In Poland: Russia is still not ready for a nuclear war

The October "nuclear missile" exercises "Thunder-2019" proved that the Russian nuclear arsenal has still not reached the required level for a possible clash with the United States, writes the Polish publication

So far, everything indicates that START will not be extended in 2021. This means that a full-scale arms race, which Russia is afraid of, can take place, writes the Polish edition. Despite the fact that in recent years Moscow has given priority to the modernization of its nuclear arsenal, "it still leaves much to be desired." The question arises: To wish the best by whom? - the Poles?

Vladimir Putin, the Polish author continues, was convinced of this personally when during the exercises he pressed the ballistic missile launch button, but nothing happened. An unfortunate misfire of a reputational nature occurred when one of the two R-29P missiles in the Ryazan submarine did not leave its mine. It is worth noting, it is noted in the text that the embarrassment happened to the ship of the seventies built (in fact, rather, the eighties - approx. Translator), and the rocket itself was conceptually from the same era.

At the same time, the Polish author does not indicate at what point Putin "pressed the launch button" ICBMs from the board of the Ryazan submarine.

From the article:
It can be expected that now the Kremlin will insist even more strongly on accelerating the modernization of Russia's nuclear arsenal.

At the moment, the publication concludes, not everything is working properly in the Russian nuclear triad, Russia is still not ready for a nuclear war, and Putin cannot be 100% sure of the triad’s success in the event of a potential conflict. In this regard, another question: Is Poland itself going to test the Russian nuclear triad for strength?
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