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After testing in Syria, the Orion UAV entered experimental combat operation in the Russian Aerospace Forces

There are reports that the Orion UAV developed by the Kronstadt team has entered the Russian Air Force for experimental combat operation.

After testing in Syria, the Orion UAV entered experimental combat operation in the Russian Aerospace Forces

We are talking about a medium-altitude drone that can carry out its tasks in the air for a long time.

It became known that the Orion UAV completed tests in Syria. These tests, according to TASS, were associated with the use of weapons of an unmanned aerial vehicle. It is known that the latest Russian drone is capable of carrying up to 4 missiles, which can be used, for example, according to the military hardware of the enemy or according to his positions. This is the shock version of Orion.

In addition to the shock functions, the Orion mid-altitude UAV is capable of long-term reconnaissance of vast areas. An integrated reconnaissance-strike option is also being considered for the final arming of units of the Russian aerospace forces.

The possible tests of the Orion UAV in Syria were discussed a few months ago, now the information has been confirmed.

The Kronstadt group itself in a presentation video reported that the Orion UAV, like other unmanned platforms, "has high potential for the development of the country's economy." In particular, the option of civilian cargo transportation using heavy drones in the Far North was considered.


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  1. cost
    cost 1 November 2019 06: 21
    According to TASS: For Russian drones, a special version of the Unified Communications and Data Exchange, Navigation and Identification System (OSNOD) from the Su-57 fighter is developed, which implements constant encryption and noise immunity, said Alexey Ratner, director of the Scientific and Technical Center for Flight Research and Production. The OSNOD version installed on the Su-57 is currently undergoing state tests. This system implements special types of noise protection and noise-resistant coding with information recovery. It also provides constant cryptographic protection of communications.
    1. Stas157
      Stas157 1 November 2019 10: 28
      UAV "Orion" entered the part of the Russian Aerospace Forces for experimental combat operation
      It turns out the Russian engine was made instead of Rotax?
    2. okko077
      okko077 1 November 2019 15: 59
      What nonsense ... We will have several Su-3s in the Air Force of the whole country in 57 years, and for other purposes ... The Su-30 is better suited for this, this is generally notwithstanding the complete defectiveness of all this nonsense, in terms of reasonable tactics ...
  2. jonht
    jonht 1 November 2019 06: 29
    The necessary apparatus for our armed forces, and probably not only for them.
    1. okko077
      okko077 1 November 2019 15: 26
      TTX (export version)
      Characteristics of the Orion-E UAV complex according to the presentation of the developer:

      payload weight: 200 kg,
      take-off weight: 1000 kg
      application radius: 250 km,
      flight duration: 24 hours,
      flight altitude: 7500 m.

      A radius of 250 km provides a ridiculous real application, given the take-off and landing at the airport and the safe location of the control point ... Useless heavy UAV with funny characteristics in real-time information exchange range, which can replace any small UAV, less noticeable, much cheaper with such range characteristics ...
      Why such a misunderstanding in the strike version, if the MLRS "Tornado-S". all the more so besides drums UAVs ... This is a fucking miracle until no one needs it ...
      "Sees" less than half of small Syria ... Moreover, we do not have systems where information for target designation in real time from all types of UAVs can be used.
      1. jonht
        jonht 2 November 2019 04: 51
        Do you know everything? And you were all privately told ....
        And even if its radius is 250 km, although where did you get this data, our aircraft need its patrol time of 24 hours. Even if it's just for patrol or surveillance purposes.
  3. askort154
    askort154 1 November 2019 06: 30
    Any path begins with the first step. "Orion" - tested in Syria, our first serious step in the construction of a UAV. Clear skies and soft landings. Number of takeoffs = number of landings.
    1. bessmertniy
      bessmertniy 1 November 2019 07: 19
      The main thing is more work, so that there is a demand for it.
      1. d1m1drol
        d1m1drol 1 November 2019 07: 52
        His work is not to build at home, so it is better to have less work for such a bird. In the civilian version, of course, he can work.
    2. okko077
      okko077 1 November 2019 17: 12
      Take a tambourine and dance with the words of the sacred mantra "Syria" next to the brilliant leaders of the Army .. Syria, like the war with Finland at one time, showed the complete unpreparedness of the Armed Forces for local conflicts in general, and even in a simplified version, as in Syria, in particular. ..
  4. nikolas 83
    nikolas 83 1 November 2019 07: 02
    Hurray. They waited. We congratulate both the VKS and all those involved in the production. It remained Altius and Hunter to wait.
  5. aszzz888
    aszzz888 1 November 2019 07: 30
    Well, here is our mid-altitude. good I believe it will occupy its niche both in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and in the civilian world will find him a job.
  6. Fikys
    Fikys 1 November 2019 07: 31
    And I was very interested in this phrase: “the option of civil air cargo transportation with the use of heavy drones in the Far North was considered.” I think that it would be interesting and in demand not only in the Far North.
  7. Fedorov
    Fedorov 1 November 2019 07: 34
    Someone said - Russians harness for a long time, but drive fast.
    It seems like we finish harnessing and even started moving. Good luck to Orion and creative success to the developers. The main thing is that the necessary funding is found.
    1. abc_alex
      abc_alex 1 November 2019 08: 11
      Quote: Fedorov
      Someone said - Russians harness for a long time, but drive fast.

  8. Grits
    Grits 1 November 2019 08: 59
    Really, finally, our learned to produce drones ...........
  9. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 1 November 2019 09: 25
    This is the most necessary device. The American counterpart is more powerful, but Orion is an important step. We did not have full-fledged percussion devices.
    1. okko077
      okko077 1 November 2019 15: 42
      There was not and no, and will not be yet, and only because of the stupidity of leaders and the whole system ...
      1. Zaurbek
        Zaurbek 1 November 2019 16: 44
        Orion announced with 4 ammunition
        1. okko077
          okko077 1 November 2019 17: 02
          You try to simulate the applications of such an UAV and the conditions for the implementation of these options ... Is it possible to replace it? And the absurdity of using such weapons will become apparent ... maybe in the future ... with improved features ...
          1. Zaurbek
            Zaurbek 1 November 2019 17: 46
            What bothers you?
  10. Operator
    Operator 1 November 2019 11: 01
    In terms of cargo transportation, we are talking about a project of a heavy UAV-tiltrotor vertical take-off, presented at the end of the presentation video of the Kronshtadt group.

    PS A big request for the Israeli members of the VO to muffle the sound of their bombing laughing
  11. Vladimir Nizhegorodsky
    Vladimir Nizhegorodsky 1 November 2019 11: 18
    Orion has long been waiting.
    Need a drone.
    I hope to continue this series of drones will be no less interesting.
    Altius and the Hunter on the way.
    All of us have a peaceful sky.
    And the developers of new ideas and the military have excellent service.
  12. Alexey from Perm
    Alexey from Perm 1 November 2019 12: 29
    I would never board a drone as a passenger. But it is reasonable to carry the goods.
  13. internal enemy
    internal enemy 3 November 2019 20: 11
    Yes, they would have copied American for a long time and everything