In the Chinese media: Gaza missile attack completely paralyzes Israeli defense

Chinese reporters are interested in the performance indicators of the Israeli anti-aircraft missile defense system. In particular, attention is drawn to a new exchange of strikes between Israel and the Gaza Strip, during which no less than 300 different munitions, including unguided missiles, were fired at Israeli territory.

The military section of the Sohu Chinese information portal reports that the Israeli Defense Forces command stated the anti-ballistic shield’s effectiveness parameters: "at least 90%."

From the material:

The Hamas group in recent days has fired several hundred rockets, mines and artillery shells over Israel. A massive missile attack completely paralyzed the defense of Israel.

The material of the Chinese portal says that the Israeli military itself has to admit the problems in intercepting ammunition issued by the Palestinian side.

From the article:

The Israeli military admitted that a missile fired from Gaza took 15-20 seconds to reach Israel, and the detection and interception of Israeli missile defense took about 30 seconds. Missiles are not effective at intercepting at short distances.

The author of the article says that in addition to the time of missile arrival, Hamas has another important advantage: “Their missile can cost about a thousand dollars or several thousand - maximum, but the cost of Israeli interceptor missiles is about 100 thousand dollars.”
The Sohu indicates that a total of missiles and other ammunition flew towards Israel with short interruptions for approximately 17-18 hours. It is alleged that at least 8 Israelis were injured.

From the material:

Israel uses its Iron Dome, David Sling, and American air defense and missile defense systems. But all of them ended up helpless against a massive missile attack. They could not intercept Palestinian missiles if they were fired at close range.

The material itself in the Chinese media has an eloquent title: "Israel exposed its Achilles heel."

It should be noted that in Israel itself no sane person has ever stated that the probability of interception is 100 percent. In this case, there can only be one conclusion: in such a situation, without a political and diplomatic component, Israel will not be able to fully protect itself, it will not be possible to protect its citizens and will hardly succeed, even if the number of its anti-aircraft defense systems is multiplied.
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