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The struggle for the Caucasus during the Great Patriotic War


During the 1942 summer campaign, the Wehrmacht command set itself the main task - to defeat the Red Army on the southern flank of the Eastern Front with the goal of further access to the Volga and the Caucasus. Hitler and his army needed the oil and other resources of this region, because only in this way could they continue a large-scale war to deplete the enemy’s forces.

The battles for the North Caucasus during the years of World War II became one of the longest (lasted 442 days). During the defensive and offensive operations conducted by the Soviet troops on a vast territory, they managed to exhaust the German military formations, stop their advance, defeat them and expel them from the territory of the Caucasus.

Guest of the program "Archival revolution" candidate historical Sciences Aleksey Isaev will reveal Hitler's true intentions regarding the oil fields and those forces that were allocated by the "Fuhrer" to implement these plans.

The military historian will dwell in detail on the complex of defensive and offensive operations of the Soviet troops, which made it possible to stop and defeat the enemy.

Photos used:
German military archives

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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 5 December 2019 11: 04
    During the summer campaign of 1942, the Wehrmacht command set itself the main task

    It is good that our grandfathers were able to arrange a BIG FAILURE to the fascists, for all their Wishlist!
    1. Alexander Suvorov
      Alexander Suvorov 5 December 2019 11: 11
      Yes, the brave mountain rangers from "Edelweiss" did not have an easy walk in the Caucasus. Although they still hung their rag with a swastika on Elbrus.
      In general, the battle for the Caucasus is well sanctified in the docfilm "The Great War" from "Star Media", and not only it, the whole cycle is well and qualitatively done. In general, I would show this cycle in schools instead of studying the "works" of a SolZhenitsin.
      1. Monster_Fat
        Monster_Fat 5 December 2019 11: 38
        Here, just the opposite - "Battle for the Caucasus" is practically a "blank spot" in Russian historiography. Reading a few "mass-market" books published on this topic under the USSR is a waste of time, there is nothing else except for the emphasis on "heroism" and "invincibility", all the more true. Modern literature on this topic is extremely small. However, what is being published now, a few modern studies of this topic, show an extremely unsightly picture of the actions of Soviet troops in the defense of the Caucasus and the "Battle for the Caucasus". By the way, the photo above is a good example of this.
        1. bessmertniy
          bessmertniy 5 December 2019 11: 54
          One person said that back in the 1960s, the bones of those killed in the battle for the Caucasus on the mountain slopes were collected and buried.
          1. Okolotochny
            Okolotochny 5 December 2019 12: 27
            And now it is. In places where the Blue Line passes. We had one warrant officer, Grisha Beketov, who constantly took vacations in the summer and at his own expense to the mountains, to places of battles, excavations, burials of the fallen.
        2. bubalik
          bubalik 6 December 2019 16: 53
          Contemporary literature on this subject
          ,, here is a good book. hi
  2. Basil50
    Basil50 5 December 2019 11: 29
    Please note that at that time in the rear of the RED ARMY those who were then exiled were gangsters, instead of being shot under the law. They were exiled along with families who participated in the concealment and resale of the loot. They were only exiled, but they were supposed to shoot.
    Sorry. Crossed the law for the sake of mercy, and today these * offended * ......
    By the way, the same thing happened in Crimea. Local nationalists ganged and then destroyed everyone whom their personal leaders pointed to. They, too, were not shot as it should be by law. Sent out. And also a sea of ​​indignation that they are such ...., dare .....
    1. Alexander Suvorov
      Alexander Suvorov 5 December 2019 11: 41
      Vasily50 (Dmitry) They were also not shot as it was required by law. Sent out. And also a sea of ​​indignation that they are such ...., dare .....
      The same applies to the underdits from the OUN UPA and the forest brothers. And everyone is shouting about "bloody Stalin". Yes, Stalin was the height of mercy, these monsters just planted them, although they should have been hung on the aspens, and then immediately after coming to power, the bastard paskuda pardoned them, and all indiscriminately, the Bandera ghoul!
    2. evgic
      evgic 5 December 2019 13: 31
      The most interesting thing is the dullness of these secessionists and free highlanders. Adik also planned them under the knife. (Further quote from Lavrov)
  3. bistrov.
    bistrov. 5 December 2019 11: 46
    Yes, near Kharkov, the former People’s Commissar of Defense Marshal Tymoshenko, together with the Ukrainian swineherd Khrushchev, showed themselves not in the best way, as a result of their slackness, the front was almost open and German troops rushed to the Don, and then to Stalingrad and the Caucasus. I had to take urgent measures, put under arms, who were sitting behind the Caucasus Range, the merchants of tangerines, Azerbaijanis and Armenians with Georgians, to force them to defend their territories. This was entrusted to General Petrov I.E., now undeservedly forgotten, who, on his shoulders, took the leading role in leading the defense of the Caucasus.
    1. evgic
      evgic 5 December 2019 13: 36
      As for Tymoshenko, you are wrong, though. And the corn-maker has nothing to do with it. Happer sentiment was then in the CSG. Another puncture of intelligence (already what it is) in terms of the presence, or rather the lack of reserves in this sector, led to a disaster. But later, the boiler near Millerovo, this is more likely Tymoshenko's fault.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. wmn5500
      wmn5500 5 December 2019 17: 36
      I would ask you to clarify
      tangerines merchants of Azerbaijanis and Armenians with Georgians

      did you mean by the merchants of tangerines only Azerbaijanis or Armenians and Georgians also ranked among them? This is your scornful statement at least offensive! Don't you find?
      1. bistrov.
        bistrov. 8 December 2019 08: 57
        Quote: wmn5500
        at least insulting! Don't you find?

        Not at all. I looked at "your brother" for many years of service in the SA. With rare exceptions, this "contingent" by all means was looking for any "hole" in order to get in there and turn away from the service. As soon as such a representative appeared in the unit, then, as a rule, a whole invasion of "brothers", "uncles" with trunks began immediately , baskets, tight wallets and representatives of this "contingent" instead of not sleeping in outfits, freezing on guard duty, performing other strains with which military service is so abundant, they were hanging out in profitable "positions" of commanders, clerks, freelance storekeepers, "valuable" repair specialists, etc.
        Unfortunately, many representatives of the lower army command fell for this bait ...
        About the same thing happened at the beginning of the Second World War, but it didn’t happen to sit far off ... I do not belittle at all, however, the honest service and even the heroism of many representatives of not only the Transcaucasian, but also other Soviet republics.
        By the way, in the first months of the war, many representatives of the so-called. "brotherly" Ukrainian people (almost 2 million) deserted or evaded mobilization in the Red Army, and then either went to work for a German, or even voluntarily entered the service in the so-called. "auxiliary" police, security battalions, schutzmannschaft battalions, the so-called national formations of the Wehrmacht, and the SS Galicia division had almost three volunteers. This is how they "harrowed" their "Ukrainian" land .. Under the USSR, these realities were hushed up in order, they say, not to "offend" some "national" feelings, but in vain ...