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Named the cost of using the National Guard in Washington during the protests


The US budget spent on the introduction of the National Guard in the capital to suppress the protests amounted to $ 21 million. This figure shows the situation on Friday and does not include the costs of law enforcement, which at that time were already in place.

This publication was published by Daily Beast by a representative of the US National Guard.

In the calculation, the costs of deploying units from 12 states in the metropolitan area of ​​Columbia were taken into account. Their task was to suppress the riots.

More than $ 18 million of the total amount was allocated to pay salaries and allowances to law enforcement officers. Almost 3 million went to other expenses, including transportation and housing. At the same time, the total estimated amount does not include the costs of aircraft that delivered the National Guard from other states to the District of Columbia. It also does not take into account the costs of other law enforcement units that were sent to the capital to fight protests.

According to Attorney General Bill Barr, the operation in the District of Columbia involved all the major services that are part of the Department of Justice, including the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Prison Bureau and the US Marshals Service.

Riots broke out in the US capital and several states after the murder of black man George Floyd by police in Minneapolis. Trump's decision to suppress the protests by force was criticized not only by the Democrats, but also by the Republicans.

Now in the USA, a new wave of protests began after the next killing of a black man by police.
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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 14 June 2020 13: 39
    Question ... And what is the result? Where is the result?
    1. Laksamana besar
      Laksamana besar 14 June 2020 13: 48
      Putin announced the result of unrest in the United States smile :
      “The president says:“ It is necessary to do such and such, ”and local governors say:“ Let’s go away, ”Putin said on the air of the next issue of the program“ Moscow. Kremlin. Putin "on the channel" Russia 1 ".
      1. Sancho_SP
        Sancho_SP 14 June 2020 13: 53
        Well, that's right. The governor is elected by the people of a particular state, and in this particular state his order is more important than the order of the president, who was elected mainly by other states.
        1. rocket757
          rocket757 14 June 2020 14: 25
          It’s difficult, dumb, but it’s possible, probably. This is their business.
          1. Shurik70
            Shurik70 14 June 2020 16: 14
            $ 21 billion? !!
            Come on ...
            Throughout the country, the National Guard, call on reservists, the cops are not allowed on vacation. And this is against the backdrop of an epic crisis.
            Undervalued every five
            1. Lelek
              Lelek 14 June 2020 22: 52
              Quote: Shurik70
              And this is against the backdrop of an epic crisis.

              I'll get it in if you don't mind. The crisis is really fraught. Against the backdrop of the pandemic and Washington’s inability to stop the mess in a country that is aggravating every day, this internal crisis could escalate into a global crisis due to the collapse of the dollar. S. Roach warns about this with his forecast:
        2. Mitroha
          Mitroha 14 June 2020 15: 16
          amounted to 21 million dollars

          They counted belay . As our officials are direct. $ 21 million, but nothing is included. But in general? Well ... $ 70-120 million. And exactly? ... I think $ 300 million. that's enough. Preferably per day repeat
          1. rocket757
            rocket757 14 June 2020 16: 41
            Here's the garlic ... yes the drum, how much it costs, it's their business.
            One will be interesting to see what and when the RESULT will be.
            1. vargo
              vargo 14 June 2020 17: 59
              If the drum, then how did you end up in this article? So you are cunning. Probably just expected a sum of more
              1. rocket757
                rocket757 14 June 2020 18: 32
                Do not tell my horseshoes, only the end result is interesting and not in monetary terms, because I can print a lot, for now. But whoever enters the oval office there is interesting ... although, again, well, it doesn’t matter.
                For us, nothing will change.
                1. vargo
                  vargo 14 June 2020 22: 54
                  Previously, nothing has changed, I agree, but now, no matter what the candidate, it is not clear to which mess he will lead there. Unfortunately, the mess there still affects us.
                  1. rocket757
                    rocket757 14 June 2020 23: 24
                    The state is large, strong, important, it is desirable to know what exactly to expect from them!
                    Nothing good, it’s understandable, but in what specific direction, everything depends on the upper face.
                    In short, the RIDDLE!
        3. Sergej1972
          Sergej1972 14 June 2020 15: 46
          Not more important. The president and the governor have their own powers. On matters within the competence of the federation, no American governor has the right to make any decisions. The mayor in the city within the state has his own powers. Here is the Governor of New York recently criticized the mayor of New York City. But he cannot be removed from office. By the way, not all cities in the United States mayors are elected by the population. There are different systems. And in some cities there are no mayors as such. Popularly elected mayors in some cities are simultaneously chairmen of the city council, while in others the principle of separation of representative and executive powers, both at the federal and state levels, operates. It all depends on the specific local specifics.
        4. Andobor
          Andobor 14 June 2020 18: 42
          The Americans fought for 4 years, for where the main steering wheel is, and not for the liberation of blacks - this is not even a third question. Offering a new one - I do not mind.
          1. mojohed2012
            mojohed2012 15 June 2020 08: 57
            I fully support that in the 60s of the XIX century, what is now - the civil war (or its vestibule today) is nothing more than a struggle only for power. If someone had already won and took power firmly, the black riot would have been drowned in blood without ceremony! While black warlords on the streets observe chaos, kneel white, demand $ 10 (racket under threat of violence) from each white at every next moment of time, make black feet wash, force and threaten networks to push the white community into the black channel protest is only a maneuver.
            If Biden wins, then the black protest will either disappear, or he will be washed away with the blood of the patriots, declaring this a battle for democracy and the legacy of the founding fathers. And no LGBT, Feminists, Antifa with BLM assault rifles will help, the National Guard and the army will shoot anyone under a solid order from above with a firm order from above - violation of self-isolation or any other reason - it is better that it is more - less hypocritical, then it definitely does!
    2. Mountain shooter
      Mountain shooter 14 June 2020 14: 31
      Quote: rocket757
      Question ... And what is the result? Where is the result

      And please voice the loss of looted stores? And insurance payments for them, and burnt buildings and cars ... The US National Guard is a militia run by a state governor. Which occasionally undergo training at the training camps, and cannot be compared with the regular troops ... Of course, they can against the crowd ... But no one really gave the order ...
      1. bubalik
        bubalik 14 June 2020 14: 47
        ,,, I do not know how the insurance system works there, but I guess that, from the defeats and riots, i.e. force majeure insurance does not cover anything.
      2. rocket757
        rocket757 14 June 2020 14: 47
        As if insurance should be on the COURSE, but there is such a sphere .... there are a lot of frauds.
        They will calculate, in general, but very approximately later.
      3. Sergej1972
        Sergej1972 14 June 2020 15: 51
        They have aircraft in the National Guard, and tanks, and artillery, and they are often sent abroad. The national guards of all states have a united command throughout the United States. which is appointed by the federal authorities. The statutes there are all-American. Etc. etc. In addition, in the event of a war, military or emergency situation, the federal authorities may transfer the units of NG to direct federal subordination. That is, autonomy of NG in the United States is very relative. And no one comes up with the idea to oppose it to the US Army, Navy and Air Force.
    3. Prisoner
      Prisoner 14 June 2020 20: 13
      laughing As Zhvanetsky said, "What does borsch have to do with such things in the kitchen." The main thing is not the result, the main thing is participation. hi
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 14 June 2020 20: 19
        Minke whales have a complete separation. In the kitchen, a mess and figs with it, they will brew soup in another place.
        In cities, on the streets a mess, and Congress / authorities, sanctions are stamped. Malas!
    4. Vicontas
      Vicontas 14 June 2020 20: 33
      Where is the result? And the result can be seen in the news, where they show how the "cream of the US society" in the form of governors are drowning in snot with tears in half, burying a petty criminal and a big drug addict who is a symbol of the struggle for human rights!
  2. Hunter 2
    Hunter 2 14 June 2020 13: 40
    Considering how many weapons are in the hands of US citizens - protests may well develop into armed riots!
    You give - Democracy ... to the most Democratic State ... real with shooting and explosions!
    1. Sancho_SP
      Sancho_SP 14 June 2020 13: 55
      So there the armed riots did not end there. Dozens of criminals with machine guns arrange a skirmish with the police - is this not an armed rebellion? And there it was always.
      1. Sergej1972
        Sergej1972 14 June 2020 15: 54
        But during the riots, their participants practically do not use firearms. They understand that the police, the National Guard and the Armed Forces in this case will not stand on ceremony with them, they will beat to defeat. And no one is fighting with corrupt officials using a personal firearm.
    2. Terenin
      Terenin 14 June 2020 14: 47
      The US budget spent on the introduction of the national guard in the capital to suppress the protests amounted to 21 million
      I, mentally, was also on the side of the National Guard ... where can I get my share? winked
  3. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 14 June 2020 13: 43
    Now in the USA, a new wave of protests began after the next killing of a black man by police.
    I think in the United States blacks ..... you can protest until the twenty-second century. And only receive benefits. repeatHey, commentator. The money, to disperse, was not paid by US taxpayers, but by the whole world. fool
  4. poquello
    poquello 14 June 2020 14: 00
    The US budget spent on the introduction of the National Guard in the capital to suppress the protests amounted to $ 21 million.

    I don’t know the truth or not they write, in the USA the grandfather alone the hospital rolled out a million with a hook for treatment for cove
    1. Golovan Jack
      Golovan Jack 14 June 2020 14: 02
      Quote: poquello
      in the USA, a grandfather alone, a hospital rolled out a million with a hook for treatment for covid

      We have it costs from 2 lyams, like, on average. "Sylvester" will correct, he is exactly in the subject ...
      1. nPuBaTuP
        nPuBaTuP 14 June 2020 18: 49
        This is where you have? .... can be more specific .....
        1. Golovan Jack
          Golovan Jack 14 June 2020 18: 58
          Quote: nPuBaTuP
          Where is it from you?

          In the RF. As far as I remember, the treatment of "severe covid" is somewhere under 2 lam. From the budget, it is clear, we have "free" medicine request
          1. nPuBaTuP
            nPuBaTuP 14 June 2020 19: 57
            under two lyama .... dollars? ...
            As far as I understand, the person about the grandfather said to him that for the treatment they showed US dollars ....
            Thank God we still have the ruble in motion ..... so .... well, let two lyamas .... how much is it in green candy wrappers?
    2. Rubi0
      Rubi0 14 June 2020 14: 07
      Well, what can they count money there, it is commendable. No money, they will simply come to you and take out all the furniture with appliances at least. Would we do this for each loan? Sofa experts would become parquet =)))
      1. poquello
        poquello 14 June 2020 14: 12
        Quote: Rubi0
        Well, what can they count money there, it is commendable.

        and "avaricious pays twice" have not heard the saying?
        today in the United States 117 527 people died from cove
  5. Junior Private
    Junior Private 14 June 2020 14: 20
    It is not appropriate to count money when there is a conversation about the life of poor and miserable niggas. They are constantly oppressed and offended by all and sundry, forced to live on beggarly allowances and are forbidden to bargain with substances and rob shops. And the American authorities are counting losses from the National Guard - that’s who the real enemy of Democracy is and the violator of human rights!
    1. Yngvar
      Yngvar 15 June 2020 06: 58
      Eh! Medvedev would have them now! Remember: "There is no money, but hold on! And all the best to you ..."
  6. Thrifty
    Thrifty 14 June 2020 14: 53
    Pennies, losses incinerated by blacks, or looted by hordes of protestoids by orders of magnitude higher.
  7. Pavel73
    Pavel73 14 June 2020 16: 38
    The essence of what is happening is as simple as three kopecks. They are trying to overthrow Trump. Trump is a normal guy. He is for America to be the world leader, but he is against it being the world gendarme. The globalist elite hates him for this, so they staged a "black maidan". Warning to obey.
  8. Gray-haired Zinnik
    Gray-haired Zinnik 14 June 2020 17: 10
    Where in the UN cries of a violation of human rights from the progressive part of humanity?
  9. iouris
    iouris 14 June 2020 18: 49
    The bill will all be billed to the "international community".