For whom is the new Constitution?

So, we have a month left until the moment we have to express our will about the sudden and urgent amendments to the Constitution. It seems like our opinion is worth something and deciding something.

The task was clearly set: to get acquainted with all the amendments to the Constitution and make an analysis: which ones will be harmful, which ones will be useful, and which ones about nothing.

Thoughtful reading of ALL amendments took a very decent amount of time, and this is what I would like to tell you after reading and comprehending.

I do not understand, to be honest, because of what such a noise.

No, if you accept the point of view that all this was conceived for the sake of zeroing, then yes, everything is in order. But was it worth it to fence such a garden?

In principle, all amendments can be grouped into three heaps.

First one. About the state system. In principle, nothing of such vital importance, I don’t know how we lived without the fact that only Moscow can be the capital, and only Russian can be the only common language. But somehow they lived here.

The second one. Arrangement "for the people." In general, all this is there in laws and codes, why it is necessary to introduce it into the Constitution is difficult to understand. The same controversial lawmaking as the first pile.

The third. President and state apparatus. Well yes, everything is pretty useful there. President and senior officials. This all doesn’t concern us at all, because if some next president wants to change everything, I think he will do it all in much the same way as Putin. With the same ease.

In general, I did not find any such stunning innovations. In principle, I agree that amendments, following the time, must be introduced. Gradually, not freaking out, without all this hype.

But how can we do this? Not. We need to take and plump before the people in the style of "vote, or lose." Amendments must be urgently adopted, or ...

However, we’ll talk about these “or” at the end, but for now we’ll rummage around in heaps.

First pile.

Articles 1, 68, 69, 70, 71. Nothing new, except that, besides Moscow, there can be no capital anywhere else. The rest is so-so.

Article 671. This is the MOST where the ancestors who transmitted to us ideals and faith in God, the protection of historical truth and children as the most important priority of the spiritual policy of the state.

The cocktail is funny and creepy at the same time. It’s impressive with just such a hodgepodge, unrelated to anything.

Article 72. This is where the institution of marriage is defined as the union of a man and a woman. Well, as we used to live without a definition, I don’t dare say, but at least the representatives of the sexes from 3 to 24 seem to shine nothing.

The first article, where something sensible flashed.

Article 75. Everything according to Zadornov, to restrain laughter is unrealistic.

“Protecting and ensuring the stability of the ruble is the main function of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which it carries out independently of other government bodies.”

I looked. The dollar is almost 80, the euro is almost 86. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is doing its job. Nabiullina should be given the Hero of Labor of Russia.

Articles 751, 79, 791 are simply a jumble of letters. Higher, you know, leaders, you can’t have accounts abroad. So what? Children and other relatives can and even need. In short, about nothing.

Next, the most important thing. For the sake of what, everything was started.

Articles 81, 83, 921, 93 are devoted to the president and his opportunities. Immunity after termination of authority, appointment and so on. Everything is very interesting, but I liked only one point. I was impressed.

Article 93, paragraph 1. The President of the Russian Federation may be removed from office, and the President of the Russian Federation, who has ceased to exercise his powers, may be deprived of immunity by the Federation Council only on the basis of the charges raised by the State Duma for treason or the commission of another serious crime, confirmed by the conclusion Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on the presence in the actions of the President of the Russian Federation of both the current and the termination of the exercise of his powers crimes and the conclusion of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation on compliance with the established procedure for bringing charges.

In modern conditions, the president of Russia will not be removed from office. No way. I liked the item. True, what is there to impeachment threaten ...

Articles 95, 97,102, 103, 1031, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 117 are introduced with some changes on the topic of who appoints whom. Or takes off. In general, informative, but ...

This is not for citizens, it is a Duma-sovfederovskie showdown (theoretical), which we can not influence under any circumstances. This is not our whole business, the electorate.

Articles 118, 119, 125, 126, 128, 129 deal with the courts. Just believe, the judges had everything, is and will be fine.

The next block is devoted to local government.

Articles 131, 132, 133. Well, a little bit gave the local authorities the power to assign taxes and fees, but the rest was all about elections. How and where to choose whom.


What can I say on behalf of a person who has read everything in good faith? Honestly, boring and uninteresting. Not at all interesting.

No, of course, that children - this is the main component of spiritual development - it is wonderful. That the Russian language will be the main one, and national minorities have the right to study in their native language, is also delightful. That the family is a union of a man and a woman I welcome.

Creating conditions for a decent upbringing of children in the family, as well as for adult children to take care of their parents - yes, of course. It just needed to be written in the Constitution that children should take care of their parents.

97% of amendments to the Constitution exclusively affect the president, the State Duma, the government, the Federation Council, the Constitutional Court, lower courts, officials. How they will elect, appoint, remove and so on.

In general, just a slight restructuring of the existing system of power "for themselves." Under a long and happy rule for the good of Russia.

Did not impress.

Okay, Putin is happy with those who have started all this. We know them, heroes both in the literal and figurative sense of the word. Timchenko, Rotenberg, Sechin, Miller, Deripaska and so on.

The entire Belgorod region, for example, is hung with banners "Our choice - Our country - Our Constitution."

Now, having studied all these amendments, I now understand on behalf of whom all these banners are. And whose country is this, whose Constitution is.

Of course, it would be nice to return the status of the subsoil back, so that not only Sechin and Miller would be rich. Yes, let them get rich, since Putin believes that a million a day is a normal salary. No problem. It’s not for me to argue, I’m the very Putin “middle class” who receives more than 17, so I won’t even open my mouth, the gills will dry up.

But in general, as a citizen, it is completely uninteresting for me how the president will propose candidates to his hand-held State Duma and how this State Duma will unanimously vote “for”. All this has already passed, it is incredibly gray and boring.

This is all for them.

And for us:

“In the Russian Federation, conditions are created for sustainable economic growth of the country and improving the welfare of citizens, for mutual trust between the state and society, guaranteeing the protection of the dignity of citizens and respect for people of work, ensuring a balance of rights and obligations of the citizen, social partnership, economic, political and social solidarity.”

Yes, this is for the people. Incredible surprise of all ranks, from Putin to the governors that “suddenly” gasoline prices jumped. In Europe and America, down, and with us, up.

And right there the gas traders came in for subsidies. Well, coronavirus, the demand for gasoline has fallen. Give me the money.

And what, steady economic growth. Way down. And improving the welfare of citizens. Now it’s clear which, I hope? Under which everything and everything is added.

Well, the cherry on the cake - this:

“The provision of part 3 of Article 81 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, limiting the number of terms during which the same person may hold the office of the President of the Russian Federation, applies to a person holding and (or) holding the office of the President of the Russian Federation, without taking into account the number of terms, in the course of which it occupied and (or) occupies this position at the time the amendment to the Constitution of the Russian Federation enters into force, introducing an appropriate restriction, and does not exclude the possibility for it to hold the office of the President Of the Russian Federation within the time limits allowed by this provision. ”

In general, to me all this is completely uninteresting to me. This clowning with pouting cheeks. This Constitution, which no one will enforce in places where enforcement will not bring preferences.

And in general, I doubt that after the next successful victory of Putin in the elections, at least someone will even remember the Constitution.

The main thing, of course, is to ensure the continuity of power. From one Putin to another. I have already made sure that the promises that Putin made at that term in office are not binding on IT. Well, nothing, the main thing is stability.

Stable impoverishment as well.

I can imagine how together we all will begin to "grow fat" in Putin's way at 100 rubles per dollar. Obesity nationwide will begin. It has already begun. At prices. Thanks to everyone who, according to the Constitution, is obliged to keep the ruble and provide the country with prosperity. The effort is visible to the naked eye.

Total Someone will go to think about how useful this is. Someone will vote in favor, because thinking is too difficult. Understanding is even more difficult.

I did not see the promised changes that would benefit all citizens of Russia. Alas. I saw exclusively the restructuring of power.

To be completely uninteresting, to be honest. Unpromising for 99% of the population.
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