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Reaches Australia: in the USA they scare the combat radius of Su-57 in Asia

After reports that the Myanmar armed forces are interested in purchasing Russian Su-57 fighters for the modernization of its fleet, as well as the recent statement by the ambassador of this country in Moscow on this issue, an assessment of the possible consequences of such an acquisition on the security of Southeast Asian states seems quite relevant, writes the American edition of Military Watch.

This aircraft has the chances of becoming truly exceptional in importance for the Myanmar Air Force, since it has the potential to deliver long-range strikes, which will provide restraining potential not only to neighboring states, but also to targets located at a considerable distance. In particular, Western media, US media cite as an example the possibility of Myanmar to "reach out" to Australia, clearly frightening the allies.

Su-57 in the export version can be equipped with a hypersonic missile X-47М2 "Dagger". Obviously, a combination of these two solutions with each other gives an extremely effective and modern means of military deterrence.

The combat radius of the Su-57 is 2700-2750 km, which, combined with the flight range of the X-47М2, will make it possible to destroy objects at a distance of up to 4700-5200 km. The missile itself is hypersonic and can maneuver in flight, hit moving targets, such as destroyers and army convoys with high accuracy.

Threat outside the region

Su-57 fighters will be able to launch hypersonic missile strikes against targets up to the Middle East, including oil fields in eastern Saudi Arabia. This is written by Military Watch. The publication reports that in this state, at least earlier, members of the group that attacked Myanmar’s security forces, members of the UN mission, sought shelter. And, according to Military Watch, Myanmar did not forget about it.

The radius of coverage also includes India, Pakistan, an extensive oceanic zone. Hypothetically, flying from eastern Myanmar, Su-57 fighters will “reach” Japan and also cover all of Southeast Asia right up to the northwest coast of Australia (as noted above).

Analysts speculate that Myanmar has plans to become a major military power, with significant capabilities for delivering strikes and projecting force. The deployment of the Su-57, equipped with the latest missiles, may be exactly what the country needs to implement this plan. Although whether Russia will supply X-47M2 missiles for export is still unknown. But it is known that Su-57 is ready to sell abroad of the Russian Federation.

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  1. Corn
    Corn 8 October 2019 14: 13
    At least it would be nice to sell to someone (under your own credit and palm oil) this plane that has no analogues in the world.
    1. Mestny
      Mestny 8 October 2019 15: 15
      Palm oil hit your head? Victim of the regime.
      1. AlexSam
        AlexSam 8 October 2019 18: 28
        and in what place is he wrong? or are the state-controlled media blatantly lying about how and with what buyers of our weapons, customers for the construction of nuclear power plants, and others pay off with us? then we will write off their debts, right? loyalty of specific kings is more expensive, right?
        1. Kontrik
          Kontrik 8 October 2019 18: 40
          Analysts speculate that Myanmar has plans to become a major military power, with significant capabilities for striking and projecting force.

          It will be possible if the Russian military bases are located there .. And this is all a bluff, as well as the purchase of a pair of S-300 divisions, etc ... hi
          Air defense must be echeloned, and it is very expensive! hi
          And most importantly, Russia is simply not going to scatter anyone with its modern weapons .. Anything has passed!
          Pay and you will have "independence" and happiness. You can even hang up banners "We are under the protection of the Russians!" heh heh (joke)))))
 8 October 2019 20: 01
          Who is telling you what?
          Yes, as an option, the same Malaysia or Myanmar transfer to the Russian Federation, roughly speaking, 100 thousand tons of oil (goods). This product is sold from the ports of Malaysia or Myanmar through stock exchanges around the world (the product is a running one and receives its RF at the lowest price).
          The proceeds from the sale of the notorious "palm oil" (goods) are used to pay for weapons - the owner of the goods is already the Russian Federation.
          So no cheating. You can call it barter, you can swap or something else, but this is an excellent mechanism for obtaining specific money for the supplied weapons. Or the same nuclear power plants, no difference.
          1. Roman070280
            Roman070280 9 October 2019 09: 10
            through stock exchanges around the world

            Yes, yes, of course .. Correspondents Rossiya24 are brazenly lying, showing railway trains with tanks of this idiot in our country .. and taking for a sample the so-called "dairy products"
        3. orionvitt
          orionvitt 8 October 2019 22: 02
          Quote: AlexSam
          how and with what buyers of our weapons pay us,

          Do you care what the buyers pay for and how? Are you eating dollars?
          1. Roman070280
            Roman070280 9 October 2019 09: 11
            But you, I see, there is a difference everywhere ..
            For dollars you can buy at least milk .. but not palm oil ..
            Although .. if you yourself do not understand this, then the point is to explain ..
        4. Amin_vivec
          Amin_vivec 9 October 2019 00: 46
          Nonsense from the beginning to the end of the article. Myanmar can acquire the SU-57 only for resale or transfer to China, or the United States (but primarily to China).
          Su-35, let MiG-35 take.
          1. Dreama
            Dreama 9 October 2019 03: 23
            Bullshit - this is with you!
            And Myanmar will give guarantees and carry out maintenance ?!
            And do you seriously believe that China et cetera will break into this super dealership ?!
            For God's sake - don’t tell my slippers.
      2. Roman070280
        Roman070280 9 October 2019 09: 07
        But like, he didn’t write the truth .. Would you rather listen to what others say, since you don’t understand yourself ..
    2. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 8 October 2019 20: 43
      Quote: Corn
      At least sell to someone

      Hop, Carlosha, you have problems: here, just now, Clara asked for corals. laughing
    3. NEXUS
      NEXUS 8 October 2019 23: 24
      Quote: Corn
      At least it would be nice to sell to someone (under your own credit and palm oil) this plane that has no analogues in the world.

      Better sell a kidney and make a lobotomy for that money.
  2. Invoce
    Invoce 8 October 2019 14: 13
    Myanmar is likely to purchase the SU-30MK! Perhaps then other Su ... then the country is small, not a lot of money, as we would like ... But they operate the aircraft confidently and competently. Like Vietnam .. and Laotians are as stubborn and persistent!
  3. yehat
    yehat 8 October 2019 14: 13
    I wonder how many days the fighter from Myanmar will be at the US test site.
  4. Avior
    Avior 8 October 2019 14: 13
    On credit or money?
    1. Thrifty
      Thrifty 8 October 2019 15: 16
      Avior, in vain irony, for the cost of their natural resources is hundreds of billions of dollars at least. They can only buy corundums (rubies and sapphires) for their reference for the whole world, and they can buy a whole air division equipped with Su57, there are a lot of things there, you can be sure of their solvency.
      1. Avior
        Avior 8 October 2019 16: 26
        I am not ironic, I ask.
        1. bayard
          bayard 8 October 2019 17: 09
          You asked "on debt or for money."
          The answer is of course for the money. Even if a loan is granted, it is a LOAN. Which issues the BANK. The bank, which will receive interest for this service. And the supplier enterprise and the state budget will receive their money on time and in full.
          It was the Soviet Union that provided economic assistance in the form of long-term loans with low or no interest at all, with deferred payments for 10 or more years. T.N. development loan. Write-off of these loans to many states was already carried out by the Russian Federation, as nobody was going to pay them out - he gave it to the USSR, and what does the Russian Federation have to do with it. Plus, after the collapse of the Union, the new Russia abandoned many obligations under the previous treaties, broke off the treaties and destroyed the unions (it began under the USSR Gorbachev). Gorbachev and Yeltsin threw many; in response, many threw the Russian Federation.
          But debt cancellation was not just an act of charity, but for very good preferences and compensations - oil fields and other mines. resources, related contracts, trade preferences.
          I also heard about such a case that in 1992 two well-witted young men bought out the debts of some African states worth several tens of billions for ... 500 million dollars, in the guise of a collapse of the country. And then we went to collect debts (one was definitely from Vneshtorg) - since 1992, payments on those loans should have just begun.
          Forgery, corruption, robbery - these are the achievements of your beloved "victims of the regime" and "fighters for freedom and democracy."
          By the way, they built democracy, because democracy is the power of DEMOS (the richest part of society), tk. people in Greek "okhlos".
          Therefore, democracy is the POWER OF CAPITAL.
          And those who find themselves UNDER this power are cool, or simply (with a liberal-ethnic subvert) - suckers.

          So DEMOS will never allow the issuance of an irrevocable loan, rather the opposite (I hope to communicate with banks?).
          After all, we have DEMOCRACY.
          In addition, the liberal.
          In any case, the government, banks and the bureaucracy (for the most part) are just that. hi
          A good plane - they will take it.
          1. AlexSam
            AlexSam 8 October 2019 18: 37
            demagogy ... writing off debts is cheap populism, nothing more ... the labuses in their wettest dreams dream of rolling out accounts to us that have nothing to do with the Russian Federation, these accounts for the USSR, and it stops them only that we can roll out reciprocal accounts, which they will bury them ... so there is no need here about the USSR, write-offs, gestures of goodwill and other get along ...
            1. bayard
              bayard 8 October 2019 21: 07
              Alexei, you either didn’t read carefully, or I (perhaps) didn’t speak clearly enough.
              While issuing development loans, the Soviet Union did not distribute free gingerbread cookies, it gave loans. Related. Not money, but supplies of goods and equipment. But the terms of the loan were ... very nice. At a meager interest and with a delay in the start of loan payments (and interest) for 10 - 15 years. For newly formed states - former colonies, it was ... a "gift from the gods." So, payments for the majority (overwhelming) part of loans should have started precisely in 1992. If the coup and collapse of the unified state did not take place then, already in 1992 the USSR should have had a "golden shower" in the form of repayable loans. Money or commodity / raw material supplies. With an increase in volumes by the mid-90s. In addition, the Soviet Union, by issuing loans and taking under its wing the former colonial states, formed markets for its economy. And the loans themselves were tied - the money went to Soviet enterprises for the goods supplied, and Vneshtorgbank was later to receive a loan from happy debtors with interest (not large, and sometimes without it). In fact, everything was competent, reasonable and beneficial for the country. ... But just before the start of the repayment of debts, the creditor (USSR) ... was killed.
              And the cancellation of those debts by Russia, too, was usually not continuous populism and a fair of unprecedented generosity. So the cancellation of huge debts to Iraq was linked to the transfer of oil fields to Russian companies. In Africa, Russian companies gained access to huge deposits of minerals. And so with almost everyone - debts were written off, but received compensation in the form of access to resources and trade preferences, profitable contracts, etc., etc.
              A separate story with Cuba and S. Korea - they suffered the most from the collapse of the Union and being under sanctions and in the trade and economic blockade is not that much to pay off debts ... they just barely survived, adapting to existence in the new conditions.
              And they had a big grudge against the new Russia. Justified.
              And in the end, we do not know under what conditions these debts were written off. But this cancellation unlocked trade relations.

              And the songs about the fact that the USSR fed the half of the world and built economies for free are the lies of the then liberals who were preparing public opinion for the liquidation of the Union. We helped the young states build their economies, but on credit. And from the beginning of the 90s they were getting ready to get their money back.
              If the USSR were an empty waste, we would never have become economy number 2. And this is after such a terrible war. The killer always denigrates his victim, so the liberals who killed the USSR sing songs about the "decayed" Union, "crisis" and "inefficiency", forgetting to say that all these phenomena were skillfully created by them.
              And lending to its own exports is the norm of state protectionism, bearing nothing but benefit to the state.
              Hopefully explained. hi
          2. Avior
            Avior 8 October 2019 20: 34
            gave the USSR, where does the Russian Federation

            Well, yes, the Russian Federation is not the successor of the USSR.
            They wrote off debts to 2017 for $ 140 billion, and not only Soviet ones, they wrote off Russian debts as well as Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc.
            It is very difficult to get such debts from the states, even if you really want to, which we now clearly see on the situation with Ukraine.
            There are no direct mechanisms for collecting public debt.
            Therefore, such trading "on credit" has a high likelihood of default on debt, or imitation of its return - with some kind of palm oil.
            Until the money is returned, there can be no talk of a sale, there is no guarantee that it will be returned, there is no guaranteed way to receive this money, and everyone knows this
            1. bayard
              bayard 8 October 2019 21: 35
              Quote: Avior
              Therefore, such trading "on credit" has a high probability of default

              This is if a state loan. And if it is issued by a bank, this is a completely different matter - it issues it under the guarantees of the debtor state. And how to recover this debt in case of non-payment ... after all, there may be liens there. In short, this is a bank problem.
              And with palm oil ... Everything is done very simply. The interested party opens an account in a Russian bank, and takes a loan in it (maybe it doesn’t take it right away), then he brings his oil to the Russian market and sells it. The proceeds are borne by the account from which the debt is repaid. All calculations in this case are in rubles (i.e. complete security in settlements). And it is possible to do without a loan in this scheme at all - I opened a ruble account and all the proceeds from oil - to it. How the amount of the first installment has accumulated - you pay an advance, and then further payments as the contract is completed. Everyone is happy. All without a dollar.
              And the aircraft manufacturers will not see that oil ... But maybe they will eat it in products, use it in cosmetics, and clean their shoes with shoe polish. wink Everything is not so sad.
              1. Avior
                Avior 8 October 2019 22: 03
                It is even less for a bank to claim debt from a debtor state than for another state. There are no such direct mechanisms to claim debt.
                Therefore, they then agree to return to the ersatz — for example, on some special conditions, to bring in some nonsense, which without this would have had no chance of entering the market
                1. bayard
                  bayard 8 October 2019 23: 49
                  Quote: Avior
                  Therefore, they then agree to return to the ersatz — for example, on some special conditions, to bring in some nonsense, which without this would have had no chance of entering the market

                  You know, after all, back in the old, distant times, when there was no single settlement currency in the world, such contracts were often linked with counter deliveries - to ensure trade balance.
                  Do you know how deliveries were made from the USA for Soviet industrialization? The country of the Soviets needed machines and equipment, entire factories and even turnkey industries. The Americans offered a loan. But Comrade Stalin insisted that counter deliveries of Soviet goods be ensured for the trade balance. As a result, the United States allocated a loan at the beginning of the five-year period to finance deliveries, and the Soviet Union organized counter deliveries ... of everything that it could ... And what America essentially did not really need. But they had to leave the Great Depression, provide industry with orders and they opened the market. They supplied everything - wood, ores, minerals, manganese ... even chemical pencils and buttons (in large quantities) ... and by the end of the five-year period Soviet deliveries FULLY covered American loans.
                  Does it follow that America did something stupid?
                  Not at all.
                  It took its economy out of the crisis, rocked the industry, and during WWII overwhelmed the belligerents with its weapons and goods - the economy created during the great jerk ALLOWED.
                  And the Soviet Union throughout the 30s, until 1941, purchased up to 90% of all machine tools and industrial equipment produced in the world. On the principle of INTERBOUND DELIVERY.
                  And he performed the economic miracle of the country's industrialization.
                  Therefore, if our economy still buys huge volumes of this palm oil, then let it buy it from those who buy our military aircraft.
                  Not even more oil, and oil instead of oil - from the "right seller". And it is easy to regulate it - by allocating appropriate quotas for its purchase.
                  So India is purchasing weapons from us. For many billions. For rubles. Or rupees - it doesn’t matter. There is already a currency swap based on the mutual trade balance.
                  The main thing is that the Anglo-Saxons will no longer be able to block or arrest transactions - all payments outside the dollar system.
                  And our partners like it more and more.
                  1. Avior
                    Avior 9 October 2019 06: 54
                    You wrote so many in vain, I know all this.
                    But we are talking about pre-agreed volumes and nomenclature, and about what they really need, and besides, it was impossible to buy without these difficulties, due to restrictions and a shortage of currency from the USSR.
                    And it’s a completely different matter if you take something just because the other side has a lot of it, like palm oil, and there is no direct need for it.
                    And even more so when loans are repaid with all sorts of nonsense on the principle of "even a tuft of wool from the black sheep", and on some special conditions (and this is understandable, if the product is competitive, it is not a problem to sell it and get money on general terms), since otherwise, it is difficult to get at least something on the loan.
                    And this is often observed.
                    1. bayard
                      bayard 9 October 2019 23: 36
                      Quote: Avior
                      And it’s a completely different matter if you take something just because the other side has a lot of it, like palm oil, and there is no direct need for it.

                      How else to trade?
                      For dollars?
                      Are you seriously ?
                      And did not hear that the United States is blocking all transactions for payment of arms supplies from the Russian Federation?
                      And if not for dollars (they will also block in euros - there is only one system - SWIFT), then for what? For the local tugriks? Do we need them?
                      But with India it turns out - we have a large trade turnover and we can carry out currency swap by switching to trade in national currencies.
                      And with these how?
                      Without enough sales?
                      But in order to achieve a trade balance, such measures are being taken - counter deliveries. And the calculation in rubles.
                      You say that their goods are not needed in Russia.
                      Are you sure?
                      But statistics show that the consumption of palm oil in the Russian Federation is growing (and not only due to the food industry). I am also against eating it, but statistics are stubborn. So if it is still bought by Russian consumers from anyone, then this issue can be regulated - let them buy from someone who is beneficial to the State.
                      It is not for nothing that I gave the example of the USA and the USSR in the 30s. America also did not really (and even completely) needed Soviet buttons, matches, and chemical pencils. And even manganese, which was soon found in Africa and world prices for it fell many times ...
                      AMERICA NEEDED A TRADE BALANCE in order to load its industry with orders from the USSR. And they went on not very profitable counter deliveries. And they got huge benefits for themselves.
                      So modern Russia needs markets for its industry. And not just the military-industrial complex. And the markets need to be conquered, formed, held, and therefore create MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL CONDITIONS.
                      Now Europe has sharply reduced palm oil consumption and many suppliers are suffering losses. The same Malaysia was in a difficult position - they have an overstock, threatening ruin. And in such circumstances, Russia, instead of purchasing this oil in conditional Indonesia, issues a quota for its purchase in Malaysia, in order to balance the trade balance.
                      This is bad ?
                      It is wonderful !
                      Moreover, the oil will be sold for rubles. And for the same rubles Malaysia will buy combat aircraft from Russia.
                      If the USA was good from this type of trade, then why should Russia be bad from the same?
                      A loan is granted only at the time of execution of the order - this is a common practice. After all, does the plant need to build these planes for something?
              2. Roman070280
                Roman070280 9 October 2019 09: 20
                And the aircraft manufacturers will not see that oil ... But maybe they will eat it in products, use it in cosmetics, and clean their shoes with shoe polish. wink It's not that sad

                No one claimed that oil specifically aircraft manufacturers get on the table ..
                Airplanes are created by the country .. they’ll feed the country this oil ..
                They do not produce so much shoe polish .. so everything is pretty sad ..
                1. bayard
                  bayard 9 October 2019 23: 48
                  Quote: Roman070280
                  They do not produce so much shoe polish .. so everything is pretty sad ..

                  Do you wash with soap? What about shampoo? And our women do not use cosmetics. And for industrial and technical needs?
                  Well, of course they feed (which is sad), but the fact that tomorrow this oil will be Malaysian and not Indonesian will not change anything.
                  Right ?
                  But at the same time we will sell airplanes.
                  Therefore, palm oil in foods is sad, but otherwise ... quite the opposite.
                  And the ruble is becoming an increasingly popular payment unit.
                  1. Roman070280
                    Roman070280 10 October 2019 11: 51
                    Well, of course they feed (which is sad), but from the fact that tomorrow this oil will be Malaysian, not Indonesian nothing will change .
                    Right ?
                    But at the same time we will sell airplanes.

                    How much will change !!
                    Like a task for a 5-year-old child ..
                    We will sell planes for butter / for dollars, for which we will buy a sink. oil .. or sell it for palm oil ..
                    Well, you don’t have to be semi-conscious to understand that there will be more palm oil on the table .. That's the whole difference ..

                    But at the same time we will sell airplanes. [

                    This in itself is not a task .. The goal is not to sell, but to get something from this ..
                    And then there’s how to look .. perhaps it would be better for the people to burn these planes .. then at least there is a chance that they will buy / produce something normal, in return for poison .. Although at an increased price ..
                    1. The comment was deleted.
                      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Roman070280
        Roman070280 9 October 2019 09: 14
        the cost of their natural resources is hundreds of billions of dollars

        We have our own natural resources .. any state on the planet will envy ..

        They can

        And for some reason we can’t ..
      3. Nycomed
        Nycomed 9 October 2019 15: 32
        Why, then, will they not buy banal food for their citizens for their corundum? Since they are there for "hundreds of billions of dollars." For "hundreds of billions" of Venezuelan bolivars or Zimbabwean dollars - I still believe in that.
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. Amateur
    Amateur 8 October 2019 14: 28
    In particular, Western media cite as an example Myanmar's ability to "reach" Australia.

    And why does Myanmar, which is Burma, need Australia?
    1. Dym71
      Dym71 8 October 2019 14: 47
      Quote: Amateur
      And why does Myanmar, which is Burma, need Australia?

      And in that same Australia, the Anglo-Saxons, having equipped their cars with kenguryatniki, very much infringe on the rights of the kangaroo!
      in Myanmar and this is not forgotten.

      1. Amateur
        Amateur 8 October 2019 16: 45
        very strongly infringe upon the rights of the kangaroo!

        I forgot about Kunguru. All Greta Tunberg in the iron and vacuum cleaner. drinks
  7. Greenwood
    Greenwood 8 October 2019 14: 30
    Analysts speculate that Myanmar has plans to become a major military power, with significant capabilities for delivering strikes and projecting force.
    Are they serious? lol
    1. Dym71
      Dym71 8 October 2019 14: 54
      Quote: Greenwood
      Are they serious?

      Seeing the creative crisis, Military Watch swept over and they decided to read Gogol’s yes
      If I were to put Nikanor Ivanovich’s lips to Ivan Kuzmich’s nose, take some swagger like Baltazar Baltazarych’s, and perhaps add Ivan Pavlovich’s further adversity to this, I would immediately decide. Now go think! it’s just that my head even started to hurt. (with)
  8. Alexey from Perm
    Alexey from Perm 8 October 2019 14: 39
    The power of those holding officials is not at all embarrassed by the fact that selling such an airplane in small batches will not earn a lot of money, but you are wasting technology. And what then prevents this country from selling to study the US su57? There have already been many cases when the United States bought our weapons for study from such buyers. But the officials didn’t care if they sold them ..
  9. KCA
    KCA 8 October 2019 14: 59
    In Military Watch, it became completely tight with the head? Do they not know that Russia, according to the agreement, limits the flight range of ANY missiles in the export version to 300 km? Moreover, the United States is still supporting the non-proliferation treaty, for example, they sell Tomahawks to the United Kingdom with a limit of 300km
    1. Avior
      Avior 8 October 2019 16: 30
      UK without limit.
      The rocket technology limitation agreement restricts supplies to countries that do not own technology
      1. KCA
        KCA 8 October 2019 19: 09
        Here, on the VO there was information that the USA is selling WB "Tomahawks" only with a range of up to 300 km
        1. Avior
          Avior 8 October 2019 19: 30
          I do not know who wrote this, but it is not.
          The rocket technology restriction regime does not apply to England, this can easily be seen by the fact that the United States of America gives Trident 2 - SLBMs with a range of 12 km, the British put their nuclear charges on them.
          This range is much larger than any Tomahawk.
  10. Sergey39
    Sergey39 8 October 2019 15: 03
    China will be against.
  11. Sky strike fighter
    Sky strike fighter 8 October 2019 15: 12
    Meanwhile, they want to move the production of Su-34 from Novosibirsk?
    In total, the Novosibirsk Aircraft Plant (NAZ; a branch of AFK Sukhoi; part of the UAC) built 132 Su-34s for the Ministry of Defense, they armed four regiments. The contracts provided NAZ with a load for a decade, says a top manager of one of the aircraft manufacturing enterprises: despite the low profitability (about 3-5%), the plant could annually transfer 14-16 bombers to the military. But they only had to transfer four vehicles, and now the question arose about how many vehicles the military is ready to contract under the state armament program for 2018–2027. According to a source close to the Ministry of Defense, the signing of a new contract for the Su-34 may take place in late 2019 - early 2020. The military is ready to purchase 48 aircraft, says a person in the aircraft industry, but this means that production will drop to six units a year: " The discussion is about whether it is worth maintaining a full-cycle production in Novosibirsk, or is it more logical to transfer the assembly to the main Sukhoi site - the plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. ” With this decision, aggregate production will remain in Novosibirsk, the source said. Design elements for the Sukhoi SuperJet passenger airliner, the Tu-160 strategic bomber are already being assembled at the NAZ, and in the future it is possible to assemble large Okhotnik drones.
    1. bayard
      bayard 8 October 2019 17: 57
      This bomber was already wound up by an official fraternity - then stop production, fire people, then transfer, but build no more than 6 pieces. in year . The main thesis is to stop construction as soon as possible, to eliminate production facilities.
      Perhaps quite.
      The aircraft has a very good modernization potential, there is a project to modernize \ continue production in a modernized appearance - AL-41F engines, according to avionics unification with the Su-35 ...
      What is the official camarilla itching? Do we have an overabundance of aircraft in the VKS?
      Or built 132 pcs. and you can wipe your hands?
      Such aircraft need 200 - 240 pcs. minimum - up to ten regiments. For such a territory as Russia.
      And if, in addition to Khmeimim, you need to transfer a couple of combined regiments / brigades of the air forces to new bases? Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Camran? Nobody thought about Khmeimim until 2015, however, there it was. And even strategists and long-range fighters were connected. So what if we bake in the country we’ll bare entire directions?
      Or is everything closed in the Far East?
      And is there an overabundance in naval aviation?
      But at the time, the Su-34 (then still the Su-32) was created precisely as a naval aircraft and even a deck.
      Not satisfied with avionics? So there is a modernization option. After all, you can put something in it from the Su-57 - the same "Belka", a data exchange system, an aiming and navigation system. The beast will be. And much cheaper. And the first two series can be upgraded to the same level when the time comes for scheduled repairs.
      Maintaining a fleet of 132 aircraft is much more difficult and more expensive than the same 240. And the training of pilots, aircraft technicians?
      At the Pacific Fleet, there is a terrible hunger for serviceable ships, and the problem will not be solved soon. Quickly and effectively solve the problem of a sharp strengthening of the fleet can ONLY increase the number and number of regiments of strike aircraft of the fleet. Now the fleet is going to the Su-30. But after all, the Su-34 has its advantages - it was originally created for naval aviation.
  12. Yrec
    Yrec 8 October 2019 15: 13
    The combat radius of 2700 km at the Su-57 seems to me very doubtful. Ferry range with a maximum of PTB is hardly more than 5000 km.
    1. goose
      goose 8 October 2019 17: 21
      Quote: Yrec
      The combat radius of 2700 km at the Su-57 seems to me very doubtful. Ferry range with a maximum of PTB is hardly more than 5000 km.

      With a new engine, a combat radius of about 2000 km on internal tanks is planned, as in practice, the combat radius is not less than 600-700 km, taking into account the tactical reserve for high-speed flight and maneuvers against air defense, so as not to be shot down when leaving the battle with empty tanks, the internal fuel supply should be at least another 1-1,5 radius .
      Thus, the practical radius in a straight line in the most favorable mode with a payload of about 1,0-1,5 tons is at least 2100-2400 km.
  13. Herman 4223
    Herman 4223 8 October 2019 15: 29
    Our price is not too biting to set for this car, they will begin to disassemble like pies. There is no competitor except f35 on the market, but it is not for sale to everyone and not everyone will pull it.
  14. Ros 56
    Ros 56 8 October 2019 15: 54
    They will behave badly, these will get, they are. lol
  15. Nycomed
    Nycomed 8 October 2019 16: 00
    Why would Myanmar scare Australia? Do they have any territorial disputes among themselves?
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 8 October 2019 20: 16
      How for what? Frighten neighbors - they can pile on as they should. am
      But scaring someone who is very far away is a sweet deal.
      Himself "powerful and formidable", but do not wait for an answer laughing
      1. Paranoid50
        Paranoid50 8 October 2019 20: 54
        Quote: voyaka uh
        scaring someone who is very far away is a sweet deal.
        Himself "powerful and formidable", but do not wait for an answer

        Are we promoting the classic tactics of our masters? laughing It doesn’t work anymore, because they put it on them all over the world (some muddy formations in the BV and the Baltic states do not count).
  16. bars1
    bars1 8 October 2019 16: 03
    Well now hang on to Saudi Arabia and Australia!
  17. midshipman
    midshipman 8 October 2019 16: 12
    And with before refueling even further.
    I remember when I was young I read the technical specification for our beautiful T-4 aircraft. So there was the phrase "With a patriotic crew, the flight range is ........ km" And there are patriots in our country.
  18. pavelty
    pavelty 8 October 2019 16: 27
    Oh, the Myanmar people would pay for the Su-30 first, and only then think about the Su-57, if the dough is enough
    1. Nycomed
      Nycomed 8 October 2019 17: 58
      And for what "loot"? We drive a tanker to their port and palm oil flowed like a river!
  19. Voyager
    Voyager 8 October 2019 17: 43
    Su-57 in the export version can be equipped with a hypersonic missile X-47М2 "Dagger". Obviously, a combination of these two solutions with each other gives an extremely effective and modern means of military deterrence.

    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 8 October 2019 20: 08
      A dagger is a BR Iskander a little redone for air launch.
      Very heavy in mass.
      It is difficult to pull MiG-31. The most suitable media for it is
      bomber Tu-22.
      For a fighter to gain supremacy in the air, the Su-57 is a weight on its neck.
      1. Nycomed
        Nycomed 9 October 2019 15: 23
        And then what is the point in the stealth of the Su-57, if the Iskander is suspended under the fuselage?
  20. Pacifist with AK
    Pacifist with AK 8 October 2019 18: 15
    Quote: Nycomed
    And for what "loot"? We drive a tanker to their port and palm oil flowed like a river!

    While I see only a sketch of cocoa butter on the fan ....
  21. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 8 October 2019 20: 03
    Mnyamna is Burma, as before. If anyone forgot.
    One of the most backward countries in Southeast Asia.
    Full outsider.
    Buy a Su-57 for Burma - it's about like an Indian
    Brazilian Selva buy an electron microscope.
    The same degree of utility. laughing
    1. Dym71
      Dym71 8 October 2019 20: 22
      Quote: voyaka uh
      roughly, like an Indian Brazilian selva buy an electron microscope.

      Now is such a fast time that they will get to microscopes yes
  22. Kettle
    Kettle 8 October 2019 23: 47
    Very frivolously ..
    Of course, the serious situation of Myanmar requires the supply of Sarmatians, Vanguards and Poseidons. Then seasoned Burmese will be able to project their forces on New Zealand, Argentina and Pearl Harbor!

    "Analysts are thinking ..." - oh, these famous analysts from Military Watch ...
    And with tsiferki how cleverly - Ferry range is not equal to two ranges? 2000 km declared at the Dagger along with the MiG-31? - What's the difference? - 2750 ... 5200 ... "forty and forty - a ruble forty."
  23. DDT
    DDT 9 October 2019 15: 18
    Yes, not only to Australia! It will be necessary, and we will reach the moon fellow
    But in general, why are they so worried? What is Myanmar attacking Australia? wassat