In China, they recalled how the Japanese "Toshiba" delivered machines in the USSR "for the production of low-noise propellers"

In China, they recalled how the Japanese "Toshiba" delivered machines in the USSR "for the production of low-noise propellers"

Material has appeared in the Chinese press that discusses technological capabilities that allow Russia to create modern weapons. In particular, it was noted that after the events related to the return of Crimea to Russia, the West and a number of its allies in other regions of the world introduced collective anti-Russian sanctions prohibiting the transfer to Russia of not only military equipment, dual-use equipment, but also high-tech equipment.

It was noted on the Sohu portal that Japan also joined the sanctions in 2014. However, as stated, the Japanese sanctions against Russia are “more formal in nature” - Japan continues active economic and trade cooperation with the Russian Federation, which in itself destroys the “sanctions monolith”.

The author in a Chinese publication recalls that during the Cold War, the West had complaints against Japan, whose Toshiba company sold "multi-axis CNC machines" to the Soviet Union.

From the material bearing the name with the question mark - "Japan again betrayed Europe and America?":

The incident with Toshiba then caused a storm of indignation in the West. The Soviet Union, as the CIA then stated, with the acquisition of Japanese machine tools, was able to mass-produce low-noise propellers for submarines.

Now, as noted, Russia is looking for production technology bypassing Western sanctions. The author writes that China and, to a certain extent, the same Japan give "such opportunities to Russia," which still wants to receive consent from Moscow to transfer several islands. "

From the material:

After the introduction of sanctions by the Americans, the military industry of Russia was affected to one degree or another. There were problems with the Su-57 aircraft, new frigates with composite hulls. But now, as it turns out, the sanctions did not affect as much as they wanted in Washington.

The author of the article notes that already in April 2014, Russia received a Japanese license from Takisawa Machine Tool for the production of the latest lathes.

TMX-4000 CNC machines began to appear under an agreement with the Chinese Zhangze.

It is added that China and Japan allow Russia to develop not only civilian, but also military production. The author, dumping everything in one heap, mentions in the material OTRK Iskander, the hypersonic Avangard complex, the hypersonic cruise anti-ship missile of the Zircon complex. As a result, the Chinese publication writes that if the same Japan (along with China) supplies Russia with equipment and technologies, then "the situation with the Toshiba of the Cold War era could be repeated."
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