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Kolomoisky as a mirror of the Ukrainian revolution

Kolomoisky as a mirror of the Ukrainian revolution

From time to time, Igor Valerievich Kolomoisky, a famous odious oligarch, who today, according to many, is the confidant of President Zelensky, gives scandalous and frank interviews. This time, his bright journalism appeared in the New York Times, the mouthpiece of America’s democratic and anti-Trump forces. He probably knows this, however, in his interview he makes a whole anti-democratic and protramp report. Plus a session exposing the Bandera revolution. And why does he need it?

Revolution devouring a country

Kolomoisky himself called the revolution a bad deed and made the kleptocracy of Yanukovych, Russia, the West and so on on the list responsible for the BND revolution of the 2014, but also the Bandera revolutionaries who “shot at the golden eagles” and canceled Kivalov’s language law - Kolesnichenko and fleeing with bulging eyes in the Parliament and the country.

In the Donbass, he repeated his old thought, there is a hot civil war, and throughout Ukraine a cold civil war, with Kolomoisky recalling the murdered writer and journalist Oles Buzin as a victim of this war. On the other hand, he called her the victim of a journalist Sheremet blown up in Kiev.

Interestingly, Kolomoisky announced the amount for which you can buy today's Ukraine - 100 billion dollars. He believes that Moscow will give such money to Kiev for a change in political orientation. Firstly, this is an awkward figure: according to the testimony of US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, Ukraine cost America only 5 billion dollars. Russia then promised investments in 15 billion dollars, of which three managed to give out to Yanukovych. More unlikely to give: burned.

Secondly, the figure of Kolomoisky is completely unacceptable for Moscow, and as an intelligent person, he understands this. Perhaps Igor Valerievich called the amount in which the buyer put up for sale Ukrainian land or just “Ukraine”.

Cheating West

Everyone understands to himself that Kolomoisky told the truth, a lot of truth, although he did not tell the whole truth. And now, already repents, speaks a lot of truth about the affairs of recent days. That the West is a “bloodsucker and a world-eater” does not give money, not to consider the miserable billions for which the country can barely make ends meet.

Kolomoisky and his team are in conflict with the proteges of the US Democratic Party in the Zelensky team, the so-called pigs. Igor directly says that Kiev needs to side with Trump and begin an investigation into the activities of prominent Democrat US Vice President Biden in Ukraine.

This is a risky move, but Kolomoisky, as a risky merchant, understands that Ukraine can take risks in its position: there is nothing left to lose, but it is possible to improve their affairs in a successful situation.

What did Kolomoisky say?

By and large, such statements are made by a person who has approached some edge. The situation in Ukraine is aggravating, and Igor Valerievich does not see a way out of it. He peculiarly repents of his sins, but not only: he calls the amount that must be invested in Ukraine to fill the fire of the Bandera revolution with money: one hundred billion dollars. But who will give such money to a country in which there is a hot and cold civil war? And Kolomoisky sends an SOS signal to the air: the drowning man grabs the straw.

Note that in order to rekindle the fire of revolution, the US State Department had enough 5 billion dollars, supposedly for the development of democracy in Ukraine, and where is this democracy? And to extinguish this fire, according to our merchant, you need 20 times more money! This is the price of the Bandera revolution, as Kolomoisky sees it. And the buyer for it all is not and never will be.

Why is the "revolution of hydanny" right now reflected in Kolomoisky’s mirror? It can be assumed that he shows this mirror to Moscow and personally to Vladimir Putin, hinting that he will hear all this from President Zelensky in person. Perhaps this is a decoy for Moscow to go to a personal meeting between Zelensky and Putin.

If such a meeting takes place, the West can accuse Zelensky of betraying his "democracy" in that he became "pro-Russian" in the same way that the West declared President Yanukovych "pro-Russian" after his visit to Moscow and meeting with Putin when he received three billion dollars on social programs. The cancellation of the Zelenskaya Rada by the moratorium on the sale of land and the introduction of a land market may be the reason for the consolidation of the Nazis and nationalists against President Zelensky. And there will always be a billion people in the West for the next coup in Ukraine.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 17 November 2019 05: 49
    Here hm about .. I felt that the ass begins to smoke. I think that in the end he will end up in the Amerz prison. But it would be better at the lantern in Donetsk.
    1. The leader of the Redskins
      The leader of the Redskins 17 November 2019 08: 33
      Ukrainian society has already responded to this interview and, as you know, is not in Beni’s favor ... I think that a high-profile applicant will lose not only preferences, but also some of his fortune after such words. And with the classification of him as an individual, I fully agree with you. So betray the country that has grown up as an oligarch ....
      1. Greg Miller
        Greg Miller 17 November 2019 09: 40
        Benya thought that having become at the helm after the Bloody Gunpowder, he would switch all the financial flows of Ukraine to himself. And then it turned out that these flows had dried up and there weren’t anymore ... But somehow the investments made had to be repelled, so he was looking for someone to lease Ukraine to ...
        1. Nyrobsky
          Nyrobsky 17 November 2019 11: 19
          Quote: Greg Miller
          Benya thought that having become at the helm after the Bloody Gunpowder, he would switch all the financial flows of Ukraine to himself. And then it turned out that these flows had dried up and there weren’t anymore ... But somehow the investments made had to be repelled, so he was looking for someone to lease Ukraine to ...
          And what is there to look for if the moratorium on the sale of land has been lifted? Now they will sell Ukraine wholesale and retail. The task set by the IMF has been completed. But the problem is that the people driven off the land need to be fed with something, which the curators of the project of "democratization" of Ukraine are clearly not concerned with. How did the ardent "friend" of Russia, the late Brzezinski, say about the new world order? - "Against Russia, at the expense of Russia and on the ruins of Russia", this is the same, almost completely can be applied in relation to the situation in Ukraine - "Against Russia and at the expense of Russia, in order to see the wreckage of Russia." The West wants to minimize its costs of maintaining Ukraine by hanging this "economic and democratic miracle" on the neck of Russia for some "unfortunate" $ 100 billion - "tea is not alien, they will squeeze", so that even these 100 billion to be pumped out to pay off the debts accumulated in Ukraine. As a result, the puppies will have neither land nor money. Due to the fact that from the lips of the curators it will sound like a verdict, it is voiced by the type of "neutral" Kolomoisky. The stone is thrown, they are watching how the circles diverge.
          PS - I do not think that Kolomoisky is so invulnerable that he can afford to bark against the "hegemon" without fear that this hegemon can make him a beggar tomorrow and put on an orange robe, and therefore he only says what is allowed to him.
          1. Lelek
            Lelek 17 November 2019 14: 00
            Quote: Nyrobsky
            Due to the fact that from the lips of the curators it will sound like a verdict, it is voiced by the type of "neutral" Kolomoisky.

            hi , Dmitry.
            Exactly. “Bekal” does nothing without securing its rear and escape routes. Probably secured a "roof" and therefore threw the bone into the Svidomo crowd. After organizing the bloody massacre in Donbass for Russia, he is a firing figure and "Bekal" understands this very well, therefore his opuses to the addresses of the West and the Russian Federation should be perceived as trolling in order to bring confusion in the camp of Svidomo and Nazis before the "flogging" of Hetman Ze at "Normandy" gatherings ...
            1. Nyrobsky
              Nyrobsky 17 November 2019 14: 32
              Quote: Lelek
              “Bekal” does nothing without securing its rear and escape routes. Probably secured a "roof" and therefore threw the bone into the Svidomo crowd.

              Greetings Leo hi In the course it is. Now the "correct" services will monitor the reaction of the Kremlin and Kiev to this submission from Beni. Preparing a Norman meeting. The fact that we have returned the boats to them is also evidence that some secret graters are coming, although one of the conditions was that they would recognize the nature of a deliberate provocation, which in fact was not announced.
              1. Lelek
                Lelek 17 November 2019 14: 40
                Quote: Nyrobsky
                The fact that some secret graters are coming is also evidenced by the fact that we returned the boats to them.

                As far as I understand, they haven't returned it yet, but relocated it, and it doesn't matter. The main thing is not to let the dill look like winners in this episode, because this is the main fetish that "holds the nation together" - a gonfalon, so to speak (in addition to "glory to Ukraine" and "moskolyak to gilyaka").
          2. To be or not to be
            To be or not to be 17 November 2019 14: 42
            Benya .. "and now all the living are alive ....! THEIR banner is strength and weapons .." wink
      2. rezerv66
        rezerv66 14 December 2019 23: 47
        The people, and who YOU ​​said, was this interview. Even with the paper press, one could find the truth, now, with the existing media ..? Now you can rely on your experience, knowledge and analysis, but those who own them in the minority cannot find the truth.
    2. knn54
      knn54 17 November 2019 10: 09
      Just an appeal to the BROTHER Russian people.
  2. Russobel
    Russobel 17 November 2019 06: 12
    With his erysipelas ?!
    Night, street, lantern and Kolomoisky ...
    And I really liked the flashlight.)
  3. Masha
    Masha 17 November 2019 06: 56
    everything is simple, like twice two ... inside you can smell where it is beneficial .... and rest assured, it will not slap .... yes
  4. New Year day
    New Year day 17 November 2019 07: 37
    Now, more than ever, the words of Medvedev are relevant
    1. sniperino
      sniperino 17 November 2019 09: 02
      Hodor is sorry for the money to plant for Photoshop for someone more agile? The head is clumsy clinging to some Western politician. Or does the ring on his left hand mean that he is divorced?
      1. AAK
        AAK 17 November 2019 13: 31
        100% to the point, colleague, even the shadow on the shirt does not coincide with the contour of the chin and the light angle ... The author is also a little at odds with philology, rather Zelenukha is a Benin confidant .. As for the reasons for this Benin quack - in my opinion this is what It’s like a promotional video to advertise oneself as one of the only possible ukroführer, in Zeleny he seemed to be disappointed as in an amorphous slug, Gunpowder kept himself cooler, maybe the vodka helped ...
        1. sniperino
          sniperino 17 November 2019 13: 39
          Quote: AAK
          100% to the point, colleague
          I see 100% poorly, but if I increase it to 400%, then the smeared pixels are visible well wink I believe that the breastplate from Beni still saw a blooper.
      2. Kronos
        Kronos 17 November 2019 15: 54
        Did Hodor make Medvedev say this?
      3. Nikolai Korovin
        Nikolai Korovin 17 November 2019 22: 14
        Highlighted in red is taken out of context. And from different places. In fact, something was said like "there is no money for this and that now, but then there will be such and such, and you are holding on." I can't guarantee accuracy, but the one highlighted in red is a much stronger distortion of what was actually said. What do we have? The power supply has been established, the bridge has been built. Salaries and pensions are slightly higher than the average in Russia. Food prices are comparable. So far, indeed, there is not enough water, but it should be noted that the water from the Dnieper below Zaporozhye and Dnipropetrovsk, and there is still something there, always left a little to be desired. The water problem is being solved.
        No. It takes five years to exaggerate with distortion is not very successful, admittedly, a passage. Everything is lost. All stolen.
        Just amazing.
        And Benya went all-in, perhaps without the sanctions of higher authorities. Already very large burnt on the consequences of the Maidan. He expects that either the castling will nevertheless pass back, or he will manage to slip away to his historical homeland with the remnants of former luxury. Enough of a comfortable life.
        1. AAK
          AAK 17 November 2019 22: 22
          Colleague, you probably watch a lot of TV, and I have been living in Crimea since birth ... The "higher average" salaries and the "comparability" of prices in your comment are especially amusing ...
          1. Nikolai Korovin
            Nikolai Korovin 17 November 2019 22: 43
            No, I just look a little. Once. A lot is spent on treatment - a working pensioner has to take additional loads. The salary of a senior researcher - well, I won't say for sure - was indexed here by 4.3%, how much came out until I understood exactly. In general, about 24 thousand. How do you like it - comparable or crazy money? This is a senior, with a degree. Not a scientific, not a junior without a degree. You should not be guided by the salaries of Gazprom managers. There are several hundred of them. In all other places - already noticeably smaller. So, in Rogozin he announced 380 thousand in Roscosmos, or something - and my classmate works in the "daughter" of Roscosmos. In a fairly high position. What are you saying? And it didn't come close. This is only the top management of the central office. And for example, the caretaker of the State Historical Museum - as much as 12! Envy! And there are quite a few people with such and even less salaries in Moscow.
            I myself do not particularly travel outside the Moscow Region for health reasons, although I would like to, but last year my colleague, who worked in the same position as me, was in Yalta and Alushta and was very pleased with everything (well, in the velvet season - maybe in the influx everything is more expensive). Including prices, and conversations with local residents - everyone seems to like it as a whole ... Maybe she accidentally hit the happy ones? I don’t know, I repeat - I didn’t see it myself. Only a little heard and read something. Hassle a lot. I will once again hear from you specific figures.
        2. Igorpl
          Igorpl 22 November 2019 05: 20
          The original was about the fact that you can not index pensions only in the Crimea. And for the indexation of all of Russia for that year, no money was pledged. He promised the next one. But hold on later. If you repeat the source for a long time, it is forgotten.
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 17 November 2019 08: 00
    Ukraine, fully oriented to the West, will remain such .... Russia, Ukraine have nothing to offer except money ... In ideological terms, nothing at all .. You can talk about Kolomoisky, Zelensky and others as bad as they are, insidious ... but from this krajina it won’t get any closer ... Like other republics, to one degree or another ...
    1. New Year day
      New Year day 17 November 2019 08: 12
      Quote: parusnik
      Ukraine, is fully oriented to the West, and will remain so ....

      I agree completely, the Movement Vector will remain unchanged in any situation and economic situation in the country. Unfortunately, Ukraine was missed. This is the result of handshakes
      1. rezerv66
        rezerv66 22 November 2019 21: 25
        Unfortunately, not everything is decided by the people, "GOOD" has not yet won "BABLO". I have always called my city Dnipro. Today I want to say hello from DNEPROPETROVSK!
  6. sniperino
    sniperino 17 November 2019 08: 44
    And there will always be a billion people in the West for the next coup in Ukraine.
    Then the Maidan can already be entered in the ethnographic reference book - in the section "National Crafts of Ukraine".
  7. morpogr
    morpogr 17 November 2019 09: 03
    Most likely a straw is being laid to itself. And I won’t be surprised that he himself ordered and paid for this interview in order to leave himself an emergency exit. hi
  8. Scud
    Scud 17 November 2019 09: 57
    Gay, Cossack-hto your chieftain
    Benya, Zelya, Kapitelman?
  9. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 17 November 2019 11: 12
    Give Ukrainians money ... Kolomoisky hasn't come up with anything smarter? Such an action can only achieve that the Ukrainians spit in the giving hand, and then shit from the heart. The United States has already felt this for itself. Buy Ukraine? So you can buy something when what you bought remains so! And Ukraine will steal money and forget about the purchase. However, sclerosis will worsen even before the money melts "no one knows where."
    In the current global situation, sudden movements such as global treaties, purchases of allies and other actions that worked perfectly 50-70 years ago are simply stupid to perform. Nobody observes contracts anymore. No one honors any obligations, no one cares about "secret" and explicit protocols. Almost a century of unique world position, when international law was a real force, strangely relaxed people and entire countries.
    But international law suddenly really started working because the USSR-USA couple had to adhere to it! And since they adhered to superpowers, they forced other countries to behave decently, which was absolutely not characteristic of world politics throughout all known history. In general, the world rested on "silent power". Mighty forces of superpowers, ready to tear the world apart, but not wanting to, and therefore forced to maintain honesty (as far as possible in the world) and even politeness!
    There is nothing like this in the world. And now the "small countries" felt the topic very well. On the one hand, the "world hegemon" arbitrarily takes and cancels his obligations as he wants, giving the rest a pattern of behavior. On the other hand, everyone on the planet froze, waiting for the arrival of the "World Evil". That is, in the absence of international law as a working mechanism, the time has come to return to another mechanism, worked out for millennia.
    My dear Lukashenko is collecting non-repayable loans from Russia, while spitting on his obligations to politically support Moscow? Our troops are being brought into Belarus, Lukashenko has been arrested and executed, those who want to resist are crushed by tanks, a loyal administration has been brought to power. This is how world politics was conducted from the creation of the world.
    But, should someone do this, this someone will immediately be declared a delegate of hell on earth and the "world hegemon" will rush, at the head of his gang, to plunder the unwary. So a moment of sweet uncertainty has come for the "small countries". They can skimp on any undertaken obligations, but at the same time there is no one who wants to punish them for this. Dangerous too ...
    I wonder if there is anyone in the world who is reasonable enough, and at the same time possessing power (which contradicts one another) to find a way out of the situation? Or only war? Global war will mean that the world elites, intellectually unable to cope, simplify the situation to their level. I'm afraid it will happen ...
  10. Jerk
    Jerk 17 November 2019 11: 22
    Yes, in terms of the sum, everything is logical - to ruin everything - a lot of money is not necessary. But to restore ... Only it was necessary to think about it BEFORE how to break it down. Once again, Ukraine is stupidly not interesting to anyone.
  11. faterdom
    faterdom 17 November 2019 13: 42
    I think - have achieved. No one else will give money. And this is sad. But they deserve it. Now let them try to earn money, including on IMF interest.
  12. Terenin
    Terenin 17 November 2019 15: 34
    . And Kolomoisky sends an SOS signal to the air: the drowning man grabs the straw.

    So it is necessary to calculate how much the cruiser (Russia) will lose on the turn in order to save a drowning man, being in a state of combat maneuvering, within the framework of a permanent "war", with the western adversary, having a limited ammunition load, supply stock, and also quite a few troublemakers and thieves in their holds. crying
  13. Leonid Dymov
    Leonid Dymov 17 November 2019 18: 39
    Zelensky and Kolomoisky will soon have to flee the Nazis from Kiev to Dnepropetrovsk, as Yanukovych had previously fled to Kharkov. Bene is time to lay straws, proclaiming the Dnieper Republic. In the South-East of Ukraine Zelensky should form the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the local population, transferring soldiers from zapadentsev to the west of Ukraine.
  14. Comrade Kim
    Comrade Kim 18 November 2019 01: 09
    You do not need to listen to Kolomoy, you need to look at what key decisions he carries out through his slander.
    The main task that he is trying to solve at all costs is the rejection of the land.
    It won’t work out today, it will work out tomorrow.
    Israel is working very closely in this area, which they have promised Ben such there, but he will not back down.
    The land of Ukraine will be sold to the Israelis, the issue is resolved.
    Read what they write in Israel about almost from the earth:
  15. high
    high 18 November 2019 04: 20
    Quote: Comrade Kim
    The land of Ukraine will be sold to the Israelis, the issue is resolved.

    Why write this nonsense, referring to an article in which this nonsense is absent.
  16. Baloo
    Baloo 18 November 2019 06: 44
    Benny felt that Ukraine was on the eve of a grandiose racket. It's time to prepare a fallback, but before that, go ahead and lead the process.
  17. Comrade Kim
    Comrade Kim 18 November 2019 19: 01
    Quote: alta
    Referring to the article,

    Link to the article, where the reaction of the Israelis to the situation with land acquisition in Ukraine is visible.

    You probably assume that while Israeli surveyors, geological experts and agronomists for cutting allotments for compatriots did not appear on the fields of Ukraine, everything remains as before.
  18. Eug
    Eug 22 November 2019 07: 48
    As for me, the Ukrainian oligarchy is looking for a group that can rule Ukraine and at the same time ensure the interests of the oligarchs. Yanukovych’s group was overthrown, Poroshenko’s group was unable due to the chosen course and unwillingness to curb its own greed and theft, now it’s the turn of the Kolomoisky group to demonstrate their abilities. They made conclusions (in part, that the United States and Europa are unable or do not want to safeguard their interests), let's see what happens next. There is a usual auction for Kolomoisky, the new price of Ukraine has already been announced (the old one was announced by Yanukovych and AzIrov and amounted to 160 lard EUR.). Now reduced to 100 billion. US $ ...