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Ukrainian general declared the danger of the new Maidan

Ukrainian general declared the danger of the new Maidan

In Ukraine, the third Maidan may take place if the country's authorities adopt a scandalous law on land and on the special status of Donbass. This was stated by Major General, former head of the Main Investigative Department of the SBU Vasily Vovk on the air of the portal "Politeka".

The adoption of the law on land and on the special status of Donbass may provoke another Maidan, as evidenced by the recent clashes between protesters and law enforcement officers near the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev. According to Vovk, subsequent such clashes may become a "bomb" for the new Maidan.

There are reasons to think about this, given what difficult issues the land market and the special status of Donbass

- said the general, adding that the protesters showed the authorities that they are able to organize riots in the event of the adoption of scandalous laws.

Earlier it was reported that on Tuesday near the building of the Verkhovna Rada there were skirmishes between the protesters and the forces of law and order. Protesters opposed the bill on the sale of agricultural land. During the clash, the police threw stones, 23 law enforcement officers and 11 citizens were injured. Kiev law enforcement officers transferred to an enhanced mode of operation.

Over the past day, December 17, during mass rallies, 23 law enforcement officers were injured - 17 police officers and six guardsmen. Twelve police officers and five guardsmen were taken to medical facilities. Guard officer is now in serious condition

- said the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Sergey Yarovoy.
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  1. Thrifty
    Thrifty 18 December 2019 16: 26
    It's okay, this is the national fun of Ukrainians, Maidan them how to roll from the mountain! At the same time, the entire economy of Ukraine is smoothly rolling downhill. ..
    1. cniza
      cniza 18 December 2019 16: 30
      Everything would be fine, but it's all at hand ...
      1. Thrifty
        Thrifty 18 December 2019 16: 37
        Therefore, you can not give these horses to the Republic! Or at least confidation, and independent of Kiev, or the complete collapse of Ukraine!
        1. cniza
          cniza 18 December 2019 16: 39
          Everything goes to this, most likely there will be their recognition ...
          1. Tank jacket
            Tank jacket 18 December 2019 19: 03
            hi Recognition of New Russia as the sole assignee of legitimate authority throughout Ukraine ...
          2. Mavrikiy
            Mavrikiy 19 December 2019 03: 58
            Quote: cniza
            Everything goes to this, most likely there will be their recognition ...

            And in this case it will not be Maidan, but ...... just a massacre? request Revolution of dignity, Independence Square were already.
        2. Major Yurik
          Major Yurik 18 December 2019 16: 58
          Khokhlomaidan - paid! Over the past Maidan, the Kakly from the Yankees took $ 5 billion, though both of them broke off. negative In the current state, Bandera didn’t bother anyone, and there will be no sponsors for the new Maidan, all the more so the expected result from protokaklah will not again. So shout, burn, kill their own people, they can do it, but they take a little expensive for their bloody show! So they will rot in their humus to the ears! stop
          1. cniza
            cniza 18 December 2019 17: 13
            So far, as a weapon against Russia, the West needs it.
          2. Ural resident
            Ural resident 18 December 2019 20: 40
            Khokhlomaidan - paid!

            It also seems to me that they themselves will not organize themselves. Some kind of force should still stand behind the Maidan, if not Western curators, then the oligarchs or someone else, organizing mass protests - this is a big and dusty job.
            1. cniza
              cniza 18 December 2019 20: 44
              Of course, without external funding, nothing will happen.
          3. SASHA OLD
            SASHA OLD 18 December 2019 23: 47
            Quote: Major Yurik
            For the last Maidan Kakly from the Yankees took $ 5 billion

            it’s just that they officially announced how much money there has been invested in since the beginning of the 90s on the maintenance of all kinds of training camps, the formation of public opinion, etc. - these amounts have already been announced are unlikely to be
      2. Thrall
        Thrall 18 December 2019 16: 38
        Quote: cniza
        Everything would be fine, but it's all at hand ...

        The Belarusian-Ukrainian border is only half the length of the Russian-Ukrainian border. But the proximity of Ukraine does not bother Belarusians at all. So it's not about geography hi
        1. cniza
          cniza 18 December 2019 16: 40
          Something tells me that such carelessness is in vain, the weapon walks freely, and maybe it will touch you ... hi
          1. Thrall
            Thrall 18 December 2019 16: 46
            To do this, there is the KGB with border guards who more than cope. But ordinary citizens all this is of little concern. There are few refugees from Ukraine. State propaganda does not escalate. On a visit, on a tour or on the sea, a trip to Belarus is not a problem.
            1. cniza
              cniza 18 December 2019 17: 06
              If the border is locked, then you have nothing to worry about, but is that so?
          2. zloybond
            zloybond 18 December 2019 17: 24
            Clowns destroy the circus ....
            1. 210ox
              210ox 18 December 2019 17: 48
              The last show in the arena of the gad circus ..
      3. AU Ivanov.
        AU Ivanov. 18 December 2019 17: 10
        Let them jump. The first time we jumped - the Crimea fell off. The second time they jump, you look and something else home, will return to their homeland.
        1. cniza
          cniza 18 December 2019 17: 15
          If they jump now, Ukraine will fall apart.
          1. AU Ivanov.
            AU Ivanov. 18 December 2019 17: 17
            Let it fall apart, it’s better for us. Why do we need this toilet with yeast under our side?
          2. venik
            venik 18 December 2019 17: 57
            Quote: cniza
            If they jump now, Ukraine will fall apart.

            And NOW - she (Ukraine) - DOES NOT fall apart ???
            1. cniza
              cniza 18 December 2019 18: 11
              The process will simply accelerate, and it will collapse now.
      4. ltc35
        ltc35 18 December 2019 17: 10
        Crumple, crumple and calm down, having previously gone through all stages of throwing and poverty. Then they will write a letter to the Russian Tsar and again become part of the once whole Russia.
      5. Starper-xnumx
        Starper-xnumx 18 December 2019 17: 13
        Quote: cniza
        Everything would be fine, but it's all at hand ...

        Well, Victor is designed for this .. Bandera’s money runs out, reluctance to work, and nowhere EVERYTHING is destroyed! .. The West does not give money (or rather, it gave 3 billion, but all are gone by%) ..
        Again it’s time to fool and luster .. In Ivano-Frankivs, churches are already robbed, they all took out .. heh heh
      6. hydrox
        hydrox 19 December 2019 06: 27
        It's okay :: the events in Russia in no way correlate with the mood in Ukraine, but the social temperature is really rising, it is unlikely that it can spread to Russia - the triggers are very different.
    2. Nikolay87
      Nikolay87 18 December 2019 16: 31
      I must say that now they are out for the "case". And our economy, according to Rosstat, is within the margin of error. So that "in my own eye ...."
    3. Finches
      Finches 18 December 2019 16: 39
      Ukraine needs to be renamed! Call - Maidania! laughing

      But to be serious, it will never succeed in reaching an agreement between the West of Ukraine and the East - the world there can exist only as part of a stronger state: the Russian Empire or the USSR, in any other case, the historical contradictions of two opposing subcultures will sooner or later tear this territory apart across the Dnieper! There is no third!
      1. sevryuk
        sevryuk 18 December 2019 17: 43
    4. antivirus
      antivirus 18 December 2019 17: 11
      there will be no Maidan - money rule.
      and the generals went to scream, it's interesting
    5. knn54
      knn54 18 December 2019 17: 35
      Not all the "heroes" of the previous Maidan became successful. Plus those who were torn from the trough
    6. venik
      venik 18 December 2019 17: 54
      Quote: Thrifty
      At the same time, the entire economy of Ukraine is smoothly rolling downhill. ..

      There is no need to talk about "living standards" and "social standards": FOR A LONG TIME rolled down "below the plinth" ......
    7. Tank jacket
      Tank jacket 18 December 2019 18: 52
      Yes there will be no new. Well this is 5 lard dollars for cookies you need, but where to get them? Trump will not.
      1. hydrox
        hydrox 19 December 2019 06: 32
        It’s not Trump who gives money for cookies, but the State Department, and he and Trump have complete inconsistencies, so the State Department can allocate denyies, but where to get the second Nuland? laughing
  2. Alien From
    Alien From 18 December 2019 16: 28
    When the cat has nothing to do, he licks the eggs! They want a maidan flag to them in a seagull!)
  3. Sarmat Sanych
    Sarmat Sanych 18 December 2019 16: 29
    It’s hard only the first five Maidan ... And then a bucket with a whistle flieslaughing
    CAT BAIYUN 18 December 2019 16: 30
    Will or will not Maidan depends only on whether there are people who want to pay for it.
    From my point of view, Avakov, for example, does not need a Maidan now ... Although ... Who knows these spiders in the bank. Everyone pursues their goals, and they don’t care about the country.
    It was a good country. Pissed off ....
  5. Andrei Gurov
    Andrei Gurov 18 December 2019 16: 33
    The country of revolutions, it was orange, the revolution of hydency, I wonder what they will call this?
  6. eagle owl
    eagle owl 18 December 2019 16: 37
    And there are no questions. I give an introduction:
    * Ahead is the termination of transit and a sharp increase in gas prices => all utilities
    * Avakov clearly took up radicals uncontrollable (or rather, controlled not by him, but by the SBU). An example is the Sheremet case and yesterday's arrests on the Maidan.
    * The law on land and the land itself is huge money, who will give it to the clown?
    So no questions asked. The question is when - in the spring, after the reactive increase in housing and communal services, or will they wait until the fall, when will it be possible to trade land? And Avakov will be the dictator, with the support of Kolomoisky. This is already noticeable - Avakov began to clean the siloviki uncontrolled by him, and all the media of Kolomoisky are yelling at everyone - the Russian Federation, Trump, the Servant of the people, the radicals ... But not at Avakov
    1. cost
      cost 18 December 2019 21: 19
      I completely agree. You're right.
      Kolomoisky once again decided to change players.
      Nothing is new under the moon:
      Hiccups, hiccups! Go to Fedota!
      From Fedot to Jacob, from Jacob to Avakov, and so on.
  7. NF68
    NF68 18 December 2019 16: 49
    You can't forbid living "beautifully". Not much will get warm.
  8. Thecubel21
    Thecubel21 18 December 2019 16: 55
    They need Poroshenko. With him, this was not. Tariffs were increased, boilers were at the front, but then tomos, beziz and TD. He knew that the people needed their own ....
  9. Lord of the Sith
    Lord of the Sith 18 December 2019 16: 55
    Well, what a country of pan-and-horse horses and Maidan. Normal people run away, there will only be such a Nazi bastard that it would be a pity to spend a bullet.
  10. Guards turn
    Guards turn 18 December 2019 17: 08
    In time, it is time to start the Maidan, so as not to violate the frequency and frequency of the Maidan of Ukraine.
  11. Kibl
    Kibl 18 December 2019 17: 09
    Yes, don’t! And why, one more Maidan is less than one, the result is one. The well of the territory, which used to be called Ukraine. It’s time, to the morgue means to the morgue.
  12. businessv
    businessv 18 December 2019 17: 10
    Third Maidan may pass in Ukraine

    In a country where the authorities surrendered to Natsik and the crowd (or rather to the people who control the latter), the Maidan is possible at any time when the people in charge of the crowd do not like anything!
  13. Starper-xnumx
    Starper-xnumx 18 December 2019 17: 17
    Protesters opposed the bill on the sale of agricultural land.

    And there’s nothing more to sell Svidomo! ..
    Over the past five years, the collapse and looting of the Outskirts has reached record levels in the history of the independence ..
    The Russians didn’t come to the war, and they also built a damned bridge for evil ha ha ha
  14. Aliken
    Aliken 18 December 2019 17: 22
    Nothing will happen. Another scarecrow is akin to an imminent "Russian attack".
  15. Oleg (Kharkov)
    Oleg (Kharkov) 18 December 2019 17: 34
    My opinion is doubtful. For three reasons:
    1) The dollar is record low in recent years
    2) The people well remember how the last Maidan ended
    3) In the winter of 2006, heating pipes burst in Alchevsk. It would seem like a well-fed time, a stable buck ... Nevertheless, from civil servants to restore Alchevsk at $ 10 in an orderly manner. The people understand that if the Donbass is returned, the authorities will not want to restore it at the expense of the oligarchs.
  16. Incvizitor
    Incvizitor 18 December 2019 17: 57
    So maydown is good and democratic too!
  17. Local from the Volga
    Local from the Volga 18 December 2019 18: 50
    There used to be Aunt Galya Vovk, and now some kind of general ...)
  18. Graz
    Graz 18 December 2019 19: 14
    burn burn clearly so as not to go out, let them get what they deserve, not at all these people are not sorry
  19. iouris
    iouris 18 December 2019 19: 32
    General, Maidan is good!
  20. forester1971
    forester1971 18 December 2019 19: 43
    New business project: to organize the production of pots for the population of ukraine - with so many "Maidans" it will be possible to get rich
  21. Paul Siebert
    Paul Siebert 18 December 2019 20: 11
    Let maidanyat!
    Those who do not have land to sell beat those who do not have money to buy it ...
  22. Crimean partisan 1974
    Crimean partisan 1974 18 December 2019 23: 11
    The protesters opposed the bill on the sale of agricultural land .... that’s not a problem, the land has already been sold ... and now it’s only to grow rails and soybeans to slaves on their own land to the west, on the field and not to gallop, the west has lowered a strong, now in terpil
    SASHA OLD 18 December 2019 23: 53
    the skakuangutangy all maidanyat and maidanyat ...
    Mom gave birth on Mondays)

    but I’m not sure that without external financial injections, these mutants will succeed ...
  24. tolmachiev51
    tolmachiev51 19 December 2019 04: 39
    Holy naivety, they still believe that the Maidan is their work !!! Will not be! your land is needed by the gay men and the phonington - they will crush your performances.
  25. nikvic46
    nikvic46 19 December 2019 06: 29
    Instead of reassuring the country, the parliament of Ukraine wants to adopt laws that are irritating in society. In any country, the law on the sale of land will provoke a reaction. And what about Ukraine, where the situation is already tense. Reduce the degree of nationalist patriotism. It came to the fact that the players are ready to pounce on the judge with their fists. Those who encourage this do not understand, everything can turn against them. And national minorities should think about it. Even having some benefits is a matter of time.
  26. Nitarius
    Nitarius 19 December 2019 06: 39
    lived under the remnants of the USSR .. even though the land was theirs .. Democracy came from GEYROps ... and were left without everything! .. and now the earth will not become them)))) well damn .. that’s BROKEN TO HORROR!
  27. fif21
    fif21 19 December 2019 10: 04
    The experience of limp Yanukovych taught nothing !? Either the authorities and the people are being strictly protected, or again the security forces will be brought to their knees and forced to repent that they are obligated to protect the population from illegal actions. hi
  28. Metallurg_2
    Metallurg_2 21 December 2019 11: 37
    And what - shoot for defeat while encroaching on the life of a law enforcement officer is no longer accepted?
    In the USA, the beacon of democracy, they would not stand on ceremony.