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Updated Chinese Taihang aircraft engine does not allow J-20 to surpass F-35

The Chinese media published information about testing the J-20 fighter with an improved version of the Taihang engine manufactured by Shenyang Liming Aircraft Engine. Initially, these engines were intended for the development program of the Chinese copy of the Su-27 fighter - J-11. Subsequently, the engines began to be installed on other Chinese aircraft, including the J-10 and the J-15 carrier-based fighter.

Updated Chinese Taihang aircraft engine does not allow J-20 to surpass F-35

Now in China, they decided to test the updated version of Taihang on the J-20. It is noted that we can talk about one of the upgrades of Shenyang WS-20 with traction on the afterburner about 14 tons.

The material of the military section of a major Chinese publication SINA stated:

This shows that fighters are switching to fully national production and overcome the biggest obstacles to the serial production of new versions. New fighters can now receive powerful domestic engines.

However, the authors in the same material note that it is not yet possible to fully talk about the transition to serial use of Taihang for the latest Chinese fighters. Chinese military experts say that the engine is still losing to the American power plants of the 5 generation fighters.

From the article:

The engine has a digital traction control system, it implements a temperature control system, but still it is far from a new generation engine. We can’t say that in the 2020 year all J-20 will be transferred to the updated Taihang. The power plant is not yet able to maintain the super-maneuverability of a new generation fighter, there are problems with the mode of maintaining supersonic speed without using afterburner. This prevents the J-20 fighter from dominating aerial combat.

China recognizes that the J-20 with Taihang engines is a transitional link that does not allow to surpass the F-35. But what about the previous statements by Chinese authors in the same media when it was stated that the J-20 "surpassed the fifth-generation foreign fighters" ...
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  1. knn54
    knn54 10 November 2019 09: 10 New
    Further, the guys themselves- "Motor Sich" ...
    1. TermNachTer
      TermNachTer 10 November 2019 10: 54 New
      The motor has already given a lot, including the plant itself. The rotor blades, for Mi - 8, are made from Chinese blanks.
    2. Avior
      Avior 10 November 2019 16: 50 New
      Motor Sich engines do not do for fighters.
      For helicopters, passenger and transport. Well, short-lived yet.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. parkello
    parkello 10 November 2019 09: 34 New
    the Chinese have not yet learned to surpass quantity in quality no but every time they try to do better. this is excitement which is quite a normal occurrence. but so far only copies and nothing of their own. and do not hesitate to use any trash for profit. but the number is certainly not an indicator, and in this they have no equal.
  4. V1er
    V1er 10 November 2019 09: 43 New
    It was not worth them to transfer technology and specialists in the 90s and in our time. Not only can they squeeze us on the arms market, but even some crazy person who wants to make friends with the Americans or just a Nazi can come to power. China suits us as a factory of peace, but not as a factory of war.
  5. rudolff
    rudolff 10 November 2019 09: 58 New
    Well, we have a fifth generation aircraft with engines of the first, second stage. So they have the first, second ...
    1. Herman 4223
      Herman 4223 10 November 2019 12: 23 New
      Yes, but our first stage engine meets the requirements of the fifth generation.
    2. NEXUS
      NEXUS 10 November 2019 13: 17 New
      Quote: rudolff
      Well, we have a fifth generation aircraft with engines of the first, second stage. So they have the first, second ...

      Rudolph, friend, what are the stages of the Chinese? I beg you. There is a search for solutions and fortune-telling on coffee grounds. In order to assemble a world-class dvigun, in addition to a lot of what you need to know, you also need to have a scientific base. Plus, the Chinese are weak in metal science and alloy production. There, so far everything is at the embryo stage in this matter.
      They are looking for solutions, learning, copying, trying to improve ... of course, if they continue to go in this direction, they will create their own engine no worse than ours and mattresses ... but when, that’s the question.
  6. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 10 November 2019 10: 16 New
    Let them buy Al41
  7. askort154
    askort154 10 November 2019 10: 48 New
    Now the US has waged a subtle fight with China over Motor Sich.
    The Americans do not need him, but they are afraid that he will fall into the hands of the Chinese.
    But Ukrainians do not care if they only grab a piece of fat. They understand that if they do not sell it now, then it will finally be bent.
    1. Wolf
      Wolf 10 November 2019 11: 30 New
      The Ukrainians probably do not care anyway, this is why Motor Sich was sold to the Chinese. Specialists from Motor Sich work there and I am very happy for them. Think about how these ice can develop as specialists there? Resources for work are almost limitless, experience and ability to quickly accumulate. It is a haven for professionals. And 100% I am sure if it will be necessary for the Russian people to return to help the domestic aviation industry. Motor Sich was one of the leading enterprises in the world. The question is how did Russia allow bi criminals to power in Ukraine to destroy such an enterprise?
      1. Wolf
        Wolf 10 November 2019 11: 36 New
        Buying Motor Sich to the Chinese can save the company from total destruction, what would happen if the bi bought the Partenry trap. This is + for both Motor Sich and the Chinese.
        1. askort154
          askort154 10 November 2019 12: 02 New
          Wolf..... Purchase of Motor Sich to the Chinese can save the company from total destruction, what would happen if the bi bought the Partenry trap. This is + for both Motor Sich and the Chinese.

          Dear Wolf! Judging by the syllable, are you a Serb?
          I agree with your argument. It is quite logical. But following your logic - “if”, what would happen to Motor Sich if Ukraine had not entered into a clear confrontation with Russia and joined the “party of sanctions against Russia”?
          I would not interrupt my industrial and economic ties with Russia, which were created during the USSR, like blood vessels of the human body.
          I will confidently answer if Ukraine had not blindly been led to the Anglo-Saxon
          cookies, and if it had remained in its former ties with Russia, then Ukraine would not have sold its “body” now - selling everything left and right, no matter to whom, to the Chinese or to the devil himself.
          And now it’s already obvious - Ukraine has sunk into a quagmire from which it never gets out, safe and sound. yes hi
          1. Wolf
            Wolf 10 November 2019 12: 10 New
            I agree with you, only 1 no. No, Ukraine, and traitors and criminals in power in Ukraine at the collapse of the USSR so far. The people have nothing to do with it, he is a victim like Motor Sich of these scum. wink For an example: Where is the "democrat" Yatsenok now? He has plundered millions, has ruined the country and in the USA he is peacefully spending welded ??? In my opinion should he politely invite him home?
            1. askort154
              askort154 10 November 2019 12: 41 New
              Wolf... I agree with you, only 1 no. No, Ukraine, and traitors and criminals in power in Ukraine at the collapse of the USSR so far. The people have nothing to do with it, it’s a victim like Motor Sich of these scum ....

              It would not sound insulting, but you will not run away from realities. What is a "people"? This is a generic name for a cluster of some
              homo sapiens, figuratively, a herd. And the necessary targeting of the herd must have a shepherd, and in a figurative concept, a shepherd is power. Civilizations on Earth went through many options for how to manage the "herd", but they did not reach perfection.
              Now we, contemporaries, are being imposed the very “best power” - “democracy”. Allegedly, we will all choose our own "shepherd." But life shows that this is another utopia. The people, as before,
              It remains a "herd" because it is subtly and sometimes rudely bred by modern political technologists, working on order and having in their hands the main stick of the shepherd - the media. Therefore, the people of Ukraine are one thing,
              and the power of Ukraine is different. And if someone speaks on behalf of the people, he brazenly lies. People and power will never be united. History shows this - a regular series of revolutions and civil wars.
              Sorry, there are a lot of “letters”, but that’s just a few words. hi
              1. Wolf
                Wolf 10 November 2019 12: 57 New
                I agree . But among the people, the elite is born and it grows, anyway, the media and the shepherds hide it. Sooner or later, they pour to the surface, if they will not destroy one of the shepherds, and this is difficult.
                Why did Trotsky first destroy Kozakov? According to this, their self-organization was traditional and they grew up an elite on the basis of morality and very fast. Then the shepherds and the media do nothing. When there is no self-organization among the people, these processes go slowly, but still go on. The people have a collective light and spirit and morality from which every nation is born an elite, and the people have proven this Ruska for centuries, everything is exactly what the shepherds and the media did. Do not be a pesimist.
                1. askort154
                  askort154 10 November 2019 13: 11 New
                  Wolf.. Do not be a pesimist

                  Thank! But this is not mine. no
                  It’s written in black and white in my medical book -
                  real optimist, supporter of the party - "common sense."
                  Family tree: Cossack - October pioneer - Komsomol member-Communist-pensioner, who lived in the sky for 1,5 years. good hi
  8. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 10 November 2019 12: 06 New
    J-20 with any engine is dangerous.
    This is a modern stealth fighter.
    And soon there will be many. They will not attack one at a time.
    1. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 10 November 2019 12: 30 New
      Zerg-rush war is not won.
    2. Herman 4223
      Herman 4223 10 November 2019 13: 04 New
      But it seems to me that this car is a temporary solution. It serves to gain experience and develop technology. It will take ten years, maybe fifteen and China will show the world another car. At the sight of which there will be no laughing matter.
      1. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 10 November 2019 13: 08 New
        Does not look like it. This is a large fighter-bomber with a large radius of action. He can attack AUG. Can conduct high-altitude air battles.
        The Chinese have the main stake in the Air Force on him.
        And the Chinese put it on stream.
        1. Herman 4223
          Herman 4223 10 November 2019 13: 16 New
          Nobody argues with this, they will be made. But technology and design ideas do not stand still. And in this machine, many decisions are not unique. China doesn’t particularly oversee its developments, but they certainly work.
          1. voyaka uh
            voyaka uh 10 November 2019 13: 23 New
            All countries are promising developments. They are working on all sorts of ideas for 5+ and 6 generations.
            Although the goals are not very clear yet.
            We can judge those planes that are coming into service or are being modernized so as not to lag behind others.
            I don’t see anything funny in the J-20. The Chinese did not try to make a beautiful plane. They created a practical aircraft for their tasks.
            1. The comment was deleted.
  9. Eroma
    Eroma 10 November 2019 14: 41 New
    Either the translation of the title is not correct, or the Chinese are talking! recourse
    In the title, perhaps the Chinese meant that the new J20 engine is inferior in technical perfection to the F35 engine, and not that the aircraft with the new engine is inferior to F35! bully
    The whole world F35 calls maneuverability a lame duck, losing the melee F16, the maximum speed is worse than that of the MIG21! How can he concede? wassat
    If it is really inferior in F35 flight performance characteristics, then China pounds more than it has real achievements in aircraft construction! I think in avionics J20 are definitely inferior to F35.
    The only achievement in China with the J20 then: the creation of a flying aircraft with a stealth design, and not the fact that the materials have real stealth capabilities lol
  10. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff 10 November 2019 15: 49 New
    the airplane in the photo is not 4 ++, but a triple with a minus.
    The USSR sculpted this in the 1960s.
    And Engines ... Put the rocket in there, there will be such a thrust.
    Resource ... Resource ...