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The new issue of Besogon: the correspondence “fight” between Mikhalkov and Gref was continued

The new issue of Besogon: the correspondence “fight” between Mikhalkov and Gref was continued

The new issue of Nikita Mikhalkov’s author’s program Besogon was aired. The author decided to name this issue as: “Both laughter and Gref”.

The program is dedicated to the education of the future, namely, how the education is seen by the head of Sberbank German Oskarovich Gref. Reflecting on this topic, Nikita Mikhalkov cites a statement by President Vladimir Putin in which he says that the authorities have no plans to transfer education completely to a digital, remote option.

The basis for the release of Besogon was an interview with the chairman of the board of Sberbank German Gref TASS. The correspondent asks Gref why he was so “disliked by Nikita Sergeevich Mikhalkov?” Gref: “I don’t know this, I need to ask Nikita Sergeevich. He used incorrect quotes. (...) A piece was taken out of context and presented as my point of view. "

The program provides one of Gref's quotes during the so-called panel discussion at the forum in St. Petersburg:

As soon as people understand their Self, they identify themselves, it will be extremely difficult to manage them. People do not want to be manipulated when they have knowledge. In the Jewish doctrine of Kabbalah, which brought science to life, it itself was a secret doctrine for 3 thousand years, since people understood what it was like to remove the veil from the eyes of millions of people, how to manage it. Any mass control implies an element of manipulation. How to manage such a society where everyone has equal access to information, where people can receive information not through analysts trained by governments, political scientists, but directly? ..

The following is a statement by Russian historian Yevgeny Spitsyn, which says that the Education 2030 strategy involves the creation of a “caste education” in the country.

The issue of Besogon, which shows the continuation of the correspondence "fight" between Mikhalkov and Gref:


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  1. 7,62x54
    7,62x54 16 July 2020 17: 57
    In July, in a sweater and with a scarf. Not otherwise shakes grandfather. It would be necessary to see a doctor.
    1. rotkiv04
      rotkiv04 16 July 2020 19: 20
      You should not talk about a person like that, even if he doesn’t impress you
      1. 7,62x54
        7,62x54 16 July 2020 21: 58
        Let him return to the treasury all the money that was spent on his mediocre films.
        1. awdrgy
          awdrgy 21 July 2020 10: 28
          It doesn't matter, they will still "master"))
      2. iouris
        iouris 18 July 2020 14: 18
        The point is not that Gref "does not like". "Gref" is a function, and this function is becoming more and more antisocial and anti-state, and what constitutes the content of a personality and its motives is, in essence, devilry. Security officers are turning into members of a totalitarian sect. The fact that he or under his official leadership is turning the assets of PAO SB into an asset of hostile forces is a matter of early consideration at the Security Council. Mikhalkov said about this and Gref will not be able to answer anything on the merits, because he acts like a demon. This whole line is aimed at virtualizing the state and the person. A developed, normal, healthy person cannot set such goals.
        1. The Siberian barber
          The Siberian barber 19 July 2020 04: 09
          One hundredfold agree!
          The same sensational working breakfast in Davos, more confirmation
          It is even difficult to imagine the size of the "jack" of these ghouls
    2. businessv
      businessv 16 July 2020 21: 51
      Quote: 7,62x54
      In July, in a sweater and with a scarf.

      You just misunderstood - this is a video with a presenter, which is not necessary to look at, it is better to listen to it! wink
      1. 7,62x54
        7,62x54 16 July 2020 21: 59
        He cannot say anything worthwhile. Why listen to him. He fulfills his role and soldering.
        1. businessv
          businessv 16 July 2020 22: 07
          Quote: 7,62x54
          Why listen to him.

          There is another option: do not listen and do not watch! hi
        2. ved_med12
          ved_med12 16 July 2020 22: 45
          He cannot say anything worthwhile. Why listen to him. He fulfills his role and soldering.

          about like you ...
          1. ved_med12
            ved_med12 16 July 2020 22: 46
            And yes, minus mine!
            1. Siberian
              Siberian 17 July 2020 07: 01
              I also work at work for a salary - I work out my "ration" and role (job responsibilities). And all the rest, is it somehow wrong? Even if you come and do measurements for plastic windows - the same thing.
        3. awdrgy
          awdrgy 21 July 2020 10: 37
          You are just inside your pyramid and this is understandable, work (service), but still Maybe it's worth looking at some things from a different angle. And among the rich people there are those who do not want their children to live in a world ruled by some kind of "muddy" guys
    3. Gnefredov
      Gnefredov 17 July 2020 00: 36
      This is not a jacket (jacket, the upper part of a women's suit) but a pullover. This is not a scarf but a muffler (it is normal to wear it in summer). Comfortable clothing for work in a cool room.
  2. Cyril G ...
    Cyril G ... 16 July 2020 18: 11
    Grandfather has an extremely sensitive nose, and always diligently hesitated with the party line. Now he is the Russian Patriot, and yesterday there was a cycle on Burnt by the Sun, the last parts of which are so simply sickening
    1. Thunderbringer
      Thunderbringer 16 July 2020 18: 17
      Just being a Russian patriot does not mean at all to be a communist.
      How do you not understand this.
      Probably, these Goblins, Yulins and other "historians" with their "anti-Soviet always Russophobe" fool you.
      Not always, and far away.
      1. Cyril G ...
        Cyril G ... 16 July 2020 18: 21
        Quote: Thunderbringer
        How do you not understand this.

        No, you don’t understand that the anti-adviser ALWAYS RUSOFOB
      2. Krasnoyarsk
        Krasnoyarsk 16 July 2020 18: 40
        Quote: Thunderbringer
        How do you not understand this.

        You are mistaken, we understand this. But you, like your Mikhalkov, can’t understand in any way, though it’s too late to understand that by aiming in the USSR, you will certainly get to Russia.
        What happened in the 90s. What did Russia get from the collapse of the USSR? Only negative!
    2. primala
      primala 17 July 2020 19: 30
      Quote: Cyril G ...
      Grandfather has an extremely sensitive nose, and always diligently hesitated with the party line. Now he is the Russian Patriot, and yesterday there was a cycle on Burnt by the Sun, the last parts of which are so simply sickening

      And you are wrong !!! Despite the fact that I am a supporter of my country, I can safely criticize. Question. Is this acceptable in Europe or America? NO!!! If in America (at least) blacks are in favor (it will not seem a little if the "pale-faced" rypnutsa), which is shown by recent events, then Europe is EXACTLY mired in the day of the Groundhog of Silence. NOBODY in Europe dares to say a word. Not about the work schedule, nor about social security. They give with one hand, take away with taxes with the other. And at the same time, they deceive the Europeans. And do not argue. I have excellent knowledge of Europe. Let them say thank you that Russia taught Europeans to wash. So ... although ... even today the clowns are still the same ...)))
      1. Plastmaster
        Plastmaster 21 July 2020 04: 08
        The nose is exactly in the wind. That letter to the drunk, that he is the savior of the fatherland, then break the drunken center. Either love for the current leader, then how can you live like this. So that the nose is in the wind. Sorry, but it's a family one. The clan lasted so many years ...
  3. Smirnoff
    Smirnoff 16 July 2020 18: 12
    Gives hypocrisy.
    1. Thunderbringer
      Thunderbringer 16 July 2020 18: 21
      Greater hypocrites than the Communists do not exist. So Mikhalkov is just a lamb against their background.
      1. Essex62
        Essex62 17 July 2020 17: 48
        The problem is that you, most likely, judge about communists by uncle siu and the majority of his party, by the Gorbachevites who betrayed the idea and repainted. Watch the movie "Eternal Call", there are real communists. This is not fiction, although it is a feature film, this is how everything happened in the country and that is how people were. There are real communists even now, although there are fewer and fewer of them. The bourgeois machine of reformatting consciousness has been thrashing for 30 years. This is a factor, a serious factor. To explain and convince a modern young person that the public is more important than the personal, that everyone is equal from birth, that personal well-being at any cost is immoral and inhuman is practically not real. The surrounding world of profit disfigured their consciousness. A simple example - everyone is already accustomed to such a phenomenon as homeless people. And they are absolutely indifferent to human misery. But most of these PEOPLE have been thrown out into the street from their homes by deception or force. Even if Vasya Bukharik loved his hut, he should not live on the street. The 21st century is outside, and a CITIZEN of Russia, with its great wealth, sleeps under the heating main. So the communists, in the conditions of devastation and hunger, the active part, the Civil War and after, gathered homeless children and gave them a start in life by dressing, feeding and teaching, they themselves went into the cold in scanty overcoats and, receiving a working ration, pressed counter.
        The hired director of a state-owned oil production company now receives a few lyamas a day and hell with whom to share. Feel the difference.
        And Nikita is just a weather vane. He was like that under the USSR.
  4. Old Horseradish
    Old Horseradish 16 July 2020 18: 29
    How many screams are there every day about the bad Anglo-Saxons, Americans, the world backstage. Well, congratulations, the main bank in Russia is ruled by their best friend, a shirt-guy, a simple Russian cabalist Gref. And who has money, he steers.
  5. demo
    demo 16 July 2020 19: 00
    I understand that it is completely hopeless to rely on the words of President Putin when he declares that "we have no plans to switch to distance learning, to replace human communication with a figure", as our counterpart has repeatedly, loudly, publicly spoke about the unacceptability of raising the retirement age , and about the inadmissibility of amending the Constitution for a specific person, but it looked, and it happened.
    When the phrase from Putin sounds that “we have no plans to completely replace it,” we must understand as follows:
    - we will leave some part, but insignificant.
    1. DED_peer_DED
      DED_peer_DED 16 July 2020 22: 03
      Quote: demo
      When the phrase from Putin sounds that “we have no plans to completely replace it,” we must understand as follows:

      certainly do otherwise than they promise.
    2. Svarog
      Svarog 16 July 2020 22: 11
      Quote: demo
      When the phrase from Putin sounds that “we have no plans to completely replace it,” we must understand as follows:

      You need to understand that the performance will be exactly the opposite, says that there will not be, then it will be.
    3. Eug
      Eug 17 July 2020 13: 49
      If it’s not a secret, what is the negative in distance learning? My son, 12 years old, is simply delighted - he copes with school assignments in a few minutes and searches the network for INTERESTING video lessons of the best teachers that are really interesting for him and much wider and deeper than the school curriculum. There are many such video lessons, and in all subjects, in chemistry and physics, even with a demonstration of experiments, which is fantastic for most schools today! (except for work and physical education, but here - and not only here - my area).
      1. demo
        demo 17 July 2020 16: 20
        My wife is an English teacher.
        Work experience 25 years.
        Her attitude to how a student tries to learn English through Skype is a set of profanity in Russian.
        Where the child and the teacher should be opposite each other, follow the articulation, explain the position of the lips, tongue, the length of the sounds and a bunch of other nuances (I'm not special), it doesn’t work through distance learning.
        Maybe your son is a super gifted boy. You are lucky.
        But the fact that your son, if he continues to study remotely, will no longer be involved in competitiveness, and this is one of the main incentives for learning, he will have to be very tight in a real, non-remote adult life.
        Suddenly he will realize that there are even more gifted, even more intelligent than he is.
        And then a character can be scrapped.
        He did not see people like him.
        With whom and with what to compare?
        I'm a little sorry for you.
        But since you gave a person life, it is only for you to answer for it. And you personally are responsible for the fate of your son.

        Read Makarenko.
        Maybe discover something new for yourself or learn the right one.
        1. Eug
          Eug 17 July 2020 16: 59
          You speak as if I put my son in a cage and forbid him to communicate with his peers. In fact, everything is somewhat different - teaching in distance groups allows teachers to select students more or less equal in knowledge (even from different parallel classes) into groups, and this only enhances the element of competition. Believe me, the nuances of phonetics can also be explained remotely, perhaps we are talking about different stages of language acquisition. So far, I see that the volume of acquired knowledge has grown, and the time for mastering it has decreased. And in terms of competitiveness and level assessment - there are a lot of tasks for Olympiads of various levels in the network with analysis of solutions and publication of results with a number of points, and from them you can quite realistically understand the level - I'm talking about mathematics, physics, chemistry. It is more difficult with languages ​​- especially with foreign ones, I agree here, but I don't see any unsolvable problems. And in the main principle Makarenko - educates the team, or "one for all, and all because of one" - I see more harm than good.
          1. Cyril G ...
            Cyril G ... 17 July 2020 17: 19
            Quote: Eug
            - brings up a team, or "one for all, and all because of one" - I see more harm than good.

            And will such a distantly trained individual live in society? And how to communicate? And with the opposite sex to find a common language with personal contact and not by Watsap? And a bunch of questions ....

            The trend is now concrete - you can’t drive children out into the street. I remember my childhood in the 80s. Grew up on the street in fact .... And now?
            1. Eug
              Eug 17 July 2020 17: 35
              There are fewer and fewer "collectives" in society now, the capitalists have clearly understood that the constant concentration of the masses of people, especially in production, should be avoided and follow this principle, and the way of development of society is now determined by them. Another thing is that everyone should understand - his personal freedom ends where the freedom of another person begins - but for this it is not at all necessary to be in a "collective", as well as for normal communication with the opposite sex. Distance learning does not at all negate joint walks, sports, visiting, etc. I don't see any problems in the fact that these companies are selected according to their interests, and not practically on a random basis - like collectives in most school classes, in the end each class is divided into groups whose opinion is not always uniform.
              1. demo
                demo 17 July 2020 18: 12
                Calmly, without excitement, think over my words.
                Life unfolds in such a way that, as a rule, an already established circle of interests, views, and assessments of events develops into the team into which one has to join (enter, etc.). And it is not a fact that the new one will find common ground with them right away.
                But after a while, in the absence of extreme antagonism, on the basis of the methods of solving such problems acquired in childhood / adolescence / youth, the newcomer finds his place in society.
                Only experience, personal experience gained as a result of repeated victories and defeats makes a person both flexible and unbending.
                Filtered external relations leads to one-sided development.
                My youth, and before that, youth and childhood passed precisely in such not hothouse conditions.
                An example for understanding.
                After serving in the USSR Armed Forces, I decided to go to work in the Far North.
                Glory to God was restored at the institute, transferred to the correspondence department, the family is not burdened, health is over the edge.
                I had to work in the city of Novy Urengoy.
                As a 3rd year student, I was offered to lead, for starters, a team of concrete carpenters.
                I did not mind. And he went to the personnel department to get acquainted with his future subordinates. More precisely with personal affairs.
                I came out of OK, to put it mildly, in a state close to a stupor.
                Of the 12 people whom I will begin to command tomorrow, 12 people had long terms in prison.
                And one of them served a total of 25 years.
                And I compared take off the kid green.
                Although I was already 24 years old.
                The youngest of the hard workers is 40 years old.
                I won’t talk for a long time, but first I found the key to the most respected person in their midst, and then he will build a certain line of our interaction with each other.
                Now, if I had studied remotely in my life, that very life, how would my future life be?
                In the sense, it would have developed in general.

                I do not seek to convince you.
                I do not seek to impose my point of view.
                I suggest just thinking.
                It’s such a life that it’s impossible to rewrite it.
                You need to do it once and correctly.
                Think. You know better.
                1. Cyril G ...
                  Cyril G ... 17 July 2020 18: 21
                  I can not agree with this point of view ...
                2. Eug
                  Eug 17 July 2020 18: 28
                  I sincerely respect your point of view and your life experience. But I do not deny the need for experience (both positive and negative) in various groups and make absolutely no effort to shield from this son. This communication is by no means distant, but a difference of interests. You, too, did not choose the social circle in the North yourself, but ended up in it because of the circumstances, but you managed to cope with these circumstances because you were ready to overcome these difficulties? I want to lay in my son not the amount of ready-made decisions, but the ability to resist unfavorably developing circumstances and turn them into my own and public good. How distance education is hindering this - I don’t see, it’s another matter that remote control imposes more problems and responsibilities on parents ..
      2. Plastmaster
        Plastmaster 21 July 2020 04: 20
        Some of you are definitely lucky. Either with my son or with dad. I will never ask about income, or about grandmothers, etc. if only all the boys, and parents with an extra salary. Classes, and grandmothers who would be taken to circles and sections, then snus, drug lords and brewers are dead. This is not a reproach, it is just a fact. My boys are engaged, I see both of them. Sometimes you really want a poor, smart little child to break off from a rich, genuine dunce. And with graf, nothing will break off for them. They will also take away the school.
      3. Siberian54
        Siberian54 10 August 2020 11: 34
        The granddaughter from my computer studied in the spring - there are no censorship words even for a bunch! one mate! Wasted time! sad
        1. Eug
          Eug 11 August 2020 07: 59
          I proceed from the fact that education from a computer is a reality that I cannot change. Therefore, you need to get the most useful from the remote control - for example, a demonstration of physical and chemical experiments and experiments. In almost two million Kharkiv, this is close to fantasy, in our rural school even more so, but on the Internet it is easy ...
  6. Nikolay87
    Nikolay87 16 July 2020 19: 16
    I see no reason to listen to Mikhalkov. Absolutely monotonous content designed for hurray-patriots. Read the comments, there are some rave reviews a la "Thank you Nikita Sergeevich for showing us who we should swear at and blame all the troubles at" fool
    1. demo
      demo 17 July 2020 07: 37
      What's the difference between a "patriot" and a "hurray-patriot"?
      If you think that enthusiastic patriotism borders on the indisputable approval of everything that is connected with the object of patriotism and this is bad, then I think that there is no big problem.
      We are, without any doubt, going to the march of the "Immortal Regiment"?
      Isn't this "hurray-patriotism"?
      Believers in God have a great holiday - Easter.
      This is the same kind of "hurray-patriotism"!
      What's the problem?

      My point of view is purely:
      Patriotism (with or without a prefix) is a normal manifestation of a sense of national self-awareness, a commonality of views, the correspondence of internal aspirations with external circumstances.
      But nationalism is already a hypertrophied sense of patriotism.
      When you do not see the positive features of other nationalities and peoples.
      And the final stage - Nazism - the belief that other nations and peoples are not worthy to be called the same people as we are.

      In Russia, today conditions are created only for the extreme manifestation of national identity.
      There is no state policy in the field of education of patriotism, due to the anti-people course of the ruling party and its president.

      And essentially Besogon.
      And what did Mikhalkov say that could cause "hurray-patriotic" cries?
      All in a calm manner, relying on facts, to refer to the opinions and points of view of specialists, with the provision of official documents.
      What's wrong?
      In essence, what was said is a person’s desire to draw attention to the problem, from his point of view, existing and topical.
      1. Nikolay87
        Nikolay87 17 July 2020 09: 26
        Since I went into details, I will have to answer in a detailed manner.
        Naturally, there is NO definition of cheers-patriotism.
        My point of view is purely:
        This is a derogatory expression in the common people addressed to those people who are led by various state law enforcement mass media, etc. People who do not want or are not able to critically evaluate. And from here comes the second problem, which is essentially Besogon.
        Mikhalkov does not conduct a comparative assessment, does not offer concrete solutions, but reduces all conclusions to the fact that this person is to blame. This personification of evil is clearly shown in the videos of Egor
        1. demo
          demo 17 July 2020 16: 10
          My point of view is purely:
          This is a derogatory expression in the common people addressed to those people who are led by various state media, etc.

          I understand your point of view, but I do not agree with her.
          Linguistically, the word "hurray-patriotism" means a noisy, enthusiastic manifestation of patriotic feelings.
          And nothing more.
          Some like it out loud, some quietly!
          I adhere to the rules of education - to show feelings, but not to annoy others.
          But I can attribute myself to those same people.
          But behind himself and in front of him, he did not notice either state or security media.
          I do not even know the meaning of the word - protective media.
          Our media, by definition, do not protect our state.
          At best, they preach an alien understanding of the world.
          Those. they are more harmful and destruction.
          But if you had in mind that the Russian media are preaching the policies pursued by the ruling party and its leader, then I agree with you 100%.
          The authorities clearly regulate everything that pours from the TV screens.
          And the fact that Mikhalkov was kicked out of TV only says that his point of view radically began to differ from Kremlin policy.
          1. Nikolay87
            Nikolay87 17 July 2020 20: 04
            In large offices, the neoconservatives try to get along with the liberal government. The first from the second need the ability to deal with the economy in a market direction, and the second from the first to control the masses with help, the quote "national idea - patriotism", because if it were not for this idea the rabid crowd would have devoured our effective managers long ago.
            Therefore, the periodic pushing of one on the other is nothing more than an ordinary hype on the problems of the country.
            1. demo
              demo 17 July 2020 20: 15
              For the most part, you are right.
              It makes me sick to make patriotism a "national idea".
              Patriotism is not an idea. This is a worldview.
              And an idea is a goal. Where and why are we going.
              Well, is it not stupid to suggest going to patriotism?
              Then the path to communism will be shorter.
              Absolute bone thinking is in power. And she probably voiced it so that the population would have more likely to clear the fog in their heads.
          2. NordUral
            NordUral 18 July 2020 15: 52
            And the fact that Mikhalkov was kicked out of TV only says that his point of view radically began to differ from Kremlin policy.

            If so, but alas, far from it.
            1. demo
              demo 18 July 2020 17: 10
              Or is it your personal feelings?
              1. NordUral
                NordUral 18 July 2020 18: 42
                Why personal, just a conclusion after his statements.
  7. stasasv45
    stasasv45 16 July 2020 19: 22
    What a blow, not a review!
  8. Cyril G ...
    Cyril G ... 16 July 2020 19: 37
    Quote: urfjdoos
    They didn’t need him.

    It is necessary at least because of access to normal education, and career opportunities. The availability of medicine is not comparable to that for peasants and workers in Tsarist times. You just don’t know much about the Russian Empire. And therefore, the Red Army fought better than the army of Tsar Nicholas No. 2 and won ...
    1. Cyril G ...
      Cyril G ... 16 July 2020 20: 13
      But the first world war and nafig was not needed, as indeed Russian-Japanese. They did not understand why and why they were fighting.
  9. Fedorovich
    Fedorovich 16 July 2020 21: 26
    Can someone please explain what he is carrying? Or are there not demons, but green devils?
    1. NordUral
      NordUral 18 July 2020 15: 49
      Fedorovich, are you talking about Gref?
      1. Fedorovich
        Fedorovich 19 July 2020 17: 18
        Gref at least silently spoils, but this one will not shut up in any way.
        1. NordUral
          NordUral 19 July 2020 18: 58
          This is his family name. In his films, he showed himself well. He played himself almost everywhere. And Gref is still that talker, he only knows where you can open your mouth.
    BLADFROST 16 July 2020 21: 48
    Gref is a demon! Besogon definitely drives him, horror! Sber in the furnace!
  11. primala
    primala 17 July 2020 18: 16
    Nikita Sergeevich speaks on behalf of the thinking people of Russia. Respect him !!!
    Everything is laid out correctly.
  12. iouris
    iouris 17 July 2020 20: 22
    Gref played too much or played with Gref. This is already the embodiment of some super-idea alien to me, a hyperman destroying the "Russian world" as an absolute evil. Or crazy. A constitutional amendment or some "real politician" is able to stop and reverse this, or will it destroy us?
  13. NordUral
    NordUral 18 July 2020 15: 42
    Nikita keeps his nose to the wind. About Gref I can only say that the sooner he disappears from the financial horizon, and indeed from Russia in general, the cleaner the air in the country will be, at least a little.
  14. nikvic46
    nikvic46 20 July 2020 15: 02
    I respect Mikhalkov as a director. I love listening to the National Assembly. It is clear that he is worried about our situation in education. I just do not agree to distinguish Gref from all other entrepreneurs. We must remember that the essence of the government of each state is to protect the ruling class. In social the state of the proletariat, in the capital state of the bourgeoisie. And that's all.
    1. iouris
      iouris 25 July 2020 16: 04
      The proletarian party sometimes has two programs: a minimum program and a maximum program (if you are talking about that). The question is: is there a party that implements them. I doubt very much. In the absence of such a party, one has to speak out in favor of implementing the minimum program. With communist greetings, yours ... etc.
  15. Dedok
    Dedok 4 August 2020 11: 17
    M-yeah ...
    Remember the paraphrased American adage about nepotism?
    "Beloved land - we hear itching,
    three Mikhalkov crawling over you ... "
    About "nose down the wind" is a characteristic of all elites: yesterday, today, tomorrow.
    The reasons for this behavior - a keen foresight of the fact that he and his descendants - do not fall into the number of the chosen ones of the future, both of our country and the world as a whole.

    And on the very question of EDUCATION - why are there few responses?
    The question is extremely important for you and me.
    Why D.A.M. signed the Bologna Convention?

    What will happen to our grandchildren? - who will they be forced to be? after all, they will not even suspect about some kind of "social elevators". search engines will be disabled from searching for such questions.
    What kind of future do the Greeks build for our grandchildren?
  16. jurijsv
    jurijsv 16 August 2020 19: 30
    Gref, of course, is a vile and cynical person. The question is why people like him, Chubais and other abomination that hate Russia are at the helm