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In Idlib, a Russian citizen searching for Russian children disappeared

In the Syrian Arab Republic, Russian Oleg Melnikov went missing. It is reported TASS.

In Syria, a Russian citizen, the leader of the social movement against slavery "Alternative", Oleg Melnikov, disappeared. The disappearance of the Russian said the special representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

At a briefing held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for journalists this Friday, the diplomat’s special representative said the Russian embassy in Syria is investigating the circumstances of Melnikov’s disappearance.

RBC reports that the assistant to Melnikov, Maxim Vaganov, claims that he stopped contacting after being with the guides in the territory of the Bolshoi Idlib province.

Russian stopped contacting on the night of August 7. The communication session scheduled for 9: 00 the next day did not take place. Melnikov’s group didn’t get in touch either in standby time: the sessions were scheduled with a break of three hours, in 12: 00 and in 15: 00. According to the regulations, after three missed communication sessions, the disappearance of volunteers was announced.

On the territory of Syria and the Middle East, the public movement "Alternative" is engaged in the search and rescue of immigrants from Russia who fell into the so-called family slavery. In addition, the organization searches for children taken out without the consent of mothers and other relatives from the territory of the Russian Federation.

At the time of the disappearance, a group of volunteers conducted a search in territories not controlled by official Damascus. According to Vaganov, Melnikov’s group was looking for Russian children. It is worth noting that the organization acted autonomously, without involving the Syrian authorities in the process.

The movement is not officially registered

The “Alternative” movement was born in the 2011 year and has an ambiguous reputation. It became known after it was actively involved in the process of liberating slaves in brick factories in Dagestan, as well as migrants who worked for free at a grocery store in Moscow (the so-called “Golyanov slaves”).

On the other hand, the leader of the movement passed on the so-called In the “Swamp Case”, in 2017, he was detained on charges of organizing illegal migration. At the end of 2018, Oleg Melnikov was attacked - he was stabbed several times.

The organization is not registered as an NPO: in September 2018, the Ministry of Justice refused it. Volunteers claim that they have more than 1000 saved, including victims of sexual exploitation and the "mafia of the poor."

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  1. igor1981
    igor1981 9 August 2019 16: 37
    As I understand it, these volunteers were engaged in looking for fighting friends of all kinds of militants, most likely destroyed, and their children in order to transport them to Russia (North Caucasus). thereby creating a potential threat from them domestically. The guys are doing the wrong thing.
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 9 August 2019 17: 23
      The organization is not registered as an NPO: in September 2018, the Ministry of Justice refused it. Volunteers claim that they have more than 1000 saved, including victims of sexual exploitation and the "mafia of the poor."

      Interested in what is the "beggar mafia" in Russia? I looked on the Internet - and it turned out this is what! Criminal slavery and horror for the unfortunate!
      And I almost always serve the poor. It turns out that I did it in vain.

      "High Deal" beggar mafia. Published on March 20, 2015
      1. Babermetis
        Babermetis 9 August 2019 18: 25

        Here, the missing person in Syria tells in detail about slavery and the poor.
      2. Rwmos
        Rwmos 9 August 2019 18: 31
        In the pioneer past, I labored at Kitay-Gorod, then it was Nogin Square. Seen enough of these "beggars" there. Seriously though, there in a month any of them actually recruited to rent a normal kopeck piece in Moscow, and there was at least the minimum left to live.
        Since then I have never served the poor wink
        1. Private-K
          Private-K 10 August 2019 08: 01
          But are there real beggars? ..
          1. Rwmos
            Rwmos 11 August 2019 23: 18
            But with such I later intersected. on the ambulance. Most often they don’t climb at intersections in a stroller ... There was such a joke - I could not stand it, in a stroller in camouflage with orders which he cannot have,!
            I didn’t beat my face. he is even legless. and he didn’t hang it here, they dressed him up, but I jumped out of the car right on Lenka, thank God I thought better of it, I was ready to kill
            Really poor - believe me, they are ashamed even when they are fed. And by this I - DO NOT file. Well, I have a couple in my area. Help, well, with money, and not only ... And byrenko hit the road until they started to thank - both are uncomfortable)
            And so, they are doing different things ... Know. long. in those same years ... So. at the side job, I, like a tallyman, talked to one. No home, no money. before PPI. went bankrupt. so ... I’m sitting, I’ll load wagons for now
          2. Rwmos
            Rwmos 12 August 2019 01: 37
            The R-club on Tula in Moscow was closed, see - rockabilly:
    2. Warrior-80
      Warrior-80 10 August 2019 02: 02
      Oh, sick of it, and there will be a war of abduction and murder, the hosts must be taken for testicles, the United States is not yet capable, but the Saudis can be pressed
  2. Vasyan1971
    Vasyan1971 9 August 2019 19: 25
    Dark business ...
  3. Korpus
    Korpus 9 August 2019 19: 58
    Well, there’s only a capture of the militant commander or his children for an exchange .. Well, first of all, turn to the Mossad (maybe their work) ..
    And most likely, it’s just PR, like Alibasov’s, today he looked 50 times in the news about his drug-addicted face insolent .. negative So think guys, who benefits and for what.
  4. Bshkaus
    Bshkaus 9 August 2019 20: 00
    My question is, how many Russian girls gave birth to children whom bearded uncles took to Syria to organize volunteer movements?
    This whole situation is very strange, and the missing type is also very strange.
    At one time I was a guest of the site "For Gaddafi" in the midst of events and tried to take information, including from there, in order to compare it with other sources.
    So, when Gaddafi was killed, the site "froze" for several days. Okay, I think the Americans hacked. Then there was fermentation, they say the site is kept by a young lady - a hysterical, and the active part of the guests created a clone "For Gaddafi", just say not catfish, but org. Well, I think ...
    It takes about a week, and a message from this very young lady appears on the "home site" with the words "I'm sorry, freaked out, I was in a stupor just like Stalin in 41st ..."
    It’s clear that I didn’t visit these sites anymore.
    Time passes, the news tells about some Russian fanatic who was killed in Libya and it slips that she kept the site "For Gaddafi".
    All clear...
    I think if you find out who this type is and what he was doing, it will also become clear that he is not all right with his head.
  5. Nikolay Dyaglev
    Nikolay Dyaglev 9 August 2019 23: 13
    I look in Syria all and sundry