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After test launches from the Su-30MKI, Astra BVRAAM missiles are ready to be adopted by the Indian Air Force

In India, tests of Astra air-to-air missiles have been recognized as successful. Recall that recently the Indian Air Force conducted test launches of such missiles from the side of a Su-30MKI fighter.

From a message from Indian sources:

Tests Astra BVRAAM recognized successful. Now this missile will be put into service with the Indian Air Force.

The final tests of "Astra" were carried out from 16 to 19 on September in the state of Odish. A total of five launches were made at the Chandipur training ground. Su-30MKI used Astra BVRAAM to strike a target in the form of a missile without a warhead with telemetry tracking equipment. This target was successfully destroyed from a distance of 100 km.

According to recent data, the range of the Indian "Astra" is about 110 km. Its guidance is carried out through a radio channel.

During the tests, the high accuracy of hitting targets was assessed, as noted by Indian media with reference to the Su-30MKI pilots participating in weapons tests.

Sathish Reddy, Chairman of the DRDO (Indian Defense Research Agency), noted that the Astra rocket has a high modernization potential. According to him, on the basis of these missiles, promising air-to-air weapons for Indian Air Force planes can also be created.

Recall that the Su-30MKI in India is also used as a carrier for BrahMos rockets. The first flight of the fighter with BrahMos was carried out in India in 2016.

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  1. Thrifty
    Thrifty 20 September 2019 07: 07
    Over time, the Indians, like the Chinese, will do the basis of their military equipment as well as weapons themselves, everything goes to this.
    1. Nastia makarova
      Nastia makarova 20 September 2019 07: 17
      let them do it; price quality will always put everything in its place
      1. Lipchanin
        Lipchanin 20 September 2019 08: 11
        But the quality of the Hindus seems to have big problems
        1. novel66
          novel66 20 September 2019 08: 20
          Well hit ?? from a hundred kilometers ?? good morning hi
          1. Lipchanin
            Lipchanin 20 September 2019 08: 22
            Hey Ya hi Let’s see what happens next.
            Although of course 110 km. impress
        2. Berber
          Berber 20 September 2019 08: 36
          And the price is not all right. The same Su 30MKI after their assembly are almost twice as expensive as ours.
  2. DimerVladimer
    DimerVladimer 20 September 2019 08: 26
    They did not want to buy Russian ones - they made their own.
    Having numerous air forces is probably economically feasible to produce its own nomenclature of missiles.
  3. vic02
    vic02 20 September 2019 09: 20
    Its guidance is carried out through a radio channel.
    The foregoing contradicts the data of Wikipedia. It says "active radar homing", which corresponds to homing.
  4. Vkd dvk
    Vkd dvk 20 September 2019 10: 58
    Quote: Nastia Makarova
    let them do it; price quality will always put everything in its place

    So far the question is not the price of quality, but the quality of the price.