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Why didn't the fascists seize Moscow?


In one of the broadcasts, V.Pozner claimed that the Russian roads in 1941 prevented the Germans from taking Moscow. Of course, Posner is not the first to attempt to downplay the importance of the heroism of Soviet soldiers in defending the capital, by exaggerating the role of roads, in general, climate.

This tendency is clearly visible in the English military theorist L. Garth, who in his book "The Strategy of Indirect Actions" tried to "prove" that the defeat of the Germans near Moscow was due to bad roads, impassable mud, deep snow. "By that time," he wrote, "when the operation near Vyazma was over, winter came, and the Germans could not develop success, since the roads leading to Moscow were covered with impassable mud." And further: “If there was a judicial investigation into the failure of the German 1941 campaign of the year, the only solution would be“ Defeat as a result of natural causes. ”Then the final conclusion follows:“ The German troops were defeated not by the enemy, but by space. ” Hitler's General G. Guderian also saw the cause of the defeat of the German troops near Moscow in the “severe Russian winter”, which allegedly “won the battle”.

But after all, bad roads, climate, frost acted no less cruelly on Soviet soldiers. According to KK Rokossovsky, deep snow cover, severe frosts made it difficult for us to use the maneuver away from the roads in order to cut off the enemy’s escape routes. So the German generals, rightly concludes the Soviet marshal, should thank the harsh winter, which contributed to their departure from Moscow with fewer losses, and not refer to the fact that the Russian winter caused their defeats (see Rokossovsky KK "Soldier's Duty" ).

The real reason for the defeat of the fascists near Moscow was the heroism of its defenders, which included representatives from all strata of our Fatherland. Expressing their thoughts, the Ukrainian poet I. Nekhoda wrote: "In the snow, at forty-first, under Istryu, // with fire blocking Moscow, // I firmly believed: I stand! - II And I persevered. And I live!" ....

Even our enemies were forced to recognize the unshakable fortitude of the defenders of the Motherland. "Soviet soldiers," the German Field Marshal Kesselring admitted, "fought heroically and stalled the offensive of our forces, which had become almost immobile."

Another Hitlerite general, Westphal, admitted that "the main ... mass of the Russian army, inspired by the commissars, fought to the end." Yes, and G. Guderian, apparently thinking again, later admitted that Western leaders "underestimate the power of the Soviet Union, its technical and military capabilities, industrial potential, organizational talent of leaders, just like the capabilities of its high command, and strength his political ideas. The main thing is the last, the power of the idea that provides the Soviet system with the sympathy of the broad poor masses, ensures even in difficult times when success becomes doubtful "(G. Guderian" Is it possible to defend Western Europe ny? "s.46).

Thus, it can be said that V. Pozner is among those Mohicans who still strive to belittle the merits of the peoples of the great Soviet Union in the crushing of Hitler’s military machine. Even the recognition of Winston Churchill does not convince him that it was the Red Army that "squeezed guts out of the German military machine."
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