The chief designer of the Su-34 Rolland Martirosov died

The chief designer of the Su-34 Rolland Martirosov died

The chief designer of the Su-34 fighter-bomber, Rolland Martirosov, died in Moscow, he was 84 years old. This was reported by TASS, citing a source in the aviation construction industry.

According to the source, Martirosov died on February 27, the cause of death is not called.

Unfortunately, Rolland Gurgenovich Martirosov died on the 85th year of his life yesterday.

- leads news source word agency.

Rolland Martirosov was born on October 6, 1935 in Moscow. After graduating from the Moscow Aviation Institute. In 1959, he came to Ordzhonikidze in the Sukhoi Design Bureau (then - State Experimental Plant No. 51), where he went from a simple engineer to the chief designer. He participated in the development of many Sukhoi Design Bureau aircraft, both those that went into the series, and remained only in single copies. Among the aircraft to which Rolland Martiros "had his hand" were the Su-7B, Su-15, Su-24, Su-24M, and Su-27. He participated in the development of a vertical take-off bomber. In 1991, he led the work on the Su-34 and brought the aircraft to mass production.

In 2017, Rolland Martirosov was awarded the title of Hero of Labor of the Russian Federation by a closed Decree of the President of Russia. He was awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky, Friendship of Peoples, a badge of honor and medals. Honorary Aircraft Builder.

"Military Review" expresses condolences to the family, friends and relatives of the deceased.
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  1. andranick 28 February 2020 11: 34 New
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    Thank you Man! And a bright memory!
  2. aszzz888 28 February 2020 11: 37 New
    • 13
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    So we learn about the Heroes either when deeply retired, or even worse when a person died. Bright memory!
  3. rich 28 February 2020 11: 42 New
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    Martirosov, Rolland Gurgenovich

    Rolland Gurgenovich Martirosov was born on October 6 in 1935, in Moscow. Armenian.Aircraft Designer, Hero of Labor of the Russian Federation

    In 1959 he graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute. Then he began his career at OKB-51 of the USSR Ministry of Aviation Industry, in the department of promising projects.
    In the period 1962-1963 he led the development of a vertically take-off bomber.
    In 1985, he was appointed Technical Manager of the world records on the P-42 aircraft, which culminated in the establishment of 27 world records.
    In 1991, he assumed the post of chief designer of the Su-34 front-line bomber (the aircraft has already passed flight tests from 13.04.1990/XNUMX/XNUMX).
    In 2017, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation received 16 new Su-34s; their total number in the Russian Aerospace Forces was 110 aircraft.
    By a closed Presidential Decree of 2017, the title of Hero of Labor of the Russian Federation was awarded.
    Order of Friendship (1999)
    Order of Alexander Nevsky (2016) [3]
    Order of Honor
    Honorary Aircraft Builder of the USSR

    A heavy loss for all of us. Condolences to the near and dear ones.
  4. DMB 75 28 February 2020 11: 43 New
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    I am sincerely sorry ... What kind of people leave .. Rest in peace, worthy man, the kingdom of heaven to you ...
  5. depressant 28 February 2020 11: 59 New
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    Our glorious, great ones are leaving, leaving ...
    So Rolland Gurgenovich joined Dmitry Timofeevich - eternal glory to the heroes of the Soviet era! We will never forget!
  6. Prahlad 28 February 2020 12: 10 New
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    • 11
    The Moor has done his job, the Moor may leave ...
  7. Thrifty 28 February 2020 12: 18 New
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    He did not die — he left their lives, went down in history! He is alive as long as we remember him! Thanks to him for being in this world and for the defense of the country!
  8. armenk 28 February 2020 12: 32 New
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    Bright memory.
  9. avia12005 28 February 2020 13: 32 New
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    Bright great memory ... Flying monuments remained, and there are many of them. And there will be even more. This is a Su-34.
  10. Ros 56 28 February 2020 13: 50 New
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    Bright memory to the Designer. Condolences to relatives and friends.
  11. Old bun 28 February 2020 14: 16 New
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    A bow to talent and many human thanks from us. as in a song: we will live forever.
  12. Alex_Rarog 28 February 2020 19: 47 New
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    Rest in peace.