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Coming a new kind of global dictatorship - eco-tyranny

The statement of French President Emmanuel Macron about the collapse of world capitalism and the need to create a better system on the eve of the G7 summit was perceived by many experts in the field of international relations as the beginning of a new era, as the articulation of the contours of a new world order.

A special emphasis in the speech of the French leader was made not on economic, but on environmental topics. Thus, according to experts, from the lips of the French leader the onset of a new world era - the era of eco-tyranny, was announced.

What is the meaning of the new dictatorship called ecotyrania? Whether this is paranoia on the part of lovers of conspiracy theories or a new reality, experts say, will be shown in the coming years.

What is the essence of the joint statement signed by the heads of the largest American companies, and how is it related to ecotrancy? Did the world elite really think about ecology, or is environmental protection just a new mask under which world capitalism will restrain developing countries and rob colonies on new grounds? How will relations between Russia and foreign countries develop within the framework of the new world order? Why, according to the authors of the video, our country does not belong in this system?

The answers to these and other questions can be found in the video:

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Facebook / Macron

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  1. afrikanez
    afrikanez 29 August 2019 21: 26
    These "their" terminology has already become bored. They don't even know what to "hide behind". negative
    1. Svarog
      Svarog 29 August 2019 21: 42
      I don’t know what is coming from the macron, but neo-feudalism is coming from us, and the newly-made boyars are vassals of these macrons and others like them ..
    2. Gardamir
      Gardamir 29 August 2019 21: 42
      Are you a patriot of the Russian bourgeois?
  2. rocket757
    rocket757 29 August 2019 21: 33
    They will again divide the world .... only now on the clean and not clean!
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 30 August 2019 01: 10
      Capitalism, he is ....
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 30 August 2019 07: 13
        Quote: Uncle Lee
        Capitalism, he is ....

        Something like this .... we did not know, suddenly he was "called" and now he came to our house!
        Now rejoice! Someone, some where.
        1. Uncle lee
          Uncle lee 30 August 2019 07: 48
          Quote: rocket757
          Now rejoice!

          Chubais, Rottenbergs and other Forbes champions are especially welcome.
          We have nothing to rejoice at! hi
          1. rocket757
            rocket757 30 August 2019 08: 00
            Quote: Uncle Lee
            Quote: rocket757
            Now rejoice!

            Chubais, Rottenbergs and other Forbes champions are especially welcome.
            We have nothing to rejoice at! hi

            Yes, already tired of these WHO WHOM to list! It's no secret to anyone, they are not hiding. soldier
            1. Uncle lee
              Uncle lee 30 August 2019 08: 02
              Quote: rocket757
              don't hide

              They are proud!
              1. rocket757
                rocket757 30 August 2019 08: 14
                Quote: Uncle Lee
                They are proud!

                The people, of course, they PASS! ... but "VASKA" listens and eats, eats, eats!
                1. WIKI
                  WIKI 30 August 2019 10: 03
                  Quote: rocket757
                  The people are of course angry!

                  The people, basically, do not get angry in the morning, because there is no time. Day does not work. In the evening, after watching our TV for the upcoming dream, there is no desire at all to get angry. And then a restful dream, with dreams from heavenly life painted by this TV. I certainly exaggerate. But in fact, this is what is happening.
                  1. rocket757
                    rocket757 30 August 2019 10: 34
                    Quote: WIKI
                    The people, basically, do not get angry in the morning, because

                    Blessed is he who believes .... everyone does not have the same thing.
                    there is simply nowhere to throw out your anger, at normal, seasoned, who are WAITING .... the rest are dreaming of accumulated in all directions.
                    Therefore, we are surprised that so much anger appeared around us suddenly. And she is not suddenly!
          2. WIKI
            WIKI 30 August 2019 09: 51
            Quote: Uncle Lee
            We have nothing to rejoice at!

            And some people are rejoicing in some places. Here, for example, ordinary pensioners in Moscow are not happy about the addition of a pension of 2000 thousand rubles. Although upset about this much more. Well, our government cannot and is not able to make everyone rejoice at once. Not in her interests.
            1. Uncle lee
              Uncle lee 30 August 2019 12: 49
              Quote: WIKI
              in 2000 thousand rubles

              Good increase! I am happy for them. I added 214,23 rubles! And this is with experience of 50 years! I am bursting with pride and gratitude for caring!
              1. The comment was deleted.
              2. The comment was deleted.
              3. WIKI
                WIKI 30 August 2019 22: 23
                Quote: Uncle Lee
                I am happy for them.

                For me, I would also be very pleased for them if they actually earned it, just as their high salaries did not.
  3. d1975
    d1975 29 August 2019 21: 36
    Well, nafig it is necessary, better tell us how we do in Russia, the power has already surpassed the tsar, you can’t criticize, you can’t criticize anything, but who cares yesterday I just looked and went awesome social networks /
    1. Dym71
      Dym71 29 August 2019 21: 56
      Quote: d1975
      that's who is interested

      Of course it’s interesting, but yak! yes
      I followed your link, I am reading one of the first examples of the "bacchanalia" of the authorities:
      In 2018, a man was convicted of photographs of the Victory Parade from open sources.

      And here are the facts for you, please:
      Quote: d1975
      Yesterday I just look and ofigel

      You do not go nuts, but check and read carefully VO! wink
      1. Megatron
        Megatron 29 August 2019 23: 20
        Well, canceled, but the point is, they drank the lope of blood to a man for nothing. Is this a normal state?
      2. sniperino
        sniperino 30 August 2019 14: 42
        Quote: Dym71
        You do not go nuts, but check and read carefully VO!
        Fucking is much easier, and sometimes more profitable.
  4. Berkut24
    Berkut24 29 August 2019 21: 49
    I think that the trickle of thoughts about how to save the West and leave behind a leading position in the world is gradually drying up. We are on the verge of growing nonsense to justify megalomania and convulsive throwing in search of a way out of the situation,
  5. demo
    demo 29 August 2019 21: 54
    Here's the thing.
    Volkswagen decided to prove to the world that it is the most advanced and smart.
    Her cars showed amazing results in environmental friendliness.
    This went on for several years.
    So far, some employee has not been fired from the company.
    At the same time, his functions included writing some kind of programs for some computers.
    Reduced the man.
    And he was upset and went to the United States.
    And he shared, in secret, with the experts of the American Environmental Agency a little secret.
    The fact is that the Volkswagen on-board computer is very cleverly designed.
    As soon as the car arrives at the instrument control point, special sensors are connected to the connectors. which determine the condition of all vehicle systems.
    Including exhaust.
    The computer puts the engine into an "ecological" state.
    As soon as the car leaves the post, everything returns to normal.
    The problem is that if you comply with US environmental laws, your car turns into a slow cow.
    Amerikosy TWO years tested 1000 cars.
    And then they rolled out a fine - 16 billion dollars.
    And the Germans meekly paid.
    And then began a worldwide repentance.
    With statements that they had the same programs made: BMW, Renault, Citroen, FIAT, Porsche, Jaguar.
    And everyone promised to fix it.
    And so that everything was serious, the Americans obliged to buy the shares of American companies involved in the development of environmental gadgets in a burden.
    Amounts voiced astronomical.
    trillions of dollars.
    And the impending redistribution of the automotive market in Europe.
    The new owners - the Americans will lower it first, below the baseboard, and then buy it at a cheap price.
    And it all starts again.
    So the film is both informative and uninformative at the same time.
    The world is much more voluminous and global.
    And do not forget the saying - hit your own, it will be worse for strangers.
    1. Cat man null
      Cat man null 29 August 2019 21: 57
      Quote: demo
      Amounts voiced astronomical.
      trillions of dollars

      Beautiful fairy tale. Links, of course, will not be? wink
      1. demo
        demo 30 August 2019 05: 40
        It’s time to learn how to work independently.
        Get on the Internet and start searching.
        To hammer in questions, to receive answers, to think.
        Then. if something begins to loom, more questions.
        More answers.
        You look there and you can grow links. I’ve been dealing with this issue for more than 10 years.
        though I have this applied for other reasons.
        And to you everything, yes easier.

        There are already answers to your questions below.

        Let me tell you where to look.
        For example.
        FIATA website.
        We look at what was produced and in what periods.
        How the plans changed.
        What was planned.
        And then we look at the "scandals" involving ... ... Americans.
        Only they can afford to wipe on all legs.
        And then we look at changing plans.

        So gradually you get to the point that you begin to capture the hidden meaning.
        And there, look, the dawn looms ahead!
        You, with any luck, will begin to anticipate upcoming events.

        And then with a feeling of deep self-satisfaction you will dump all your references to the review and for evidence.

        Personally, I will wait for this day. wink
    2. Korsar4
      Korsar4 29 August 2019 22: 10
      And the fact that this is the very point of control, a special gremlin detects, and the sensor starts?
      1. Cat man null
        Cat man null 29 August 2019 22: 19
        Quote: Korsar4
        that this is the same control point, does the special gremlin detect, and the sensor starts?

        Not. Here it is:

        Quote: demo
        As soon as the car arrives at the instrument control point, special sensors are connected to the connectors. which determine the condition of all vehicle systems.
        Including exhaust

        That is - at the control point something is connected to the car (well, as they put an armpit on a thermometer), the car cuts through it and starts to simulate ...

        Although, to be honest, I didn’t understand - why stick something into the car somewhere in order to measure CO, for example request

        Well, a fairy tale about

        Quote: demo
        trillions of dollars and redivision of the European automotive market

        - just touched ... a person, it seems, lives in some kind of his world, from a real excellent yes
        1. carstorm 11
          carstorm 11 29 August 2019 22: 40
          in truth, the Germans have it so arranged) all readings are taken only from the computer of the machine) otherwise the same JI just won’t come to their minds) not because they are stupid but just like that. yes, in principle, not only the Germans.
          1. Cat man null
            Cat man null 29 August 2019 22: 46
            Quote: carstorm 11
            in another way, the same JI just doesn’t come to measure them

            Um ... well, okay.

            Quote: demo
            Amerikosy TWO years tested 1000 cars.
            And then they rolled out a fine - 16 billion dollars

            Did the 2 Americans go so far as to put the sensor in the anus in the mafia?

            I do not believe (s) laughing
            1. Mordvin 3
              Mordvin 3 30 August 2019 01: 09
              Quote: Cat Man Null
              I do not believe

              But in vain. There testing is carried out according to a certain scheme. There was such a scandal, I remember. Useful to remember:
              In September, the 2016 concern received the Shnobel Prize in Chemistry with the wording “for solving the problem of toxicity of automobile exhausts in the atmosphere by automatically turning on exhaust cleaning during testing” ....
              As noted by Reuters, Volkswagen, previously at the center of the "diesel scandal", has now received an "award" for developing software that underestimates real emissions of harmful substances.
              A number of countries have accelerated the introduction in the long run (between 2025 and 2040) of a complete ban on the sale of cars with internal combustion engines (both diesel and all others). In Western Europe, China and the United States, interest has grown in both battery-powered electric vehicles (BEV) and PHEV hybrids. So, in Northern Europe (Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland) and Germany, the rate of decline in demand for diesel cars is measured in tens of percent per month and according to this trend, their sales will completely stop in the winter of 2021 / 22. Perhaps it was Dieselgate that became a turning point in the reorientation of the global automotive industry to electric drive.

        2. user1212
          user1212 30 August 2019 05: 15
          Quote: Cat Man Null
          Although, to be honest, I didn’t understand - why stick something into the car somewhere in order to measure CO, for example

          Why not? During certification, the CO level is probably measured in certain modes, which are difficult to maintain "manually". In this case, I fully admit that the mode is set directly, connecting to the engine control unit (some kind of advanced analogue of launch x431), along the way taking readings for rpm, air flow, etc. You can also assume that it would be possible to "disassemble" the firmware by revealing a forgery violation of the law and such evidence would not have passed in court, so I had to carry out a bunch of tests on different cars of the same brand to collect statistics hi
  6. Narak-zempo
    Narak-zempo 29 August 2019 22: 07
    "Environmental protection", damn it! Author, kill yourself against the pillar!
  7. Whisper
    Whisper 29 August 2019 22: 37
    Macron cheto blurted out and immediately a new era? On him ... why are they equal to God? Who!
  8. E.S.
    E.S. 29 August 2019 23: 13
    Here we had only ecologists in the north, something shied around the oil platform. We, sinfully, at first thought that they were terrorists, but then we figured it out. We quickly figured it out - the environmentalists spent only six months in the pre-trial detention center, and the captain himself even pressed the shkonk for less than a year.
    It’s understandable, environmentalists happen, it’s not the fact that it will be possible to deal with others with such lightning speed, if you have to sit longer, so that there are absolutely no mistakes. But the truth is she - the main thing, if not to blame - let’s release, we’ll apologize, we’ll repair everything, don’t we like it? We have an understanding!
    1. Reserve officer
      Reserve officer 29 August 2019 23: 40
      We have enough homegrown ecologists in abundance. For the second year in a row, the invasion of vipers and coppers in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. The verdict of environmentalists - you can’t kill snakes, especially in the city. And about human lives, about children, did any of these, so to speak, scientists and ecologists think? Or the main thing - to blather something and to promote? I immediately recall the old woman Shapoklyak - one cannot become famous for good deeds.
  9. Vladimir Nizhegorodsky
    Vladimir Nizhegorodsky 30 August 2019 00: 12
    The diver is new ecological.
    For developing countries to slow down.
    And other countries with economies paid and hawala this heresy.
    Apologizing for the jargon.
    The winners are always those who invented this topic.
    Do you know who ????
  10. Chaldon48
    Chaldon48 30 August 2019 00: 45
    Capitalism will not give up so easily and under one or another "sauce" will try to realize its interests, when the possibilities will be used up, the "last argument of the king", ie, guns, will be launched.
  11. PavelT
    PavelT 30 August 2019 01: 10
    Yes, there is an option that all the hype about the fight against greenhouse gases and for the climate is aimed at putting everyone on the dough (like a tax on the environment) and steer everyone through the UN "in the name of saving the climate."

    Yes, it is obvious that this topic of eco-tyranny / eco-dictatorship will continue to develop.
    BUT! Such powerful countries with nuclear weapons as China, Russia and India simply cannot be forced. Even under the auspices of the UN and under the cries of humanism, justice, brotherhood, sympathy, humanity, etc. It's just that in these three countries both the people and the elite are more cynical, more direct, more rationalistic than in the US / EU. It just won't work out like this with us - it's all too naive, too many emotions. All these antics from these three giant countries will simply be a question: "Well, so what? What will fall for us? Nothing? Then why do we need this?"

    Who wants to understand the origins of this globalist movement under the auspices of the UN, I suggest reading this carefully: and this: elita-v-poiskakh-drugoi-zeleni-1556288 / - one of the founding fathers of Greenpeace Patrick Moore (who was expelled from there and who had a concrete argument with them) claims that the UN has a whole department for the development of the theme of the struggle for climate and is in charge of it ... Christiana Figueres (by the way, a candidate for the UN secretary general!), "communist"- well, at least in his opinion. In my opinion, she is a globalist from the oligarchic community, making a career and loot from the myth. Continuing the topic: -kak-rukovodit-grinpis-1633841 / - strange leaders of Greenpeace, - strange, unnatural connection between environmentalists and extremists and Islamists.

    The main find of this company in the struggle for climate is by no means Macron Puffer (as one Czech diplomat called him), but one Swedish girl - Greta Tunberg at the age of 16 (not without the help of the media, the left-liberal community and the global elite) she has achieved a lot and her adoration in Europe for about a year has clearly religious motives. Simply put: Greta Thunberg is the prophet of a new pseudo-religion "struggle for the climate" - about this in detail, with historical examples here: borby-za-klimat-v-evropu-nezametno-vozrashchaetsya-srednevekove As you can see from history, the success of religion requires that the prophet be killed. And as cunning, terrible and cruel as possible. Then religion will go even better to the masses. So the wang is right here: Greta Thunberg is waiting for an unexpected death from an assassination attempt ... when the puppeteers behind the scenes decide that she is exhausting herself and it would be better for this religion to become a legend.
  12. Alien From
    Alien From 30 August 2019 01: 25
    This was all in the past, the essence is the same: you steal wagons, everything is fine, robbed a stall-immediately term. democracy, whatever you call it ......
  13. Ros 56
    Ros 56 30 August 2019 07: 08
    And for me, as long as people are alive who can compare the pros and cons of socialism and capitalism, we need to create a state system of economics and management that meets the interests of the majority of the population, but only the Chubais, Millers, Sechins and other oligarchs and managers. And do not break through the knee as in the nineties. And it would be nice to ask those who in those years in muddy water redistributed so much property. Used and that's enough.