"Patriot" or "Triumph": how the United States blackmail India


S-400 air defense missile system on the march
In October 2018, India made a large order for the supply of Russian Triumph S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems. The production of ordered products has already begun, and by the end of the year they will be transferred to the Indian army. However, these processes do not suit the United States. Washington may take action against India. The possibility of using sanctions under the current CAATSA law is not ruled out.

Reason for disputes

Back in 2015, the Indian authorities decided in principle to order the Russian S-400 air defense systems. It was about five regiment kits with dozens of launchers and a large number of other equipment. On October 5, 2018, countries signed an official contract for the supply of five Triumph regiments with a total value of $ 5 billion.

The treaty was immediately criticized from Washington. The American side planned to sell its Patriot air defense system to India, but did not receive the desired order. As a result, statements about the erroneous choice of the Indian Ministry of Defense, as well as its possible negative consequences, began to sound regularly. In response to this, the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that the SAMs were chosen taking into account national interests, and also called on other countries to respect this choice.

Launchers in position

Over time, the US moved from criticism to threats. A curious statement of this kind was made on May 20. During one of the events, acting Alice Wells, Assistant Secretary of State for Central and South Asian Affairs, was asked about the prospects for Russian-Indian cooperation in the light of the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA).

E. Wells noted that the issue of applying the law to India has not been resolved. However, Washington is in no hurry to resort to sanctions. He intends to offer a potential customer in the person of New Delhi "systems of the highest technological level." It will not be possible to combine and combine Russian and American developments, and therefore India will have to choose a strategic partner.

Triumphant Arguments

India chose the Russian air defense system and, despite pressure from the United States, is not going to change its mind and break the existing contract. Obviously, this position is based on several factors of various kinds: technical, economic and even political.

Radar systems ZRS S-400

The long-standing and fruitful cooperation of Moscow and New Delhi in all areas, including armaments and military equipment, could have contributed to the purchase of the S-400. Joint projects are being developed, production of various designs is being established, and countries as a whole are satisfied with each other. The contract for the Triumphs to a certain extent was a continuation of such a friendship.

At the moment, the basis of the military and object defense of the Indian army is made up of samples of Soviet / Russian production. To a certain extent, this facilitates the development and integration of new air defense systems into existing defense contours. Great and positive experience has also been accumulated, which could also be an argument in favor of Triumph.

There are no similar arguments for the Patriot, since American participation in the construction of Indian air defense was minimal. Only the FIM-92 Stinger MANPADS were purchased in the United States.

Unloading S-400 funds delivered to Turkey

Number order

In comparing any type of equipment, the performance characteristics are crucial. Known data show that already at the level of the most general parameters, the Russian S-400 air defense system is ahead of the American Patriot complex even in the latest PAC-3 modification. A noticeable difference in characteristics could be another reason for ordering Triumph.

S-400 and Patriot are made mobile and built on self-propelled chassis and trailers. They can arrive at the position in the shortest time, deploy and take up duty. At the same time, the Russian Triumph is distinguished by more advanced launch methods. TPK rise vertically, and the declination of the rocket is carried out after launch. Patriot needs to launch the launcher in the right sector.

Triumph includes several radar systems. So, an early warning radar 91N6 detects targets of the “strategic bomber” type at ranges of 570 km. Ballistic targets are detected from 200-230 km. The so-called 96L6 all-altitude detector, which monitors the situation at altitudes up to 100 km.

SAM Patriot on the march

Patriot detects aerodynamic targets using the AN / MPQ-53 radar. She is able to detect a bomber from a distance of at least 180-200 km. Small-sized ballistic targets are detected from 80-100 km. The PAC-3 complex is complemented by the AN / MPQ-65 radar, optimized for ballistic targets.

The S-400 ammunition includes several anti-aircraft guided missiles for various purposes with different characteristics. With the 9M100 and 9M96 missiles, targets can be hit at ranges of up to 15-40 km. There are several products with a range of 150 to 250 km. The longest range of defeat in 380-400 km shows 40N6 SAM. Reach in height reaches 30-35 km. Triumph missiles are capable of hitting aerodynamic targets with a speed of more than 1100 m / s or ballistic at 4800 m / s.

The latest modification of the Patriot PAC-3 can use several types of missiles designed to solve different tasks. So, early modifications of the MIM-104 rocket are designed to intercept aerodynamic targets and have limited potential in the fight against ballistic. The ERINT missile, optimized for hitting ballistic targets, is in service. The maximum firing range, depending on the type of SAM, reaches 80-100 km altitude - up to 25 km. The ERINT missile flies at a range of up to 45 km and a height of up to 20 km.

Complex in the process of deployment

Thus, the newer Russian-made S-400 air defense system is obviously ahead of the older Patriot in all the main tactical and technical characteristics. This fact, combined with other technical features, could decisively influence the opinion of the customer.

Impossible Alternative

It should be noted that the United States has other air defense / missile defense systems with higher characteristics. So, the US Navy and missile defense system is armed with the RIM-161 SM-3 product - a universal missile system for combating aerodynamic and ballistic targets. The SM-3 of the latest Block IIA modification shows a firing range of 2500 km and a height of at least 250 km. The rocket has a speed of approx. 4500 m / s and hits the target with a direct hit.

SM-3 is used on ships equipped with Aegis BIOS. In the recent past, a land version of the Aegis Ashore air defense / missile system was created - in fact, naval units located on a land construction. Several such systems have been deployed or are being built in foreign countries as part of the global missile defense system.

"Patriot" or "Triumph": how the United States blackmail India

Start zour

Perhaps the United States might be interested in India with its Aegis Ashore complex and its SM-3 missiles. However, the appearance of such a proposal is unlikely for political and other reasons. In addition, the Indian side needs mobile systems, and it is unlikely to be interested in a complex stationary complex. Also, the potential customer is not satisfied with the cost of construction and operation.

Last argument

India continues to build its own defense industry and takes on new directions, but is still heavily dependent on imports. According to SIPRI, last year alone almost $ 3 billion was spent on foreign products. There is a tendency to increase the military budget and spending on imported products. Thus, the Indian army remains one of the most profitable and welcome customers for any manufacturer of military products.

The contract for the S-400 provides for the supply of 5 regiment sets, each of which costs approx. $ 1 billion. In the near future, this money will go to Russian enterprises. American industry, which failed to win an order for its Patriot air defense systems, has to envy - and solve its problems with dubious methods.

“Patriot” could not get around “Triumph” in terms of tactical and technical characteristics, and American-Indian cooperation cannot be called long-term and successful. Under such conditions, in the absence of other arguments, Washington may resort to the final argument in the form of sanctions under the CAATSA law.

It is unlikely that the imposition of sanctions or the threat of such measures will force India to change its mind and break the contract with Russia. However, they will seriously spoil relations between New Delhi and Washington. Obviously, pressure and blackmail are not the best way to interest a partner and begin fruitful cooperation.

In the context of the US-India dispute, it is necessary to recall the recent events around the S-400 for Turkey. On this basis, Washington and Ankara seriously quarreled, which has already led to unpleasant consequences for both sides. However, the Turkish army did not abandon the Russian air defense systems. And there is no reason to believe that India will not follow her example.
  • Ryabov Kirill
  • Russian Ministry of Defense, US Department of Defense
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  1. +1
    26 May 2020
    The rocket has a speed of approx. 4500 m / s and hits the target with a direct hit.
    Or not amazing. It's like with a dinosaur, or you will meet or not meet, in general 50 to 50.))
    1. +4
      26 May 2020
      The United States has housekeeping methods:
      "And they will not take, turn off the gas" ©
      "The Diamond Arm"
      I don’t envy the United States, if they stumble in a global sense, everyone “loves” them so much that they will tear up with special pleasure.
      1. Cat
        26 May 2020
        Quote: Mitroha
        I don’t envy the United States, if they stumble in a global sense, everyone “loves” them so much that they will tear up with special pleasure.

        Everything goes to this ... As if some kind of war in Eurasia had not been unleashed again, but they themselves would sit across the ocean ..
        1. 0
          26 May 2020
          Well, that is unlikely. And the sooner they realize this, the better for everyone. hi
          1. Cat
            26 May 2020
            Quote: Captive
            Well, that is unlikely. And the sooner they realize this, the better for everyone. hi

            The war is already underway BV, Libya, etc. Have you ever wondered why there are practically no military conflicts on the American continent .. Are there aliens living there or people are happy with everything? It’s just that the Anglo-Saxons keep the continent in the sandal gloves, they need stability and they don’t let anyone in there ..
            Cuba alone was able (thanks to the USSR) to remain independent, and now it’s already there .. And I think many countries are dissatisfied with US policy there, milk them godlessly!
      2. 0
        26 May 2020
        The United States has another "weighty" argument - the Houthis, well, very far from India ...
        1. Cat
          26 May 2020
          Quote: knn54
          The United States has another "weighty" argument - the Houthis, well, very far from India ...

          Well, the Houthis have become famous all over the world))))) The Saudis are driven through the deserts with all their expensive weapons, American, Israeli .. And the Patriote is not even a problem for them !!!
          We live in an interesting time .. wink
  2. +2
    26 May 2020
    I have not seen publicly available photos of the S-400 with the 9M100 and 9M96 missiles. So this is a controversial argument. Most likely, these missiles will go together with the Vityaz S-350 air defense system. And so, the Americans in their repertoire are promoting their weapons by hook or by crook. The Indian market is a tasty morsel, you will have to fight for it. But the fight is worth fighting - India is the third military budget in the world.
    1. 0
      26 May 2020
      It would be great if India also fought for its interests. Together, it’s somehow more fun to fight)
    2. 0
      26 May 2020
      I did not see publicly available S-400 photos with 9M100 and 9M96 missiles. So take a look.
  3. -2
    26 May 2020
    Everything is old as this world, the main thing is to push mattresses into, and then, like that dog on a leash, everything will depend on the owner, either a bone or a stick.
  4. 0
    26 May 2020
    We discussed, are discussing and will continue to discuss .... wait and see how it all ends.
  5. -1
    26 May 2020
    The fight for the market, the United States, as usual, acts with "cowboy" methods .. A little bit of a "liververt", in the sense of a sanction ... They will probably announce sanctions to themselves soon ..
    1. -1
      26 May 2020
      Have you read the laws of business? Profit by any means ... Therefore, in the Russian Federation half of the people working for private traders do not have paid holidays. sick leave, 40 hour working week.
      And the Americans can impose sanctions against the Indians, refusing to service the purchased equipment and supply spare parts and ammunition to them. And this is a huge blow to the security of India.
      They bought from them Poseidon, anti-submarine helicopters, means of hitting boats, buoys, Apache with helfires, transporters Globmaster, C17C, chinook, towed m-777 with escaliburi.
      If the Americans stop serving all this, then the monetary losses in terms of defense are colossal ....
  6. The comment was deleted.
    1. D16
      26 May 2020
      I don’t believe in fairy tales about super s-1500

      And you do not listen to them.
      The Armor with the S-300 is flowing around in Syria, Libya.

      About the S-300 can be more detailed?
      1. +2
        26 May 2020
        So he does not listen. A cyber warrior is not a listener, a cyber warrior is a writer. So he sits on VO ... flows around. hi
  7. 0
    26 May 2020
    Well, the Saudis with these striped Patriots have already pierced whether the Indians want it, that’s the question.
  8. 0
    26 May 2020
    Americans use their weapons as bait, or rather even as a bait. Flashed, flashed, hooked. Then, from the mouth of the divorced, everything is gutted and extended.
  9. +1
    26 May 2020
    Figas, how everything has changed. A black man stands with a tablet, and drags a white cable!
  10. +5
    26 May 2020
    Quote: Kat
    Well, the Houthis have become famous all over the world))))) The Saudis are driven through the deserts with all their expensive weapons, American, Israeli .. And the Patriote is not even a problem for them !!!

    But it is worth reading not only "Soviet newspapers" and "Wikipedia". but also other, preferably specialized publications. There is an article on the net with graphs and tables called "Missile War in Yemen". From it they could learn that for the entire period since 2015, EMNIP, the Houthis shelled Saudi Arabia in the region 200 times. The number of missiles is different. One to seven. So the air defense of Saudi Arabia intercepted about 60-70% of the targets. So what about "driving through the desert" is real only in relation to the ground forces of the coalition. And even then not everywhere ... But the "Patriot" for the Houthis is just a problem, recently they have been striking areas that are either not covered by the "Patriot", or which is too far from the target ...

    Quote: Grigory grigoryevich
    Guys, everything is very simple. There is no modern electronics, which means there is no modern air defense, radars, missiles and electronic warfare. Therefore, I do not believe in fairy tales about the super s-1500. The Armor with the S-300 is flowing around in Syria, Libya.

    For 4 days of staying on the resource and 9 comments to get a "minus" rating of more than 2000 - you need to be able to.
    If someone in Libya loses "Carapace", then it is not so much a problem of "carapaces" as the problem of the Arab crew's club-handedness.
    In Syria, the Syrians do not use the S-300, because they are banally afraid that the Israelis will "demolish" not only this air defense system, but also the rest. Israel does not strike targets of the Syrian army, so the Syrians sit silently
    And faith is not about the Military Review resource. You need this to the church, to the priest. There you can talk about faith ...

    Quote: Dmitry from Voronezh
    I did not see publicly available S-400 photos with 9M100 and 9M96 missiles.

    I met photos only from the exhibition. In the plots on TV and in photographs in the field, I did not observe such

    Quote: Ros 56
    Well, the Saudis with these striped Patriots have already pierced whether the Indians want it, that’s the question.

    Most likely, the "puncture" is solely in the opinion of the media. They shoot down at least about 60-70% of ballistic targets of the Houthis. Is it a lot or a little? Hard to tell. Not enough, but only "Patriot" is a warring complex. Good or bad is the "tenth" thing. And our S-300 and S-400, alas, did not participate NOT ONE CONFLICT... And an important factor is who is "at the control panel". A local Arab who just got off his camel yesterday or a professional military man.
  11. -1
    26 May 2020
    Do not buy American air defense systems, we will turn off the gas to you.
  12. 0
    30 May 2020
    Hindus are attracted by the transfer of production from China. There is big money and shining competencies. Apple, for example, wants to transfer the plant to India.

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