Drown or return? Who bent under whom?

So, three Ukrainian troughs returned to their homeland. What was it at all: a gesture of wide will or another deflection? And if the second - under whom?

In fact, the truth is, as always, in the middle, and the one who is in the details is cackling from under each nut.

The media, by the way, also reacted ambiguously, which is surprising for our country. Moreover, the separation did not even go along the line of demarcation “liberal - patriot,” but somewhere in the brain, and even under the influence of an incomprehensible randomizer.

Now that everything has settled down, let's try to look calmly at the situation.

The Russian side handed over to the Ukrainian three ill-fated ships, two paramilitary boats and a tugboat. Why paramilitary? Well, let's just say that no one really said what condition the ships were in, but the fact that the Ukrainians went out to meet theirs with two tugboats and a lifeguard says a lot.

Drown or return? Who bent under whom?

However, for some reason, far from everyone at various levels took this news normal and adequate.

Statements and opinions sounded that Ukrainian ships are material evidence for proceedings in courts of various instances, including international ones. So - you can’t give, and in general ...

Some believed that Kiev should officially acknowledge something there, repent of something, in general, admit guilt for the incident.

Stupidity, of course, and naive stupidity. Of course, nothing in Ukraine would be recognized and will not be recognized. Not for that, everything was started.

The best evidence is the frankly illogical note of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry demanding the return of the ships. The day before the appointed and agreed return.

What does this mean?

Only that there is a political game.

Kiev knew perfectly well where, when and how the Russian side would give them these unfortunate troughs. Nevertheless, this note was smacked on the table, they say, not only return, but also let me know where everything will be, coordinates with millimeter accuracy and time with accuracy up to a second.

Almost a kind of ultimatum. All that was lacking was the eternal "or not ..."

But what if "not that"?

Never mind.

Someone, if you want it so, may consider that Russia was scared of this formidable document, Moscow went on about Kiev and complied with all the requirements. You can even call them "ultimate", but ...

But there is one point that completely destroys all the arguments of those who shout about “frightened” Russia.

Bulk carrier "Mechanic Pogodin" is still standing in Kherson. The seiner Nord is still in Berdyansk. NEYMA tanker, which blocked the passage under the Kerch bridge of Ukrainian violators, is arrested in Izmail

Is this a demonstration of the power of Ukraine, or what?

This or how.

If we exchanged these ships, how we exchange prisoners of war, or Ukraine returned our ships, as a gesture of goodwill, then yes, we could say something there.

But in our situation, everything is somewhat different.

This is a game for Europe. This is a political chess game. Thank God, people almost did not suffer from these games, but alas, the political game is a given. It has been, is and will always be.

I will support the opinion of those sober-minded people who believe that the transfer of floating scrap metal to Ukraine is directly related to the upcoming Summit of the Norman Four.

I will venture to assert that our Foreign Ministry has well calculated the consequences of this move. It is worth recalling that the international court decided to return the boats to Ukraine, but ours did not recognize his decision, and the case fell into the box with appeals and other long-lasting pleasures.

It was likely in Moscow that the Ukrainian sailors and three rusty little ships were too small pawns in the big game. And don’t mind sacrificing them.

But before the meeting on Ukrainian issues (yes, for the whole world these are Ukrainian issues, alas) from the hands of Zelensky, who started playing games like his predecessor (a demonstration of a bullet that didn’t get where you came from and killed someone there), to the public and with "evidence", a very good trump card was knocked out.

And it would be very nice to swing the ships very well, this is not a piece of skin from the bus.

What is more important: once again dunk Ukraine somewhere or still continue at least attempts to resolve the issue of Donbass?

Here I will voice my own opinion.

It consists in the fact that in order to provide a solution to the problem of Donbass in a peaceful way, it would be necessary to give up all the rusty trash that used to be the fleet of Ukraine, but what can I say, Zaporozhye could be driven to oars to Odessa.

Not like two half-armored boats and a tug.

This is called "nate, choke."

But for all observers and participants from Europe, this will look just like another gesture of goodwill on the part of Putin. Yes, it is doubtful that this will bring any preferences such as the lifting of sanctions, no. Will not bring.

Here, profits will have to be sought in a slightly different direction. In Ukrainian.

The political game, in which both sides really want to pump each other out, has been, is and will continue to go. So far, an openly pro-Nazi regime in power has not changed in Ukraine.

Yes, Zelensky was replaced by Poroshenko, but who said that it became better? No, on the contrary, Natsik rush upstairs with even more zeal than before. They just removed the old ones, new ones came in their place. Younger and more aggressive.

But Zelensky clearly has less space for the game, this is a fact. Plus, a certain time pressure, because the problem of Donbass for Ukraine and for Russia - I'm sorry, but these are different problems in terms of importance.

Today, 95 from 100 Russians in the spirit of Galkin are already frowning at the words “Ukraine” and “Donbass”. From the Donbass, maybe less, but nonetheless.

But in Ukraine ...

But in Ukraine, everything is much more complicated. First of all, because Donbass is a sore spot there. Yes, today Minsk-1 and Minsk-2, or rather, Ilovaisk and Debaltseve, which became the forerunners of these meetings, were somehow forgotten. There did not happen such a major defeat, but the capture of the three little ships is hardly a victory.

Moreover, this disgrace does not pull in a sea battle. Rather, the fisheries authorities caught three big-time poachers with a net.

So there is no honor for such a “victory” or “overpowering” for anyone. Well, for Ukraine there is. Although, how to say something Zelensky did not showered with awards the warrior.

And this despite the fact that the next change oh how needed Ze. Well, just without it in any way, you understand.

So Zelensky, it turns out, although he managed to throw with the help of the Foreign Ministry a formidable demand for the return of the ships, but he was clearly late. Information leaked long before the actions of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, so the effect, as it were, did not pass.

What for? Everything is simple. Our authorities also need something from the world community. Namely, the lifting of sanctions in the future and the launch of Nord Stream-2 in the near future.

And for the sake of each of these problems, it was possible not only to return three troughs, but the whole modern fleet of Ukraine was not worth it. Although - he (the fleet of Ukraine) is already worthless. So the transfer of a certain amount of scrap metal was not to be cut, but to the Ukrainian side, if it could have at least some impact on the situation, it was necessary to give it up.

Well, do not store this junk, in the end? And so half of the Crimean berths littered with trash, also toss a new one ...

The only thing that poorly done was that they did not properly arrange the whole process. But, as always, the information component is not up to par, which, by the way, cannot be said about Zelensky. He is as a pro and as a president frankly weak, but the fact that from all this can get a lot of advantages for himself is 146%.

However, who, if not Putin, will be able to beat Zelensky’s weaknesses in political and economic games with Europe? It was not for nothing that they began to frighten the Ukrainian president openly with Putin, or rather Putin's cunning, since there are fears that some warming in relations could sideways come to Ukraine.

Can it?

In general, the policy of Mr. Poroshenko very well led to a deadlock in relations between the countries, and even the slightest thaw can be regarded as a good deal.

Meanwhile, there is already something to record in the asset. The exchange of “35 to 35”, which nevertheless occurred, is the best proof of this. Yes, the role of the presidents was minimal, but ... She was!

As a result, Ukraine received sailors from the boats “Berdyansk” and “Nikopol”, as well as from the tugboat “Yana Kapu”. Already after the exchange of prisoners, the transfer of the detained ships themselves was a matter of time, this should have happened before the summit in the "Norman format", scheduled for early December. Occurred.

The question may arise: what will happen to our courts, which are under arrest in Ukraine?

In general, of course, in theory Zelensky would have to answer in the same way and return the Nord and Pogodin’s Mechanics, if only because these ships were arrested during the reign of Poroshenko.

The reason is implicitly visible, but it is possible to discern. Today, in Ukraine, many observers believe that Zelensky is trying very hard to get Ukraine out of this situation, when the country has actually become a hostage to the game between the United States and Russia.

A good reason, by the way, in order to show that in Ukraine, too, are not worn.

It makes sense, since Ukraine is “tseevropa”, and in Europe itself, dissatisfaction with US policies regarding the same sanctions is gradually growing (all impose sanctions, but they mostly hit Europeans).

So a demonstration of readiness for negotiations and joint work of Kiev in relation to Moscow can play a far-reaching role in European politics.

Judge for yourself, the French leader Macron has recently not been very shy in expressing criticism of American foreign policy, and also speaks out for the European army and the reform of NATO. And grandmother Merkel, having abandoned all cases, is trying to persuade her neighbors at Nord Stream 2.

Theoretically, of course, since there are more than enough claims in the overseas region both in France and Germany, even partial defrosting of relations with Moscow can give very impressive results.

What does Kiev have to do with it? Yes, all the same. Trumpet to whom a symbol over there, and to whom no worse than mom. So who needs a Ukrainian pipe filled with Russian gas, who needs SP-2, but the bottom line is that you can work.

And before the meeting in the "Norman format", each of the parties should come with some kind of baggage.

Macron and Merkel will come displeased, Zelensky on the wave of success from a successful operation with the ships, and Putin ... And Putin will put Zelensky in debt.

Let me remind you that Russia not only returned the trough, but also, if someone forgot, did an even more substantial job: it returned the old format of the Kerch Strait and the entire Sea of ​​Azov.

Yes, then we were accused of artificial blockade of Ukrainian ports, but this was quite logical after the arrests of our courts. Yes, the ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk almost got up, because who is interested in talking with Russian military boats, searches and searches? The situation "And if I find it?" In this case, well, does not inspire optimism in any way except for inspectors.

So here is another example for you, and there is nothing to shed tears over the rusty trash that was passed back.

In general, after Poroshenko ceased to be president of Ukraine, the new president Zelensky announced his readiness for a reset in relations between Ukraine and Russia.

The word should be followed by a deed.

Given all sorts of demonstrations of good intentions on the Russian side, it makes sense if you do not bargain (as without this), then at least think about it.

The meeting is just around the corner ...
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