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The first NH90 Sea Lion helicopter entered service with the German Navy

German naval forces began to receive new helicopters. As transmits "Warspot" citing the portal, Airbus Helicopters handed over to German the fleet the first NH90 Sea Lion helicopter. The command of the German Navy plans before the end of the year to get into service two more NH90 Sea Lion.

The first NH90 Sea Lion helicopter entered service with the German Navy

The new NH90 Sea Lion helicopter (Sea Lion) is a modification of the land-based NH90 NFH (NATO Frigate Helicopter) helicopter developed by order of the German Navy. It is distinguished from the basic version by the installed special navigation equipment, the new friend-foe system and two standard 12,7-mm machine guns.

The helicopter is designed for anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare, conducting maritime intelligence, conducting search and rescue operations, carrying out transport operations and providing material for Saxe-class F124 frigates, Baden-Württemberg class FNS, and Berlin-class support vessels (“Type -125 ").

The length of the NH90 Sea Lion fuselage is 13,5 m, the main rotor diameter is 16,3 m. The mass of the empty helicopter is about 6,2 tons, the maximum take-off weight is 10,6 tons. and overcome to 2,5 km without refueling.

The development of the helicopter started in 2015 and was carried out by Airbus Helicopters. In December 2016, a marine modification helicopter made its first flight at the company's factory in the city of Donauwoerth (Bavaria). This year, two pre-production samples were tested in the presence of representatives of the German Navy and the procurement agency BAAINB.

The new helicopter should replace the obsolete British Westland Sea King Mk.1973 helicopters in service with the 41 of the German Navy. According to the plans of the Navy command, the fleet must receive 18 machines in the period from 2019 to 2022 year.

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  1. Zeev Zeev
    Zeev Zeev 29 October 2019 18: 59
    Germany’s rather big frigates, if there is such a large machine as the NH90. Straight destroyer.
    By the way, why on the marine modification do not drive the tail rotor into the fenestron, purely for greater safety?
    1. Cheerock
      Cheerock 30 October 2019 01: 37
      So he is on the NH90 and folds
  2. Victoria-V
    Victoria-V 29 October 2019 18: 59
    Six people were injured by the Russian military police, this should be written ...
    1. Zeev Zeev
      Zeev Zeev 29 October 2019 23: 47
      Who cares about six Russian policemen? Especially in Syria, especially from the Turks.