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To the material on the development of self-propelled guns "Puck." Thanks to the readers

To the material on the development of self-propelled guns "Puck." Thanks to the readers

Thank you for the kind words posted in the reviews on publication of the story on the development of self-propelled guns "Puck". I want to answer also those with whom I cannot agree. I can not agree with the wording of the "unrecognized genius." Described история - This is a chronology of events for the development of an experimental model of self-propelled guns "Puck, nothing more.

There are no my claims to a high level of genius. I am ordinary among thousands of other employees of the design departments and, like everyone else, I have my own opinion, my own vision of the object of work, which is outlined in this story. Naturally, many will disagree with me. I respect their opinion. Perhaps they could not understand what I wanted to say in this story. It is my fault that I could not clearly describe this situation. On such a complex topic, it is not easy to do.

The history of these events shows that everything new is born in agony. Not everything is easily and simply realized. The implementation of individual ideas takes years and decades. Ideas such as a foreign body: first of all, cause a rejection reaction, a departure for the usual classical decisions. The prospects for managers to lose a career in the event of failure incline them to choose this direction.

When solving complex problems, it is impossible to completely exclude even serious tragic events. Such events occurred in space exploration both in our country, and in the USA and Germany. Leaders of design teams should have the courage to take responsibility to solve such problems. Without such people it is impossible to move on. Russia needs people obsessed with its idea, they need help in this.

The layout of the self-propelled gun "Washer" does not contain a secret formula for genius. It has only one advantage - it is an autonomous gun, carried outside the habitable, armored volume, operating in an automatic mode without human intervention. I can not agree that the described story is a slander. The slander must have selfish goals, but "I don’t take a bribe, it’s a shame for my power."

I want to answer about the "crazy ideas." The layout of the self-propelled gun "Washer" was not built from scratch. It was formed as a result of many years of work on the main functional units of the Akatsiya self-propelled howitzer, the Tulip self-propelled mortar, the Hyacinth self-propelled gun and the Msta self-propelled howitzer. These are the results of the analysis and evaluation of all the pros and cons of various designs. All developed units were not my sick imagination, they were tested and adopted. I had no shameful punctures.

I can’t agree with the fact that the self-propelled gun with reclining supports is a “snag”. I used a similar method when developing the base plate of the Hyacinth self-propelled guns. This device fits harmoniously into the "interior" of the self-propelled guns. There is no alternative solution to this method and the developers of automotive cranes.

It is not advisable to disclose details of the loading mechanism and rate of fire of the self-propelled guns "Puck" in the media. It is quite enough what is said about this in the described story.
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  1. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U April 15 2020 09: 21 New
    With all due respect to the author, how awkward the SPG looks, article plus.
    1. Mihail2019
      Mihail2019 April 15 2020 10: 18 New
      Well for a prototype, this is not a vice. In fact, the photo shows a conceptual model, a demonstrator of an idea. And in its final form, it could look a little different, as it seems to me.
      1. Vladimir_2U
        Vladimir_2U April 15 2020 10: 34 New
        A shoulder strap of almost a battleship diameter excludes
        Quote: Michael2019
        might look a little different
        but this is my opinion.
    2. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I April 15 2020 10: 42 New
      Quote: Vladimir_2U
      how awkward the SPG looks,

      And I like it !! And a few years ago I liked it when I first "got acquainted" with this concept! Washer! Washer!
    3. bandabas
      bandabas April 15 2020 12: 05 New
      Article plus is unambiguous. Experiments are always needed. In contrast, from the incompetent project of the ladies, Skolkovo.
  2. pmkemcity
    pmkemcity April 15 2020 09: 41 New
    everything new is born in agony.

    That's bad. All genius is born in joy. Later, he makes his way "in agony". And here - anguish at birth, anguish at becoming ...
  3. prodi
    prodi April 15 2020 10: 30 New
    In Hyacinth and Malki, the base plates really look organically

    and even functionally

    But for a rotating tower, it turns out neto similar to that of Tulip

    only it will need to be rotated together with the tower, (as a counterweight smile ), and so that this support is of sufficient length to lower in a longitudinal view
    There will no longer be a win in size
  4. svp67
    svp67 April 15 2020 10: 32 New
    Thanks a lot to the author. But still the question is, why not a seven-track chassis?
    And this is what option?
  5. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I April 15 2020 11: 13 New
    By the way, a "similar" scheme was proposed for "tanks of the future"! At the end of the last century, in the magazine "Foreign Military Review", I remember, there was an article where tank concepts of the future (21st century) were considered ... it described tank projects not only with a "low-silhouette" turret, but also "reckless", i.e. e. , with "carried out guns on a rotating platform"! By the way, there were described projects of tanks with the placement of the crew in an armored capsule ... Since articles in this well-known magazine are usually written on the basis of foreign materials; then, at one time, I was quite surprised to accept the statement that "a crew in an armored capsule" is Russian (Soviet) know-how!
    1. Metlik
      Metlik April 15 2020 12: 40 New
      This scheme is a logical continuation of the development of the tank. Just as they experimentally went to war in a medium tank - so replacing a tank gun with an artillery gun - inevitably leads to a universal machine capable of performing any tasks on the battlefield.
  6. Doccor18
    Doccor18 April 15 2020 11: 24 New
    In my opinion, a very interesting and promising development. She will still shoot, maybe not quite in a similar form, and maybe not in our country. And how organically the battery of such sau would have looked, accompanying the tank battalion in a deep breakthrough.
  7. Alexander Sosnitsky
    Alexander Sosnitsky April 15 2020 11: 53 New
    But the design is ingenious and impressive. As the sculptors say, "The main thing is to cut off everything unnecessary from the stone." As long as there is a war, "Puck" will be relevant. Complete robot with engine front / rear
  8. Metlik
    Metlik April 15 2020 12: 53 New
    This is what the motorized rifle division needs. Not a tank, not a sau, but an assault gun, capable of being at the forefront. Rethinking undeservedly forgotten stuff.
    1. Jager
      Jager April 21 2020 14: 00 New
      Tanks ousted Stugi because they are capable of solving a wider range of tasks with the same caliber. In the modern Armed Forces there is a great lack of "assault" tank for specific urban conditions. A kind of rethinking of the KV-2. A short-barreled large-caliber gun on a tank chassis, in an uninhabited module with high aiming angles and powerful small-caliber weapons - a 30-mm machine gun and a pair of 12,7 machine guns, the KAZ complex.
      1. Metlik
        Metlik April 21 2020 16: 06 New
        Just the tank and during the war became a specialized machine. Means of deep breakthrough of the defense by the concentration of a large mass of tank formations. The infantry unit is a means of defense above all. And in defense, it was exactly the pieces (and then those created on the basis of them that made it the Fri Sau) that best kept their positions. Not for nothing, and the Hatzer and the Su 100 were in service for so long.
        The assault gun is more universal. Frontal attack, shelling, even airstrike - it can work in any situation.