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“From the Shadow”: The American Story of Consciousness Control through Information


The only substance that a person consumes in larger volumes than information is air. But this is not accurate. After all, there is no scale that would allow you to compare the volumes of air inhaled per day with the volumes of information penetrating the brain in the same day.

Huge streams of bytes coming to us from the screens of TVs, computers, smartphones, through headphones, newspapers, magazines, conversations with friends, work colleagues - this is what forms our life, our consciousness.

But what if the bulk of this information is initially lined up to affect our minds: films, news plots, talk show issues, sports broadcasts with the expressed opinion of the commentator.

Conspiracy theory? Quite possible. But nevertheless, depending on the preference of this or that media space, a person entrusts himself to the hands of those who deal with media content, who fill the air with this or that information.

The western video presents data on how authorities influence information, how officials in the United States can even influence the film industry.

It would seem that all this has nothing to do with reality, but the American video “From the Shadow” presents interesting evidence that is hardly worth completely ignoring:

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  1. ninguem
    ninguem April 22 2020 05: 24 New
    The only substance that a person consumes in larger volumes than information is air.

    "Whoever owns the information owns the world." There is another expression: "who owns the media, he owns the world." But I think the more correct expression would be "Information owns the world."
    1. _Sergei_
      _Sergei_ April 22 2020 06: 41 New
      Who owns the media, he submits the information that is beneficial to him. "Who owns the media, owns the world"
    2. Blacksmith 55
      Blacksmith 55 April 22 2020 09: 58 New
      Good morning .
      Of all the information received from the Internet or from politicians, I try to understand not what they are talking about, but rather what they are not talking about.
      You need to think logically, first of all yourself.
  2. 123456789
    123456789 April 22 2020 06: 25 New
    Information technology is secondary
  3. nikvic46
    nikvic46 15 May 2020 07: 54 New
    If information is a weapon, then we need to learn how to use it. We rejected all the old experience. But before, not everything looked so bad with it. In order for information to reach its goal, you need to understand the mentality of a person very well. That he has immunity, and where is his weak spot. When we are loaded in conditions of self-isolation by various horrors on television, then this is a war primarily against ourselves.
  4. beeper
    beeper 20 May 2020 21: 03 New
    An American in years, almost already on a disability pension, with such sincere childish surprise and a “pioneering” aplomb, he “discovered America” for himself - “the truth about Hollywood”, about information technologies for managing the “consciousness of the masses”, about a distorted Hollywood “re-show” real historical events or "low depressing radio frequencies" .... (about modern techniques of direct impact on the subconscious with the help of NLP, by the way, not a word was said!) ??! winked
    A good movie for those who did not know and did not expect it. The conclusions at the end, on the development of independent, critical thinking, are also true! good Let for someone, after watching this film, they will become a "revelation" —this is already good!
    Probably in vain he hoped to learn something new ?! It’s good that I looked in the background, doing my own business, otherwise it would be a pity for the time spent.
    But no, I'm lying, yet I “learned new things” - about an American (British?) Satanist with a very unpleasant “face”, by the name of Abramovich, is it really a relative of a famous Russian-British citizen or is this just a surname ?!
    Usually people, without a spiritual core and moral principles, who got the wealth "on a fool", "are furious with fat" and "are being hit hard." request
    As the Americans themselves say-
    "Those who read books control those who watch TV!"