Russia handed over to Laos another batch of T-72B1 and BRDM-2M tanks

Russia handed over to Laos another batch of T-72B1 and BRDM-2M tanks

Russia continues to strengthen ties with Laos, including in the military sphere. According to the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, on the eve of the celebration of the 71st anniversary of the founding of the People’s Army of Laos, Russia handed over to the Lao military party tanks and armored vehicles, and also modernized the airfield.

As follows from the message, on January 20-21, the delegation of the Ministry of Defense took part in the celebrations dedicated to the 71st anniversary of the formation of the People's Army of Laos. In honor of the holiday, the Russian military handed over to the Laos Ministry of Defense the next batch of T-72B1 White Eagle tanks, the BRDM-2M batch, and also transferred a modernized airfield as part of military-technical assistance.

On the sidelines of the ceremony as part of the provision of military-technical assistance, the Lao side was handed over the next batch of Russian military equipment - T-72 tanks and BRDM-2M armored vehicles, as well as the Thongkhaihin airfield modernized by Russian specialists, located in Xiang Khuang province

- said in a statement to the Russian military.

Recall that Laos seeks to develop economic and military-political ties with Russia, relying mainly on Russian weapons. Despite the difficult economic situation in the country, the Laos authorities purchased in Russia combat training aircraft Yak-130, T-72B1 White Eagle tanks. Previously, the Laotian army was armed with the PT-76, T-34-85 tanks and other military equipment supplied by the Soviet Union.

In December, Russia and Laos held their first stories joint exercises Laros-2019.
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  1. Thrall 21 January 2020 11: 38 New
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    • 1
    Promotion passed:
    Return the old T-34-85 in good condition and get a T-72B1 in return smile
    1. bessmertniy 21 January 2020 11: 44 New
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      Well, to some extent, this is charity and a tribute to good old relationships. To what extent this will pay off - one can only guess about it. what
      1. zloybond 21 January 2020 13: 22 New
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        • 17
        Laos will return the T-34 to us. They will be put into service instead of armata. We also put Sushki and Yak, we get palm oil. We grubs and pour into the engines. Moreover, the Ministry of Health has already approved a paper for this matter, which is better than fat and milk.
  2. rich 21 January 2020 11: 50 New
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    The territory of Laos is covered with dense forests, the landscape consists of low hills and mountains. The mountainous regions in the north and east of the country are poorly populated. There is no access to the sea. 95% of the country's population live along the border with Thailand. There are no major cities in Laos except the capital of Vientiane. Other relatively large cities are Luang Prabang (50 thousand), Savannakhet (since 2005 - Kason Fomvihan) (70 thousand) and Pakse (90 thousand inhabitants). Lao People's Army (25,6 thousand people);
    Lao People’s Military River Forces (in the army) (about 600 people);
    Laos People's Air Force (3,5 thousand people);
    People’s militia and self-defense forces (FNL) (100 thousand people).
    Ground forces
    4 military districts, 5 infantry divisions, 7 separate infantry and 3 engineering regiments (2 are in the process of formation), a separate tank battalion, 5 artillery and 9 anti-aircraft artillery divisions, 65 separate infantry companies, and a link for light communications aircraft.
    Armed with the Laos NVS are:
    several tens of T-72B1MS tanks [5]
    15 T-55, 10 PT-76,
    50 BTR:
    30 BTR-40/60
    20 BTR-152
    several BMP-1
    about 70 towed guns
    20 105 mm M101
    20 122 mm D-30 / M-30
    10 130 mm M-46
    12 155 mm M114
    155 mm SH1 self-propelled artillery mounts [6]
    Mortars of calibers 81, 82, 107 (M-1938 / M-2A1) and 120 (M-43) mm
    Anti-tank weapons:
    57 mm recoilless guns M-18 / A1
    75 mm M-20
    106 mm recoilless guns M40
    107-mm recoilless guns B-11
    23 mm ZSU-23-4
    14,5 mm ZPU-1 / ZPU-4
    23 mm ZU-23-2
    37 mm M-1939
    57 mm S-60
    Ship composition:
    more than 50 river river boats
    4 landing craft
    Aircraft and helicopter fleet:
    MiG-21 - 22 units.
    MiG-21UM - 2 units.
    Yak-130 - 4 units. (6 more ordered) [7]
    An-2 - 4 units.
    An-26 - 3 units.
    An-74 - 1 units.
    Yak-18 - 8 units
    Yak-40 - 1 units
    Y-7 - 5 units.
    Y-12 - 1 units.
    Ka-32T - 1 unit. (5 more ordered)
    Mi-6 - 1 unit.
    Mi-8 - 9 unit.
    Mi-17 - 12 unit.
    Mi-26 - 1 unit.
    SA-360 "Dauphin" - 3 units.
    1. 1976AG 21 January 2020 12: 56 New
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      At the same time, the MiG-21s have not been in operation for a long time, and out of the relatively combat ones, only 4 Yak-130s. Before the modernization of the military airfield, they had to be based on the usual civilian.
    2. Amin_vivec 21 January 2020 22: 18 New
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      On the armies of Laos, Burma and Thailand, I advise you to watch the movie "The Jungle Wars")))
  3. askort154 21 January 2020 12: 06 New
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    The government of Laos returned 30 operational T-34 tanks to Russia, and in return receives a discount on the purchase of T-72B1 tanks. (News of January 09, 2019)
    1. rich 21 January 2020 13: 00 New
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      excuse me, I don’t know - are you working T-34, or T-34-85? If the T-34, now it’s very rare
      1. askort154 21 January 2020 13: 06 New
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        rich excuse me, I don’t know - are you working T-34, or T-34-85? If the T-34, now it’s very rare

        Of course, the T-34-85! hi
  4. 75 Sergey 21 January 2020 12: 59 New
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    Will they pay with non-credit money from the Russian Federation or with palm oil?
    1. Nastia makarova 21 January 2020 13: 07 New
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      instead of t-34
    2. Sidor Amenpodestovich 21 January 2020 14: 01 New
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      • 3
      Do not forget also that:
      1. The loan will never be repaid.
      2. Pay will be palm oil.
      3. This is only to Americans - real money, and ours, see par. 1-2.
      1. DWG1905 21 January 2020 15: 30 New
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        We have a lot of tanks, everything is better than their corrosion will gobble up. And T-34-85 unfortunately is of Polish production, you can’t ride a parade, it’s politically wrong. A movie remake is good for shooting three Georgians and a dog. Seriously, the Vietnamese need to exchange tanks, they have a lot of good and economic people. At the same time, somewhere in the jungle there should be two panthers brought by the French.
    3. Amin_vivec 21 January 2020 22: 22 New
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      What they are rich in is what they will pay for. A normal owner also has a bull tail - a rope.