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"Tunguska" will compete with the South Korean counterpart in the Indonesian market


The Indonesian Marine Corps received a budget allocation of $ 263 million to replenish the fleet responsible for air defense.

According to Defense Studies, referring to reliable sources, in the first place we are talking about the purchase of 20 units of self-propelled anti-aircraft equipment. According to him, earlier products of this profile were supplied for the needs of KMP in 1999/2000, when 11 units were purchased. BVP-2 from the Czech Republic, and in 2015/2016, when China shipped 4 units. 35 mm Type 90.

It is not clear the type of equipment that will be purchased by the Marine Corps, but it is used to products made in the Eastern Block

- writes the edition.

As Defense Studies explains, judging by possible proposals, one should take into account the experience of the recent Indian tender, in which Russia put up the Tunguska-M1 and Pantsir-S systems for sale, while competitors from South Korea introduced K- 30 Biho. These analogues will compete in the Indonesian market.

In addition, $ 39 million is allocated for the acquisition of 12 towed anti-aircraft systems.

Currently, the Marine Corps includes three air defense battalions, each armed with 18 units. technicians (3 batteries).
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  1. svp67
    svp67 6 May 2020 05: 48 New
    In India "Tunguska" lost, let's see how it will be here
    1. Mountain shooter
      Mountain shooter 6 May 2020 06: 11 New
      Quote: svp67
      In India "Tunguska" lost, let's see how it will be here

      In India, in general, little is clear how and what happens during competitions. It's more like a kickback contest than a technique. Few Rosoboronexport allocate money for "pre-sale preparation" ...
  2. Grandfather
    Grandfather 6 May 2020 05: 54 New
    "Tunguska" will clash with the South Korean counterpart in the Indonesian market
    2020 year ..! Glory to Soviet Designers, a forty-year-old product, is in competition.
  3. Dmitry from Voronezh
    Dmitry from Voronezh 6 May 2020 06: 05 New
    In general, the news is somehow nothing. Well, there would be a message about the signing of a contract with Indonesia. And so, it is not clear what the Indonesians will buy, when and from whom. It would also be good to cite the characteristics of both our and Korean equipment in order to understand how "analogs" they are.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 6 May 2020 08: 40 New
      Well, the Korean is a simple classic ZRAK. 2 guns without any complications to increase the pace, like the tunguska + 2 missile modules. In iron, this is the Korean Stinger at 5 km. There are a lot of mock-ups, including HelFair strike missiles, and modified AIM-9X. In the tender for SSHA - it is possible to change the gun by 40mm with various expensive shells.

      But in the iron is a simple, reliable and understandable complex.
      1. Dmitry from Voronezh
        Dmitry from Voronezh 6 May 2020 08: 42 New
        Thanks for the information!
  4. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui 6 May 2020 06: 10 New
    mod 2K22M1 "Tunguska-M1" - was there any further development after this ???
    an article on this resource from 2012 ... ... something has changed in terms of the height and range of detection and destruction of UAVs, without saying about turntables. And I, as an amateur, want to see on it the big-eyed head of the multiband optical complex as a regular device. Wishlist just would not fall off ... expensive type, I guess.
  5. Strashila
    Strashila 6 May 2020 06: 18 New
    The chance of Tunguska grew in sales if it was put into practice in Syria.
    1. Zeev Zeev
      Zeev Zeev 6 May 2020 07: 23 New
      An improved version of the "Tunguska" on a wheelbase is being used in Syria. "Shell" is called.
      1. Strashila
        Strashila 6 May 2020 07: 38 New
        To begin with, these are complexes of various classes, Tunguska for the front and escort of columns on the march, Shell for the protection of stationary objects in the depths of defense. In fact, they should complement each other. Logically, Tunguska should be the last line of defense to protect the Shell and the object, due to its mobility.
      2. sivuch
        sivuch 6 May 2020 12: 19 New
        They (Tunguska and Shell) are just a bit alike.
        Just in case - this is the answer Volodya-Volodya
        1. Zeev Zeev
          Zeev Zeev 6 May 2020 14: 03 New
          And who is Volodya? And what are the differences between the two air defense systems except the chassis?
          1. sivuch
            sivuch 6 May 2020 14: 59 New
            Is זאב not Vladimir? I remember, was Vladimir Zhabotinsky, became Zeev. Although now usually reduced to Vlad.
            And there are almost no differences - just another (more precisely, other) SOC, CHP, ECO, ZURka (the Shell has a classic r / com, and not optical-command guidance), CVC, and the little things ...
  6. Thrifty
    Thrifty 6 May 2020 07: 06 New
    I hope for fair conditions of the tender for everyone, and that "Tunguska" will win it!
  7. +5
    +5 6 May 2020 09: 40 New
    K-30 is much simpler, weaker and cheaper .... It depends on what the Indonesians need ...
  8. Private-K
    Private-K 6 May 2020 10: 20 New
    I understand the South Koreans who adopted in 1996 a simple ZSU with two 30-mm machine guns and no missile weapons. They had to "do something" (tm) in an atmosphere of complete obsolescence of the existing 20-mm memory devices of the Amer Volcanoes. And there was simply no military light missile defense system that could be installed on such a SPAAG: all Rolands, Rapiers are old and do not have the required firing range, but are quite expensive ...
    But how could India have preferred this ZSU with very poor characteristics in terms of its ability to hit the CC !? There is only corruption, lobbying, a political and psychological desire to get away from Soviet-Russian weapons. (Although, it should be noted that the modification of the Tunguska presented for the competition was also far from modern requirements - simply speaking, it was not sufficiently modernized by the technologies used.)
    I understand the desire of the Russian Federation to sell the glorious Indonesian Marine Corps (and in the realities of Indonesia, by the way, this is such a semi-closed "mini-state of the joint-stock type", like other types of aircraft). To shake off obsolete air defense systems and spend the proceeds, incl. to new ones for the RF Armed Forces is a nice thing. It's just doubtful that the Indonesians would have been led to this.
    In-1x - the car is still tired, although suitable for local conditions in its performance characteristics. But I want to take it fresh.
    Vo-2x - the basic chassis is nowhere else applicable, very specific, unified with other chassis.
    Q-3x - how will Tunguska equipment behave in a humid equatorial / tropical climate?
    B-4x - Tunguska, it is by weight as a medium tank, which imposes restrictions and increases the requirements for transportation.

    Carapace-S, in its ability to deal with the VTs, is certainly better than the Tunguska. However, this is a fighting vehicle of a slightly different class: in the existing versions it is difficult to use it as a military air defense system and even in landing operations. Well, again, the base chassis is unified.

    The conclusion, IMHO, is this: in order to win confidently, one must offer Sosna-R air defense systems to the Indonesians on the BMP-3 chassis.
    TTX to combat the CC is good, the base chassis is excellent and even familiar to the buyer.
  9. senima56
    senima56 6 May 2020 16: 42 New
    "Tunguska" ?! I thought that this complex had long been supplanted by the more advanced "Pantsir-C1"!
    And it’s how it turns out. So still produce?