War for the Baltic, 1942

War for the Baltic, 1942

It is no secret that communications on the Baltic Sea were strategically important for the Nazi invaders. With their help, the command of the Third Reich used the resources of the Baltic states, transported strategic raw materials, delivered industrial products, iron ore, timber, as well as the transfer of weapons and additional military forces. Moreover, the movement of transport ships in the Baltic was carried out freely, without any interference from the Soviet troops.

The order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of 1942 to expel the enemy from Soviet territory meant, among other things, the organization of active offensive operations by the Navy command on the sea lanes of the Nazi invaders. The Baltic Fleet was given the primary task of capturing the Gogland Islands and the B. Tyuters Islands in the Baltic.

A military historian, candidate of historical sciences Miroslav Morozov, in a regular lecture on fighting in the Baltic in 1942, will tell about whom the Baltic Fleet had high hopes in the planned operation, what forces the Red Banner Baltic Fleet had at the beginning of 1942, whether the enemy to repel the attacks of the Soviet armed forces.

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Kronstadt Herald
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