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Beware of “Taranovirus” killing industry

Beware of “Taranovirus” killing industry

It’s like monuments to the defeat of Russian industry in the 1990s, in many areas of Russia there are ruins of once powerful enterprises. Perhaps there is no such region in the country where people still have not bitterly recalled such examples. They can be understood: after all, we are talking about millions of lost jobs and hundreds of billions of rubles lost in profit and taxes.

Many sectors of the defense industry were defeated, which now, under the conditions of sanction pressure, have to urgently be restored from nonexistence.

This sad fate did not pass and Novosibirsk. From a powerful industrial center, it has turned into a service and logistics point on the map of Russia. Actually, he repeated the fate of dozens of other major cities of the country. And those production that managed to be saved, became an exception to the rule.

In each stories the salvation of an industrial or scientific team, one can discover either the influence of the extraordinary personality of the leader, or of special importance for the security of the state. And it happens that so steady demand and high profits from products are preserved that revenues allow you to lubricate all the necessary gears of a corrupt state machine.

Otherwise, the enterprise is doomed, and its size and former glory do not play a role.

The remains of the huge Sibselmash are catching up, the wind is snowing and dusting the ruins of the city-forming enterprises: Altai Tractor Plant in Rubtsovsk and Gormash in Kiselevsk. The map of the country has become like a cemetery of industrial dinosaurs. Their assets have become a breeding ground for proliferated in a huge number of different industrial viruses.

One is worth telling in more detail.

“Taranovirus” owes its name to the names of the famous and once successful Novosibirsk businessman Eduard Taran, whom the media often call a “raider”.

Perhaps this is not so, but why then does his collaboration with an enterprise in crisis usually end with its capture and subsequent destruction?

“Taranovirus” is still contagious and dangerous, so it’s worthwhile to talk about methods of combating it in more detail using the example of the medical history of one of the former flagships of the Novosibirsk industry - the Sibelektroterm plant. It is important to understand how the plant managed to begin recovery after the "taranovirus fever."

How does taranovirus infect

The actions of Eduard Taran to choose a victim for raider capture are not much different from the habits of the coronavirus. That, in principle, doesn’t care where to breed: a bat, a pangolin lizard, and human flesh will do. When there is no suitable industrial facility, Taran will not disdain to profit from the Spartak stadium or try to bring under control the successful and world-famous ANO Clinic NIITO.

Just as coronavirus deceives the victim’s immunity by pretending to be its own cell, Taran promises mountains of investment to its potential victims.

As Oksana Shelyakina, director of the Clinic NIIITO, recalls, in 2018 Taran tried to gain leverage over all the property and the multi-storey building where the clinic staff works, bluffing promises of large investments. Oksana Shelyakina did not allow the interception of property management, and since then Taran has been circling the clinic, apparently waiting for a favorable moment for a new attempt to invade.

But the officials of the Novosibirsk City Hall, it seems, were struck by the "taranovirus" and transferred to him about half the shares of the city stadium "Spartak". As a result, the stadium is in ruins, the football team is out, the city hall transfers its shares to the regional property to save the object.

The main thing for “Taranovirus” is to penetrate the victim’s body, and then everything goes according to the worked out scenario. At Sibelektroterm, Taran also went in the worked out way, having bought Levoberezhny bank's debts for a small amount.

Having become one of the creditors of the bankrupt enterprise, Taran gained access to the “body” of the victim and, like a coronavirus, began to reprogram the body's work for its nutrition and reproduction. To this end, with the help of the traditional promises of prosperity and healing, he managed to promote his long-standing colleague in property acquisition, a certain Mr. Lebedev, as the bankruptcy trustee.

For two years of management, he inflicted significant damage to the property of the enterprise, in every way prevented its withdrawal from the crisis. Unlike many other bankrupts, Sibelektroterm could easily pay off accumulated debts due to demand for its products. Despite the opposition of the bankruptcy commissioner to restore production, the plant over the years has released several unique electric furnaces, including for export.

Bodies for American Caterpillar trucks were produced, and together with scientists from the Institute of Nuclear Physics SB RAS Sibelektroterm, it successfully creates a unique installation for the international scientific project PANDA. If it were not for the "qualified" management of the bankruptcy trustee, the installation would have already been sent to Germany. And now you have to make up for lost time.

How taranovirus kills production

He, like the coronavirus, is in principle not interested in the death of the victim. It is important for him to eat and breed. But often the case ends in a fatal outcome. Until recently, Sibelectroterm was on the verge of destruction. The bankruptcy trustee Lebedev first leased the company to the Taran glass factory Ekran. Taran received a huge plant for just two million a month. For the price, many times lower than the market.

In numerous interviews, Taran promised many times to turn the Sibelektroterm site into an industrial park, in which the tenant line will stand. Although most of the enterprises that once came to him eke out a miserable existence. In recent years, this "Akella Raiding" began to lose its scent and grip, it is increasingly missing, but the habits have remained the same.

In fact, instead of creating a technopark, the cost reduction traditional for the tactics of “taranovirus” began. Buy Sibelektroterm at a fair market starting price Taran was not able to.

So, it was first to ruin it and buy for a penny. In the workshops, cables were cut out in kilometers, everything that had non-ferrous metals in its composition was dismantled. Materials and equipment disappeared from warehouses and workshops, the staff contracted, replenishing the ranks of the unemployed and complicating the socio-economic situation in the third largest city in Russia.

And the guards hired by Lebedev seemed to notice nothing. Once, some unsuccessful thief broke during cable cutting, fell on a gantry crane farm and received multiple fractures. As the investigation established, for several hours the unfortunate painfully died on this crane, called for help. But the guard accidentally stumbled upon the corpse of the unfortunate only in the morning.

Snow was not removed from the roofs, which caused the emergency condition of the roof of the third building.

The roof of the pumping station collapsed more than a month ago, the water main was interrupted. The boiler room is flooded, but it is not being repaired, but simply pumping water. The remaining pumps operate under a layer of water and are likely to stop soon. Then even the weak water supply to the factory facilities, preserved after the accident, will completely stop.

One can call what is happening the fruits of the “successful” leadership of the bankruptcy trustee Lebedev, or it can be called the implementation of Taran’s plan to reduce the cost of Sibelectroterm property.

Actually, this, probably, “by pure coincidence”, and Mr. Lebedev was mainly engaged in the last two years. With one hand, over and over, he put off tenders for the sale of property to those who wanted to revive production, and with the other ... did not interfere with the sacking of the plant.

How to find a cure for "taranovirus"

As in the case of coronavirus, already known proven agents have proven effective against the "taranovirus". COVID-19 is killed by antiseptics, and the "taranovirus" loses its power from public control, it does not tolerate publicity. Bankruptcy trustee Lebedev would not be able to stay on his post for so long without the indulgent attitude to his violations by the judiciary. But after the start of live broadcasts on the social networks of the arbitration court sessions, it became much more difficult for Mr. Lebedev to remain untouched. The judge began to think about moral damage to his reputation.

Despite desperate attempts to disrupt the sale for the debts of the third building at all costs, Lebedev no longer found support from either the judge or the Federal Antimonopoly Service. As a result, the third building was recently sold to one of the creditors of the Astra-Electro plant, which has long been planning to establish production of electrical products in it. In the same workshop, the production of bodies for Caterpillar dump trucks will be restored. Finally, the final assembly of a 500-ton unique design for the PANDA project will begin.

There are orders for electric furnaces, which Sibelektroterm is famous for and which are used for the production of parts from refractory metals, including titanium, in the defense industry.

To transfer the body to the new owner, only the signature of Lebedev's bankruptcy trustee on the basis of past tenders is required. But then ... the coronavirus came to the rescue of the "taranovirus".

Although all industrial enterprises (and not only them) are allowed to work, Mr. Lebedev hastily self-insulated so as not to transfer the third workshop to the new owner. At the same time, the hasty dismantling of equipment and the removal of it and technical documentation from the workshop began.

It is clear that the guard, obeying Lebedev, does not prevent the theft of property worth tens of millions of rubles.

Apparently, Mr. Lebedev intends to "self-isolate" until the complete dismantling of the equipment of the workshop in order to try to make it impossible or very expensive to restore production in it. The new owner is looking for legal ways to stop "lawlessness." The labor collective, who is deprived of the opportunity to return to work, is also outraged.

“Taranovirus” in the defense industry can be dangerous with its complications. And the state has not yet found effective methods for its treatment.
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  1. Yury Siritsky
    Yury Siritsky April 17 2020 12: 06
    Plant with complete confiscation.
    1. Same lech
      Same lech April 17 2020 12: 15
      Plant with complete confiscation.

      On what basis?
      What charge do you bring against this businessman?
      He may formally find himself completely out of business ... such personalities are very slippery and prudent ... competent lawyers are needed here who must go through all his documentation ... but you can’t get the emotions in the article ... the prosecutor’s office must check the law his dealings.
      1. Beringovsky
        Beringovsky April 17 2020 12: 31
        Fraud, that’s what you can and need.
        Although it is better wrecking - and to the wall.
      2. DPN
        DPN April 17 2020 13: 04
        go broke by a lawyer.
      3. dmmyak40
        dmmyak40 April 17 2020 13: 53
        An informal sentence: you finish raiding. Or they sew a wooden mac for you. I think there will be no objections. And if there are - a couple of accidents with the nearest homies. And that’s all.
      4. Krasnoyarsk
        Krasnoyarsk April 17 2020 18: 09
        I understand that this is not feasible, which is a pity. But if we turn to the experience of our ancestors, we will find a good tool to fight these "honest businessmen". This tool was invented in Ingushetia and was successfully used by the Bolsheviks for some time - "Special Meeting". It was used when a crime, an act harmful to society, is present, but in order to prove the existence of these criminal acts, it is necessary to spend a lot of time.
        Each of us can name a couple of names in our city worthy of the attention of the "Special Meeting". This would be of great help in restoring industry in Russia.
        1. Rostislav
          Rostislav April 18 2020 10: 27
          Or it will lead to a deepening of the crisis, becoming an instrument of blackmail - or you give the company away, or you will have a special meeting.
          Does the prosecutor’s office not see how property is being stolen? Can’t check the grounds for such actions and what are the firms that do this?
          When the authorities do not seal their eyes with green pieces of paper, then the available tools are enough.
    2. Yngvar
      Yngvar April 17 2020 12: 25
      Power is not the kind to plant! The "virus" struck her long ago ...
      1. Same lech
        Same lech April 17 2020 12: 32
        Power is not the kind to plant! The "virus" struck her long ago ...

        The State Duma adopts laws that we have chosen ... one should not expect another.
        1. Beringovsky
          Beringovsky April 17 2020 13: 37
          Who are we? In our country, for example, less than 12% of the total number of voters voted for EDRO.
          Almost no one respects them, but they are the ruling party. How shoud I understand this? What kind of system is this created and by whom?
          Do you think people should endure this mockery of common sense?
          1. Same lech
            Same lech April 17 2020 13: 40
            I haven’t voted for the EDR for a long time as well as for the Communists and the Liberal Democratic Party ... in one world, they’re oiled.
            The statistics of the votes in the elections ... nobody will let you check the real statistics ... this is too delicate a matter.
      2. AK1972
        AK1972 April 17 2020 12: 35
        The fight of the authorities against corruption is very similar to the fight against prostitution by the brothel staff.
      3. Snail N9
        Snail N9 April 17 2020 12: 40
        Once I watched an interview with a "rich man". "Uncle" is a fairly wealthy person, he lives in Cyprus. In Russia there are rarely hired Chaldeans looking after the business. So they touched on the question, just about the fact that the government of Cyprus has degreased its savings by 5%. He's going to fire up Cypriots-type bastards and all that. Correspondent to him, what are you worried about, they took a little, and why do you need so much money, you can be happy without a lot of money. "Uncle" looked at him like an insect and said: "Do you actually understand what you said? How can you LIVE without BIG MONEY? You have never lived, you have never had so much money to be in nothing not to deny, and this is what real life is, when you can not deny yourself anything. You have no idea what it is like to have BIG MONEY. "
        1. Same lech
          Same lech April 17 2020 13: 07
          you have no idea what it is like to have BIG MONEY. "

          А smile what is it to have big money? ...
          Is it possible to buy simple sincere human feelings on them?
          Fidelity, love, compassion, simple human pity, for example, for a sick child who needs a multimillion-dollar operation?
          Is it possible, for example, to buy our president or his administration for very big money?
          1. polar fox
            polar fox April 17 2020 13: 14
            Quote: The same LYOKHA
            Is it possible, for example, to buy our president or his administration for very big money?

            they have long been bought and resold a couple of times))))
          2. Maks1995
            Maks1995 April 17 2020 13: 39
            The article itself proves that everything has already been bought.
        2. aybolyt678
          aybolyt678 April 17 2020 13: 44
          Quote: Snail N9
          you have no idea what it is like to have BIG MONEY. "

          to have big money is the fear of losing them for a lifetime. It is to despise and hate the whole world, and to regret that life is so short and not to achieve all the pleasures. It does not believe in friendship, love, and are afraid of people with EVEN BIG money! In addition, they are afraid of people from the inner circle (a maid, who doesn’t think of anyone as a cook!) That they will kill you and your beloved ....
          Much cooler to feel the right people ... to have a favorite job, a big family, a big house, a wetsuit for swimming in Siberia, PSP vodka !!! ....
    3. The comment was deleted.
  2. prior
    prior April 17 2020 12: 08
    "Taranovirus" is just one of the many varieties of the "Kremlin virus".
    1. Svarog
      Svarog April 17 2020 12: 19
      Quote: prior
      "Taranovirus" is just one of the many varieties of the "Kremlin virus".

      A nullification of the virus mutates and generates a taranovirus ..
  3. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee April 17 2020 12: 10
    “Taranovirus” in the defense industry can be dangerous with its complications.
    But where is the market that will put everything in its place? And this is not a market, but a robbery of the state!
    1. knn54
      knn54 April 17 2020 12: 42
      TODAY there are four troubles in Russia: fools, roads, corrupt officials and raiders.
      1. New Year day
        New Year day April 17 2020 20: 03
        Quote: knn54
        TODAY there are four troubles in Russia: fools, roads, corrupt officials and raiders.

        2 more troubles forgot: Polovtsy and Pechenegs
    2. DPN
      DPN April 17 2020 13: 08
      But where is the market that will put everything in its place?
      Ask a Soviet person and he will answer YOU where?
    3. aybolyt678
      aybolyt678 April 17 2020 13: 50
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      But where is the market that will put everything in its place? And this is not a market, but a robbery of the state!

      Vladimir Vysotsky wrote:
      "And they tried to comprehend
      We who did not know wars
      For war cry
      Accepted the howl
      The secret of the word "order"
      Border Assignment
      The meaning of attack and clank
      War chariots. "
      We forgot what the purpose of the borders is! - In order not to let other people's problems into the country! Keep out enemies - investors! Keep Out The Ideology of Consumption! Soviet man is a creator and not a consumer! The worst thing is that our commanders are in solidarity with the world market, and do not think further than half a generation ahead sad
      1. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee April 17 2020 15: 30
        And in continuation:
        Lies and evil - look,
        How rude their faces
        And always behind
        Crows and coffins!

        If meat with a knife
        You didn’t eat a single piece,
        If hands are idle
        Watched down on me
        And did not enter the fight
        With a scoundrel, with an executioner, -
        So in life you were
        Nothing to do with anything!

        If the path is cut through with my father’s sword,
        You salty tears on the mustache wound,
        If in a hot fight I experienced how much, -
        So, you read the necessary books as a child!

        1975 V. Vysotsky
  4. Altona
    Altona April 17 2020 12: 13
    It’s somehow not new to read about such cases, this is typical behavior for the Putin system. Grab and eat a successful venture. What will blame those who resisted. Raiders find full understanding in the Russian courts.
    1. polar fox
      polar fox April 17 2020 13: 17
      Quote: Altona
      it’s not new to read about such cases, this is typical behavior for the Putin system.

      like the wife of a meadow protruded cement plants throughout the country, for example ... or violent attempts to squeeze out ToAZ ... about smaller enterprises and it’s not worth remembering ... one example is 20 km from me ... the ruins alone from the sausage shop, after the invasion of the Muscovites .
      1. Ingvar 72
        Ingvar 72 April 17 2020 15: 52
        Quote: polar fox
        the ruins alone from the sausage shop, after the invasion of the Muscovites

    2. Dwellernet
      Dwellernet April 17 2020 16: 13
      So the Khakhalevs are sitting in the courts. They all do not how much. By the way, it is in the arbitration court that she is operating.
  5. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins April 17 2020 12: 20
    Unfortunately, in practice, ALL regions can "boast" of something similar. Alas, these are harsh realities ...
    1. avia12005
      April 17 2020 13: 01
      First, to the ground ... they have plundered everything and continue to plunder, and then they pretend that they are "substituting import". Well, well, the power plants for the Navy are not visible, neither is the average transport aircraft for the Air Force. And that's just big. And everywhere you can find your ram.
      1. The leader of the Redskins
        The leader of the Redskins April 17 2020 13: 19
        The worst thing is that he is his own - brought up just like us, who knows our laws, our needs, our desires and our weaknesses!
        This is not a German, not a Swede, not an American. And with the same passport, only living behind a higher fence and riding an expensive foreign car!
        1. avia12005
          April 17 2020 13: 22
          But here’s how such ... prolazyat and liquidate defense plants, this is generally inaccessible to the mind. Such a raider is a real weapon in the hands of an adversary from behind a hill. Or maybe this is that adversary?
          1. Vadim237
            Vadim237 April 17 2020 14: 36
            The main thing is to store documents in another place and you will not be afraid of any raider captures.
          2. Vadim237
            Vadim237 April 17 2020 15: 24
            On September 21, 2017, by the ruling of the Arbitration Court of the Novosibirsk Region, Sibelektroterm OJSC was declared bankrupt, bankruptcy proceedings were opened - bankruptcy proceedings. Obviously not a hen laying the golden eggs, otherwise it would not have gone bankrupt and no one would deliberately bankrupt it. Arc steel-making furnaces, ore-thermal electric furnaces, electric resistance furnaces, car dumpers, jaw crushers, seeders, harrows, except seeders are quite specific products and they are not alone on the market.
            1. avia12005
              April 17 2020 16: 30
              Arc steel-smelting furnaces, ore-thermal electric furnaces, resistance electric furnaces - this is the main article of production. And they are used to make parts from titanium. In the Russian Federation, some types of furnaces are produced only here.
              1. Vadim237
                Vadim237 April 17 2020 21: 40
                Probably not parts made of titanium - but castings of blanks from titanium alloys.
        2. aybolyt678
          aybolyt678 April 17 2020 14: 38
          Quote: Leader of the Redskins
          This is not a German, not a Swede, not an American. And with the same passport, only living behind a higher fence and riding an expensive foreign car!

          - and living according to our laws! which guarantee freedom of business! where business means ANY way to extract money! Our laws have an undeniable social achievement! - inviolability of private property! sad
  6. Doccor18
    Doccor18 April 17 2020 12: 21
    Everywhere there are "rams".
    In the city of my childhood, a small district center with 30 thousand people, there were 5 industrial enterprises that produced simple and at the same time high-quality products, which, by the way, were surprisingly competitive even abroad. Bedding sets for original projects, sets of utensils of 170 kinds, sets of carpentry tools, (even Belgium bought chisels in 91), environmentally friendly furniture for children from solid pine,
    which before 2008 was bought by China and R. Korea ... Thousands of people worked ...
    And now there are barely 20 thousand people in the city. There are no youth. All factories were killed by "battering rams".
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 April 17 2020 14: 38
      Maybe after 2008, they simply went broke, because the economic crisis went awry.
      1. Doccor18
        Doccor18 April 17 2020 15: 16
        The crisis has finished. The "owner" fired 3/4 of all the workers and bought expensive machines, was going to make luxury furniture.
        And then the crisis, loans .. well, and elite furniture "so everyone needs."
        Baby cots, changing tables, children's furniture would still go over the hill, if not for the whims of an "effective" manager.
  7. Overlock
    Overlock April 17 2020 12: 25
    “Taranovirus” in the defense industry can be dangerous with its complications.

    Is it only in the defense? This virus is cultivated by the existing system of those in power. He has struck all other branches of our life and he finds nourishment in the greed of officials in power. And the government as a whole is satisfied request
  8. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m April 17 2020 12: 27
    “Taranovirus” in the defense industry can be dangerous with its complications. And the state has not yet found effective methods for its treatment.
    Judging by the state of industry, the state has found effective methods of its reproduction. For the benefit of those in power. And all according to the law.
  9. tatra
    tatra April 17 2020 12: 49
    If the Bolshevik communists, after their seizure of the country, did not destroy anything in any industry, but only developed and modernized them, then after the seizure of the country, their enemies, like demoniacs, rushed "come on, destroy, destroy everything that the scoops and commies did, all this is bad , ineffective. " Everything was destroyed, destroyed, but nothing useful was created for the country and people. Their main "work" is embezzlement and speculation.
    1. Antonio_Mariarti
      Antonio_Mariarti April 17 2020 13: 38
      Yeah, especially with the exporter of grain became importers of it.
      1. tatra
        tatra April 17 2020 13: 44
        Here, thank you for showing one of the clear examples of the attitude of the enemies of the Bolsheviks-communists to their people. You all both expose for the "achievement" of the bourgeois that they exported a lot of food from the Russian Empire, which did not crawl out of a state of chronic hunger, and for your "achievement" after your capture of Russia, which destroyed two-thirds of the cattle, grassing the people with low-quality bread and a bunch of chemicals, you export a lot of grain from Russia.
        And this is according to Freud, that with EVERY comparison of what the Bolshevik Communists and their supporters did with what you did, you all equally quit viciously against what they did, because you perfectly understand that you did NOTHING useful country and people.
        1. Vadim237
          Vadim237 April 17 2020 14: 43
          And what have you done useful for people over the past 15 years, except for empty moaning and snot every day?
          1. Uncle lee
            Uncle lee April 17 2020 15: 42
            For fifty years I have been working in my specialty, to ensure the safety of navigation and the protection of human life at sea ...
            And you only hait what our fathers and mothers built and protected.
            And once again I affirm: anti-advisers are traitors!
            1. Vadim237
              Vadim237 April 17 2020 21: 51
              I want only that in the USSR they didn’t make modern competitive civilian products - now they’re surprised that we have all the household clothes and many other foreign brands, most of them are foreign cars, and so on. In the 90s, buyers voted with money to kick off everything Soviet in the civil sector as physically and morally obsolete - all goods.
              1. Uncle lee
                Uncle lee April 18 2020 00: 48
                Quote: Vadim237
                kicking everything Soviet

                Judging only by McDonald's, yes! Synthetic food, synthetic clothing, synthetic viruses and synthetic relationships between people.
              2. Reklastik
                Reklastik April 18 2020 15: 56
                in the USSR nichrome did not make modern competitive civilian products
                - and there was some justification for this: this not made modern product was not a commodity of prime necessity. And funds for its production were allocated according to the residual principle. But the state spent money, implicitly, on medicine, housing, education. It was more important. Just then, for the most part, people did not think about how the Soviet economy was organized and worked. Did not notice such things. They were taken for granted. And now the state does not spend much money on such things. But you can buy modern competitive products.
  10. Syroitel_nik
    Syroitel_nik April 17 2020 14: 37
    You can not plant, only complete disinfection. With total processing diz.sostavom all contacted.
  11. depressant
    depressant April 17 2020 15: 37
    The article was painful to read. But the ending is especially painful. Why the labor collective does not organize the protection of the shop? Why not appeal to volunteer advocates? After all, this is war! But you have to fight in a war!
  12. Quasipatriot
    Quasipatriot April 17 2020 15: 43
    And then there is "no time to build up the virus" and "we need a breakthrough virus". Its presence in an individual indicates an increased verbiage and failure to fulfill earlier promises.
  13. parusnik
    parusnik April 17 2020 16: 14
    And how many such taranoviruses are there in the country, and what protection is there from them ..
    1. Amper
      Amper April 17 2020 21: 05
      Change of power from top to bottom! And a fair trial.
      This power is not hungering for immunity. This is in Russia then !!!! laughing
  14. Dwellernet
    Dwellernet April 17 2020 16: 16
    You still remember about the Volgograd tractor! The one that produced tanks in Stalingrad, directly into the battle for Stalingrad. The Germans could not destroy him during the war. But our officials easily killed him.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 April 17 2020 21: 57
      This factory, like many others, killed the uselessness of all their products both on the domestic and foreign markets since the 90s - as everyone bought foreign equipment. Buyers chose the best and it was not domestic products.
      1. NordUral
        NordUral April 18 2020 11: 14
        Vadim! It seems that everything you say is true, but dig deeper, and I’m talking about the quality of our products, it’s not so simple.
        Here I decided (there is time for crafts - a pensioner), besides my other activities, I can make myself a speaker system for a good amplifier.
        He got into the question with his head.
        And what did I learn with surprise? And very interesting things. It turns out that in the days of the Union, very good acoustics and a speaker for it were produced. Just by design, we conceded mostly Western beauty and quantity. And until now, Soviet speakers use home-made workers in their systems (the price is of course also a strong factor, but it’s stupid to spend 10000 rubles for an imported one, and not 1000-2000 rubles for a Soviet one with approximately the same, if not better, characteristics for the Soviet one).
        So somehow, and this is only one corner of the dark problem of our underdevelopment, supposedly.
  15. Amper
    Amper April 17 2020 21: 02
    The Nazis did not reach Novosibirsk .... They ruined their own ....
  16. NordUral
    NordUral April 18 2020 11: 02
    I read such articles and feel a great desire to shout: "Stop whining!"
    Some themselves vote for those who are constantly lying and ruining the country, others have retired, others tirelessly insist that we have no other choice, working for those who have turned the country into ruins in 20 years.
    I’ve been saying it for a long time - go to the polls at least once and vote for the candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. It will not be worse from this. It's time to act.