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Spanish Air Force lost second training aircraft since late August 2019

The Spanish Air Force has lost a second combat training aircraft in the past four weeks. According to the emergency service, the Spanish Air Force plane crashed into the sea off the coast of the Spanish province of Murcia.

Spanish Air Force lost second training aircraft since late August 2019

According to the report, the combat training aircraft of the Spanish Air Force Academy crashed in the area of ​​the lagoon of San Menor near the municipality of San Javier. According to preliminary information, there were two people on board the aircraft - a pilot instructor and a student. Rescue services were sent to the crash site.

Dozens of calls were received with reports of the Spanish Air Force crashing into the (lagoon) Mar Menor, near the municipality of San Javier

- the emergency service said.

The command of the Spanish Air Force confirmed the fall of the training aircraft of the Air Force Academy. According to the military, during a training flight for an unknown reason, a training aircraft crashed in the sea. The crew on board, consisting of a pilot instructor and a female cadet of the academy, died. The causes of the incident will be handled by a special commission.

The message does not indicate the type of aircraft that crashed, but previously it was reported that cadets of the Spanish Air Force Academy are being trained on C-101 Aviojet training aircraft. The aircraft was created at the end of the 70 of the last century by the Spanish company CASA with the participation of the American company Northrop and the West German Messerschmitt-Belkov-Blom. The aircraft is designed for basic and advanced flight training, can be used as a light attack aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft. Currently used to train Spanish Air Force pilots and as a light attack aircraft.

This is the second loss of training aircraft of the Air Force Academy in recent times. On August 26 this year, another Academy aircraft crashed near the coast of Murcia, there was only a pilot on board, as a result of the incident he died.
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  1. WILL
    WILL 18 September 2019 15: 14
    Accidents and accidents ... unfortunately happen! Sorry for the pilots, one of them is a woman ...
    1. 210ox
      210ox 18 September 2019 15: 19
      Yes, the main thing is that we would have less like that ... And yes, condolences.
      1. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith 18 September 2019 16: 11
        Condolences. By the way, I note that after the first incident, flights did not stop.
  2. Nycomed
    Nycomed 18 September 2019 15: 15
    My condolences...
  3. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 18 September 2019 15: 42
    Spanish Air Force lost second training aircraft since late August 2019
    Well, if not Putin, then only the Yak-130!
    SERGEY SERGEEVICS 18 September 2019 15: 58
    It’s a pity the girl, she was very young, would still live and live. But unfortunately, such cases happen in aviation.
  5. Romanenko
    Romanenko 18 September 2019 16: 25
    Very sorry winged kingdom of them
  6. Rwmos
    Rwmos 18 September 2019 16: 35
    This is a response to today's article, they say, pilots are fighting in the Russian Federation, how to live! Unfortunately, they always fought and will be ...
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