How the Romanovs falsified history

As it turns out history can be rewritten endlessly. This is proved even by history textbooks, the interpretations of which vary depending on the situation and preferences of those who write these textbooks and those who order them.

How the Romanovs falsified history

Mikhail Romanov

It is even more difficult when they try to present history as journalism, not exploring specific facts, but putting forward hypotheses, on the basis of which they build judgments.

One topic for discussion: falsification of history in history itself. Experts discuss such a question as "the falsification of Russian history by the Romanov dynasty."

The discussion, published on the Day TV YouTube channel, discusses the figure of Anastasia Romanovna, who is designated as the first stone in the dynastic foundation.

The video presents the study of a pedigree specialist Igor Yakovlev, who claims that Anastasia Romanovna, who has been receiving dynastic references since the 17th century, has nothing to do with the real "Romanov" branch.

A bold version is voiced with the justification (which itself needs to be deeply analyzed) that the Romanovs are “not quite what they say they are”, and the whole Romanov story is a political order to justify the ornate accession after the troubles.

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