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South Korean media: the head of the North Korean General Staff was dismissed from all posts with gunfire, killing dozens of people

South Korean media: the head of the North Korean General Staff was dismissed from all posts with gunfire, killing dozens of people

The mysterious expulsion from all posts of the DPRK army commander Lee Yong-ho led to the appearance of frightening rumors due to the North Korean "iron curtain". Former leader of the late leader Kim Jong-il refused to leave quietly, and in the process of his dismissal there was an exchange of fire with many dead, reported the South Korean newspaper The Chosun Ilbo, citing unconfirmed intelligence data.

According to this information, from 20 to 30, the soldiers died during a shootout that occurred when Lee Young-ho was trying to withdraw from the office. Vice-Marshal Choi Ren He, director of the general political bureau of the people's army of the DPRK, allegedly tried to detain the disgraced commander by executing an order from the head of state Kim Jong-un, Interfax reports. Apparently, the fire was opened by the guards of Vice-Marshal Lee Yong-ho.

"We cannot rule out the possibility that Lee was injured or even killed in a shootout," a source in the South Korean newspaper said.

However, as stressed by another government source, there is no absolute certainty that there was a firefight. "It will probably take us some time to get a clearer picture of what happened," he said.

On the resignation of 69-year-old Lee Yong-ho became known 15 July. It was reported that the cause of his removal was the disease. However, what exactly is sick commander, was not specified. Skeptics immediately doubted that he was removed from power for health reasons.

"It is very likely that this is not a concern for his health, but it was simply removed," said Daniel Pinkston, analyst for North Korea at International Crisis Group, adding that this way, in his opinion, the current DPRK leader Kim Jong-un sent a signal to all those who want to challenge him, and in this case the fact that Lee never directly contradicted the new leader does not matter much.

Lee Yong-ho combined several posts: he was a member of the Bureau of the Politburo of the Workers' Party of Korea, was the deputy head of the central military committee of the party with Kim Jong-un. In December 2011, shortly before the death of Kim Jong-il, he was appointed Chief of the General Staff. They also claim that it was Lee Yong-ho who played a central role in the transfer of power in the military field to the First Chairman of the country's Defense Committee, Kim Jong-Yn.

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  1. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 20 July 2012 12: 44
    And why did they write that 20-30. Thousands would write 2, this is a sensation. Paper can stand it.
    1. Teploteh - nick
      Teploteh - nick 20 July 2012 14: 50
      Who really knows what is going on there. After all - a closed country. request - everything can be.
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      and 2 thousand, that’s a sensation. Paper can stand it.
      With them - Amer and Natava ******* - will. What are the statements to the whole world - that Russia - evil and merciless - has attacked a small and defenseless Georgia! wassat
      ********! am
      1. esaul
        esaul 20 July 2012 19: 47
        ------------ In the process of his dismissal, a shootout occurred with many killed, ------------

        Well-ooh! Now it is understandable for what outstanding successes in the DPRK they award "teenagers" high military ranks ...! One more former Daddy's comrade-in-arms will knock off - you look and they will make Generalissimo ... And the dazzling star of the new "Sun of the nation" will shine in the North Korean sky! Beauty ...!
  2. Vanek
    Vanek 20 July 2012 12: 49
    during his dismissal, a shootout occurred

    fired from grenade launchers. Well, what, experience is available laughing
    1. matex
      matex 20 July 2012 13: 07
      Quote: Vanek
      fired from grenade launchers. Well, what, experience is available

      I remember how Western scribblers wrote as Eun shot a general from a mortar ... I think the news is still fellow laughing
  3. Follow us
    Follow us 20 July 2012 12: 51
    Someone heard something somewhere. News from the OBS series.
  4. Manager
    Manager 20 July 2012 12: 58
    They are nasty and evil .. Ugh on them. We have enough of our own problems!
  5. Commander
    Commander 20 July 2012 12: 59
    Something is hard to believe. That would be just a coup.
  6. itr
    itr 20 July 2012 13: 12
    I would like to see how a 70-year-old grandfather with a sword naked and a gun in his hand put a platoon
  7. gispanec
    gispanec 20 July 2012 13: 18
    A source in the studio ..... Otkel infa then ..... ..... nonsense ..... better write about how our aliens on the moon were taken prisoner ....
  8. MIT
    MIT 20 July 2012 13: 37
    "South Korean media: the head of the General Staff of North Korea was fired from all posts with shooting, killing dozens of people"

    according to the content -..... rumors .....
    .................. to unconfirmed data ......................
    ........................ not specified ......................
    ........................ doubted ................!
    In short infa 0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. MIT
      MIT 20 July 2012 15: 22
      Sclerosis! Here they forgot to promote me !!!!!!
      1. gavana
        gavana 20 July 2012 16: 31
        MIT, approx. Thank you recalled!
      2. esaul
        esaul 20 July 2012 19: 49
        Quote: MIT
        Here they forgot to promote me !!!!!!

        BDSM ??? wassat
    2. gavana
      gavana 20 July 2012 16: 31
      MITThank you recalled!
  9. suharev-52
    suharev-52 20 July 2012 17: 39
    Site administration, please do not post such "fried" information on the site. Sincerely.
    1. MIT
      MIT 20 July 2012 17: 46
      Long overdue!
  10. Yasen Ping
    Yasen Ping 20 July 2012 19: 42
    I finally do not care about this at Old, the main thing is that they sell weapons to Syria (the government), and they do not care for everything))))))