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War horror movies: mockery or promising genre?

War horror movies: mockery or promising genre?

There is a second week of “quarantine”. Someone who has stuck to the couch scribbles angry posts about how the damned regime oppresses his freedom, someone has longed for work for once, someone decided to remember what he said before the sacramental phrase “when will the time” , and someone began to watch lost cinematographic works. The author will speak about the latter. At the same time, about a very specific part, an almost “gray zone”, of cinema - about military horror films.

Military films in the mass consciousness are any movie where people in uniform are simply present, battle scenes or any military conflicts that have taken place or have been invented. A war film, however, cannot but intersect with classical genres. The Soviet Die Hard and the Polish Adventures of Gunner Dolas - pure comedy, the American “Some Good Guys” or the Korean “United Safety Zone” went along the lines of a detective and drama, the Soviet “White Desert Sun” combines an adventure film, and a remarkable element of the same drama, because our cinema is rarely squeezed into narrow frames.

At the same time, fans of military cinema, looking for inconsistencies in uniforms, authenticity historical The events and behavior of seemingly disciplined and trained heroes are also divided into war films to their liking. Someone is impressed by the theme of the First World War, someone of the Great Patriotic War or the war in the Pacific theater of operations.

But now the author will turn to a very controversial area of ​​military cinema, in which both genres and various topics intersect. It's about war horror films. No, the author immediately dismisses cheap things like Nazi explotation, absurd fantastic attempts about secret experiments of crazy low-grade Mengele and various speculative paintings, which try to emphasize the naturalness of the frame to the place and out of place to terrify the viewer, restraining the vomiting.

At the same time, strangely enough, military horror films potentially entitled to a significant share of conventions can be filled with quite serious content and even a certain message to the viewer, most often of an anti-militaristic orientation.

So, a few paintings, at least worthy of the attention of the viewer. However, this is not a rating.

“Enemy” (“The Enemy”) (Neprijatelj)

The 2011 film “Enemy” of the joint production of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Hungary, either extremely ambiguous and multi-layered on this list, or simply the director (Serb Dejan Zachevich) confused the viewer and was confused himself.

The civil war in Yugoslavia ended. A remote Serb garrison in the depths of a now alien state will mine its own minefields, waiting to be sent home. While patrolling in an abandoned factory area, soldiers discover a walled man named Daba. The Serbs, naturally, release the unfortunate and bring with them to the checkpoint. But the stranger refuses food and water, and answers some questions with some nonsense, which the fighters at first mistaken for mental trauma from a monstrous civil war. But soon, strange things began to happen among the soldiers.

In the next patrol, the Serbs find two fighters. One Serb and one Bosnian, who, surprisingly, together guarded Daba, considering him the devil, guilty of the death of people. As events unfold, madness covers the entire garrison of the checkpoint, and Daba continues to just sit still, making no attempt to kill anyone, peering around with an empty and heavy look, sometimes with a kind of grin.

The picture is really very specific, filled with various subtexts, and leaves a lot of questions. Is Duba a symbol of the demon of war, the devil himself, or that invisible grain thrown into Yugoslav land and led to a long-term bloody war? Perhaps only the devil is able to unite people after a fierce meat grinder, a kind of paradox ...

Point R

The 2004 South Korean film “Point R”, directed by Kon Soo-chan, came out against the backdrop of the so-called Korean wave, when the names Kim Ki Duk, Im Kwon Teka and Pong Joon Ho in Europe were aspirated.

The Point R movie itself touches on a somewhat uncomfortable topic for both Koreans and Americans. The picture unfolds around the participation of South Korean soldiers in the Vietnam War on the side of the United States. The capitalist South Korea managed to send about 300 thousand people to Vietnam. Separately, it is worth noting that the authorities of South Korea from the very beginning of the Vietnamese massacre expressed this desire.

So, Vietnam is blazing. The command, having lost a detachment in a certain gray zone called “point R”, receives radio messages from it and sends a peculiar rescue detachment to this point, the purpose of which is to either find the missing or find the bodies. The detachment is selected very motley, and the commander is famous for the fact that people around him die without his direct fault. In general, the dream squad.

After landing in the area of ​​the indicated point, the detachment, moving deep into the essence of the enemy’s territory, encounters mysticism: the sun does not shine, high humidity, the radio works intermittently. But here the fighters leave the jungle to the phantasmagoric stone building. A gloomy gray ragged structure of several floors rises above the vibrant tropical vegetation. This is where the fighters decide to set up camp.

A mysterious and frightening place makes each soldier remember his own sins committed in this war. Someone blames the invisible and treacherous enemy, someone is filled with superstitions, but in the end everyone will be responsible alone for what has been done. Without too much gut and other ways to make the audience tremble, the picture is filled with frightening tension and riddles. Sometimes a mystical anti-militarist message is traced.

“Watching Death” (Deathwatch)

The 2002 German-English film Death Watch is not as deep as the pictures above, however, it is a purely Western product. The director of the film is “Transgender Woman” M.J. Basset. For connoisseurs of the themes of the First World War and the atmosphere of deep dirty trenches, this film will be interesting.

Positional World War I continues to sink hundreds of thousands of people in the swamp. The next night attack of the British soldiers on German positions quite expectedly turns into a collapse. The surviving company soldiers in the heat of a meaningless assault lost their way in the fog and darkness of a sparse plain blown up by craters. When it began to grow light, the soldiers went to abandoned German positions. The trenches are empty, only a bunch of corpses of German soldiers.

Escaping to a bare unfamiliar area in the middle of an enemy defense line means dying, but, as luck would have it, the radio works only for reception, and on the air you can hear that the company is considered to have died completely. But this is not what the soldiers begin to worry most of all, but the absolute unknown location and some mystical treachery of the soil underfoot. It’s either where from out of the ground wire barriers grow, then the soil bleeds, then the corpses of the dead fall out directly from the walls of the trench. The only German found by the brave Englishmen cannot say anything articulate.

The surviving citizens of Britain are like a match: a mannered captain from the English aristocracy, a green soldier who did not have time to get used to the horror surrounding him, a sergeant trying to keep his mind, several cynical and desperate soldiers and, of course, a fighter who just wants to kill. Such a motley company immediately rushed to look for those responsible. Under the circumstances, the perpetrators were quickly found ...

The film, though superficial, is filled with the atmosphere of war. A certain message is expressed roughly, but clearly, and therefore very controversially. The main characters, unlike modern plastic crafts, are interesting, frighteningly interesting.

“Guard post 506”

Another greetings from South Korea, and again from the director Kon Soo-chan. Still, the wound of the separation of Korea hurts, so the director took this theme as the background for his 506 Sentinel Post 2008 movie.

Demilitarized zone from the side of South Korea. Old guard post with a bunker from the Cold War. Suddenly, the command loses touch with the garrison, and the general’s son commands the garrison, so the matter is “delicate”. Naturally, a detachment of fighters is sent to the post. Following the "rescue" detachment, a military investigator is sent. But this time there is no mysticism - just a previously unknown virus is brought into the territory of the post.

As befits a capitalist country, where each "leader" is his own, soldiers try to survive at all costs. Even at the cost of the life of their colleagues or civilians who will suffer from the virus they introduced. The detective canvas is intertwined with a purely vital one, in which everyone wants to return to the family and is faced with a radical choice.

The closed entourage of the bunker with alarmist human content is humus for horror. However, the filmmakers did not fully use this humus. But the Asian flavor remains.

The Poisoned (Muralim)

An ambiguous creation from Israel in an ironic form of a war horror film, tightly tied to comedy. The painting "Poisoned" in 2011 is short, without pathos and with a fair amount of outright mockery. In addition, there is an ethnic shade.

A remote military unit living its own life. Brutal soldiers, led by no less brutal, and therefore always screaming commander, serve relatively peacefully. Periodically, this company scoffs at Private Dani, to whom fate assigned the role of a floor polisher. But after the “planned” vaccination, almost the entire garrison turns into a zombie. Suddenly Dani has a chance to become someone more significant than the eternal cleaner ...

Summarizing all the paintings, we can assume that war horror films are promising, but they also have a huge inherent flaw: the horror genre itself is forever closed within the framework of compulsory commerce. Combining something great solely with money is difficult, but sometimes it turns out.
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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 April 10 2020 15: 06 New
    Bre / D / Yatina final.
    1. Svarog
      Svarog April 10 2020 15: 19 New
      Cinema degrades every year and tries to somehow catch the viewer .. but it is unlikely that a person with a healthy psyche will like to spend his time on such a crap ..
      A good film should make a person better, in my opinion this is the main mission of cinema.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 April 10 2020 15: 29 New
        The necessary films can be "heavy"!
        But what you can’t do is also necessary for some to know.
        Talent is needed to show this correctly.
        1. Svarog
          Svarog April 10 2020 15: 30 New
          Quote: rocket757
          Talent is needed to show this correctly.

          I agree, but talent lies in the balance .. in the balance of meaning and entertainment ..
      2. tihonmarine
        tihonmarine April 10 2020 17: 42 New
        Quote: Svarog

        Cinema degrades every year and tries to somehow catch the viewer ..

        Cinema went into oblivion about 30 years ago, now it is a mixture of fiction, propaganda, sadism and vulgarity on the screens that are imposing on mentally ill people. People are led away from reality into the world of prostitution.
  2. KCA
    KCA April 10 2020 15: 09 New
    It's good that I will never watch this slag, like 99% of the upcoming Hollywood films
    1. Lipchanin
      Lipchanin April 10 2020 16: 13 New
      Quote: KCA
      It’s good that I will never look at this slag,

      I completely agree that this is slag. And slag is harmful to the body
      1. tihonmarine
        tihonmarine April 10 2020 17: 45 New
        Quote: Lipchanin
        And slag is harmful to the body

        Slag is removed by well-alcohol tinctures and grape wine.
        1. Lipchanin
          Lipchanin April 10 2020 17: 48 New
          Quote: tihonmarine
          Slag is removed by well-alcohol tinctures and grape wine.

          Is this a hint or suggestion? lol
          1. tihonmarine
            tihonmarine April 10 2020 18: 09 New
            Quote: Lipchanin
            Is this a hint or suggestion?

            Hint of a suggestion, it's time to start, it's already evening.
            1. Lipchanin
              Lipchanin April 10 2020 18: 15 New
              Quote: tihonmarine
              it's time to start, it's already evening.

              Yes, you can’t ... recourse
              They retired 2 weeks earlier. Now live for 1.6 months until the next.
              If you drink, denyuzhkov may not be enough, but I also feed the dog recourse
        2. Den717
          Den717 April 10 2020 23: 02 New
          Quote: tihonmarine
          Slag is removed by well-alcohol tinctures and grape wine.

          It’s easier not to turn on the TV, otherwise, removing these toxins, the liver can also be removed with the toxins. no
  3. Altona
    Altona April 10 2020 15: 13 New
    Well, here everything is as usual, military-Marvel and military-Netflix, an attempt to popularize the genre through "drop dead stories".
  4. Varyag_0711
    Varyag_0711 April 10 2020 15: 14 New
    I apologize, does the author really have anything else to do? Well, at least kill me, I don’t understand, it makes sense to watch such nonsense. I want to see about the war, review "They Fought for the Homeland", "Hot Snow", "In the War as in the War", etc. I don’t like Soviet films, well, I have a flag in my hands, there’s even something to choose from even in Hollywood, I can’t give an example, I don’t like Hollywood films about the war, pathos, stupidly and deceitfully, generally American, they alone defeated everyone. But to look at the above, this is beyond the scope of my understanding. This is a complete dislocation of the brain. Maybe the author should do something useful, clean up the balcony for example? And then, soon the walls and the TV will begin to respond ... laughing
    1. DMB 75
      DMB 75 April 10 2020 15: 36 New
      I join you. For at least a year give me self-isolation - I won’t watch “this”, even if I don’t have anything to do at all .. If you want to watch the war, there’s not and will never be a better Soviet classic! I’d add a lot of these masterpieces to you, yes the list will not fit in the comment.
    2. Lipchanin
      Lipchanin April 10 2020 16: 17 New
      Quote: Varyag_0711
      Maybe the author should do something useful,

      And then after all, how much time wasted in vain on viewing this ....
  5. carstorm 11
    carstorm 11 April 10 2020 15: 17 New
    vkusovschina. people are all different and tastes too. I basically admit horrors I don’t like and in general I don’t understand this genre, but my wife, for example, loves to pull her nerves) you either like it or not. and the fact that war or military topics began to absorb various directions is not surprising. 90 percent of those writing on this resource have little to do with the army, but they are still interested in it.
  6. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U April 10 2020 15: 18 New
    Author, review “Aliens”, here's the fantasy for you, and about the military and horrors, and just a great movie! Only translated by Puchkov. He does not confuse a flamethrower with a fire extinguisher.
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 April 10 2020 15: 32 New
      That is yes. "Aliens" 1, 2, the third is not ah. There are still nervous films that do not cause mind rejection.
      Not so much over that mass of complete nonsense.
      1. Van 16
        Van 16 April 10 2020 15: 50 New
        Predator. But only the first in which Schwarzenegger.
        1. rocket757
          rocket757 April 10 2020 18: 03 New
          Predator, both, it's cool!
          Of course the "fairy tale" but what kind of nature !!! As you recall, so br r p r! Believable to the smallest detail.
          1. Van 16
            Van 16 April 10 2020 21: 55 New
            No-no-no, sir, only the first part, the second, with Danny Glover, about nothing, gloomy city slums, no plot, no history, solid bamboo-bamb hi
      2. os -in
        os -in April 10 2020 21: 52 New
        Bram Stoker's dracula 1992)
        1. rocket757
          rocket757 April 10 2020 21: 59 New
          This is an amateur ... but we won’t argue about tastes.
    2. Amateur
      Amateur April 10 2020 15: 35 New
      And you can see “Lara Croft” where Angelina has not yet made herself a vivisection. drinks
      1. carstorm 11
        carstorm 11 April 10 2020 15: 44 New
        then it's better than a cyborg 2) there she is generally super)))
        1. rocket757
          rocket757 April 10 2020 18: 06 New
          Lara Croft is spectacular, of course ... if you look at Jolie, start with “Harera" ... youth drive! Cool.
          1. Senior seaman
            Senior seaman April 10 2020 22: 12 New
            Hackers! am
            As long as I remember.
            1. rocket757
              rocket757 April 10 2020 22: 38 New
              Hackers, of course, were mistaken.
        2. AllXVahhaB
          AllXVahhaB April 14 2020 11: 20 New
          Quote: carstorm 11
          then it's better than a cyborg 2) there she is generally super)))

  7. Paul Siebert
    Paul Siebert April 10 2020 15: 21 New
    A genre for satiated moviegoers.
    War and so is horror in its highest manifestation.
    Why introduce fictional horror into it as well? It is not clear.
    I recently watched the film "1917" about two friends - front-line soldiers, the British, sent by the commander to another section of the front to warn the authorities about the German trap.
    I'll be honest.
    I did not expect such an honest, competent and exciting film about the First World War.
    It is full of horror and without any zombies.
    The horror of an ordinary soldier, constantly pulling death for his mustache.
    Highly recommend guys. Look - you will not regret it. yes
    1. Terenin
      Terenin April 10 2020 16: 32 New
      Quote: Paul Siebert
      movie "1917"

      Quote: Paul Siebert
      Highly recommend guys. Look - you will not regret it.

      hi Well, you Paul is an insidious tempter. I feel what my wife today again "in flight" with planting beds in the garden crying
  8. gabonskijfront
    gabonskijfront April 10 2020 15: 22 New
    This is not horror, but fantasy. The continuation of the "Chronicles of Narnia" is not enough magic, probably the budgets are weak.
  9. knn54
    knn54 April 10 2020 15: 40 New
    The action of ALL films takes place in a LIMITED space — a post, a trench, a building. Itself is depressing in itself. But there is “progress” —not zombies and mutant monsters.
    Do the directors really think that the viewer is sorry, degrading?
  10. Van 16
    Van 16 April 10 2020 15: 41 New
    I envy the author. No seriously. Here you can hardly find time for a good movie or book, but it seems like he has a lot of free time if he spends it watching it all ..
  11. bubalik
    bubalik April 10 2020 15: 50 New
    2011 Enemy Movie

    ,,,nothing new.
    The film "Fortress" 1983
    The action takes place in the Carpathians in 1941. A small unit of the Wehrmacht under the command of Captain Vermann arrives in a Romanian village lost in foggy mountains in order to take a position on a strategically important pass. The military are located in a huge ancient fortress, notorious. Within the walls of the gloomy citadel, the Germans alarmed an ancient evil that was held back by several generations of keepers of good. Now, a terrible force that was free, begins to ruthlessly crack down on the soldiers of the small German garrison.
    1. Alf
      Alf April 10 2020 19: 49 New
      Quote: bubalik
      The film "Fortress" 1983

      The book is even more interesting. That's just with the film has little in common.
    2. Jager
      Jager April 11 2020 01: 07 New
      Just as if I read the script for the game "Return to castle Wolfenstein"))
  12. ximkim
    ximkim April 10 2020 15: 57 New
    Must see.
  13. parusnik
    parusnik April 10 2020 16: 06 New
    I’ll take a frog with sugar, I won’t take it in my mouth, and I won’t take oysters either: I know what the oyster looks like. Take a ram, ”he continued, turning to Chichikov,“ this is a mutton side with porridge! (C) N.V. Gogol "Dead Souls"
    1. Terenin
      Terenin April 10 2020 16: 51 New
      Quote: parusnik
      I’ll take a frog with sugar, I won’t take it in my mouth, and I won’t take oysters either: I know what the oyster looks like. Take a ram, ”he continued, turning to Chichikov,“ this is a mutton side with porridge! (C) N.V. Gogol "Dead Souls"

      Uh winked Alexey, this is a completely different matter. Here is the depth ... of the Russian soul.
      When Gogol read the first chapter aloud, the guests of Sergei Timofeevich Aksakov laughed to tears. Contemporaries are different than we perceived the details of this story.
      at the same time
      ... But gradually it became more gloomy. And when they came to the description of Plyushkin, Pushkin became "completely gloomy." “My God, how sad our Russia is,” said the astounded A.S. Pushkin.
  14. Jack O'Neill
    Jack O'Neill April 10 2020 16: 47 New
    But there are great movies too!

  15. AU Ivanov.
    AU Ivanov. April 10 2020 16: 58 New
    Of the imported ones, Stone Platoon is not bad, the American series Brothers in Arms German film Stalingrad
    1. Phil77
      Phil77 April 10 2020 18: 32 New
      Good evening. Why is it bad French * An old gun *? Of course there is no military action as such. But the dramaturgy goes through the roof! And what is the scene in which the protagonist’s wife is burned from a flamethrower? to the edge.
  16. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA April 10 2020 17: 15 New
    War horror movies - This is a large part of the domestic cinema production on the topic "about war". sad
    For other senses viewing these shidevrav does not cause.
    1. Sklendarka
      Sklendarka April 10 2020 17: 52 New
      Here it is impossible not to disagree, that neither the film is continuous, but ...
  17. PCF
    PCF April 10 2020 20: 06 New
    hde "paragraph 78"?
    Here there are horrors and war / do not understand with whom / and the Resident Evil
  18. Chaldon48
    Chaldon48 April 10 2020 20: 07 New
    Judging by their description, all these films have one purpose: to collect money from people whose brain is tired of idleness and they look and moisten any rubbish to at least fill the void in their heads, as these films are not about anything.
  19. German Titov
    German Titov April 10 2020 22: 10 New
    I lagged behind Cinema. I enjoy watching Soviet and Russian films.
  20. Jager
    Jager April 11 2020 01: 14 New
    Why did you take the author like that? It’s quite a good selection. “For example, I like death guard - I reviewed it several times and each time I was convinced that the film is actually deeper than it seems.

    And you want a real nightmare and horror of war, a real war without any zombies - this is a magnificent Chinese film "Nanjing. City of life and death."
    Even I could not reconsider it, it’s so cruel, frank and creepy.
  21. nikvic46
    nikvic46 April 11 2020 06: 48 New
    God was merciful to watch such films. As they say, neither the mind nor the heart. I watch only Soviet films about the war. I do not watch current films. In past films, real people are shown, not fanatics. Now many say that the role of commanders, generals, marshals was insignificant. The mole defeated the people. Although it has long been known that without a commander, soldiers are just a pawn. They can object, sometimes people were left alone, without a commander. And they fought for real. They had something to fight for. They saw the future.
  22. BISMARCK94
    BISMARCK94 April 11 2020 19: 33 New
    Horror films are a separate art form.
    I got a hell of a bunker
  23. hohol95
    hohol95 April 11 2020 19: 38 New
    I'll pay my five cents!
    It’s not in the war, but the 19th-century American military is the main contributor to the film "The Eater" (Ravenous - "Insatiable").
    I will not be engaged in retelling. But at one time I personally liked the film!
    There is no fabulousness and fantasticness in it.
    It is full of human fears.
    The main one is DEATH.
    In battle, from boredom in a distant garrison, from hunger ... Or from illness ...