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"Center-2019": the results of the exercises

We have repeatedly talked about the Center-2019 exercises. An event of this magnitude is of worldwide interest. Moreover, interest is not only in terms of reviewing the preparedness of troops, but also in terms of the likely distribution of forces in the event of military conflicts in the region. It is no coincidence that at such exercises one can often see not only the military leadership of the participating countries, but also the heads of state and government.

The Center-2019 exercises were no exception. On 20 of September, Russian President and Kyrgyz President Sooronbai Jeenbekov flew to Orenburg. Officially, the visit of the presidents is explained by the desire to personally see the work of units of their own army as part of a multinational coalition, but everyone understands that Putin and Jeenbekov were talking not only about the problems of the army.

In war as in war

What did we see at the Center command-and-staff exercises during these five days? The television picture was really beautiful. Practical shooting from various types of weapons, object seizures, landing. Joint work of army units of different countries in the performance of a combat mission ...

But the task of the exercises was somewhat different. KShU are primarily carried out to train troops. And in this case, when the armies of eight countries participate in the exercises, the task expands even more. It is necessary to coordinate the actions of the headquarters of different countries. Work out the joint actions of these headquarters in the performance of a single task.

Let me remind you that the military personnel of Russia, China, Kazakhstan, India, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan took part in the maneuvers. 128 thousand military personnel, 20 thousand units of equipment, almost 600 aircraft of various systems and 15 support vessels. Agree, the scale is impressive.

I would like to recall the legend of the teachings. Islamists are trying to establish a terrorist regime in a friendly country, in short. For those who monitor the situation in the region, it is clear that this is a fairly realistic scenario.

The Taliban movement (banned in the Russian Federation) today feels quite comfortable in northern Afghanistan. In particular, most recently they attacked Kunduz. Moreover, there is evidence that the Taliban already controls some sections of the border with Tajikistan. And this is actually a direct route not only to Tajikistan, but also to Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and further to Kazakhstan.

For some politicians, the stability of this region is like a bone in their throat. So the maneuvers for the troops are practical. Some units defend their own country, their own people, others cover the possible paths of the attack of the enemy, and others destroy the enemy. The soldier and officer should not only theoretically represent his opponent, but also understand the principles of warfare that he applies.

It is clear that the leading roles in maneuvers are played by Russian and Chinese units. This is due not only to the number of personnel and equipment provided by these countries for the exercises, but also to the very role of Russia and China in the region. Only armies of powerful states can really resist and destroy Islamists in full. And both armies possess experience in the struggle against Islamists, albeit to a different degree.

In general, the military part of the exercises was quite productive. To evaluate the actions of individual commanders and commanders, units and subunits is not our business. To do this, there is a higher command and leaders of the participating countries. I think we will soon learn about the assessments from the respective ministries of defense.

For Russia, units of the Russian army, in principle, there was almost nothing new in the exercises. The bloody experience of the war in Afghanistan has been studied, comprehended. Parts located in close proximity to hazardous areas practice these activities continuously. But for the armies of other countries, this is really combat work in difficult, unfamiliar circumstances.

I would like to end the story about the military part of the exercises with the words of the commander of the Central Military District of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Alexander Lapin, which he said before the exercises:
“We learned to understand each other faster, to overcome language and technical barriers. “The goal of our official and combat activity remains unchanged - the fight against world-class evil: terrorism, extremism and separatism.”

How soldiers defended their homeland

Perhaps for some readers this sounds strange. Defend the Motherland in the war. Learning to protect in exercises. I admit the correctness of this point of view. They really study in the exercises. But the teachings are always closely watched not only by friends, but also by enemies. And this or that decision of the opposite side often depends on how the units and formations show themselves in exercises.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the training of troops participating in maneuvers. Any commander is well aware that fighting against well-trained soldiers is many times more difficult than against a militia or recruits. I wrote about this above. Both the headquarters and units worked out efficiently.

Now the second. We somehow pay little attention to the foreign policy part of the teachings. Although any of us can quite reasonably explain the correlation of forces and the likelihood of a military victory in the event of the creation of a coalition of several states. Here is what the Chinese newspaper Jemin Ribao wrote about this:
"The participation of the Chinese military in the exercises testifies to the deep cooperation between the Chinese and Russian armed forces in the joint operation, as well as the trials and experience that are important to increase the ability of Chinese commanders to cooperate."

Yes, Chinese journalists write about the importance of cooperation with Russia for China. But, you must admit, such cooperation is no less important for Russia. Yes, we have left the Soviet black and white vision of the very concept of “cooperation”. An understanding has come that any country first of all solves its own foreign policy tasks. But to solve these problems at this historical stage, it is simply necessary to cooperate with those whose tasks are similar. China and Russia today confront the global West, led by the United States.

But this is not Russia's last victory at the Center-2019 exercises. Take a closer look at the list of participating countries. Units of India (140 people) and Pakistan (90 people) participate in the exercises!

And this despite the fact that since February of this year, these countries have been conflicting because of the special status of the states of Kashmir and Jammu. Moreover, this conflict has repeatedly led to casualties on both sides.

Yes, while it is impossible to talk about the possibility of reconciliation of these countries. Yes, and this is not the task of military exercises. However, joint participation in such events gives hope for a mitigation of the conflict. Soldiers can negotiate faster than diplomats and politicians.

Let us not forget that India and Pakistan have long been no longer “whipping boys”. The armies of these countries are quite strong and possess all types of modern weapons. And the Indian economy today has become a global factor.

The participation of India and Pakistan gave Center-2019 maneuvers a completely different status. If last year at the Vostok-2018 exercises the concern was caused by the participation of the Chinese army, then this year, when China and Russia were already accustomed to cooperation, the heads of Western generals fell ill from India and Pakistan. A possible increase in cooperation between us will seriously strengthen both Russia and India.

In general, speaking of the past exercises of Center-2019, we can conclude that the task was completed in full. Both in the military and in the political sense. You can find flaws, "jambs", inconsistencies everywhere. I’m sure that someone didn’t do something in these exercises either.

It does not happen that a huge mechanism works flawlessly. At least one "screw", at least one "nut" someone "does not tighten." Relevant conclusions will be drawn. However, in general, the machine works and performs the tasks that it should. And this is the main point!
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  2. Mikhail Drabkin
    Mikhail Drabkin 23 September 2019 06: 18
    You write Dedkastary:
    The review is good, but not complete ...

    -I add that Trump and Modi today announced the first joint exercises of the sun. Three military branches / military branches, as Trump explained. This joint declaration was made in front of the 50th audience of the Houston stadium, which consisted mainly of Indians who came to honor Modi .... a small part of the pro-Indian lobby in America
    —- Trump said that "..America will protect India and the Indian people from Muslim extremists ..". In response, PM Modi got up and began a long standing ovation to Trump.! Such an amicable duet .... about dancing, I have not heard the truth ..
    -Such is the moment to the question of choosing India as a possible strategic partner of Russia ...
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 23 September 2019 06: 22
      removed the video about the crashed landing vehicle ... not "comme il faut"? not patriotic? mmmda ... well, okay ... The teachings were great, let the enemy tremble! (will it go well?) delete again?
    2. ROBIN-SON
      ROBIN-SON 26 September 2019 11: 29
      I strongly doubt such an ally as the Indians. Clan interests are very strong there. Yes, and much more. This is probably many times worse than Romania under the kings. They will tie our army hand and foot. But learning is good. Our officers will understand the essence of the Indians.
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 23 September 2019 06: 31
    However, in general, the machine works and performs the tasks that should
    ... It’s good that at least something works ....
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 23 September 2019 06: 49
      Quote: parusnik
      However, in general, the machine works and performs the tasks that should
      ... It’s good that at least something works ....

      "there should be something in this house ... ( feel joke)
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 23 September 2019 06: 51
    removed the video about the crashed airborne vehicle ... not "comme il faut"
    So you are in 8 minutes. before that they had spoken on this very topic in the "News" section. Or have you forgotten?
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 23 September 2019 06: 58
      Quote: rotmistr60
      removed the video about the crashed airborne vehicle ... not "comme il faut"
      So you are in 8 minutes. before that they had spoken on this very topic in the "News" section. Or have you forgotten?

      from you then, I did not expect lies ... why are you so goofy then? show the docks, where did I talk about this? ashamed "captain" should be ... ashamed. all the more, almost an hour passed between the news, that is, someone can speak, and someone can be removed. but...
  5. Nehist
    Nehist 23 September 2019 07: 14
    The first thing you should pay attention to is the training of troops participating in maneuvers. Any commander is well aware that fighting against well-trained soldiers is many times more difficult than against a militia or recruits.
    It was amusing ... Actually, fighting against hierarchical formations is much more difficult, so the author made a fundamentally wrong conclusion. And in general, the teachings are stupid. Not one state represented at the exercises happened that does not actively intervene, well, maybe Uzbekistan is trying to portray something there ...
    1. Boris55
      Boris55 23 September 2019 08: 22
      Quote: Nehist
      And in general, the teachings are stupid.

      Did you go to school? How did you learn to knock keys? laughing
  6. Ros 56
    Ros 56 23 September 2019 08: 33
    What have you done here, well, have passed the exercises and passed, the command will draw conclusions for the future. But BMD-shki why remember, and in the Soviet era they fought, and in the west they fight, the equipment is not always perfect, but we must strive for this, the main thing is not to lose people, but they will still make iron.
  7. rocket757
    rocket757 23 September 2019 08: 41
    An interesting question .... where is the logic?
    "Consolidated West" against Russia, that's okay, that's how it should be! And when those gather who want themselves and for themselves, for their own! then it's bad, because to a large extent it turns out that it is against that very consolidated west ...
  8. gafarovsafar
    gafarovsafar 23 September 2019 09: 43
    and where is Islam not clear? A couple of terrorist dodgers use religion to their advantage, why the shadow falls on all Muslims. This is fundamentally wrong. Terrorists are everywhere and their faith is different, and since the terrorist means a Muslim, the world has not yet received real jihad but with such an approach to Islam, he will get it. Do not confuse terrorists with ordinary Muslim followers of Islam. If you really can't stand the religion again, at least do it decently, for example, say a quasi-state created by terrorists where the main religion is supposed to establish such and such a religion. denigrate Islamist
    1. Sentinel-vs
      Sentinel-vs 23 September 2019 09: 55
      Not all Muslims are terrorists - this is a fact. But the vast majority of modern terrorists are Muslims. This is also a fact.
      1. samaravega
        samaravega 24 September 2019 18: 25
        It is a fact, but that is not the question. Who motivates them? (a person is a social animal, motivation is very important for him). Who arms them? Who teaches them? Who finances them? 3/4 of the answers to these questions lie BEYOND the Muslim world. Or do you really believe that those who graduated from the INITIAL courses of pilots of light-engine aircraft with a minimum flight time were able to "get" with two Boeing-767s and one Boeing-757 into separate buildings? Having mastered the bike, sit on the MAZ-543 and get it into the neighbor's garage from the first try - the probability is the same.
    2. Keyser soze
      Keyser soze 26 September 2019 16: 49
      a couple of terrorist dodgers use religion in their own interests, which is why the shadow falls on all Muslims.

      95% Muslim terrorists. They were very touchy. Like feminists straight. laughing

      The world has not yet received real jihad ...

      And as soon as we get it, we will throw pigs in five minutes and a copper basin will come to your Jihad.
      1. gafarovsafar
        gafarovsafar 17 October 2019 13: 21
        you have not received real jihad what is happening in Syria now is not jihad. Remember Afghanistan, how many years you fought with Allah’s warriors armed only with grandfather’s shotguns of the century before last, and the stingers threw another one to them along the way. why do you idiots declare jihad yourself disappear with such a birth? This is the first second jihad they announce when the wicked begin to harass the true believers in both business and faith. Nobody oppresses us, so jihad will not
  9. _Ugene_
    _Ugene_ 23 September 2019 11: 12
    The radio in the photo of Gerasimov, which he uses as a pointer, is cheap Chinese, but in order, like, not to be dishonored, they tear off a sticker with a Chinese name on top and put a white star on it
    1. NKXXI
      NKXXI 23 September 2019 13: 10
      Such a primitive, in principle, can still be bungled here. Security issues, though ...
      1. _Ugene_
        _Ugene_ 23 September 2019 15: 07
        Unfortunately no, they won’t be able to, and if they can, then they will be almost 100% of imported components, since their own are not produced
    2. Leon68
      Leon68 23 September 2019 21: 42
      Quote: _Ugene_
      Walkie-talkie in the photo Gerasimova

      You first, learn the leaders of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and then write. Gerasimov (Head of the General Staff) in the photo in the left corner.
      1. _Ugene_
        _Ugene_ 23 September 2019 23: 08
        yes to me, in fact, on the drum with whom she is there in his hand
        First you learn the leaders of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

        yeah, I ran to memorize, I’ll be cramming all night, I’ll tear my hair straight - how could I be so wrong? I have no forgiveness
  10. NKXXI
    NKXXI 23 September 2019 13: 07
    The content of the article is almost empty. There are no particular revelations or details. It is strange that technical incidents are not mentioned, for this is also indicative of the army’s readiness to solve assigned tasks ...
    1. Saul_Rhen
      Saul_Rhen 23 September 2019 17: 18
      What, a spoon of feces have not been reported to you? It's okay, your brethren has already made a lot of comments. Bon Appetit.
  11. Kontrik
    Kontrik 23 September 2019 20: 22
    We learned to understand each other faster, to overcome language and technical barriers.

    This is the essence of the teachings, the main thing is the unification around Russia, against the threat of peace from some "God's chosen" and "exceptional"
    We are ours, we will build a new world, who was nothing, that will become everything .. This is our last and decisive battle .. soldier