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New Ghost 4 reconnaissance drone presented in the USA

New Ghost 4 reconnaissance drone presented in the USA

The US Army may be armed with another helicopter-type reconnaissance drone. According to NPlus1, the US company Anduril has unveiled the new Ghost 4 reconnaissance drone.

According to the developers, the new Ghost 4 reconnaissance drone is able to independently conduct reconnaissance of the terrain and notify the operator of the detected objects. In addition, it is possible to combine several drones of this type into one group, which will conduct reconnaissance and transmit information to one operator. Moreover, the number of drones in the group, as stated, is not limited.

The drone is made according to the classic helicopter scheme, the fuselage of the Ghost 4 resembles a rifle and is foldable. In working order, the length of the device is 2,7 meters, when folded - 1,1 meters, which allows it to be carried in a transport case. Width - 0,4 meters. The engine is electric, low-noise, the flight duration is up to 100 minutes.

The drone is equipped with modular reconnaissance systems. In addition to a unit with a stabilized electro-optical system, additional modules (laser designator, additional computing modules, communication systems) can be installed on it.

Preparing the drone for flight takes less than a minute. The device is taken out of the case, unfolds, activated and sent into flight.
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  1. The eye of the crying
    The eye of the crying 11 September 2020 12: 50 New
    How much does the charger weigh?
  2. Vadim237
    Vadim237 11 September 2020 14: 55 New
    To this and a grenade launcher of 8 kilograms, you can screw a small, silent juice for conducting semi-partisan hostilities.
    1. vVvAD
      vVvAD 11 September 2020 19: 41 New
      Will not pull. The Ghost is half the size and weighs 4 kilos. So Ghost4 is no more than 32 kg. And most likely even easier.