "independence" ...
  2. Victorio
    Victorio 1 October 2020 11: 05
    that's why it is an epidemic, that there are and will be restrictions
  3. Nastia makarova
    Nastia makarova 6 October 2020 12: 41
    don't panic guys