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Turkey has encountered problems in acquiring the Uadk-Anadolu aircraft carrier


At a recent meeting of the Turkish Navy command, it was announced that the Anadolu aircraft carrier would be put into service with the Turkish Navy in 2020. We are talking about the universal landing ship TCG Anadolu with an aircraft carrier component, which is being built jointly by Turkish and Spanish experts. According to manufacturers, about 68 percent of Turkish components are used in construction.

At the same time, military experts in Turkey note that the command is trying to bypass the topic of serious problems with this UDC.

Initially (when the warship was just beginning to be built), the Turkish Navy did not hide the fact that the main hopes in terms of the formation of its air wing were placed on American F-35B fighters.

Even the first releases contained such statements:

Several aircraft of the F-35B, 4 attack helicopters T-129 Atak, 8 transport helicopters Seahawk and two Anka UAVs can be placed on the deck of the ship.

But, as you know, the United States withdrew Turkey from the fifth generation fighter program, saying that it was "payment for the purchase of S-400 air defense systems from Russia." In fact, we are talking about anti-Turkish sanctions by the United States.

Why did you bet on F-35B in Turkey? It's simple: with the total length of the TCG Anadolu (L-408) in 232, it is suitable for aircraft with a short take-off and a vertical landing. F-35B is just that.

Thus, there is a problem for the Turkish Navy: the UDC will go into operation in the 2020 year, but what should be used as an aircraft part of its air wing? Focus on the AV-8B Harrier II attack aircraft, as on the procurement option (despite the fact that their production has been curtailed) - this is not quite what the Turkish Navy initially wanted. Therefore, by and large, there are two options: either continue to negotiate with the Americans on the F-35B, or at this stage abandon the modern aircraft wing for the Anadolu, turning it primarily into a UDC helicopter carrier. So far, official Ankara has not openly commented on this situation, nor the ways to get out of it.

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  1. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 26 November 2019 13: 58
    Here is the first "surprise" from mattress covers.
    1. Civil
      Civil 26 November 2019 14: 09
      And Harrier 2 no one will sell them.
      1. donavi49
        donavi49 26 November 2019 14: 26

        Italy and Spain - and relatively fresh and modernized. They are withdrawn from the composition. Just Turkey needs 8-12 cars. So much will be.

        1. newcomer
          newcomer 26 November 2019 15: 15
          Anglo-Saxons will give the green light for resale to the Turks?
          1. Sapsan136
            Sapsan136 27 November 2019 01: 10
            England has a very bad relationship with Spain, because of Gibroltar, so the Spaniards may not ask the British opinion ... Italians are more difficult, you can expect anything from them ... there may be a refusal
          2. donavi49
            donavi49 27 November 2019 09: 10
            Italians will definitely put up cars for sale.
            The Spaniards are in doubt, but certainly yes. For they have a business tradition, there is nothing good written off to disappear.

            Turkey is a member of NATO (the same bloc as Italy and Spain).

            The only obstacle is if Turkey is included in the American system of severe sanctions. But this is not even Trump's plans so far.
        2. Alex777
          Alex777 26 November 2019 16: 15
          What are you guys talking about ?!
          We have the first sponsor of the SUVVP creation program!
          A few more - and the project will go. And not the fact that it will be worse than the F-35. hi
      2. Buffet
        Buffet 26 November 2019 16: 05
        Then I would be in place of the Turks, I would turn to the Russian or Chinese about the joint development of such an aircraft with vertical take-off and landing. And the Turks here would have acted much more pragmatically than the Indians and would have killed three birds with one stone.
    2. Alexander Petrov1
      Alexander Petrov1 26 November 2019 14: 14
      Well, unfortunately we cannot offer the vertical Yak-141 for export, but the sea Ka-52, like Egypt with a long-range missile, can ...
      1. donavi49
        donavi49 26 November 2019 14: 28
        Why do they need them? At one time, they Erdogan rolled in favor of Augusta.

        Now they not only produce ATAK, but also sell it for export + ATAK2 already has a Turkish development with Italian help, bigger, heavier, more functional.
        1. Alexander Petrov1
          Alexander Petrov1 26 November 2019 14: 29
          Do they have a marine version with a long-range missile?
          1. donavi49
            donavi49 26 November 2019 15: 01
            There is a sea one - it will also be based on Anadola.
            As for the missiles - well, here again, they are a large arms manufacturer and exporter with huge ambitions. And this already does great image harm - any purchase of similar weapons.

            RCC they do not need. In the form that they have these tasks on other means. This is the very approach to building a fleet and naval aviation.

            They have their own missiles, namely:
            70mm laser-corrected Cirit rockets up to 6km effective damage.

            UMAS with 8km target loss during exercises

            Lighter and cheaper version of OMTAS for 4 km. Also shot, forgot.

            Karaok is still in active development, but it will also be on ATAK, ATAK2 and strike UAVs. Little data.

            Plus, again, they make more interesting missiles (now Roketsan is fully loaded and is actively expanding in directions). That is, cooperation is more likely to transfer technology or joint development.

            Well, they have a lot of hellfire. This is a proven tool in all wars of the past two decades.
            1. Alexander Petrov1
              Alexander Petrov1 26 November 2019 15: 08
              But after all, Turkey does not have a completely independent industry like ours, and even more so an independent military-industrial complex, but how if, like tomorrow, the United States and their six from NATO will block them, for example, engines for helicopters or avionics or components for missiles, and what would you say to this in protection of the independent industry of the Turkish "independent" republic !?
              1. donavi49
                donavi49 26 November 2019 18: 01
                Well, how will pots be beaten again tomorrow with Russia? The risks are similar.

                The states will soon have a new administration. Turkey (Erdogan) definitely will not work together with Trump. But with a new one, who knows.

                They have a complicated multi-port there. Where in the end Turkey should become a regional leader with global influence.
                1. Alexander Petrov1
                  Alexander Petrov1 26 November 2019 18: 04
                  Duck, I wrote that Turkey has no way out and it will always depend on someone, because it does not have an independent Military and even Civil Industry ...
        2. Monar
          Monar 26 November 2019 15: 30
          And what is in the photo, at least once flied?
    3. newcomer
      newcomer 26 November 2019 14: 14
      I don’t think it’s a surprise. The Turks did not, they knew perfectly well what they were giving up and for what. It means it will be just UDC, or there are other options, knowing the Turks. It makes sense to do with us VTOL aircraft, it's easier for us and they feel good.
      1. Terentich
        Terentich 26 November 2019 14: 22
        Quote: newbie
        It makes sense to deal with us SVVP_ to us is easier and good for them.

        And this will most likely be solely at the expense of the Russian Federation. The Turks clearly grasped the main thing that Russia needs, namely the anti-American orientation of Turkey, and Russia is ready to pay for this in one way or another (loans, technologies, etc.). In general, oddly enough, but Turkey "abandoned" the same f35 for our account in the end. These are just my thoughts, reasoning nothing more.
        1. newcomer
          newcomer 26 November 2019 15: 01
          Your point is clear. But this is just a loan. Who knows, they can return it with money, maybe with something else, originally agreed upon. But in VTOL will have to invest, it’s better for two than for ourselves. For example: Yak130, Su57.
    4. Svetlana
      Svetlana 26 November 2019 14: 22
      Where? What is "Nezhdanchik"? Ami was warned of the consequences and this is one of them.
    5. The comment was deleted.
  2. Vitaly L
    Vitaly L 26 November 2019 14: 02
    You can sell Russia to the Akuyu Nuclear Power Plant, I heard that it is being built on credit for Turkey, and here it will be UDC, and pay for the station :))))
  3. rocket757
    rocket757 26 November 2019 14: 12
    Costs may be. There really are no alternatives.
    You can’t pile such a plane quickly, and few people have real experience!
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 26 November 2019 14: 31
      They say that the Chinese are now actively developing the 5th generation VTOL aircraft. After 2-3-4 years, they may already be shown.
      1. newcomer
        newcomer 26 November 2019 15: 12
        Well, in the Russian Federation this is laid down in the state program. By the way, I read somewhere on air sites that the Su57 was originally conceived in three versions, with minor changes to the fuselage: ordinary take-off, shortened airspace and the sea version. Well, with a normal / normal VP set to the wing, we look forward to continuing. And our experience on the Yak140 to help us.
      2. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 26 November 2019 15: 23
        It is interesting. This was almost the only "corner" in aviation where the Chinese had a failure. If they make a sensible vertical, then the monopoly of the F-35B will end.
        1. newcomer
          newcomer 26 November 2019 15: 29
          Why did you so modestly circumvent Russian aircraft? I think the Chinese will have a better copy of the Yak140 than the Yankees. We will see. It would be interesting to look at the Russian version_improvement of the Yakovlev project, or what's new.
          1. voyaka uh
            voyaka uh 26 November 2019 15: 37
            Yak was the first, but he is not in production. The serial vertical was Harrier (it is discontinued) and is the F-35B.
            1. newcomer
              newcomer 26 November 2019 17: 05
              Not in production. But the same efka is a derivative of Yak. In the Chinese, the MIG derivative dissects. Therefore, we will see whether our VTOL will be the continuation of the 140th, or what's new.
              1. voyaka uh
                voyaka uh 26 November 2019 17: 13
                The F-35 is a derivative of the Yak, and of the Wright brothers' aircraft too. laughing
                And it is mass-produced. And it is widely sold. The only vertical.
                Who will do the second serial VTOL aircraft before — Russian or Chinese — I don’t know.
                We'll see ... fellow
                1. newcomer
                  newcomer 26 November 2019 17: 15
                  You still remember the forgotten Da Vinci. Engineers from Wright on Lockheed did not rivet the 35th.
                  1. Avior
                    Avior 26 November 2019 21: 36
                    Engineers from Rolls-Royce riveted.
                    Specifically, a vertical landing system.
                    1. newcomer
                      newcomer 26 November 2019 23: 07
                      I do not argue. They chose between the engine behind the cab and the power take-off shaft for the air draft fan. And they pulled out everything they could from Yakovlev’s engineers and expelled them. Further you can do it yourself.
                      1. Avior
                        Avior 27 November 2019 00: 54
                        They chose between the engine behind the cab and the power take-off shaft for the air draft fan.

                        Rolls-Royce did not work with the Yakovlevites.
                        "Dviglo behind the cockpit" was tested long ago on various models, for example, on the Mirage, and was not new.
                        A fan is another matter. But on the Yak-141 it was not.
                      2. newcomer
                        newcomer 27 November 2019 17: 46
                        I did not say that the Rolls workers worked with the Yakovlevites. Yes, and about the novelty of the engine behind the cabin, too, is not argued. The question is completely different: you initially did not catch the subtle scream in my dialogue with Voyaka. Yes, talk about the concept itself: after all, the Yankees abandoned Hunter’s dvig system, and they took Yak’s blueprints for pennies with patrons. After all, as our designers later joked, the Yankees were so sophisticated with 140m that they completely ruined the project.
                      3. Avior
                        Avior 28 November 2019 00: 26
                        Why, I caught it. The topic is not new, it has been discussed a hundred times.
                        It’s just that Yak didn’t have anything that was not previously in other projects or implemented structures in the West.
                        But the fan, for the first time.
                        And it’s actually much closer to Harrier than it seems at first glance - the front part was lifted by air, and not by a jet stream from the engine - which could get into the air intakes - which was a characteristic feature of Harrier. Yes, and one engine. So the installation of a vertical landing F-35 is a logical continuation of the Rolls-Royce work on Pegasus, with all the significant difference between these engines.
                        That is, the key technology for the aircraft’s VTOL aircraft — the installation of a vertical landing — was provided not by Lockheed Martin, who was in contact with the Yakovlevites, but by the engine crews from Rolls-Royce (they, by the way, did the same for Harrier).
                        Therefore, in my opinion, the most correct reference is not to the Yakovlevites or the Wright brothers, and generally not to the "pilots" - but to the engine specialists, in this case from Rolls-Royce.
                        PS. not significant, but the Yak-141, not 140
                      4. newcomer
                        newcomer 28 November 2019 09: 40
                        Yak41 will be even more accurate. It was supposed to go into the series under the index Yak141 semi-sub, Yak 140 airfield-based (not to be confused with an experimental fighter 50/60). As for the F35B engine, the Rolsovtsy just "licked" our three-section retractable rotary nozzle.
                      5. Avior
                        Avior 28 November 2019 11: 10
                        No, it’s yak141
                        The single-engine project was originally under the yak-41 index, the three-engine one received the yak-41m index, and it was later called the yak-141
                        I never heard of the pro version of the yak-140 in the project
                        And about the three-section nozzle - it was developed back in the 60s, at first for the General Danemix for the project model 200, but it was actually implemented by Rolls-Royce also back in the 60s on the Rolls-Royce RB engine. 153-61, they didn’t have to lick anything, they were the first to do it for a long time
            2. Avior
              Avior 26 November 2019 21: 40
              The first was rather Dassault Mirage IIIV
      3. rocket757
        rocket757 26 November 2019 17: 28
        Quote: donavi49
        They say that the Chinese are now actively developing the 5th generation VTOL aircraft. After 2-3-4 years, they may already be shown.

        The Chinese are one step away from their design school.
        Maybe they will not create a masterpiece, but on a tip they pile something! And there, how it goes.
  4. Evil 55
    Evil 55 26 November 2019 14: 29
    While the Italian and Spanish "ferrets" are being exploited, and then, you see, and the UDC will be flooded with someone for rent.
  5. knn54
    knn54 26 November 2019 14: 43
    UDC little-serve aircraft carrier. But is it too early ???
  6. thinker
    thinker 26 November 2019 15: 02
    Something photo to the article is very slurred, what are we talking about
  7. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 26 November 2019 15: 19
    Well here is a monopoly ... that Harrier, that F35V. Is that the Chinese will be demolished. But it's 10 years to wait
  8. Igar
    Igar 26 November 2019 16: 38
    Well, there are two options: either we buy their aircraft carrier from Turkey, or we sell the Ka-52K to the Turks
  9. herev15
    herev15 26 November 2019 16: 43
    Why do they need this bandura? The water area of ​​the Mediterranean is their ring. Against Greece or Cyprus is not necessary, they are so close. We? So drown before. Egypt? Also far away and this is not enough. Such banduras are suitable for large powers with a large and wide pocket. They barely pull the tank, let Russia take it for the dough for the supply of C400 is unlikely to see, even if it will be useful.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 27 November 2019 09: 18
      They have plans for global global influence. If something now they have an active expansion in Asia. Reference point Indonesia. Where did the MTC go well? Plus a friend of Pakistan. Plus Qatar - which must be protected from the apostates of the Saudis. Plus Africa this time hope to be divided.
      1. herev15
        herev15 27 November 2019 10: 21
        Fully real version. Well, in Libya they are stirring up against Marshal Haftar. However, 12 planes are relatively small, Russia can afford to keep several planes and crumble everyone and everything. And Turkey is not even a "stub" of Russia. Time will tell what kind of Wishlist the "Sultan" has.
  10. Jack O'Neill
    Jack O'Neill 26 November 2019 17: 03
    Alternatively, they can purchase Ka-52K for their UDC.
    Of course, the pinwheel is never a fighter-bomber, but Sea Harrier is not very varic.
    And to us and denyushki, and jobs. The main thing is to convince the Turks that they need the Ka-52K.
    However, it will not be so difficult if you approach wisely.
  11. Oquzyurd
    Oquzyurd 26 November 2019 18: 02
    Weight at full load is approximately 28 thousand tons. The ship is 232 meters long, 38 meters wide, and 58 meters high. The deck area of ​​the ship is 5440 square meters.

    The ship, whose speed at sea should reach about 20 knots, can sail 16 thousand kilometers without refueling, has 6 zones with vertical landing and take-off in the runway zone. There is also a springboard for short flights. It is built with a slope of 12% to facilitate takeoff. The vessel is capable of simultaneously transporting 1400 people and has about 350 crew members. There is also a full hospital on board.

    TCG Anadolu can take 6 F-35B? Fighters, 4 ATAK helicopters of the marine version, 8 general-purpose helicopters (probably T-625) 2 Seahawk, 2 unmanned aerial vehicles, 8 landing troops, 13 tanks, 27 ZAHA (Armored landing aircraft) 6 armored personnel carriers, 33 cars can transport.


    Although there is no clear information on the cost of TCG Anadolu, which is produced locally, it is expected to reach 1 billion 250 million euros in total.
    I add that on Turkish TV they talked about their intentions that instead of 5-6 pieces the F-35B wants to place 10 strike UAVs. Now Baykar is working hard to create a marine version of the strike UAV for the Anadolu UDC.