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The problem of the day to come: oncology in Russia


The purpose of this story is to tell about some of the processes taking place around us and with us. About one of the many schemes, daily, with impunity and with great appetite, implemented in our country by persons close to the authorities.

In December 2017, the IPT Group company, associated with the well-known entrepreneur Viktor Kharitonin, announced plans to create a network of radiosurgical centers.

Viktor Vladimirovich was going to allocate at least $ 210 million for the development of cancer centers in Russia.

The first such clinic, equipped with a gamma knife unit, was opened in the spring of 2018 in Obninsk. This clinic was supposed to become a pilot for the future network under the Gamma Clinic brand. It was planned that there will be 20 such institutions in ten years3.


The Gamma Knife radiosurgical unit is designed for the treatment of benign and malignant neoplasms in the head and neck area.

As of December 2017, 5 devices were operating in Russia, on which, in total, no more than three thousand operations are performed per year, although, according to the National Medical Research Center of the Ministry of Health, 35-40 thousand patients need treatment annually2.

Let's continue.

Investments in the project were planned to be attracted through ICO (Initial Coin Offering) with the help of its own cryptocurrency for the money of investors, benefactors and simply interested parties.

It was planned to start collecting funds through pre-ICO on 09.01.2018/2018/XNUMX, but the procedure had to be postponed to February-March XNUMX due to the appearance of a bill designed to regulate ICO in Russia3.

Against this background, the "Gamma Clinic" nevertheless took place, but the project did not work out with the rest of the clinics ...

Although it did not work out not so much in connection with the attempt to legislatively regulate ICO investments in Russia, but because of the fact that private clinics did not have access to federal quotas in 2017, the prospects for access to them in the near future, despite the application by Kharitonin efforts also remained vague.

Regional quotas for high-tech medical care are allocated to commercial clinics in isolated cases, and there is no need to count on a high effective demand or VHI4.

The lion's share of high-tech surveys is carried out precisely due to the compulsory medical insurance quotas, that is, in fact, due to state funding.

The minimum cost of one operation using the "Gamma Knife" installation in combination with a minimum of consultations at the clinic in Obninsk is 238 rubles5.

This is without taking into account all the necessary tests and the cost of each day of hospitalization. On the good, in the complex it will all cost one patient at least 350 rubles. And this is only if everything works out for the patient PERFECTLY !!

As mentioned above, the market size is 35-40 patients per year, that is, this is an opportunity STABLE development of about 14 billion rubles. in year.

In addition, according to the WHO recommendations, one should have at least one PET scan per 1 million population, respectively, Russia needs about 140 such devices.

And this is also an additional real prospect for the development of the project, and at the same time the prospect of developing an additional stream of budgetary money, but already directed not at providing assistance to patients, but at purchasing equipment!

There is no need to invent anything, suck out of the finger, etc., to prove to someone "above" the need to create PET centers. There are official WHO guidelines, and they can be used for the greater good of all stakeholders!

What's the beautiful! Money leaps right into your hands!

Accordingly, if you approach the issue correctly and secure government funding, there is a chance to hit a very worthy and, most importantly, very long-lasting jackpot.

The idea of ​​including the "Gamma Clinic" in this scheme turned out to be untenable. But do not throw such a fat piece to the ownerless!

How to make sure that the structure being created could pretend for state money in the field of healthcare and at the same time be a private organization with all the ensuing advantages for its owner?

Who seeks will always find!

Step 1.

At the beginning of 2018, MedInvestGroup Kharitonina bought out 50,01% of shares of the national chain with state participation PET-Technology from D-Med A. Tsarkov6.

Before moving on to further narration, it is necessary to make some "lyrical digression".

The company "PET-Technology" was founded in 2011, and the company almost immediately had a reliable and influential "patron" - Anatoly Chubais 7.

The problem of the day to come: oncology in Russia

It was he, for example, who helped the founder of PET Technology A. Tsarkov enter the project of creating a high-tech center for nuclear medicine on the basis of the Far Eastern Federal University.

She was engaged in PET-Technology and the creation of a high-tech medical center in Ufa. At the same time, Tsarkov himself successfully "mastered" budget funds with the help of his Hungarian company Proinvest. As the media wrote, due to the resale of medical equipment between Proinvest and PET-Technology, its cost for the medical center in Ufa increased 2,5 times compared to the purchase price.

Apparently, it is precisely such opportunities of the PET-Technology project, implemented by A. Tsarkov, that the head of Rusnano liked so much.

Rusnano as a state structure only at the initial stage(!) invested about 3 billion rubles in PET-Technology 8!

Chubais demanded rapid development and insisted on the construction of 100 centers in a few years. True, rapid development was not achieved; instead of 100 centers, only 5 opened in 8 years.

That, oddly enough, had no effect on the change in the volume of government funding!

That is, despite the fact that instead of 100 centers were built 8, they have mastered 3 billion rubles anyway!

Moreover, in 2016 Anatoly Chubais told Vladimir Putin that investments in the PET-Technology nuclear medicine centers network are one of the most successful state investments.

At the same time, they say that Chubais almost at every meeting with the heads of the regions suggested that they develop PET diagnostics in the region.

Still, given the fact that more than 90% of the services of such centers today are paid for by the compulsory medical insurance 9!

Thus, at the beginning of 2018, following the acquisition from A. Tsarkov's structures of 50,01% of shares in PET-Technology from V. Kharitonin's MedInvestGroup, there was an opportunity to take part in the development of budgetary flows in health care directed to the treatment of cancer patients.

Let's continue.

Step 2.

Further, in July 2018, Rusnano unexpectedly withdrew from the project of the federal network of nuclear medicine centers PET-Technology: it also sold its 49,9% stake to V. Kharitonin's Pharmstandard, as a result of which Kharitonin was in the first half of 2 received full control over the entire PET-Technology network 10.

With the withdrawal of Rusnano from participation in PET-Technology, there was a risk of loss of state participation in the project with the transition of the status of PET-Technology to the level of private clinics with all the ensuing negative consequences in the form of inaccessibility of budget funds.

The way out was found.

The network will retain the status of an enterprise with state participation in order to gain access to budgetary flows of compulsory medical insurance instead of Rusnano, under the guise of interest in the Rosatom project, which offers its own cyclotrons instead of foreign ones. 11.

But maybe it's okay?

Maybe these are just some internal ups and downs of business that have a right to exist and do not affect the provision of real medical care to the citizens of our country?

However, unfortunately, all the previous activity of Kharitonin structures suggests the opposite.

Kharitonin's already long and fruitful relationship with the odious married couple Khristenko and Golikova makes us think about a lot and begin to suspect something. And then it turns out that you don't have to go far to find specific examples.

Pharmaceutical activities:

- Arbidol: a favorite brainchild of Pharmstandard, owned by V. Kharitonin (do you need comments?);
- ZhGV (live influenza vaccine): FSUE NPO Microgen, which was once headed by businessman Lev Grigoriev, married to the sister of Kharitonin's wife 12... (Everyone remembers the information campaign organized by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, which was then led by Golikova, with calls for almost forced vaccination? Perhaps there is no need to remind about the quality of this vaccine?);
- "Diaskintest", designed, thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, to replace the Mantoux tuberculin test. At the same time, according to the studies, "Diaskintest" does not show a positive result in 30% of children with active tuberculosis 13.

And this is only an active form of tuberculosis, but what can we say about latent forms!

Please note: this is only what lies on the surface!

The medicine for which the aforementioned gentleman has worked so hard.

A specific example from the distant 2011, but since the scandal was serious, there were a lot of discussions, and we will push off from it. Moreover, it has not become better over the past years.

November 2011 On a referral from the RCCH, a mother and a five-year-old girl come to Clinic 31 to exclude a fungal infection. The cost of an initial doctor's appointment is 6 rubles. (for a minute, this is 000). The cost of analyzes is about the same.

Based on the results of the analyzes received, the woman “professor” issues a conclusion: “Fungal infection of the blood”.

It was an official conclusion! What are the ICD-10, what clear formulations! What are you speaking about?

Okay, God bless her, with the wording, but translated into adequate medical terminology, the "professor" diagnosed "Fungal sepsis"!

Fungal sepsis is a very serious infection, in terms of resistance and mortality it can not be compared with bacterial sepsis!

I will not tell further ups and downs, of course, the girl did not have any “fungal infection of the blood”. It was the usual "money-for-money". It was just lucky that the girl’s mother was also a doctor and was not a timid dozen. She promptly explained to the “professor” what was happening and what was the level of her qualifications, despite all the regalia.

But in the place of this mother there could be someone who is neither ear nor snout in medicine.

Do you think any measures have been taken by the clinic? If you think so, then you are deeply mistaken. The “Professor” continued her “highly professional” activities in the clinic for the benefit of the founders ’pocket.

In order for the picture to finally take shape, one can mention TZMOI, "Tyumen plant of medical equipment and instruments", which was founded in 1962.

TZMOI was (until 2017) a leading Russian manufacturer of medical equipment. Products manufactured by the plant were included in the list of the most important and vital medical equipment.

In 2017, at the enterprise with the knowledge of Kharitonin, instead of manufacturing domestic equipment (hello to import substitution), they began to buy medical equipment in China: they changed the marking at the factory, forged documentation and sold equipment under their own brand.

All this was documented in such a way that the products could not only participate in tenders, but also win, first of all, as DOMESTIC EQUIPMENT.

Chinese counterfeit products have always been significantly cheaper, giving them a competitive advantage in procurement. It was often chosen because of its low price.

But then buyers started to face serious problems. For example, if we are talking about Chinese sterilizers, then temperature failures often occur with them. And this technical oversight poses a threat to the life and health of both patients and medical personnel!

According to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the equipment could harm the life and health of people, since it did not provide (!!!) effective sterilization of biological waste 14,15.

The whole scheme was implemented in the interests of Viktor Kharitonin.

At the same time, the leaders of TZMOI deliberately completely destroyed their own production, about 300 plant employees were fired, most of them are highly qualified specialists (hello to import substitution again!).

Please note that this is 2017, when import substitution as a priority of state policy and the country's indisputable success in this area are already being trumpeted at all corners!

This scheme had and has not only local consequences for TZMOI itself, but also at least regional, and, in a good way, federal ones: the scheme cut off from the market those who were engaged in the production of such medical equipment in the Russian Federation.

"Cut off" often means: led to the destruction of the enterprise. Naturally, not without profit for Kharitonin 16.


1. The own Russian production of one of the leading manufacturers of the most important and vital medical equipment in the country was destroyed.

2. Dismissed highly qualified specialists.

2. The negative consequences of the federal level for real manufacturers of similar medical equipment in Russia,

3. Threats to the life and health of hundreds, if not thousands of patients and doctors (not to mention other medical personnel) throughout Russia, where counterfeit products of TZMOI were supplied.

If the money earned from this fraud went to the acquisition of the Nürburgring by Kharitonin, then this is a worthy, I must say, ring on the oligarch's finger.

Now back to the subject of our discussion and continue.

How can one "steal" the money allocated from the compulsory medical insurance, telling, probably, is not necessary, right?

The Russian media wrote a lot about such scandals, in which fake documents about alleged examinations appeared, and much more.

According to the results of a brief review of the activities of citizen Kharitonin, as well as the scheme for the creation and subsequent acquisition of the federal network of nuclear medicine centers PET Technology, does anyone still doubt the purpose of Kharitonin’s acquisition of this asset?

Does anyone still have doubts about the future prospects of the oncological service in Russia, aimed at real help to patients, and not “imprisoned” under the commercial interests of the “owners of life”?

We examined the situation in more or less detail only in one of the directions - oncology.

And how many more such obese niches for a very select circle of close persons only in health care, not to mention everything else?

Surely, each of you can, by the experience of your activity, name more than one or two!

As a result, we have that under the guise of providing citizens with high-tech medical care under state cover, draped with slogans of caring for citizens, colossal budget sums are being withdrawn from the country and redistributed to private pockets.

And this is the only real purpose of the existence of PET Technology in the form in which this structure exists today.

At the same time, to be honest, the government, the president, and the deputies with senators are not only well aware of this, but they themselves, to the best of their ability and ability, take an active part in this.

At the same time, for some reason, the state does not have real money, and not miserable handouts, to help citizens in the current situation with the consequences of forced self-isolation against the background of COVID-19.

For the sake of saving the budget, which in its intact form should flow into the happy private pockets of especially close ones, a regime of "self-isolation" was introduced in the country, and not an emergency.

Sobyanin tells Muscovites that his "budget will crack", but at the same time he does not forget to lay the tiles on a grand scale.

Moreover, in these conditions, the authorities began to engage in extortions from citizens, trying to replenish their budget through a variety of fines!

I don't even mention the need to abolish taxes, rent payments, utility bills, loan payments for the period of emergency (self-isolation)!

Indeed, today in this country there is new oil for the rulers and their people!

Apparently, even in spite of what is happening in Khabarovsk, the authorities and their entourage feel so completely safe that they take this state of affairs for granted, and the citizens of the country are so incapable of real resistance that they consider them nothing more than amorphous biomass, the only purpose of which is to resignedly provide a well-fed and carefree life for a narrow circle of the elite.

But the fact is that the people against the background of the constantly growing appetites of the "elites", moreover, coupled with humiliating and destructive measures to ensure "self-isolation" and sweeping its consequences under the carpet, as well as the absolute indifference of the "guarantor" to everything that happens, is rapidly becoming impoverished and becomes embittered, and then goes berserk, because many already simply have nothing to lose.

In this situation, one has only to wonder that none of those who benefit from the upheavals in Russia have thought of using, for example, hopeless cancer patients in their own interests. Like stuff with nothing to lose.

Maybe? Quite. Theoretically, from the point of view of the average person, at the moment there are all the prerequisites for such a development of events.

Although, on the other hand, our "elites" can be so confident in themselves today precisely due to the fact that earlier, perhaps, terrorist attacks in the country occurred only when the current government needed it.

And they actually have everything under control and under control. "Ryazan sugar", too, cannot be discounted!

But even so, there is a considerable risk of miscalculation!

Materials used:
9) Ibid.
16) Ibid.
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  1. iouris
    iouris 24 August 2020 12: 05
    Chubais has oncology?
    1. Kronos
      Kronos 24 August 2020 12: 14
      There is no oncology in the country where the Chubais graze.
      1. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
        Andrei from Chelyabinsk 24 August 2020 13: 19
        Quote: Kronos
        No oncology in the country

        Everything is correct. With Chubais as cancer cells
 24 August 2020 14: 40
          not that I like Chubais, but we have to think sensibly - 3 billion rubles. even for 8 clinics - this is an investment under 40 million rubles for a clinic, including construction, equipment, personnel ...
          And only one "Gammanozh" costs about 0,8-1 million greens! THOSE. one device in the clinic is already worth twice the investment "from Chubais". So, I personally do not see a strong overspending and "stealing" of state funds.
          Another thing is that this whole Jesuit scheme for transferring state clinics to private hands is bad!
          It would seem, why is it necessary to give quotas for treatment of citizens only to state clinics?
          Strengthen control over the results of treatment / spending on quotas and forward.
          It's dull like this.
          1. Vadim237
            Vadim237 24 August 2020 16: 42
            It's just that the author mixed everything in a bunch again - and the question immediately arises: what, apart from these 8 centers with Gammanozh equipment, have not been created in Russia for all this time on the basis of other hospitals and medical centers.
          2. exalibor
            exalibor 24 August 2020 16: 48
            not that I like Chubais, but we have to think sensibly - 3 billion rubles. even for 8 clinics - this is an investment under 40 million rubles for a clinic, including construction, equipment, personnel ...

            something is wrong with mathematics ... 8 clinics for 3 billion is 375 million for one clinic for not 40 million - and this is already excuse the money ... there you can even put 3 such devices instead of 1 on the clinic
     24 August 2020 22: 01
              Yes, I studied mathematics, but forgot arithmetic. Sorry! ))
              But, 375 million rubles, this is also just 5 bucks lemons. If the device costs 1 million, and there are 3-5 of them in a normal clinic, it is also not cheap.
              1. Civil
                Civil 25 August 2020 11: 07
                Quote: Kronos
                There is no oncology in the country where the Chubais graze.

                What do you want like in Ukraine?
                Would it be better if given to pensioners?
                Did the bonehead write an article?
                And other excellent comments of commercial patriots on the article.

                PS. It's time to understand that cancer patients, like pensioners with disabled people, are a burden and an unprofitable investment of money, therefore they are actively optimized.
          3. bandabas
            bandabas 24 August 2020 17: 57
            A little to the side. But, on the nose the 1st of September. Remember, a couple of years ago, with pathos, the guarantor was presented with a school tablet with worthless characteristics and an insane price. The funds were mastered, the money was grabbed. There are no guilty ones. And, with medicine, everything is much more serious and expensive. And, Red will survive everyone.
            1. Grandfather
              Grandfather 24 August 2020 18: 50
              The problem of the day to come: oncology in Russia
              redhead oncology ... metastases across the country.
              1. Arkady Gaidar
                Arkady Gaidar 24 August 2020 23: 56
                Grandpa! Here is the answer:


                It remains to apply laughing
  2. rocket757
    rocket757 24 August 2020 12: 14
    If the "red devil" appears, you need to run, at least bypass it, because there is no incense that could scare him away, not hoping to poison him at all !!!
    1. aleksejkabanets
      aleksejkabanets 24 August 2020 12: 31
      Quote: rocket757
      there is no incense that could at least scare him away

      Frankincense, in the form of a felling or a tie, like Krasnov, of course exists, but the trouble is that Chubais is one of the architects of our present state. In addition, a friend of the guarantor, and the guarantor, as you know, does not give up his own. Yes, it's just Chubais, or what? There, in power, "Chubais sits on Chubais and drives Chubais."
    2. Same lech
      Same lech 24 August 2020 12: 38
      I join ... please do not show Chubais on VO ... he is a toxic person and he does not cause anything but dislike and mistrust.
    3. Svarog
      Svarog 24 August 2020 12: 43
      Quote: rocket757
      If the "red devil" appears, you need to run, at least bypass it, because there is no incense that could scare him away, not hoping to poison him at all !!!

      When Chubais finds himself in the felling, then it will be possible to say that something in the state is changing for the better ... The robbers inflate prices by 2,5 times .. and this is in a single narrow industry, but what if we estimate it across the country? The scale is catastrophic, it’s amazing how they haven’t devoured everything yet .. this is what a huge margin of safety we have. But I am sure that this supply will soon be exhausted.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 24 August 2020 13: 07
        Quote: Svarog
        When Chubais finds himself in the felling, then

        Not in this coordinate system, not in this SYSTEM!
        Unfortunately, while this is so ... while the country, the people, will remain in suspended animation.
        1. Pereira
          Pereira 24 August 2020 15: 57
          Chubais will live forever.
      2. Varyag71
        Varyag71 24 August 2020 13: 48
        kremlebots very much bypass any mention of Chubais.
        1. Pereira
          Pereira 24 August 2020 16: 01
          Of course. A lot of people are hiding behind Chubais's back. And everyone is constantly thinking how to benefit us.
          You name one last name and you have to name the second, the third ... Do the Kremlin bots need it? It is important for them, delighted with the next peremogi, to throw up their cap.
    4. Kefir
      Kefir 24 August 2020 18: 42
      Quote: rocket757
      If the "red devil" appears, you need to run, at least bypass it, because there is no incense that could scare him away, not hoping to poison him at all !!!

      Victor you are right ..! Any "know-how" in Russia should be checked if there is a redhead or not .. angry
      Difficult, but possible! He’s still a rogue Russophobe who has already stuck into the body of Russia and cannot be pulled out without a scalpel .. He is alive and has serious support.

      Well, as they say, sooner or later the ball will untie ...
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 25 August 2020 06: 29
        Quote: Kefir
        Well, as they say, sooner or later the ball will untie ...

        That "devil" has a sensual nature ... he always feels with his fifth point when it is necessary to shed ...
  3. the finish
    the finish 24 August 2020 12: 20
    You can congratulate! Today my son entered the residency program at the M. Tsyba in Obninsk for radiation therapy!
    1. The leader of the Redskins
      The leader of the Redskins 24 August 2020 12: 39
      May God grant him recovery. In our family, my wife no longer has parents. Although they were still young.
      My mother-in-law had stomach cancer. "Burned out" in a month. She refused treatment. The physician herself was, she understood that it was too late ...
      Father-in-law fought for about six months. Lung cancer. Chemotherapy, radiation, but ...
      It frightens that this is not only a problem of Russia, but also of its neighbors. Almost the whole world.
      1. the finish
        the finish 24 August 2020 12: 44
        You misunderstood! He is not sick (tu-tuu-tu), he entered to continue his studies as a radiotherapist (radiation therapy). Once upon a time, the devices have a gamma knife, a cyber knife, a proton accelerator, etc.
      2. Svarog
        Svarog 24 August 2020 12: 50
        Quote: Leader of the Redskins
        It frightens that this is not only a problem of Russia, but also of its neighbors. Almost the whole world.

        My father and mother both died of oncology, my wife's mother died .. if you look around your surroundings, 80 percent of this infection die .. Yes, it is badly treatable .. So at least people were not tortured before death .. you, those who try to fight and resist go through several circles of hell in our medical institutions .. What is the issue with painkillers ..
        But as we can see, on this huge mountain there are a lot of people who want to warm their hands ...
        1. BAI
          BAI 24 August 2020 13: 28
          Yes, it does not respond well to treatment ..

          Everything is treated at an early stage. On my own experience I passed. The main thing is to identify in a timely manner and not to delay treatment, hoping that it is not oncology and m. additional examinations will give a different result.
          1. Krasnodar
            Krasnodar 24 August 2020 13: 55
            Quote: BAI
            Yes, it does not respond well to treatment ..

            Everything is treated at an early stage. On my own experience I passed. The main thing is to identify in a timely manner and not to delay treatment, hoping that it is not oncology and m. additional examinations will give a different result.

            Prevention is even better after 45. Once a year - ultrasound, better than MRI of potentially tumor-dangerous organs.
            1. Kefir
              Kefir 24 August 2020 18: 56
              Quote: Krasnodar
              Prevention is even better after 45. Once a year - ultrasound, better than MRI of potentially tumor-dangerous organs.

              Krasnodar, you are not a doctor, an intermediary for Israeli clinics .. Enough to advertise yourself! I remember, too, here in Israel, they invited the heart to heal .. But figs you, in Russia in the provinces, everything was brilliantly done by young vascular surgeons ..
              And cancer, including that of my relatives and friends, is treated and they live long afterwards ..
              So don't! negative
              1. Krasnodar
                Krasnodar 24 August 2020 18: 58
                Can an ultrasound scan with an MRI be done in Russia? lol
                And why should I offer myself to VO - tea is not a Forbes or Snob forum wink
      3. Ingvar 72
        Ingvar 72 24 August 2020 12: 52
        Quote: Leader of the Redskins
        Mother-in-law had stomach cancer

        It is with stomach cancer that cancer metastases at an early stage. Therefore, many people catch up late. request
        1. Krasnodar
          Krasnodar 24 August 2020 13: 56
          Quote: Ingvar 72
          Quote: Leader of the Redskins
          Mother-in-law had stomach cancer

          It is with stomach cancer that cancer metastases at an early stage. Therefore, many people catch up late. request

          Metastases are already the fourth stage. There is another danger in stomach and pancreatic cancer - they pass asymptomatically up to stage 3a. And then the trouble.
          1. Shahno
            Shahno 24 August 2020 13: 59
            There are markers .. More or less.
            Although - here's chest pain a marker for a heart attack. But only, there is still no system ... or it is expensive.
            1. Krasnodar
              Krasnodar 24 August 2020 14: 08
              Well, you just get up and go to get tested for CA 19-9 or CEA - what if you have pancreatic cancer (God forbid) ... laughing Even if you have money, will this come to your mind?
              1. Shahno
                Shahno 24 August 2020 14: 12
                Yes. In principle, I can imagine ... My wife, a former protein, was involved in protein interaction. We were like Curie ... laughing
                Ps. It was a pity for the money for graduate school and conferences ...
                Now, by the way, I got a good job with us. He is engaged in neurobiology.
                1. Krasnodar
                  Krasnodar 24 August 2020 14: 16
                  So you're in the subject - that's different. ))
                  Feel sorry for yourself or your wife spent on graduate school?
                  1. Shahno
                    Shahno 24 August 2020 14: 19
                    It was a pity for our efforts ... That helped a little. So, not intrusive. I translated that I was formulating ...
                    1. Krasnodar
                      Krasnodar 24 August 2020 14: 21
                      Neurobiology is promising! Children?
          2. Ingvar 72
            Ingvar 72 24 August 2020 15: 06
            Quote: Krasnodar
            Metastases are already the fourth stage

            The first father-in-law was buried a year and a half ago. The head of the oncology department explained exactly as I wrote. request
            1. Krasnodar
              Krasnodar 24 August 2020 15: 11
              It's about the education of doctors hi
    2. Kefir
      Kefir 24 August 2020 18: 50
      Quote: finish
      You can congratulate! Today my son entered the residency program at the M. Tsyba in Obninsk for radiation therapy!

      Congratulations from the bottom of my heart! I hope there will be a pro, we have doctors, young guys .. I experienced it myself !! God help him in this difficult profession! ..I envy you !!!!
      1. Krasnodar
        Krasnodar 24 August 2020 19: 00
        Why did you choose the nickname "heretic"? Or did you mean a fermented milk drink? Heh heh ...
  4. Greenwood
    Greenwood 24 August 2020 12: 26
    Well what can I say. This situation is a typical example of the manifestation of the very "stability" about which putriots often try. The funny thing is that it is possible to send this whole scheme of Kharitonin's enrichment to the prosecutor's office, only in response you will only see "no corpus delicti."
  5. Sergej1972
    Sergej1972 24 August 2020 12: 30
    Why are these last paragraphs? About the terrorist attacks and "Ryazan sugar"?
  6. Ingvar 72
    Ingvar 72 24 August 2020 12: 37
    "Optimistic" article. And the guarantor again does not know what the boyars are doing. In Togliatti oncology, the rate for gratitude to the doctor for the operation. I do not mind gratitude, but the tariff is too much. As well as the price in the church.
    In general, the growth of oncology is off the charts, only I have a dozen cases among my family and friends. No one at the top wants to delve into the reasons.
    1. Igoresha
      Igoresha 24 August 2020 12: 42
      in Kharkiv the same thing, 3 years ago an acquaintance paid in gratitude (in fact) UAH 3000, the doctor told her that "in fact, such an operation costs 5", a friend snapped "in general, I don't print money."
      1. Ingvar 72
        Ingvar 72 24 August 2020 13: 29
        The mother's roommate in the ward is patch 8000 (tariff 10), so she was openly told - not enough. The woman's daughter brought in another two thousand.
    2. Varyag71
      Varyag71 24 August 2020 14: 11
      It seems that oncology is deliberately gaining momentum. Many people benefit from it, including the FIU.
      1. Igoresha
        Igoresha 24 August 2020 15: 35
        annual examination for oncology as in Germany is necessary, as before fluorography, which has not been in my village since this year
        1. Vadim237
          Vadim237 24 August 2020 16: 46
          Only MRI can open oncology, of course, in conjunction with a good specialist in this field.
          1. Igoresha
            Igoresha 24 August 2020 17: 07
            then it is not realistic, people from villages will not run into cities, there will be kilometers of queues
          2. akunin
            akunin 25 August 2020 08: 57
            Quote: Vadim237
            Only MRI can open oncology

            you will not believe that a lot of things can be seen on an ordinary X-ray + classical tomography + fluoroscopy, CT gives excellent results and ultrasound has not been canceled by anyone (here a specialist is of great importance on ultrasound, more than on CT and MRI).
  7. avia12005
    avia12005 24 August 2020 12: 51
    How long does Chubais need to work so hard to get him jailed?
    1. pereselenec
      pereselenec 24 August 2020 18: 01
      Quote: avia12005
      How long does Chubais need to work so hard to get him jailed?

      Well, let's hope that after the amendments to the Constitution and gaining sovereignty, Putin will finally muster up the courage, if not to jail Chubais, then at least stop reassigning him, as he has been doing for 20 years.
  8. Asad
    Asad 24 August 2020 12: 55
    And I was cured of blood cancer fifteen years ago, God forbid anyone survive this!
  9. Shahno
    Shahno 24 August 2020 12: 59
    They say that it is nature itself that triggers the mechanism ...
    Apoptosis caused by the accumulation of mutations.
  10. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 24 August 2020 13: 01
    Everything that Rusnano touches turns into shit :(
    1. Shahno
      Shahno 24 August 2020 13: 07
      Yes, Silicon Valley did not work out ... Although once the potential and energy of Stanford and its graduates was enough ...
      It is clear that the "wallets" then pulled up. But who infected them?
  11. beeper
    beeper 24 August 2020 13: 04
    The topic is very close to me! recourse
    I sincerely wish all good people health and not get sick! yes
    It is a pity that the Chubais keep up everywhere ...
  12. Krasnodar
    Krasnodar 24 August 2020 13: 05
    The point is not in PETs, not in cutting and not in radiosurgery. The bottom line is that education, in which the session is held for money, and doctors, with rare exceptions who speak suck in English, which has long replaced Latin in medicine, will not be able to properly perform either the removal of metastasis with a gamma knife or detect it on a Positron Emission Tomograph. When they put things in order with medical education, then you can take on the "schemes". Before that - all empty concussion of air.
    1. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 24 August 2020 13: 15
      All this can be solved at the same time. But those in power have no desire. Why? I think they have such goals. In accordance with Hitler's plans "Ost". Both in circulation and in medicine these tendencies are observed. hi
      1. Krasnodar
        Krasnodar 24 August 2020 13: 20
        Does Hitler have to do with it? )) The country is working on cutting - some pieces of pie, some crumbs. He didn’t steal so “he himself is to blame for his poverty, he commanded a regiment for five years, he could steal (s)” Stole and got caught - also guilty. What got caught.
        And just to raise the salaries of teachers and imprison them for a bribe right away - no one thought about that. What for? Increased budget spending, etc. And so - rassalbon. And you don't need to strain hi
        1. Ingvar 72
          Ingvar 72 24 August 2020 13: 24
          Quote: Krasnodar
          Does Hitler have to do with it? )

          Despite the fact that what is happening almost completely corresponds to the plan "Ost". And I think this is not a coincidence.
          1. Krasnodar
            Krasnodar 24 August 2020 13: 28
            laughing yes, there are few evil people - Hitlers are straight, yeah lol There are a lot of thieves. That's the whole song)).
            1. Ingvar 72
              Ingvar 72 24 August 2020 13: 37
              Have you ever wondered why these thieves are still in positions and not on bunks? Have you ever wondered why all the good initiatives of the government in terms of health and education reforms ALWAYS lead to deterioration, and not to improvement? After all, if it were a series of random coincidences, then, according to the theory of probability, periodically there would be a good result of reforms. And the result is always a failure. And this can only be explained by the fact that the true goals are exactly those, and not those that are announced to us. wink
              1. Krasnodar
                Krasnodar 24 August 2020 13: 45
                Yes, because the performers think how to get something from this, and not how to do it correctly laughing Let's introduce Soviet education tomorrow - one of the best in the world! What will come of it - I'll tell you. Bickering will begin over tenders for sewing uniforms. In the sense - under whom to write it. Will we raise the salary of teachers? Let's raise. Accordingly, admission to the pedagogical faculty will become ... more expensive in terms of money. laughing And "prices per session" will rise. As a result, they are illiterate teachers and, apart from the form, nothing will resemble the Soviet education system. And textbooks. Which is also a tender. And the parents, as they hired tutors, will continue to hire them. Is this the plan? wink
                1. Shahno
                  Shahno 24 August 2020 13: 55
                  This is not a plan, this is a path. How is it at home?
                  Comparing. ...
                  1. Krasnodar
                    Krasnodar 24 August 2020 14: 04
                    Hello! It is clear that I am comparing laughing My three years old know two hundred words in English, and at the level of whale is an animal, spider is an insect, heron is a Bird, etc. )) In Hebrew, only Laila Tov Aba, Ze lo maspik and .... Zoe Aflaya laughing (Good night Dad, This is not enough and This is discrimination)
                    How is it at home? Hold on)).
  13. BAI
    BAI 24 August 2020 13: 26
    A few days ago I heard on the radio that the Gamma Clinic began non-surgical treatment for prostate cancer (at an early stage, of course).
    1. Krasnodar
      Krasnodar 24 August 2020 13: 32
      Radiosurgery for prostate cancer? In theory - why not - it's logical. Yesterday I read an article about radio frequency ablation of prostate cancer - good, proven results.
  14. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 24 August 2020 13: 55
    Apparently, it is precisely such opportunities of the PET-Technology project, implemented by A. Tsarkov, that the head of Rusnano liked so much.
    Ideas and projects are someone else's, and the redhead takes it under his wing, and then passes it off as the development of Rusnano. Here's a cleverly done one.
  15. Shadow041
    Shadow041 24 August 2020 16: 00
    The first thing to do to fight cancer in the Russian Federation is to expel the Chubais and other Russophobes from the territory of the Russian Federation. The second thing to do is to return to Soviet GOSTs in food production, stop poisoning the population of the country with poor quality products, with a lot of harmful chemicals, it's no secret that even the fat in sausage has been replaced with chemistry, which is not beneficial for human health ... In addition, it is necessary to introduce responsibility for the production of poor quality food and drugs, up to the death penalty. It is necessary to fight the causes of cancer, this will be the most effective way to fight it.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 24 August 2020 16: 49
      Healthy food will cost many times more - alas, not everyone can afford them. The most correct step would be to ban the import of palm oil into Russia, the fact that it causes cancer has already been proven.
      1. Bat039
        Bat039 25 August 2020 21: 06
        It is better to spend money on quality products, including for the state, than on cancer treatment, it will be cheaper and will improve the health of the population of the Russian Federation. By the way, for the production of low-quality medicines and food in much poorer countries than the Russian Federation, countries are prosecuted. For example, in Egypt, for the production of counterfeit drugs, they are simply executed, which is high time to do in the Russian Federation.
        1. mikstepanenko
          mikstepanenko 30 August 2020 15: 29
          You are completely right, the cause of the "epidemic" of oncology is in products. Not only in their quality, but also in changing the assortment. For Russia, this is a transition from black rye bread to white wheat, for Europe, a transition from white millet to wheat. And it is very important to reduce the share of fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet and increase the share of meat and canned products.
  16. nikvic46
    nikvic46 24 August 2020 16: 17
    I remember the words of my sister's husband (the surgeon). "Many surgeons, before approaching the table, would have to practice in the Skillful Hands circle. When he said this, I remembered how the famous surgeon Orkin shouted at the doctor in the corridor." He is 12 years old, and you cut his kidney. " Stalin's health care began to die, earlier than many believe. Gradually disappeared polyclinics. First of all, children's clinics. The qualifications of doctors decreased. And such doctors rushed into the 21st century. Due to a wrong diagnosis, only among my relatives, three people left for another world Apparently, in our country we cannot do without strictness.
  17. akunin
    akunin 25 August 2020 08: 39
    As mentioned above, the size of the market is 35–40 patients per year, that is, this is an opportunity for STABLE development of about 000 billion rubles. in year.
    where this health care began and ended. More or less quality medical care for cancer patients can be obtained only in capitals and large regional centers. qualified chemotherapy at the grassroots level is generally fantastic. paid treatment at the level
    one patient at least 350 rubles
    for a huge number of our citizens - the annual family budget.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 9 September 2020 10: 26
      That is, despite the fact that instead of 100 centers were built 8, they have mastered 3 billion rubles anyway!
      The author does not need to be driven -
      "The first nuclear medicine center was opened in North Ossetia on the basis of the republican oncological dispensary.

      The center is the 18th in the federal network of centers for diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases "PET-Technology".

      The total investment in the project is over 300 million rubles. The institution will receive its first patients in October this year. In total, the center will be able to receive more than 6000 patients annually.

      Until now, residents of the republic have traveled outside the republic for appropriate diagnostics. The service will be free of charge thanks to the compulsory medical insurance ".
  18. mikstepanenko
    mikstepanenko 29 August 2020 16: 17
    They knew how to treat oncology even in ancient China, Egypt, the Mayan civilization. Bitter almonds have been used to treat cancer. In 1830, an active active ingredient was isolated from bitter almonds, called amygdalin (similar to almonds). At the same time, its use for the treatment of cancer began. In 1841-42, a professor at the Moscow Imperial Medical Institute, Fyodor Ivanovich Inozemtsev, published reports on a number of cases of cancer treatment with amygdalin in scientific journals in Paris and Berlin. I read descriptions of about five, remember one. Woman, ovarian cancer with extensive metastases. And there was no ultrasound or X-ray yet, I felt it with my hands and determined that it was extensive - you can imagine what was there. Eleven years later, she was alive and led a normal life (that would be such a success for modern oncology).
    Amygdalin has been used to treat cancer for over a hundred years, and medical reference books of that time indicate its high effectiveness in treating cancer and the complete absence of side effects. In the 40s of the last century, its chemical formula was determined and metabolism in the body was investigated. A more convenient form of this active substance for medical use was found and named laetrile. Dozens of clinics in many countries operate using laetrile-based methods. The largest and most famous in Mexico in Tijuana. In 2002 (I have no more recent information) more than one hundred thousand people passed through these clinics. Treatment results are orders of magnitude better than traditional ones.
    The second effective active ingredient is pangamic acid (calcium pangamate). Like laetrile, in most cases it is able to cope with any form and stage of cancer. It is also effective for a variety of severe conditions caused by a variety of reasons. In 1968, a special commission under the USSR Ministry of Health recommended it for the widest possible use. Recommendations not implemented.
    Third. In 1931, Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize for his research in oncology. The practical application of his discovery translates into two families of cancer treatments. It is used in a number of clinics with high efficiency.
    I have now managed to get people out of oncology out of the six cases of cancer that I have conducted in five. All six were found to be hopeless, in one case at three clinics. And I myself am alive only thanks to this knowledge.
    Laetrile and pangamats cannot be found here, only from dealers. And there are falsifications, perhaps 100%. Bitter almonds or seeds of some (not all) types of apricot can be used as the ancient Egyptians. The raw material base is domestic, cheap and accessible.