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U.S. election: Trump can only be defeated by coronavirus

U.S. election: Trump can only be defeated by coronavirus

The current, extremely difficult situation in the United States completely “mixed up the cards” for all the leading candidates for the presidency of the country, the next election of which should be held in November this year. It would seem that the catastrophic events that are currently taking place in the United States directly play into the hands of the democrats - the opponents of the current head of the White House. However, everything is not as simple as it might look at first glance.

As early as the beginning of 2020, the strategies of the parties were extremely clear and adjusted. The current head of state in his "asset" has had undeniable success in areas that are understandable and accessible to every potential voter. The rise in production, the decrease in unemployment, the growth of incomes of the population — all these were the best “propaganda materials” convincing the country's inhabitants that another four years of “tramponomics,” characterized by strict protectionism and the rejection of dubious and costly globalist projects, would probably suit them. just for the good.

It is not for nothing that the representatives of the liberal-globalist elite concentrated in the camp of the US Democratic Party, who perfectly understood the precariousness of their own positions, were forced to start grandiose shows called "Russian interference in the elections" and an attempt to impeach Donald Trump. In this event, which ended in nothing, they not without reason saw their only chance to survive from the White House its current inhabitant. However, as already mentioned, the trick failed, and, in many ways, even worked against its organizers, adding to the president's popularity and, therefore, the chances of the election. And then COVID-19 arrived in time ...

As a matter of fact, the shaft of criticism of the current administration of the country and of the president personally by the same democrats did not fall as much after the sharp increase in the number of infected and dead from a new illness in the USA, as after the complete failure of the impeachment venture became apparent. The accusations that Trump “slammed the pandemic”, “ignored”, “took it frivolously”, sounding from the camp of political opponents, showered in hail. The President responds in the usual manner - for example, the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who once again chided him for a "frivolous attitude" to coronavirus, Trump simply called him a "sick puppy", tortured by "a lot of problems" ...

In theory, the Democrats can now triumph: the COVID-19 that has fallen on the United States has now almost “zeroed out” all the economic and social achievements of the current president. It's time to finish off, criticizing even more mercilessly, noting every mistake and inflating to heaven the scale of the “coronavirus tragedy” in the country! However, there is a very serious nuance.

Contrary to expectations, the epidemic did not push away, but just attracted the electorate to the side of Trump. In any case, a poll conducted jointly by the Washington Post and ABC News showed that 49% were ready to vote for Biden, while 47% were ready to vote. At the same time, in February, Trump was 7% behind his main competitor. True, a couple of months ago, Trump’s rating was three times higher than Biden’s rating ... Still, the pandemic did its least media business.

But, with a strong emphasis on what serious tests the United States is facing today, Trump’s opponents can easily achieve the opposite effect. But what if he does manage to curb the crisis? Then in the second term he "will ride on a white horse", covered with the glory of the "second Roosevelt." Moreover, the president, well aware of the real "alignment", already today leaves himself a fairly wide field for maneuver, making statements like the death of "just one hundred thousand Americans" from the coronavirus will be evidence of "good work" done by his administration.

Based on this, it is expected that the fanning of passions about COVID-19 from the Democrats and the presidential candidates representing their camp will not intensify in the near future, but will subside. If Trump does not cope with the coronavirus and its economic consequences - in the elections they will take it with their bare hands. And he will manage ... Well, he will have to endure another four years. Or come up with a new reason for impeachment. In any case, Trump, if he loses the election, only to the coronavirus, when they vote in the protest version: not FOR Biden, but AGAINST Trump.
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  1. Dmitry Potapov
    Dmitry Potapov 31 March 2020 18: 12 New
    Плюс "очень большой самолёт" из России!
    1. Bumblebee_3
      Bumblebee_3 31 March 2020 20: 39 New
      Dmitry Potapov (Dmitry Potapov)
      Adversaries - a very large plane. We also provide assistance to Italy, but what are we not helping Iran? Iran is in a more difficult situation, moreover, under sanctions.
      1. Liam
        Liam 31 March 2020 20: 43 New
        Quote: Bumblebee_3
        Dmitry Potapov (Dmitry Potapov)
        Adversaries - a very large plane. We also provide assistance to Italy, but what are we not helping Iran? Iran is in a more difficult situation, moreover, under sanctions.

        Good question
    2. knn54
      knn54 31 March 2020 21: 08 New
      В соцсетях появилась масса информации "от анонимов" о коронавирусе, призванную целенаправленно запугать пожилых избирателей. Сократив, тем самым, их участие в праймериз Демократической партии. понизить общую явку на выборах в ноябре.А пожилые избиратели в подавляющем большинстве за Трампа.
      1. nikon7717
        nikon7717 31 March 2020 23: 53 New
        And of his opponents, is that all younger? And do you think their movements, especially for the development of new generations, are aimed, and not at strengthening existing ones? Those who hold themselves up have raised the average life expectancy and are in their right mind. Previously, they laughed at our old Politburo, today the old people reign in the USA and Europe, young people are not allowed anywhere.
  2. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 31 March 2020 18: 18 New
    The rise in production, the decrease in unemployment, the growth of household incomes - all these were the best “propaganda materials”
    Yes, we would have forgiven our pandemics for this in the world. repeat
    1. Imperial Technocrat
      Imperial Technocrat 31 March 2020 19: 13 New
      In Russia, salaries have been growing steadily for several years, and in recent months, growth has accelerated even more
      True, this was before the coronavirus, now, obviously, it will be different. But blaming the president for this is infantilism
  3. Odysseus
    Odysseus 31 March 2020 18: 55 New
    Да, на "главных выборах в мире" в этом году ожидается титаническая борьба.
    С одной стороны-раскручивая "всемирную пандемию" глобалисты нанесли сильнейший удар по Трампу,число жертв от коронавируса в америке будет велико. Точнее велико будет число жертв записанных как жертвы от коронавируса. И экономические потери будет даже трудно посчитать.
    С другой стороны для демократов главный враг это даже не Трамп,а "социалист" Сандерс. Он бы выиграл выборы у Трампа,но он им так ненавистен,что они предпочли ему совсем слабого Байдена,который их может и проиграть.
    Не так уж и сильны глобалисты-если у них не нашлось другого кандидата в " императоры мира" smile
    1. Pandiurin
      Pandiurin 31 March 2020 19: 44 New
      "С другой стороны для демократов главный враг это даже не Трамп,а "социалист" Сандерс. Он бы выиграл выборы у Трампа..."

      I watched some interviews with Sanders, my opinion is that such elections in the USA do not win.
      It was believed that he was already old, thinking slowly, dull.
      A rag, if you push it, you can impose a different point of view.
      Gray, without charisma.
      Say Clinton is also aunt in places stupid and hysterical, says nonsense because she pushes some things that she needs. Purely like the Anglo-Saxons distort and scruff of the neck, while the lies and devoid of logic. But the lecturer in the United States does this.
      But she is toothy and aggressive with a quick reaction. Sanders has nothing but intellectual honesty.
      It is demanded only by a fairly large leftist student-professor group, but in the United States it is miserable.
      The main thing is that he does not have a group of followers, like-minded people.
      Sanders is just some kind of misunderstanding and not a real candidate.
  4. cniza
    cniza 31 March 2020 19: 04 New
    But what if he does manage to curb the crisis? Then in the second term he will "ride on a white horse",

    Well, yes, and Russia will help him again ...
  5. Cowbra
    Cowbra 31 March 2020 19: 06 New
    And we do not care. You are all there with one toilet
  6. Asad
    Asad 31 March 2020 19: 12 New
    For me, so evenly who will drive the Americans! Relationships will not get better, but definitely worse.
  7. Whirlwind
    Whirlwind 31 March 2020 20: 16 New
    Edgar Cayce predicted that 44 is the US President, i.e. Trump will be the last ...
  8. Round Smesharik
    Round Smesharik 31 March 2020 21: 31 New
    А я сегодня наконец к удаленке подключился ..""!" Работаем браты !
  9. 75 Sergey
    75 Sergey 31 March 2020 21: 55 New
    Better Trump for America, maybe only Trump’s second term in presidency.
    It is a pity that he spread rot Russia.
  10. askort154
    askort154 April 1 2020 10: 30 New
    "...за Байдена готовы проголосовать 49%, тогда, как за Трампа - 47%. "

    No, no! Biden is a Russophobic rat, vindictive and vengeful. No.