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The most difficult mine clearance: on the work of Russian sappers in Laos


At the end of March, Russian sappers returned from Laos, where they provided assistance to the country's armed forces in the clearance of mines and other ammunition from the Vietnam War.

Laos can be considered one of the most exotic and amazing countries in the world. In the 70s of the last century, the territory of this state was subjected to the most massive bombing of all history of humanity. More than 3 million US Air Force bombs were dropped on this country with its three millionth population.

In 2019, Russian sappers first entered this land. They were tasked with clearing the area of ​​American bombs.

“Military Acceptance” has already talked about the first mission of Russian sappers. In this issue, we will focus on the second business trip to Laos.

This time, our guys had to work at a more complex facility than last time - at a military airfield, next to which there were especially fierce battles. The land here was literally crammed with explosive objects, unexploded ordnance. In the literal sense of the word, Russian sappers sometimes had to go underground to a depth of 2-3 meters. According to experts, in the entire modern history of the engineering troops, this was the most difficult mine clearance.

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  1. DMB 75
    DMB 75 April 15 2020 05: 00 New
    As they said about them .. Minesweeper is mistaken in life twice. The first time is when he chooses this profession. Here men have a difficult job ... Good luck and everyone to return home alive and healthy.
    1. Snail N9
      Snail N9 April 15 2020 08: 26 New
      I hate it when some journalist stuffed in a clean suit rushes among tired, busy people (and in this case a dangerous business) and waving their arms, periodically sticking their faces in the camera, like “reporting”.
  2. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx April 15 2020 05: 20 New
    As a man of the Soviet formation, I can only welcome such actions of both the Russian leadership and the leadership of the Moscow Region, but as a person to whom, from every “iron”, a person who looks like an elf Dobby pours dirt on the USSR and curses this particular political structure of the country, I want to ask :
    "When do we wait for new spits and stones now from Laos?"
    Apparently the honor of being the scavengers of the American military is prepared for us before the end of time? Do you recall the countries where the Americans "marked" the introduction of their democracy, and the role of the USSR and the Russian Federation in neutralizing these "democratic" processes and eliminating the consequences.
    What is happening, that Russia saves everyone, and then the "saved" with such fury spoil us in all possible places that we cannot get out of this "G" in any way?
    More than 3 million US Air Force bombs were dropped on this country with its three millionth population.

    Fines are imposed on Russia for lesser offenses, blamed for non-existent events, so that Russia would compensate for the damage either from the occupation, from the downed Boeing, or from the barking of the European hyena ... But how did the USA compensate the damage? Did anyone even attract them for robbery and aggression?
    Only such a perception of the material. Sorry, but I can’t welcome the clearance in some Laos, with a lack of fresh water in Crimea, or in the absence of basic living conditions in Russia itself ... I don’t perceive this “dislike” for the needs and needs of my own population ... Not I understand why human resources are spent on the improvement of countries that have their own population.
    I know the parable about the fish and the fishing rod. So, maybe you should just teach the suffering to “fish”, and not take it away from their own people, to feed the “hungry” first, and then listen to that “the cutlet is burnt” ...
    1. Same lech
      Same lech April 15 2020 07: 06 New
      So, maybe you should just teach the afflicted to "fish", and not take it away from their

      It would be nice to unlearn our country to write off multi-billion debts at the expense of our own people.
      Alas, politicians ... our politicians think in categories that do not take into account the views of ordinary citizens ... all the muck that the Americans leave behind for some reason should be removed by our people ... this is wrong.
      As for Laos, there are also quite good sappers, but they are few.

      In addition to the main task, Russian specialists provide training for Lao soldiers in the IPC branch established in Laos. For this, Russian sappers equipped classrooms and sites in which the Laotians study the material and the rules for using Russian engineering means of searching for explosive objects. The first set of Lao engineers has already begun training since November 1.
      1. neri73-r
        neri73-r April 15 2020 10: 09 New
        Quote: The same Lech
        It would be nice to unlearn our country to write off multi-billion debts at the expense of our own people.

        The vast majority of them are irretrievable, alas. Writing off old bad debts, we agree on new forms of cooperation, loans, product deliveries, etc. ... It’s just that the media and the public cover only the first fact - write-offs, which they agreed on for various reasons are silent.
  3. max702
    max702 24 May 2020 17: 07 New
    Because of this screaming hobbit I can’t watch good shows .. Take this stuffed nafig away!