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In a military school in Tyumen, patients with coronavirus were found

In a military school in Tyumen, patients with coronavirus were found

Fifteen people with coronavirus infection were immediately registered at the Tyumen Higher Military Engineering School. Among the sick 14 cadets and one civilian specialist. It is reported by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

According to the report, during the testing of cadets, officers and teachers of the Tyumen Higher Engineering Command School, 15 cases of coronavirus infection were revealed. The samples taken from 14 cadets and one civilian employee gave a positive result.

By military doctors, all infected military personnel and a civilian employee of an institution are isolated and quarantined.

- said in a statement.

It is clarified that all infected people have a normal condition, there is no threat to life. All quarantined are under constant medical supervision and receive the necessary treatment. The infection occurred after the contact of one of the cadets with a civilian outside the school.

Additional measures taken to diagnose the remaining personnel and civilian specialists showed a negative result.

The Ministry of Defense emphasized that the epidemiological situation in the Armed Forces remains stable and fully controlled.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. cost
    cost April 16 2020 17: 43 New
    Well, young guys, blood with milk, God forbid that the disease goes away without complications.
  2. Simon
    Simon April 16 2020 17: 46 New
    And, quarantine does not apply to military schools!
    1. KVU-NSVD
      KVU-NSVD April 16 2020 17: 51 New
      Quote: Simon
      And, quarantine does not apply to military schools!

      And what, did someone once cancel cadet self-propelled guns?
      1. tihonmarine
        tihonmarine April 16 2020 19: 36 New
        Quote: KVU-NSVD
        And what, did someone once cancel cadet self-propelled guns?

        Well, that's the answer, where did the "karona" come from in the military school.
        1. lwxx
          lwxx April 16 2020 21: 52 New
          And where do the self-propelled guns? Outsourcing, officers (they do not have a barracks position), food, the same share.
          1. tihonmarine
            tihonmarine April 17 2020 09: 40 New
            Quote: lwxx
            food, the same chpok.

            Almost eliminated, but home officers and self-propelled cadets are a reality.
    2. valek97
      valek97 April 17 2020 01: 32 New
      Have we entered quarantine ?! No! We have self-isolation! No measures, no responsibility either.
  3. Magic archer
    Magic archer April 16 2020 17: 51 New
    It seems to me more and more that we don’t talk too much ... somehow it’s very bad ...
    1. 210ox
      210ox April 16 2020 17: 59 New
      What is wrong? What are we all going to die? The cadets will recover soon .. Everything was on my urgent service. And half-platoon dysentery fell and streptoderma was .. A bunch of different diseases.
      1. Oleg Zorin
        Oleg Zorin April 16 2020 18: 11 New
        yeah, about dystopathy in the army you can make legends. What just was not. And hilarious stories, and sad ones.
      2. Petrol cutter
        Petrol cutter April 16 2020 18: 24 New
        Dysentery is a nightmare. I can’t tolerate her.
        Yes, and all sorts of other lyhomanki.
        In a word, so that all the best. And there, how it goes.
        1. Oleg Zorin
          Oleg Zorin April 16 2020 18: 29 New
          Well you cheered me up laughing I have not seen a single "in love" with dysentery in 32 years of doctoral practice. Shake your hand.
      3. dedusik
        dedusik April 16 2020 19: 00 New
        Well, scabies in addition
      4. tihonmarine
        tihonmarine April 16 2020 19: 38 New
        Quote: 210ox
        And half-platoon dysentery fell and streptoderma was.

        It was half the battalion in Ussuriysk jaundice sick.
    2. Oleg Zorin
      Oleg Zorin April 16 2020 18: 15 New
      In the medical aspect, everyone "talks". There is no disaster. It is not expected in the troops. As a last resort, we will lose a couple of generals, a dozen colonels and a little more lieutenant colonels. The overwhelming majority of middle and junior command personnel, cadets, conscripts will not believe that they are infected.
    3. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 April 16 2020 21: 46 New
      Quote: Magic Archer
      we don’t talk too much ... to

      Uh-huh. yes If you do not have paranoia, this does not mean that you are not being watched. (C)
  4. NF68
    NF68 April 16 2020 17: 52 New
    The process has begun. I'd like to hope that this will not be deadly for anyone.
  5. prior
    prior April 16 2020 18: 00 New
    What an undisciplined coronavirus!
    Him and the charter - not a charter and foreman - not foreman. I completely lost fear.
  6. Aleksey Aleksandrovich
    Aleksey Aleksandrovich April 16 2020 18: 08 New
    Tryndets ubam. For self-deduction.
  7. Oleg Zorin
    Oleg Zorin April 16 2020 18: 09 New
    We must be prepared for the fact that this will happen sooner or later. The only option with an almost 100% guarantee is to transfer all schools and military units to the barracks position. And then, someone necessarily goes to self-propelled. And so - the guys are young, strong. Most likely, everyone will be ill easily. With teachers, of course, everything is less rosy. But God will give, get by. Health to you, served!
  8. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter April 16 2020 18: 10 New
    That, then start checking half the country already in the virus, or even more.
    I’m not observing anything surprising. It is quite possible for me.
    We have to somehow calmly relate to this. As my mother says, you will be alive, you will be here, you will be dead, you will be there ... hi
  9. 75 Sergey
    75 Sergey April 16 2020 18: 30 New
    Not mine, but I agree
    Here is what Kirill Zverev, son of the famous virologist Vitaly Vasilyevich Zverev, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, writes.
    “Friends, this is a very important post! For simplicity of repost, I will manage this time without mat and sarcasm. It just so happened that I was at the peak of the COVID-19 information field. And every evening I get all the new and new information first hand. It was unexpected for me that dad, who had long proved everything to the world scientific community in terms of virology, would fit into mass education and the elimination of panic. And if so, I must help him.
    Below are a few basic things you need to know, understand, accept and calm down:
    1. VIRUS EXISTS. It is not clear where, when and from whom he appeared. POSSIBLE in China, but this is not accurate. There are many, but not more than many others. He is very contagious. It is transmitted by airborne droplets. And it is not derived by man, as supporters of the conspiracy theory believe.
    2. OVERCOME EVERYTHING. You simply have no chance of not doing this. Even if you brutally quarantined, taped yourself to the toilet with tape. You still get sick sooner or later. The virus has come to a man FOREVER. It will become as regular a sore as the flu, adenovirus, parainfluenza, and much more that is called in our ARVI tradition. By the way, scientists (real, not "British") have calculated that in order to overcome the quarantine with a quarantine, ALL MANKIND must go to the most severe quarantine for 200 weeks and this is not accurate.
    3. VIRUS IS NOT DANGEROUS. 80% of people tolerate it asymptomatic in general. Only 20% have some kind of symptomatology. A small number of them have severe symptoms. And a few units die. According to German data, only 0,5% (decreases all the time) of mortality from patients. Not infected, namely patients who contacted the clinic. And we must understand that not all of them die on a ventilator. Many do this from complicated heart attack, diabetes, many other chronicles, and even cancer. They all fall into the "mortality" statistics by COVID-19.
    4. CHRONICLES DIE. Not old people, namely carriers of chronic diseases. Just more often it is the old people who have the chronicles much more than the young. This is logical. A person with asthma is always more likely to die than a person without it. Always and from ANY disease. By the way, obesity is also a risk factor.
    5. SELF-INSULATION AND QUARANTINE DIFFERENT THINGS. An infected person is subject to quarantine before recovery or a person at risk of infection. He signs the paper and MUST stay at home for two weeks. And they are seized and fined. The rest are free to walk and work, if you're lucky when there is where. Self-isolation is voluntary.
    6. SELF-INSULATION, perhaps useless. See point 2. In Western countries, it (in the form of quarantine) was introduced due to the fact that the local health systems cannot cope with the current influx of "lungs". There, the task is to avoid a sharp influx of patients to very rare beds with respect to people / beds, doctors, medicines and fans. We have our own way and our own system. In this situation, she proved to be many times more effective due to the fact that she did not have time to "optimize". And, if not for the confusion in the Ministry of Health, it is quite possible that no self-isolation would be needed. And by the way, many Western countries have already begun to remove quarantine. And some took a chance and did not enter at all, showing exactly the same statistics on infections and deaths as those who went into the country’s shutter.
    7. THE MEANING OF SELF-INSULATION EXTEND THE PEAK OF INCIDENCE TIME, AND NOT REDUCE THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF INFECTED. See points 2 and 6. You do not sit at home so as not to get sick, in this regard you are “doomed”. The bottom line - so that everyone does not rush into hospitals at the same time. But as practice shows, there are currently no serious scientific and statistical justifications for your sitting at home, as there are statistics on free beds, doctors, medicines, devices. So point 6 - the question is open.
    8. IT IS POSSIBLE YOU ALREADY HAVE ALREADY. Now there is a peak in incidence from "arrivals". Nobody knows (but it feels like that) that this is the second (third?) Wave. But today's tests can only show whether you are currently infected. Antibody test does not exist in Russia for sure). Therefore, it is impossible to say whether you were already in contact with the infection or you just have to.
    9. DOCTORS WORKING ON THIS TOPIC ARE NOT HEROES. Whatever they write on their instagrams, dudes hype on your fear. I have the right to write this - I studied at the same university. And I also worked as a laboratory assistant in the ICD No. 1 where he put hepatitis C and B. Every day I went through the fifth floor, where they smoked HIV and came into contact with infected blood. And this is not a damn feat. Doctors just do their job. They do not deal with a particularly dangerous infection and have the necessary protective equipment. And if you really want to erect a monument to a medical professional, then it’s better to do it to the midwife of the maternity hospital of ICD No. 2, every day, digging in HIV-infected blood. For me, an example of the chief doctor of a communal apartment, who caught a virus, from which they hastened to make a hero of self-sacrifice, is indicative. He is not a hero, but. Moron and criminal. In the first lesson, in the first year of the medical institute (as I remember now - anatomy) we were very strictly explained to cut off our nails, shave sideburns and beards. This rule is always with us. And due to his ignorance and negligence, the head of state was put at risk of infection. This is p-friends!
    10. DO NOT WEAR MASKS, GLOVES. DO NOT DISINFECT HANDS. The mask works only "on exit" or, well, for a very short period of time. If you get infected saliva with a virus on your mask - almost 100% you will inhale it. Masks are needed only by doctors with intensive change and infected, so that the virus does not spit out from the infected lips. Disinfection solutions are generally krants! If a student at the medical institute had “mikra”, “infection”, “epidemic” or even “leather”, he would have blurted out about the mandatory wearing of gloves and the treatment of hands with alcohol during a pulmonary infection - he would go for a retake. I don’t understand why today’s grown-up students pose with gloves in stores and dishonor their medical education. The virus enters the body through contact with the mucosa, not the skin! The skin has a very powerful protective barrier, and that’s why it is needed. And with alcohol you kill him. In other words, dirty hands do not need to poke in your mouth and pick your nose. And, before doing this, hands must be washed. But this is known from infancy! When dirty hands come into contact with mucous membranes, a huge number of diseases are transferred - many truly deadly ones. And coronavirus is almost the most harmless of them. And wearing gloves, masks and washing your hands with alcohol, you only kill the normal microflora of the skin and itself, opening new gates for other diseases on the skin.
    11. VACCINES IN THE NEAREST TIME WILL NOT BE. Do not count. This is possible only after 1,5-2 years and then in an ideal world. You can’t reach it. It is much worse that, due to quarantine measures, we run the risk of not having a flu vaccine for next year. And the flu has a mortality several times (!) More than this new infection. There will be no specific medicine, if that.
    PS If this is really the recommendation of the Ministry of Health about the instillation of saline in the mouth and nose, and not the initiative of a particularly zealous employee, then this is p-ts! DO NOT DO THIS FOR ANYTHING! Sea water (although this is an old Sovdepov method) is inhaled with the nose in case of a runny nose, with excessive separation of the liquid, in order to remove this liquid. On a normal mucous membrane (any!), This is categorically impossible. You dry (if you're not lucky to burn) the surface, microcracks form, which, on the contrary, sharply increase the chance of catching the infection. ”
    1. Petrol cutter
      Petrol cutter April 16 2020 19: 01 New
      Thanks for the information.
      But somehow I did not read anything new.
      Something like that I supposed.
    2. dedusik
      dedusik April 16 2020 19: 05 New
      Well, so all the doctors who are in the subject, they say, he did not say anything new, just grouped the information.
  10. Atlant-1164
    Atlant-1164 April 16 2020 18: 48 New
    1985 was TVVIKU .. but it became TVVIU? I wonder why they removed the command?
    1. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 April 16 2020 21: 50 New
      Quote: Atlant-1164
      But it became TVVIU?

      See photo.yes Do not see the article, do not. laughing Just in case, a link to of. Website: hi
    2. Lara Croft
      Lara Croft April 16 2020 22: 47 New
      Quote: Atlant-1164
      1985 was TVVIKU .. but it became TVVIU? I wonder why they removed the command?

      They didn’t remove anything anywhere ... here is the School’s website
      1. Atlant-1164
        Atlant-1164 April 17 2020 10: 57 New
        Paranoid50 (Alexander) Yesterday, 21:50 PM
        Quote: Atlant-1164
        But it became TVVIU?

        See photo.yes Do not see the article, do not. laughing Just in case, a link to of. Website: hi
        A complaint
        Lara Croft
        Lara Croft Yesterday, 22:47
        Quote: Atlant-1164
        1985 was TVVIKU .. but it became TVVIU? I wonder why they removed the command?

        They didn’t remove anything anywhere ... here is the School’s website

        thanks guys!) otherwise I was upset. in 1985 I submitted documents there.
  11. Rusfaner
    Rusfaner April 16 2020 19: 41 New
    Cool! And that the military was not transferred to the barracks position with minimizing contacts with the outside world?
    Still, the army must be protected.
  12. Prisoner
    Prisoner April 16 2020 21: 33 New
    Can it still be like in India with sticks on the back and as in Germany who are especially "freedom-loving" behind bars? Today we have 3448, in Germany - 0, in India - 134 cases.
  13. Lara Croft
    Lara Croft April 16 2020 22: 44 New
    It’s a pity for a civilian specialist ... he was hiding from the coronavirus in the army from an unruly civilian, and he became infected by an unruly cadet who caught the infection from a civilian .....

    "The ways of the Lord are inscrutable," said the nun, putting a condom on the candle ".....
  14. Lemananiva
    Lemananiva April 17 2020 09: 53 New
    In the army, as was window dressing, it remained, the main thing is to continue. I work in the military unit of Pacific Fleet, Kamchatka. Entrance to the military unit through 2 checkpoints: on one measure the temperature, on the other - go who and how you want. Starting today, we have introduced a temperature logbook for rotational shifts, civil-VOHR, fire brigades, security, etc. How to measure it? Are we paramedics? Do we have thermal imagers? Or disinfectants for thermometers? Bullshit! The main thing is keeping and filling out a journal. This will be checked and God forbid not to fill it! Interestingly, Shoigu knows about this?
  15. Evil 55
    Evil 55 April 18 2020 15: 33 New
    D In the army it is common to be afraid of three explosives, a military driver and a military doctor ... If the test was conducted by the military, I would not trust this information .. Someone wanted the order or they don’t have enough money ..